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#1 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-04-12 07:17:55

Urgent Report... … eOpeI.html

Precisely what celestial Event on the 22nd? in regards to Our Galactic Central Sun ie. Source.

#2 Re: English Forum » other words; What the Fuck?... are we doing here? Psycho time » 2022-04-01 19:03:23

Cocreatr wrote:

Meaning if we change how we interact, going from negative emotions to at least neutral, impartial, or even better, positive, loving, society will change. As you can imagine and may have seen already.

Principles of Dominant Frequency/s.
This where the Hopi prophecy of the rainbow people comes in play.
Sadguru quote: Absolute dispassion for self but total passion for everything else(external of Ego)

Then a pilgrimage begins.
Gather the tribe. Build the society.
Get it right Get collective frequency spike.
Others will come, learn & build
So on and so forth...grow & spread
The pillars of stabilized high freq light
But it starts with Rainbow people's flight
(All creeds, color, nationality...soul identity)
No baggage, No nonsense.
Just attributes put to physical societal motion.
Such for the Adults, Not the children.
Testament of the End of Days
Creator and Creation
Most Profound

#3 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford on Kim Goguen » 2022-03-21 20:00:13

Drones trying to "imprint" [their]skewered version against Facts of Reality? Typical...

Kim wears many hats b'cos the "team" was decimated. Some of the chosen/volunteers were proven weaker(than anticipated) against the tide of DS(witchcraft) + GFoD(mr smiths).
The Guides/Ancestral were also proven wanting at their jobs. This was sometime ago.

p.s. Thx for the links.

#4 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2022-03-21 19:42:01

"Anthropomorphic Beings, Tutors"
Couple hundred years is small change of life years for them.

Personally...I'd Look to the East, South East Asia in particular..Java precisely, (seemingly high Lyran *Urmah* activity). Most advanced in Spirituality ie 4d guides, dimensional travel & battle experience...then...KAG's "The Colony" will start to make sense for those not understand a multidimensional army.
[Those that seek to battle the demons in the posessed(95% psycho cases) or (handlers)witches/warlocks], that's where/why you need to seek the knowledge of Experience in Higher Spitituality.

Note well...This path is gonna shred up general 3d normalcy...24/7/365 ready-ready. Sorta...battle monk kinda life...(& a pauper) LOL!

p.s. Battlefield training does bring about sorta camaraderie
Of a sort..not unlike...a colony...(heh heh)
But "always in mind" is quote of mine.
It brought about memories...of our time
Love y'all...My Pretties.

The many I've met
The many of Me
Downgrade via Fractal Dispersion
The sacrifices for this Misson

Broken...but still Alive 3d.

#5 Re: English Forum » HOLISTIC Society - Preparation is the First Step - Yazhi » 2022-03-21 19:13:38

mitkobs wrote:

This information shows that such society cannot happen globally(even on country level) in this timeline with such configuration of people. It is manageable for small totally independent and concealed communities.

Start with Assemblies/Colonies/Groups/Teams.
The Lesser one's 3d material footprint the better/lighter for one's life choices(get up & go).
Take is as Pilgrimage...of Life/Humanity.
Its gonna look like a cult...(against the DS covenant cults).
But it's what one chooses to face in these End of Days...where it'll End in Sparse...yet one sustains...& Live Life amongst the Spirits...the Principle of Dominant Frequency will come play...keep the nasties at bay.
Like any new colony of long past, one would need to build, meditate, cultivate...battle.

Where The End..also a New Beginning.

#6 Re: English Forum » HOLISTIC Society - Preparation is the First Step - Yazhi » 2022-03-21 18:53:57

KimKong wrote:

Any idea how we can learn the whole true history?

"Anthropomorphic Beings, Tutors"
Couple hundred years is small change in life years for some of them.
Normally: Via (Earthly)Spirituality...First access the local Ether, learn about terrestial 4d, the life, its beings..get that (ground)Experience First.

#7 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2022-03-13 10:46:02

Who are the black dragon?
Burly betrayer seemed assiciated with.

