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Thank you DarkOwl. I checked out the episode you recommended. I notice that I did previously watch it, but at the time, not get much from it, due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. However, this review helped me to obtain further context, for this I thank you.

The question that I have eating at me is the loss of our divine human history. If we take the perspective of the vast amount of information from the Voyagers, including the FULL history received by them around 2000, things seem to diverge a bit, even with the Taygeteans. In fact, the link that I posted is only one interesting period of history and dealing with the activities of King Arthur. The Voyager clip is VERY interesting, and I do recommend a watch. Unfortunately, since this vid was created in the early 2000's a simple overhead projector was used, so it is harder to follow at times. 

So, my question remains, “what was the Pleiadean involvement in our history compared to what Voyagers say?”  We, together as humans, Pleiadeans and/or Taygeteans, need to come together to fully awakening the humans, forgetting past so-called ‘sins’, and at this time of awaking of humanity, circa post-2000.

Our friends should review the Voyager information themselves and agree with us on the differences. The Galactic Federation has overseen their part of history, leading the death and destruction of humans, yet, they still proclaim, it is up to the humans. Are we responsible for their minions giving us injections? NO! They ARE!!!

All the best to all, … table.html

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Thanks, all so interesting information and it appears that I need to investigate further. I am a bit concerned of the involvement of the Pleiadians then, that seemed to be anti-human. I also recognize that the Taygeteans may not have participated themselves. I know that Gosia originally asked Swaruu whether she knew of the Voyager group, but she did not. I expect that a follow-up request to them would be timely. We are all going through this together, and clearing the air would be great. Even if historically Taygetea was involved, we are all capable to align to the source, albeit, at least from the Voyager perspective, humans are 'special' since they are divine seeds, aka angels.

Thanks again, we are in very interesting times for sure.

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Hi All,

Gosia just provided a good summary of the recent controversy of some of the negative reactions, and I appreciate it.

However, I have been wondering myself and recently have followed alternate information, albeit around 10 years old, of Ashayana Deane. In particular, about the Legends of King Arthur & Knights of the Round-table. Herein, there seems to be some involvement of Pleiadians. 

If someone could let me understand that involvement, I would appreciate it.

I have supplied a rumble link below for references.

Thanks so much,

tomcan … table.html

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The 3 Stages of Truth

The process of acknowledging a truth is broken down into three stages:

The first stage is ridicule. When a new idea or concept is brought up, it’s so strange that it’s completely absurd. People cannot fathom this idea and how it fits into their lives, so they simply laugh at how impossible it seems.

The second stage is opposition. After a new concept hasn’t made it past the first stage, people begin to worry that it’s here to stay. A few might support the concept, but most will resist because they see it as a threat to everything they’re familiar with.

The third stage is self-evident. There is increasing evidence that supports the idea, which goes from having a few early supporters to entering the mainstream. A majority of people support the fact and come to accept it as a given.

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Hi All. I have a tangential view that I would like to share. This I responded to on the recent posting concerning Tulpas and the removal of comm on the internet. I wonder how much discussion has been held by the Taygetan team on my view below. I hope they have done so already and have a strategy in place other than waiting for all those in this realm the graduate to the 'higher levels'.  I believe that it is too late for this to eventuate, and that eventual takeover by regressive consciousness will eventually result, using Tulpas. That regressive attitude appears to be able to seep through all levels of this realm, from low to high. If so, it would then appear that NONE will escape this regressive subtle energy, and all will eventually succumb. Please see my post below:

"Based on this posting, it seems that the subtle characteristics of evil will NEVER be curtailed. I dare say that even those at the 'highest' level are also facing incremental corruption. If so, the takeover and destruction of this whole realm by evil will ultimately result. From what I understand, even those at the higher levels of the FED have already been impacted through their Tulpas. Looks really bad not only for this globe but throughout and across this complete realm eventually, since there are no apparent solutions. I hope the Taygetans recognize this, otherwise the Tsunami will also impact them as well and at all levels. Maybe an effort to isolate ourselves from this evil could be made, but that would only be temporary, based on the subtle characteristics of evil. The ONLY solution that I see would be the creation of a separate realm FULLY ISOLATED FROM EVIL in this realm. Otherwise, eventually all of us would develop regressive tendencies and each committed to destruction of others and subsequently even self-destruction as well."

