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#1 Re: English Forum » Arrival of ships around Ganymede » 2022-01-20 12:28:59

Everything Michael Salla says regarding anything around Jupiter should be looked at carefully because as far as we know GANYMEDE Jupiters moon is Karistus territory and other races know this also.   Going up against Karistus also seems like a suicide mission.

I imagine the timing of Cosmic Agency’s Karistus videos was released to have a secondary purpose of  denhrrhr

#2 Re: English Forum » Specifics of ET Communication Method » 2022-01-07 19:00:02

I’ve read and seen all the videos from beginning to end and Gosia & Robert have had contact with the taygeteans in pretty much every way possible but they strictly use every other available method than channeling because too much interference gets in the way.  They are the only contact to come out with this method as the main contacting method and have described why the other methods of contact end up being complicated and leading to mission failure.

#3 Re: English Forum » The Teal Swan story » 2022-01-07 03:24:56

Thank you DarkOwl for starting this thread.  I have been very deep into Teal Swan the last month and I’m probably going to be at the next retreat.   On top of that I’ve heard nothing but criticisms about her ever since I’ve started sharing her stuff.   It’s gotten to the point where I spent the last 14 days just completely digging into her past and her authenticity.   Reading interviews about her abusers and such.  Even with the many criticisms that she had encountered on the internet and real life I still don’t care whether or not her story checks out because the content of her messages is so profound.  It seems we are on the same wavelength which is super nice nowadays.  Cheers to everybody in this thread, love you all.

Taygeteans would not have recommended teal swan if she was of total nonsense, end of story.

#4 Re: English Forum » Ribosomes » 2021-12-13 08:59:21

This forum continues to satisfactorily blow my mind time and time again.  Love it.  We are probably the most annoying bunch of starseed detectives I’ve ever seen.  Leave no stone unturned !!

#5 Re: English Forum » Zetas, zetatalk and the Pole Shift » 2021-11-27 22:24:08

I have viewed the data on ZetaTalk to be very peculiar and I wish to revive this thread.  Even to this day Nancy is dropping conflicting information regarding the Pole Shift and Nibiru, it is almost concerning.  I wonder who she is talking to?  Very much survival oriented.

The Zeta data on Greer is outdated , doesn’t say he’s malicious or reptile.

Zeta data on Nibiru is outdated or they are in a fantasy timeline or a real timeline , does the community have any  thoughts ?

I would think Taygeta would tell us if an incoming cataclysm like that is coming for sure, I would not doubt the elites still using that story to incorporates the into their agendas.

Nancy also delivers a lot of data that is in line with Taygetean data , yet dated back in 1999-2004

#6 Re: English Forum » The Vaccinated and lost signal to Source » 2021-11-26 01:34:50

DarkOwl wrote:
07wideeyes wrote:

I think we can finish them in less than a million years, Dark Owl! Intense destructive energy can only go so far, before it turns on itself. At the moment it seems that we all really need to support one another here. We are a great resource to one another.  x

I agree on both fronts (that it will take a lot less than a million years and that we need to support one another here)

Sharing how we feel and our inner turmoils with a group of friends that care is cathartic and healing.
I'm hoping people will feel increasingly willing (and safe) to do that here on this forum.
I personally feel like I'm amongst friends here and able to share some of my struggles. There is an increasingly supportive vibe here which we should all take advantage of.
Such a stellar bunch of people here! You starseeds really are an impressive bunch!!!

I go to narcotics anonymous meetings for this cathartic response so if anyone needs an outlet and has no outlets , this is a decent choice.   I’m sure most of us starseeds have tried drugs once or one thousand times.

#7 Re: English Forum » Anti-Derailment thread » 2021-11-14 00:47:02

What’s your guys’ opinion on monoatomic gold?? We know it is a substance made from 24 karat gold and used in the med pods but is this the same way it is made on Earth and is it safe to ingest???

#8 Re: English Forum » Anti-Derailment thread » 2021-11-12 06:23:47

So has anyone gone about making a EMP out of car batteries to take down the 5G thus freeing the vaccinated from ill effects ??