#9 Re: English Forum » Questions to HRH Alenym? » 2022-02-21 14:43:50

Since you asked...

I'll be blunt & straight to point.

1) Since the Armada responded to marmaduke's henchmens return. And order been given to Unleash Fury. I assume musky sat take down is but one, one that [DS]admitted? What are Queen assessment...true/false..feel free to comment if any

2) The Spear of Destiny aka Executor.
There's claims its andomedian. I seem to remember [they]invited themselves in under false pretenses & did not leave. And messing around is places [they]shouldn't be.

I was at a meeting there. Rather it bored me(as on earth, so above) dire-corrupt-incompetence! issued simple directive. Fix their own shsst up.  As leaving, looked around...pass the satin/velvet walkway & the roman pillars with small retangular pool like flower garden in between, I said, I want this(after mission over)..."its yours" easy...?
silence.."no, it's yours". This whole thing is mine?! wonder I had no felt it was, yet familar.

The power outrages was me trying to stop these pesky intruders from going places around where [they]shouldn't.
Queen should know this well too..

As I'm down here, tired, broken, isolated, amnesiac...yet the folks upstairs helping themselves to what [they]don't own Nor not an iota deserve??!!
Such disgusting entitled disease is meant for routing.

In the End.
It-will-be-sparse at both end of this spectrum.
I don't see anything improving for the Dodos.

Loyalty above all else.
Rest is...scenery.
Hope Everyone understands.

Thus this ends my message of questions.

ps: *muah*....

#10 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2022-02-15 22:32:29

It's been days...imma been hesitant to reply(am quite stressed)

But here's an excerp....
Met the two blokes, they joined me on the fields.
Witnesses to...smithing swipes & darkness falls
Awkward convos...imma terrible at small talk. Lol.
They were there too when PK girl arrived.
Rather Raguel came over later. Steady fella.
Sorta sun shinny sunday gathering.
Many folks of different densities...some there just observing.

Going after the fake light...mirror for the mirror.
Jesus three shoes..and that crap.
AC was right....!

[They]play fake light
I'll play fake dark
Lets see who's better at what.
Ha ha ha...tee he he

With Soul recycle shutdown & none could leave...
The Spirits been busy...Especially when they know now who's the Real enemies are.
Doris Bore-is was in frightful tears. Lack of sleep was the least of his fatty conundrums.

ps: reading happy...makes me happy.
(Innocently)..he he.


#11 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford report - 2022-01-31 - Rockefeller NWO circles history » 2022-02-01 02:25:27

Thanks for posting.

I like how the reports..sounds like post-OP(damage control) to "the before it news" UNN special reports,
with notable trait being that white hat nachos are insufferable attention grovellers...(stolen valor & such).

"Truth & Reconciliation" heh that not the name of A [Covenant] ship from "Halo"?

And..[their]Lil groupie rhymes..."AllLyingDunce"

"intelligence" agencies...
Tee he he...

#12 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-28 22:36:08

The Tall whites Kim refered to are the in inner Earth. The Reptilian hives between them & middle(us) been put to clearing and going on for years now, pocket by pocket, layer by layer.

The human/hybrids slaves in cages...resued.
Bred for meat & much much worse.
They not the brightest...but they just Life
And...inocent life is to let live (and Evolve)
There's many isolated colonies/villages that take no part of the beast system. That's them. Their legends speaks of the same...the day will come...and has.
The meeks spoken in religions...Are these people. Make no mistake about it. The rest can continue halucinate whatever doctrines they IV-ed to.

mind the discourse...once it flows, its Forrest's box of chocolates.

The Inners witnessed these actions...intially there were some conflic from distrust...yet eventually reached an Understanding.
Operational conduct by all means continues as...DTA.

There are...No plans.
Just Attributes in motion.
Cosmic Will and Things as Such.

BTW, Kim's mention of the Ark of the covenants(previousy) does denote that one is on a ship above, as per CA's mentions.