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Thanks to Gosia, the orbital team and earthly based ones for the second edition “Swaruu and Yazhi – Their Differences Part 2”.  Good information and it helps to align to all the events that are currently in play here as well as the metaphysical background that can be applied.

I can’t help to reflect on Yazhi’s perspective, based on very interesting and unique viewpoint. With all of her lives contained and how they help to elaborate of both differences between the two of them as well and those elements common, to develop position of reality that effectively has never been shown, at least here, and maybe even in Taygeta and other 5d civilizations. I imagine that the Cabal and all of their supporting agencies, governments and civilizations are freaking out that they are losing control. No longer will they be able to continue to hide behind the lies foisted across this local and intergalactic realm.

There seems to be a breakdown across this extended domain seems which includes the breakdown of this virtual reality everywhere. Too bad, Swaruu9 did not take care of herself well enough to also experience personally this change we are going through as Swaruu9. She would have been very encouraged and would have helped her avoid her continued sadness, even though we know her consciousness is with Yazhi today.

The galactic breakdown seems to be an orchestration of beings of higher level than even Yazhi. Everything seems to be teetering on the edge.  I have always suspected that this place is nothing more than a manifestation of agreements between individuals, and also confirmed by Yazhi. Now the breakdown is rushing head-long to completion. The New Green Energy, released across this realm, is the primary catalyst for this breakdown since it has consciousness and attacks negativity, which we observe at all levels today. It is indeed good that others have considered our plight and is providing assistance that we can now return.

When will this current breakdown end?  I expect that it will conclude when everyone understands of the lie that unfortunately was accepted and agreed to that this realm even exist. They then can begin to make their decision to continue to accept this lie or reject it. It is totally up to them, whether earthlings, federation officials or wherever status at whatever level.  When the agreement was made, those positive aspects did not fully understand what was asked of them. They now have a choice to return to the real source and forget this false realm of lies. The rescue mission is now under full action and nothing will stop it.  Up until now, this realm has received spiritual energy to enable those of a positive essence to hold-on. Now, and after everyone knows and makes a decision, that energy source will be cut-off and the realm will quickly decay due to no more energy to substance its existence.

Indeed, we are living in very interesting times of intergalactic change that will never happen again. The knowledge of this error is now in place, that no longer will such a problem will happen again, across all time-lines.

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I just want to thank Gosia, the Taygetan team as well as others for the information brought forward. It is obvious that the information provided is revolutionary not only here on Earth but even by the Taygtans. I responded to the information on Youtube and thought I would share my perspective, whether right or wrong, I cannot say, but this information that was presented indeed can from a bases of who we are from a spiritual or some would say metaphysical perspective. Therefore, my commentary along with a response from a respondent is just provided to stimulate thought and maybe further discussions.

Here it is:

4 hours ago
IN SUMMARY, it seems that we as physical personalities that do not continue. Instead, we become thought-patterns in the consciences of a light source of sort. This was demonstrated in the clip with Yazhi saying "Swaruu9 is me".  Yes, I agree, BUT the person, along with one's personality, ceases to exist afterwards, and even Yazhi will assimilate into that source forever as memories later after death. This process seems to confirm that everything is a cosmic game that uses physical manifestations just to gain experience. Alas, that is a shame that we will NOT participate into the future, appears correct. All we can do now, as physical personalities, is to simply enjoy life NOW and be a good as we can, because afterwards there is nothing, with ONLY our memories consolidated at a higher-level.

Karen S
4 hours ago
Your consciousness merges with source,  if you choose to stay with source. If you choose to come back to earth you lose your memories with the goal of "remembering who you really are". If you choose to incarnate on another planet the rules are different and you can keep your galactic memories. The choice to incarnate wherever you want is yours, it does not have to be Earth.

3 hours ago
@Karen S  Thanks Karen, agreed. Consciousness is constant and presumably always existed. It is the physical, which contains includes our personality that is temporary, and subject to being removed. Our memories, which is not our personality but our physical disappears forever, but can be re-manifested again with memories, but a different you/us. If there are parallel dimensions, we only know of our parallel buddy, by using the consolidated memories held by higher-conscience. I just happened to be married to an identical twin  and she does not know of her twin's activities, as does Yazhi, though I agree she could if she could efficiently contact her higher being and without the influences of this place.