#9 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-11-11 16:34:54

Has more information on Karistus released yet??? Way back when we were really excited to hear more on them but never really received a full in-depth explanation as their involvement with us.  Also an explanation how the cabal were fighting 7D karistus would be pleasant as I assume the losses on both sides were due to Karistus not expecting them and Cabal underestimated them.  Very worth digging into.

#10 Re: English Forum » Muhammad » 2021-11-11 16:32:48

mitkobs wrote:

Billy Meier is cabal(intentionally or not, or under pressure, or mind control), crypto Jewish - Khazari and is disclosed already that he changed most of the information received from Taygeta. There are Muslims who are not real Muslims but only pretending to be and they are really khazari jewish but hidden and they cripple the Islamic community from within like they do with other devoted religious communities around the globe, they are infiltrated everywhere in power structures and where there is great influence.

Word on Tayegetan street is Billy Meier got a little butthurt after no longer viable to receive information from Taygeta that he started just making sh*t up as a ego defense mechanism.  Controlled by archons or what it don’t matter at this point but to this day he vigorously defends that there are “no such things as reptilians and Pleiadians only Plejarens” ???

#11 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-25 Worldwide KM arrests & executions » 2021-10-27 01:42:15

What’s significant is that this is the first time I believe Benjamin Fulford is posting about mass arrests being around the corner; nonetheless I enjoy these reports and use them as a frame of reference even though Fulford is openly declared as part of the Cabal by Taygetean data.

#12 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-09-20 Biblical floods or world peace » 2021-09-25 23:05:34

Even though Benjamin Fulford is controlled by Cabal I appreciate reading the perspective.  Mainly because it coincides with COBRA and Elena DaNaan.  Which means we better prepare for the opposite , regardless we should

#13 Re: English Forum » A new level of understanding and an apology to Gosia and others » 2021-08-21 19:31:13

Ymarsakar wrote:

This is the second time i have seen this behavior pattern. I will only overlook free will infringements so many times, even for a group s space holder and leading vibration user.

The energy contract i spelled out directly for those wishing to engage me.

Whether they are hostile, sincere, insincere, in agreement, or allied to me, engaging my energy allows direct intervention between me and their higher self, towards their vessels.

That is the logical next step. Plus offloading it to moderators but i dont see this issue as a side chore but a primary one.

The orion mind control entities have problems multi tasking. The responsibility of a space holder and frequency anchor is to always question their own thoughts and emotions for corruption.

This vega has not done and needs to be rectified.

Ymarskar how many real life friends in your life respect you ?? How many people on this forum???

I bet your response is something along the lines of you don’t care.

If I were you I would care a little bit more than being like-able than being right.

Lmfao Taygetean fanboy?  Taygetean disclosure has broken the barriers of the matrix more than anything else ; it is much of appreciation.  Something you should take a lesson on.

Lots of shadow work to do my friend.

I’ve seen nothing but you stirring up shit or making posts that sound like you are four years old or off your schizo meds.   If you’re not arguing with me you’re arguing with someone else or just posting unrelated nonsense.

If you want to meet in real life and spar as friends let me know.  The way to truly understand two males is usually during a fight.   I would love to understand you and I would love for you to understand me.  Isn’t that the beauty of life ?

Trust me I am not the only one on this forum that literally just skips your posts because your track record of posting anything worth reading probably reflects how you are in real life too.  Are you so angry inside you need conflict ???   I actually want to help you.   I guess the first step would be understanding you.

You can only know a man but how he fights, not verbally.

Like , dude, If it’s not About Dr. Salla being a cia asset ,to you it is “he has his hands full” , if it’s not Elena Danaan being propaganda , it is “she is just confused and getting the wrong information”.   We are not making Taygetean disclosure a religion we are setting the record straight which I can clearly sense you have no intention of.

#14 Re: English Forum » A new level of understanding and an apology to Gosia and others » 2021-08-20 06:21:20

Saturn Federation has heavy propaganda and I’ve been around long enough to see right through it that’s why I was frustrated with you because you are intelligent but you could be more by seeing what we were saying as just setting the record straight , you understand why we view Taygetean disclosure as canon for a reason.   We are deeply emotionally invested in this.  Thanks for this post friend.