With the Inners & Outers active...Things Gets Mightily Interesting.

#13 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2022-01-28 04:03:58

Busiest Ever...waves after waves..after waves.

Come one come all?
Yippee Kai Yay!!!
One, dingo dongo dodo faction after another.

...suites me fine...
Imma mulcher than sickle

Now...[you] know.
All been said be Done!

#14 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-27 20:50:40

Over the Target...
Kim vids been wiped from bitchute.

Fear & Desperation...revealed the Epitome of Contradiction.

...the stragglers
Replay scene 1


#15 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-25 18:17:29

Meridianwoman wrote:

I wonder if this is the reason why Admin Gosia said:
"Gosia wrote:
***If I tell you that Taygetans say that she lies, and you follow that, you just delegated your authority to discern what you should follow to the external agent, in this case to the Taygetans. Use your own mind, that´s the whole point here, for people to stop following others but make educated decisions on their own. What Taygetans always advice: listen to all, and then decide. YOURSELF. Humanity must learn to be independent and not be taken by the hand. "***

By saying 'she lies', I wonder if Gosia is referring...

Otoh, maybe...just maybe, Gosia might be(inadvertently?) baiting...

B'cos "it" went from "I" (ignorant but self assured)
To "We Taygetans" what? 48hrs?
Going by the mind cap.
The spread & breadth indicates a team of 3 to 5...


#16 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2022-01-25 17:42:11


The Art of Spiritual War:
"Words are spells"...and knowing all that
One does not reinforce what [they]perpetuate

We don't give credence.
We Mock Em Instead.

That is...if you have the Juice for it.

The zealots & peons otoh...tend to embed accolades in [their]writings. To the Blares out like elephant's feet. Typical skid stain crap, all too familiar of [their]tracks.

Such are the very basics of it.

#17 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-22 16:41:03

Who is KAG?

Who appointed KAG?

Beyond the Pillars...
Lay the Great Machine(olskool talk)
The fella then gave a nod...
The Guardians let KAG in(for dna verification & registration)
The same fella...
previously had taken one look at the skanks presented...the 75%hacks & 85%dna mongrels & told their mischievous conniving handlers to "existentially FK-off!"...Go in, Go try, wanna see if you die with your lie....that's the back system Ethers & attempts of corrupt species that felt entitled.

That's Who "Allowed" her appointment.
She's OJT...she knows & makes it Clear.
This world was A Soul Nursery back in its day.
The 'Back System' computer terms means "Firmware" A very advanced firmware...that runs the 3d Habitat...some call GAIA.

Then you have the 'front system' softwares that runs the matrix operations/establishments. That's blocking one's access to her deposited funds. I know this personally. B'cos...we get to charge a fee.

(Above is basically what goes behind the curtain)

The Ethers Reverberates...Source is..Here!!
The Loyal Spirits are..Here!..& Active!!
(Thus the emphasis on Kristos, as A.Collier mentioned...same as I've experienced...the kind of sorrow, where you want to extinguish & leave, but your is not done).

That said..
If one haven't seen what ds desperation looks like, you also have it here also...hehehe..HaHaHa.
([They] also bombarding the vid uploader site with -ve comments)

"Experts in human psychology"
Ain't got No strings on me.

Just Remember...the payment for failure...choose wisely how you spend your time.

#18 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-20 14:11:23

I don't post these kinda things, but for moments, such as this, I felt compelled this once(or two). So...

Flurry of Events....Happening

Note the vids...

Just like any grassroot beginnings.
"One small step for man...."

Some may have undiagnosed auditory/visual comprehension issues...or if prefer a slow burn(like I sometimes do), link below is a Great blog for one's Reading peruse.

#19 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2022-01-18 16:53:03

Busy busy.
Actually had a long post written way back then.
But times achanging unsuited to current trend.
Dont even remember what was posted before, no even wanting to peruse the latter.

Okay....Multidimensional Mil. Op. that stretches space time in tacits & tactics really isn't for the one dimensional minds of needs & wants nor caters it's comprehension.