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All, check out Mick Jagger's new ANTI-JAB music video, Awesome, and our musical cry against the jab. Enjoy.

EAZY SLEAZY — Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl — Lyric video

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Thanks all for your views.  Actually, my perspective in providing a view on this person is for simple exposure of the opposition to all. Everyone will be exposed who they are. 'green energy' is at work and will disrupt this whole creation, from lowest the highest. The FED is also experiencing this themselves and between members. Individuals there and above, who can contain negative consciousness will fracture. Top to bottom. NOT ONLY dependent on whether one is human or not. We will all continue to see global and cosmic disruptions. Eventually, only those with divine consciousness and have maintained that internal truth will continue. This is NOT the true creation but a takeover of beings of truth and will soon evaporate into nothingness. This place will simply fracture and end simply because this is no energy being supplied to sustain it from external sources, outside this realm, and continue till now just to preserve those of truth that were captured. Alternately, each will be known and exposed, as we are observing today. Do not fret if you are of a positive essence, you will be fine. Just wait.

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Whew, I just read the responses from this Kiro guy. It seems to me that he is putting the responsibly of revealed knowledge onto others, even though it was freely given. It appears that he is trying to tailor old and customary ways of thinking to this non-traditional extra-earthling information. Sorry that is wrong. Rather just dismiss, integrate or accept as appropriate, and as one individually sees fit. If there continues to be so much distrust and interest in proving these basically physically unanswerable questions, I would recommend to assess one' self first to determine whether it is our earthly programming or simply whether this information cannot resonate because of one's opposition consciousness, due to one's heritage. The actual answers are only important to those whom it is important, otherwise it will never make sense. Remember, "Those who are convinced against their own will are of the same opinion still". For all others, do not fret. Know yourself and who you are. It will be fine.

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Thanks all for the supplemental edits along with additional information and perspectives.

#13 English Forum » "The Pleiadeans are Coming..." » 2021-03-15 08:56:48

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Hi All,

Please consider the following information as initial that may require additional verification. I am only reporting details from my perspective.

I do not know any more, but it seems that in my monitoring of other groups, specifically, Kim Goguen and associates during the weekly Sunday zoom, that, she received personal "reports" that the Pleiadeans are coming, and they want to destroy all of us. Ms. Goguen does not believe this but apparently did have a council meeting with in particular the "Red Queen" from one of the Pleiadean solar systems the details of this subject. Goguen's view is that the Pleiadeans only wish that they are more deserving of the earth, unlike the RQ.

Anyways, a human/alien effort to initiate the destruction of the human race, scheduled around the Ides of March to the Spring Equinox, i.e. the 15th to the 20th, starting at portal sites in Ukraine, Syria, and a couple of other locations that I can remember. The catalyst to this was to bring in significant negative energy through thousands of human scarifies at each location. KG communicated to a confused and unaware pentagon of the invasion details, the end of last week. KG reported that apparently an 'alignment' between the Pleiadean star system with Mars/Earth around the 18/20 and with an expected finish of the destruction by the 20th. The portals ARE shut down with high-levels of protection, just in case something happens.

About 2-weeks ago while talking to another group the Arietians (sp?) a 7-9D group, a group engaged into the meeting. The Arietians are a 'healing race' and have been here a couple of times over the past couple of years. They protect themselves and their population from regressive influences by keeping their vibration very high. The Arietians recommended that the frequency needed to be increased immediately. KG has been working to distribute $3,330 to every bank account throughout the world, which, if successful, could help to increase 'hope' throughout the world's population, and counteract any regressive actions. Conversations continued and agreements where made that it is basically impossible to immediately increase vibrations and change the world right now. Still the Deep State continues to work to sell-out and try to destroy the world with their regressive alliances, just so that 'we' do not win.... KG does not fully know who is winning or loosing at this time.