#15 Re: English Forum » EXTREMELY USEFUL: Newest CA video today 8/19/2021 about Iron » 2021-08-20 06:17:01

Can anyone recommend the best sources for true iron pendants and accessories ?

#16 Re: English Forum » Dr. Salla - Hopium Addict? » 2021-08-16 03:10:08

You are just as annoying as his circle of friend.  Same frequency.   Prove me wrong.

#18 Re: English Forum » Dr. Salla - Hopium Addict? » 2021-08-16 02:07:16

Ymarsakar wrote:

Clowns in acti9n dont need more help damaging shaky credibility. They specialize in controlling humans in attacking each other.

The slaves of the matrix cannot affect those at a higher level.

This is complete projection of what a CIA asset is doing.  Getting us to attack CIA assets while at the same time blaming us for… not unifying with cia assets.  You do understand you are on a forum with those of high intelligent capacity than yourself do you not ?

#19 Re: English Forum » Declaration of my Direct Challenge to Yazhy-Swaruu! » 2021-08-16 02:04:37

Ymarsakar wrote:

There is no hope for people who try to control content creators online. That is not unification. It is clowns ia controlled disinfo ops.

No buddy there is no hope for support of CIA controlled asset clowns like Elena DeNaan , Law of One , and Dr Salla. 

Do you listen to Charlie ward too

Why you and crystal dragon get so absolutely butthurt I keep bringing this up? Cause I will; because I know you are part of Luk’s circle.

#20 Re: English Forum » Dr. Salla - Hopium Addict? » 2021-08-15 16:35:09

Let’s get it straight, Dr Salla and Charlie Ward are a whole FARCE just like the Law of One coming from Saturn Federation.  You can defend Dr Salla as much as you want but actions speak a whole lot more than mindless speculation  it is not that “has his hands full” he is intentionally and deliberately ignoring all CA info as any sort of validity because it goes against CIA guidelines which they are following to a T.

The more excuses people make for Elena and Dr Salla the more they are just helping CIA and their disinfo.

Go ahead prove me wrong.

#21 Re: English Forum » participate in » 2021-08-12 02:08:46

Lol good luck trying to track Sandclock members, not even Federation can do that fluently nonetheless the alphabet agencies.

#22 Re: English Forum » Soul traps » 2021-08-11 05:07:21

Just think of TAYGETA, ERRA , TEMMER go there and more than likely there will be better guidance there.

#23 Re: English Forum » Dr. Salla - Hopium Addict? » 2021-08-10 06:36:14

MoTa wrote:
DarkOwl wrote:
Crystal Dragon wrote:

Salla is imperfect and fallible and under a lot of pressure and processing a ton of info contributed from many sources.

Yet he ignores the Taygetan's.

Why is it so? Could it be he does not know about CA? Have you told him Swaruu exists?

DarkOwl wrote:

the guy doesn't even know what the moon is by now, how can we be expected to give him any credence?

And who knows, you? Have you been on the Moon?

He ignores CA because it is what his handlers want him to do.  If he did spent any legitimate attention towards disclosure he would be balls deep in CA by now.  He is not for a reason.  Controlled OPPOSITION just like Elena DeNaan, Laura Eisenhower (compromised), and the rest of the bunch.

Those who are fans of Elena and Saturn federation fanboys will gladly enter into cognitive dissonance.

#24 Re: English Forum » Dr. Salla's (mostly) excellent new Webinar (Taygetan's mentioned) » 2021-08-05 05:22:11

Dr. Michael Salla seems more than likely compromised in many areas it is likely he is getting paid , has a handler , is a NPC disclosure control gate asset or a combinination of above.   

The fact is that these mainstream alternative media heads are just more mainstream news.  Sad face ? I know.   I like Dr Salla in the beginning too.   

Unfortunately he’s wasting this incarnation pushing more controlled propaganda.  That’s why we are here.

#25 Re: English Forum » A response to Crystal Dragon. » 2021-07-30 03:21:20

Probably park of the Luk fan club.  A lot of time spent to discredit or cause conflict.   Absolutely.   … no real lives.  Hopefully they’re getting paid for being annoying.

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