Many folks in the west would be in fema camps, a civil war would be raging with gov & alphabet on and so forth...if the marrow wasn't drained from [their]bones.

Timelines been locked down. As (I get lost in your eyes)Athena needed permission for her maiden excursion. And there's actually a fee involved...(yes we are allowed that). God knows..Almighty Restraint! only a kiss to her cheek was form of payment. Anyway...lets just say the CQB "Blade"katana be considered dowry. Lmao!
Could almost hear notti Yazhi teasing flap flap flap...again. She's prolly gonna need telepathic muffs. Lmao!!!

Can't focus much, much dispersed. Been lotsa KKND. Thus an abstract this.

Just sometime recent...
Gal greed of Dodos wanted to negotiate.
now?...Now!?...waved em away..FKoff.
Then [they] get the picture

Above happened cos [They]got really spooked...
See, when marmaduke got obliterated, his henchmen were also told to FKoff & never return. Other species there were apprehensive over the decision..."Don't worry about it".
When they came KAG detailed.
The "Armada" Responded!
(This is when its confirmed)

Been mentioning the Golden Army...on SM
Time passed...there was a big battle over Cern.
Local spirits were there ensuring it does not get turned on. The fake shiva king-in-charge had his limbs amputated to stubs way back then. The duped spirit army were given new instruct.
Later...they were concertedly attacked...the gal feed swooped in showing off & helping [their]DS brethens. That's when the Golden Army responded.
Was there, looked at them, nodded..."kill Em all"
Dodos scramned outta there like bats outta hell. LOL!
This was the 2nd time remembered seeing these FKn Dodos helping the dark side (in force).

First was adjunct to the straights of Malacca, a large derelict looking 3d but etherically well kept barge. It had a very large old missile in it. This was in Mid-Late 00s.
Story for some other time. But this incident was the first connection/relation to KAG's earlier data dissemination.

As [they]send more of their fake/demi/presuming gawds to actually taking the time to observe the dark machinations behind such these time-paused "petrified" attempt/attack moments.
Taking the 'time' mentioned in one of the recent CA vids. A certain zen of quiet calmness, then...

Vibe like a "Tengu" blade.
Down to the gritty, CQ FKn B!
And liked it.
Especially when [they]crumbled & jumped like gerbils when the Lightsabers start turning-on All around. LOL!

In closing...something Big happened recently.
Deja-vu indicates...Enforcer's Army Operation.
More Dodos met [their]fate.


#20 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-18 13:51:26

"A piece of the beast"

If you didn't get it then. You should get it by now.

#21 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-15 21:18:25

Most folks here seem unacustomed to anything in relate to Operational Management...or even basic management level for the matter.
Kim is Ground Commander. This IS a Military Op.
There's is Strict rules in place of Not becoming an Idol or be Worshipped by the Indoctrinated Imbeciles.

Thus folks should understand by the way these folks talk...and also that they always ridicule the narcissistic.

No beast system doctrines...that many commentors here seem oblivious of, such that's its ingrained to their existence(recycled souls). Thus the disconnect.

Kim's job among to save lifes.
The one's you don't see, are about solving problems.. permanently. They don't compromise. And surely won't discriminate.

She is well protected...Multidimensionally!
Any nachos that tries a peak prolly gotten smacked.
While the SOP for the nefarious is to never be heard of again.

No-one gives a shsst about the gal fed/feed of Dodos. For they too will be sparse or mostly just disappear like their high ups...Sat-Urns.

You dismantle the Evil pyramid of power by slice & dice the Top echelons. Some levels just dissapear...(credit: Masters of time & space)

Satanic money system is the marrow that runs this beast. You drain it and You break It's back.

Gotta go through the Fire!
Only From [their]ashes, the Phoenix may rise.
Everyone will be Judged.

If you got kicked out of the assembly, its b'cos you tried to bring in a piece of the beast. You'll stand out like a disease. And that's what you need to realise, what is.