KG is now receiving MANY phone calls from many in the military concerning these things. They continue to say we will go forward, but KG considers that as just 'talk'. Now, from yesterday, KG confirmed that everything in the portal areas is just fine. She received information of the potential of a Biological Attack in various areas throughout the world. This report is being considered as very serious.  KG and associates do not yet know what the material is and where. Scanning continues at this time to keep the holocaust 2.0 from happening, for EVERYONE. Looks like a GAS? De-Oxygenation process? The military in the US and other locations also have heard of back-chatter on this themselves. The 17th and 18th are being expected as probable dates for bio-release. Awareness to gas transportation and crop duster sprayed foods, etc., recommended. It is also good to have clean and uncontaminated foods available. As a side-note, Bill Gates apparently purchased the non-GMO seeds in Norway, for his own use and purposes, and even reported that Microsoft even hacked the Pentagon and purported launch-site of the missile toward Trump last year :-) 

Additional secondary conversations were noted but not included in this report. See for any details.


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Hi Gosia, thanks for asking "How Did You Find Cosmic Agency?" to me. Well, I have had an interest in experiences of other alternate realities for years. I decided to establish whether this information was real or simply wrong. I learned that the so-called factual truths experienced by persons seems to conflict with others and that the authenticity of these experiences fail to be consistent. I have always steered clear of new-age involvements and have suspected those sources of information and knowledge. I saw that those involved become overly gullible of unverified information too readily, and categorized that information as both irrelevant and dangerous. Even so, I have continued to "listen" to what persons say, recognizing that if I take an non-committal, independent and ambivalent view, that eventually truthful information will be demonstratively obvious.

I can't really recall exactly how I learned about Cosmic Agency, but I believe heard a program on  Coast-To-Coast-AM with Dale and yourself. Anyway, I checked out details on you channel on Youtube and have followed your channel since then.  As you can see, this interest eventually ended up in me creating an account on this site. I do appreciate your hard work and efforts in providing information and knowledge to all who desire to learn.

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My view is pretty simple. Whether we can be categorized as a star-seed and from 5d or not is simply unimportant. We have made a decisive decision to do a job here at this time. There are many and varying aspects and groups right now and with a plethora of individuals/groups from innumerable sources. They either are actively participating or are just simply here observing and watching outcome(s). It is up to us to determine how much we need to involve ourselves, based on who we are. We can disagree on viewpoints and philosophy but each needs to be consistent to their individual community of interest, to be successful. The level of activation and commitment is solely our choice and responsibility. I am of the view that just wishing to be at a higher level will not make it happen. I for one prefer to fight for what I believe is right, from my perspective, and not to watch from 5d or above. Here is where it is happening and we need to "gird up our loins" as true warriors, doing what we know is right to us and not necessarily whether other groups agree or not. Each of us has to be individually responsible to what we have signed up to do in this war, that truth is preserved and without being concerned we need public focus or simply at home, watching and resisting those regressive aspects. Best regards.

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I have been reflecting to Goshia's recent posting concerning the current state and the need for warriors to be warriors.

Personally, I have been resistance to respond, but it seems that my higher will not let me ignore in quiet, so here I go....

We are living in a time of traumatic changes not only in this 3rd density but I submit it affects all the way to the highest level. This 'universe' is in absolute turmoil and controversy right now. There are even reports that the Federation is in conflict, presumably following the collapse of this realm. I also submit that this is simply a start of the final demise of this a counterfeit manifestation. I personally know that we live in a realm that is a result of an experiment that went horribly wrong and the participants involved, and some at the highest level, instead of allowing correction, decided to continue, ignoring help. They cordoned themselves off from the true realm, grabbed whatever beings they could to use for their benefit and energy for use. That event was the start of this realm that unfortunately we are all to familiar, today. Since then, they have used captured beings and their energy to create substitute individuals that we know as regressives. This battle has continued since.  Unfortunately, the regressive have been winning in this realm. and since they cannot create energy (spiritual) themselves, net energy theft and loss has continued. Only through external sources of energy has this realm even been able to continue. This has been supplied by the external true realm, giving energy and through information that we could continue. Even though Jesus Christ was not a person, many such individuals are historically confirmed at the time. These Christs were used to the advantage of the Romans, expropriating this movement, aka 'Christ energy' of those wishing to return 'home'. Without those of true essence, this realm would immediately collapse since those of a regressive orientation do not have any energy within themselves, aka, love.  Regressives use all sort of negative methods to extract energy including sexual controls, wars, etc. Even the moon as a consolidation orb purpose is to relay energy to Saturn is used by local higher realm. This celestial architecture seems to show the culpability of some here at the highest level. Unfortunately, without rescue, even those of a true would cease to exist, having turned to a negative, and at all levels down to the mineral. Without the current interdiction, by the true realm, eventually all would fail. 

