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#1 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2020-09-10 04:48:10

Greetings earthly brothers and sisters. I am from Singapore. I am now so very sincerely happy I am in this forum to share and also to get advice from you all lovely beings. I feel I am really a lonely warrior here in Singapore trying my best to educate fellow beings in Singapore about the negative impacts of wearing face masks. It frustrates n pains me when I am at times going out that the people here are just so so obedient. Recently I decided to challenge the local so-called 'Mask' n 'Social Distancing' ambassadors, and I got some successes....I was stopped by them to wear my mask properly as I put my mask below my nose almost every time. I am even running a risk of getting terminated in my training work with the local prisons as I am conducting training for the inmates. But I believe everything happens for a reason n yes, inside almost every class I trained, there was at least 1 inmate who knows a little about freemasons, illuminati, rothchilds, starseed... it was a pleasant surprise... thank you for accepting me here and I continue the lonely journey of waking up more people here in Singapore... Love and Light

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