As the Etherics gets cleared. Things will get real 3d.
The Lesson isn't for the fallen or those that chose the dark. [They]are now mere paraphernalia.

Earth is just the First.
The Lesson Is Cosmic.
Thus why many ships on far orbit are skeleton crewed.
Battleships they be.
(Most wont get this)


#22 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2021-11-24 00:48:19

Her background image...was a message.
...Message received.

#24 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2021-08-08 23:38:30

Armaged wrote:

So outta whack these many past weeks.
Fast movers, slow movers, rotary, keep buzzing.
Cia "Woke movement" ascension syndrom sound much like 5ğ MW radiation poisoning.
Any Intelligence on which is which?


HAARPy EM. … ank-Rowe:3

#25 Re: English Forum » Musings of the broken shoes » 2021-08-08 20:57:31

Been a while busy busy...multidimensionality.
The vids been triggering memories...
That said...first lets preface.
Since the reply..
It should've triggered deja vu among the few.
"Are you god?" is a common theme among the Souls when met. I'd chuckle or maybe next time...a "gibb's" slap so Not be so gullible.. Do you remember?
It requires one's conscious be aware of one's unconscious travels, as the meet is at Soul to Soul level.
I know you remember me? LOL.
Welcome to the 5mil Strong. No boots on the ground. Attributes in motion. Terrestrials, ExtraTerrestrials & Others...Cosmic-Will in Action.

Ok...that's said & done.

Not sure where to's all a jumbled here and there so take it as is as..

Recently watched KAG vid.

The underground cities...
Best of times, worst of times...
It really hit me...the disfigured fella, I remembered so. For me, It was long ago...such is "Tenet" of this show.

There were nine..
So went off world for fissile material, and nine was found indeed.
Then there were 12 or 13...
The intelligence were shite
As now we are short & had to use Sol3 material.
Just as posted on SM...Alaska

Vid min. 37:40
Disfigured fella was a good soul, helpful be-ing, even though it would led to his own end. Sorrow for what had be done. Such is the Big Pic of things no one knows of. He made it to the ethers, survived in spirit.
But those day long past, one did what one did and shrugged off the rest on return 3d life, was Not very nice. If you hear me I Apologise.

Only after broke & broken, that the rebuilt of Spirit brought one into this life of Multidimensionality.
Who, when, why, what & how...years of recall & rebuilding, things that went unnoticed then, but recorded in the subconscious mind...accessed rewind replay. Wanted to leave but told here for a mission.

Vid min. 36:30
The Bribe as with the Venus resort.
We'll come back to this.. … ive-at-5:9
Remembered being shown the nukes underwater, long ago. They were on the tectonic plates & disabled soon after. And added trackers, We just wanted to backtrack the signal later. LOL!
[They]got FKed good. Lmao.
"The Devil's Share" in-deed.

She's Legit. Got million bucks that couldn't be access from decades ago...muh introductory fee.
DS bank only allowed it to be in some mumbo jumbo Trust. I said FK it. Now Sad indeed. Limbo in 3d.
Makes Wrath...Deeep!

Don't recall which vid about the Ark
But many witnessed her open it(like a guided ceremony)Basically breaking the Star of David Binding spell, Occult Covenant Soul Trap.
This is long ago memory excerp. Unlike what happened in the US the black mesa of "half-life"...[they]got splat to the walls. End up sealing off the butchered floor.

This KAG part enough for now.(much more to this).
This Blog is VG :

"Enforcer" is a nice calling ain't it.

Days after the Best of times, the Worst of times...then was this:

More sadness ensued...
Remembered the indigenous folks
May have the unfair war.
The Jap "Gate" Anime series describes the butchering to a tee. It comes with the false narrative of savior & love of the native women tho.
Even Remembered the "Predators" there.

There's one fella from SM that I Now feel bad about. "Past the two pillars" something something was his signature
Remembered the astral encounter, saved him from a gun-run huey(which shouldn't be in time of now) . The enviro was different. The col. pilot was nasty...shouldn't have saved him too.
Fella was angry for saving him.
Reptoid always the same, col. angry even tho was saved. These regressive cunts are shsst everywhere.