Right now, we are in the final battle. 'New Green Energy' has been released throughout this realm and is fracturing all those of the counterfeit. There will be a continued polarizing of individuals at all levels, including the highest in this realm.  Panic of the regressives will be more evident while those of a true essence will become happier. Interesting, NGE has consciousness and this is used to attack those negative thought patterns directly. At the moment, this world, the Federation and other levels at the moment seem to be going crazy. This will continue until all individuals at all levels safely escape this realm. Please know that this realm is based on competition, greed, control and dominance of anyone or thing. The true realm is not that way at all levels. Believe it or not, those in the positive realm does not need negative to exist but negative needs positive, simply to extract energy. This is a bit different from what our friends state, since we ALL have been programmed to accept that thesis.

Hopefully, I did not ramble too much and that this information resonates. Again, I am unsure why I was moved to pen this posting, other than I could no longer ignore it. What I know is that this battle has been won. We just need to do our part individually and not allow ourselves to be influenced by the negative, that we succeed. As Gosia stated, we do have to FIGHT as warriors, whether ourselves, minerals, animals, and higher densities, and even our friends (e.g. Yazhi and Anéeka) and probably some even at higher levels.  Remember, trust no-one, only trust yourself and what you know is correct.  Our time of release is at hand.

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A clip about Quantum Grammar and how it has been used for contractual agreements throughout the world to maintain existing powers, and for the last 8500 years.  A re-write of the US constitution, Bill of Right and etc. has been completed and is awaiting use in many countries.  In fact, ALL contracts using Quantum Grammar will secure truth in contracts around the world.  The NWO is very fearful of this and removes their control over us, even using the CIA to force surrender of the 'flag' and handed to the UK. 

Quantum Grammar is useful, and will be used, as we establish new governmental control. It is up to us to use it in our home locations when situations develop.  Be strong and support truth.

This clip is part of the "SERGEANT ROBERT HORTON's WAR CASTLES" thesis and explains how Russell Jay-Gould & David Winn-Miller saved the US Republic in 1999.

Very interesting and helpful as a different aspect of the events that are currently happening, including changes in the financial system that is required to build a new world.  As we set the direction of our future with the help of our friends, we will be successful. … e=emb_logo

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These vids do remind me of an "afternoon tv sales promo" that seems to be good but instead are representative of inferior and cheap products.

As stated in a related topic, I learned of this information from a previous post by one of the members. At that time, I did state that one needs to be careful with information presented by unknown sources. I therefore do agreed that one should NOT 'trust the plan' since it can result in many potential problems. However one should have a level of awareness what person(s) are saying, to assess one's real motivation. 

I have never followed new-age, rather, I have focused in innovation technology and engineering throughout my lifetime, having worked with many well-know organizations across the globe. Only until recently here in Australia, having come from the US, I have dusted off my childhood interests in astronomical topics, having had a refactor telescope when a child and had fascination with a group of stars, called the Pleiades.

What I am interested in is exposing the motivation of others, whether in myself or in others. Today, to me, and unlike any other time before, it appears that everyone is aligning into groups and their origins. 

I do appreciate the perspectives and discussion from all presented and are valuable pieces of information to obtain clarity as we watch events around us develop. I guess one could say as motivated watchers, doing what is right.

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Just for a follow up of the discussion above concerning the most recent meeting by Kim Goguen held today.

Definitely information to assess within ourselves whether this is part of a bigger plan or not.

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Hi All,

It seems that Juan O Savin has initiated his website which will be followed by 107 my tv soon.

Interesting information included on this site as we can observe events into a new age with our friends.

#21 Re: English Forum » Urgent report - Kim Goguen, Ground Command, declared war on the Cabal! » 2021-01-20 01:59:59

Thanks for the information and for additional data points to what is going-on realizing that all information is important. "Listen to all believe none" since we all have to come to an understanding within ourselves of many correlated variables.  It was also reported by your source that *a* major event in DC is scheduled to happen on the 20th, maybe like 911. We need to watch.

It also seems that a major influencer of Qanon is Jared Kushner the Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, and maybe Q himself.

#22 English Forum » US Transitional Events » 2021-01-19 12:15:48

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We do live in interesting times right now, which portends global changes just ahead.  The upcoming events in Washington DC currently appearing could herald major changes.  It has been reported that even despite whether Biden is sworn in or not is insignificant.  Fact is, ‘foreign’ influences by nations outside of the US will simply make the ‘winner’ of this election null and void, and would confirm Trump. Big and small nations who have a vested interest in changing election results have been found out and will be exposed.  Trump will continue as president despite the final tally with him getting 80% of the actual vote.  In addition to the election scam, 18 months ago Trump signed an executive order dissolved the Corporation of the US and him as the ‘CEO’. This was originally agreed to between the US and UK in London many, many years ago.  This dissolution also apparently makes this election irreverent, since the original corporation charter depends on the election of the CEO/President as head of the corporation. However, in doing an election process over the past year, it provides a great way to expose who are regressive before all. 

Where does all this place us right now?  I propose the following scenario and from which only time will tell the outcome.  First, assume Biden is sworn in. There overwhelming proof that not only Biden but those around him have been in collusion with nations such as China, UK and other nations. These influences have been reported over the past couple of years but generally ignored by the MSM. In addition, Biden did not appear to have any interest in becoming a candidate for president until information came out that he used his influence as vice-president in the Obama administration to conduct influence pedaling in the Ukrainian for his son, also ignored. Following that revolution, Biden immediately reversed his position and became a candidate for this last presidential cycle. Since then, all of his friends in high places have supported him, including influencing election results. Right now, I feel that Biden feels quite content that he has been successful in hiding his past and is looking forward to accept the mantle of president. I expect he is even thinking how he can pardon many others for their unspeakable crimes, and maybe even for himself. As far as he can tell, this wonderful world will continue as always.

Think about the ‘beautiful’ swearing-in ceremony of a new president. Think of Biden there with the chief justice attesting to his new role with the chief justice who also seems to also have a questionable past there on the steps of the Capital Building. Think of the protection provided by an 8 foot fence layered by serpentine razor-wire on top.  It just happened that the wire was installed by the military over the past couple of weeks to protect. Not only does the Capital Building have such a fence, but also the Whitehouse and other surrounding building as well just to keep those inside safe.

Biden apparently will reside at the White House like Trump as ‘president’. Having being sworn in, Biden will be escorted there of enjoy all of its beauty.  Trump will already have left to Florida in order to observe from afar.  Over the next couple of days, Biden will be surprised that those military personnel will not allow him to leave the Whitehouse grounds.  Also, it is becoming increasing worrying that even those senators and congressmen who colluded with Biden can’t seem to leave the capital. Protected by fences and some 25,000 military personnel, Biden and associates become increasing uneasy for some reason.  Eventually, Biden fears seem to come to pass, and he and others are served with papers from other for their past actions. 

Trials start and it will take a couple of months for processing those who were in leadership roles.  These trials will include other collaborators from around the world who will all enjoy their trip to the US. After the high-level processing is completed, on March 20th 2021, the original date for being sworn in as President, Trump takes the reigns for 4 additional years.  He conducts his own reset of the US economy and as a new county independent from debts incurred by the old corporation. The country’s new start will included support from our friends above and will eventually result in a new world based on mutual love and respect for all.  The economy will probably be based on use of the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) proposed in the 1990’s, and which Trump apparently has interest.

Please consider the scenario above is only as my narrative of what could happen.  Whether this will actually happen or not, will depend on many things.  However, with events soon to occur, I hope that at least some of these elements will come to pass.  At least it is interesting speculation that we can all ponder.

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Last December 21st was an interesting astronomical date.  We were able to see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which I feel was the actual beginning of the Age of Aquarius. If correct, that event heralded in a new age that was reflected for millennia as a period of time of where knowledge and understand will emanate, “The Age of Aquarius”.  I do recall while a child a song chanted by the popular group at the “The 5th Dimension” which become a worldwide hit, and known by many.  I was not surprised that more did not confirm of this alignment on the longest/shortest day of the year in terms of the Age of Aquarius. In astronomical terms, this was a very rare even, not seen even in 2012, the purported Aquarius age start.