These are the partials...jig saw puzzle to astral and return 3d. Further data corruption in transition.
Realise only Now the fella could be reincarnated Venusian. Got pissed off cause he wanted me to get him something...past the two pillar...the world Machine.
(This where muh introductory fees come in. It was meant for a time such as now. But imma so off the "system"...blacklisted into nuthin) Lil help here Kim.
Need an off "system" alternate/direct access.

As said before...anyone without access will be obliterated instantly. Will eventually resolve this kid's quarry.

Ahh..note...digress is profound..
Back to topic..

So Venus is like water world.
Like an old mild seven commercial
From the cliff, pans down to the lagoon...jet skis
Was there a small yacht too?

This was months ago in linear.
Doing my etheric rounds...didn't know where there was. The atmosphere was just soo pleasant.
Not stuffy in the head as it is here.
Hooray the war was won, Everybody gets to reside/retire there...was the buzz word of reptile ribe in Bushitdo.

Many from here & above were there. Gosia included, so was Newt & Athena.
KAG was there too...saw through the facade unlike the rest enjoying themselves. She's a Pro.
Good Training.

The reptoids built a resort over the blood & bones of the natives. Echoes similarly to what [they]did to the red indians. [They]built it White as if it, to be pure.

Newt...watcha doing getting close to Epstein?
Oh..SoreArse was there too.
One big celebrity regressive family. Huh?
Pleiadians seems susceptible to Archon mind tricks.
As proofed by Valiant Thor. I blame him for what happened to Venus.
You let your guard down and your FKed!!!
...without even knowing it...even Literally.
Same reason the previous 500 were told to..FK-Off!

Later caused an incident when scanning for [their]Aura. Reptiles just hate Me Be-ing there. Shouting..."you can't be here".

The FKers dun get it. When I say "This is My House"
It Means...just My Backyard.
I can use a Trimmer...or go HD with a Mulcher.
Sick of it!

On the other News...
Living hermit like, it's lonely in 3d.
Lotsa pent up...Grrr...guys know what that means.
Urmahs are buddies
So were the..urm..spec ops guys? I like to tease.

May have attended "ball-out in birthday suit" this time round.
Got hold of me at some Barbaric point of life.
The Queen got her bodyguard to attend to muh attire
The three Hot chicks brushing about just got me triggered..Grr...Hungry Tiger!
imma kid in a candy shop...all so soo sweet, each with attributes...lovingly stimulating.
Is their names spelled right? Thoya, Alia & Cara

Aura OverWhelming...kinda put em outta commission.
SMH...created another incident.
The Queen's Composure...impressive...only adds Stimulation.
Got stupid & said silly human things.

(The Urmahs were many cos they were to Protect the Lovelies too. Should know...timeline stuffs FFW~RW, Future~Past...of the like).
Prevention & Roach Hunt.

Then there was giving a tongue lashing about cozing up to Epstein & dressing sexy...reminds me of teasing my niece.
A chick came about...combo outfit between Selena from "Underworld" and Jill Valentine of "Resident Evil"
She was SexSay...Who Dat Hott Gurl? Me enquired. Guy told me she's a gramma...Athena. (There was much 3d attachments in those low moments of 3d life that horny extrapolations coursed through muh very earthy mind). So unbecoming...
Troubling week for a solitary get the mind to ease.
Want the whole candy shop after this...
Want muh harem or there be Cosmic Tantrums...
Lmao, driven silly dunnit, imma kiddin...or AM I.

So outta whack these many past weeks.
Fast movers, slow movers, rotary, keep buzzing.
Cia "Woke movement" ascension syndrom sound much like 5ğ MW radiation poisoning.
Any Intelligence on which is which?

Portalled Waves of Central Sun seem to Elevate
But it's a drain on energy & time.

With this, time to sign off.
Ad-hoc Ala carte more to come.

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