Looking that the world.  We see that polarization of persons and the alignment on one side or another.  Whether considered as good or bad it is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, there are alignments between two different aspects of consciousness, and reflected in 3rd densities as well as above or below. This alignment seems natural and is even reflected within families where conflicts and disagreements are becoming more evident. This alignment is a spiritual aspect and does reflect the internal motivation of each. 

The Age of Aquarius whether is began in December 21st of 2012 or December 21st 2020 is irrelevant, however what is relevant is that we are now engage in a tumultuous time and is forcing persons to change concerning love or hate, and as a natural reflection of our being origins.
It is time for all of us to play within ourselves the intent of that famous song of a time that love will guide us all, forever.

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Dear PinkChopper, thanks for the response. I am also wondering of this and how it may relate to the current events?  It appears that this is related to the USA being a corporation that is headed by the President of it and CEO et al, not sure.  However, recently, I have 'heard' that Trump did sign some legislation a year or so ago that marked US Corporations as in-default, and if Biden takes the mantle of power, he will assume along with the business interests responsibility for this default.  Strangely that could enable Trump to act as a parallel president "of the people", to Biden. The primary difference would be that Trump would be a presidential figure similar to the founding of the USA, independent to corporate interests.  There would be two presidents operating in parallel, one representing business while the other representing the people, and would be very interesting. I assume that the military would have to side with Trump, which he has 80%, which would be critical based on those military nuclear codes. This strategy could presumably free persons from the debts of the people and onto this corporation where it belongs, and in effect would remove the deep-state, and enable a resurgence of the USA.  Who knows and total speculation, but interesting and discussion.

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It seems to me that all the turmoil we are experiencing in everything right now is seen in all densities, and all at once. Groups are aligning and polarizations are increasing and are not restricted to earth but are seen across this sector and probably the whole universe.  What does this mean? I don't fully know but it appears that there are significant changes are afoot which will probably affect all of us to one degree or another. Look at the difference of opinions expressed by the 'Federation of Planets'. Everybody and everything seems to be affected by something and to one degree or another. What we are seeing today is simply the fundamental desolations of the fabric of this realm and its ideology.

The control of others is the 'nature' of this realm/creation and is based on the forced subjection of others. This is the central problem facing this realm at all levels. I do extend my thanks to the Taygetean team and other supporting groups for taking a strong stand against the extermination of the human population on Earth.  We all know such things are wrong since it does not respect individual rights and freewill, only control foisted on others. A negative attitude is everywhere and across this realm and in all densities, as noted in the Federation and their doings, 'managing' us. I dare say that even in densities above the Federation things are also breaking down. Control and subjugation is how we get energy to live in the form of foods. The 'nature' of control and subjugation to obtain that source includes the use of animals, plants and individuals to be used and consumed physically or extract emotional energy. This is not part of the original creation. Even those at the Fed watch and observe and gorge themselves on lost energy of those going through conflicts or traumas, really sick. Why does everyone have to sacrifice themselves? It seems that everyone wants to maintain their control, whether in election fraud, extermination, or even at a planetary and super-planetary level.

In the original creation and at all levels, energy is created by the positive ethos between beings, not consumed by either. This is definitively different from what see everywhere today. Even those in the 'lower' Federation legislate and express their legal positions much like the breakdown here of earth that we have all observed recently.  Consider me jaded, but I believe that even at the highest level of this realm everyone is becoming more aggressive to each other. I do see continued dissolution and decline. 

It appears whether we express as a simple 3rd density human, animal, plant or even mineral and upwards to the highest densities, we all are now in the process of making a decision as to whether continue to be enslaved in this error of creation or transition back to the true creation. Today we see a breakdown of all traditional structures and for the first time in my memory individuals are now being exposed across the world stage, and beyond. The green-energy that has consciousness and attacks negative was released onto this realm is doing its job quite well, thereby enabling those of a true essence to return home to peace and love, at ALL densities. It is our freewill choice what we want to do.

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