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#1 Re: English Forum » Do you know this feeling? » 2021-01-12 01:44:25

Eldon Deluz wrote:

This seems as best as I can figure a consequence of being awake. Not in the sense that you know everything, only in the sense you know a little more and are open to the idea of knowing much more.  The statement of being alone is perhaps not the best way to say this; it is not that you are physically lonely more out of place/time with a mission of mercy for those who don’t seem to want it.

My new friend, you have humored my ramblings on technology over the past few days. So I decided to look and see what deep thoughts plague you at night.

It seems our kindred spirts share more than just a fasanation with a fine puzzle of numbers. So I won't patronise you with a hollow up lifting promise of white light and rainbows. Even if I did indeed know that was what was going to happen.

Because I know, that you know, that understanding what dances at shadows edge is what drives searchers such as you and I.

Its not the answer to the question that drives you. Its the fear you might never ask the right question in the first place.

At least, it is for me.

Years ago I learned that to live in two worlds, one awake and one asleep. One must always remember what it feels like to be asleep. Then rejoice in the fact that with eyes now open, you are privileged to ponder... what exactly is, the "right" question?

Feel free to PM me directly any time, I relish pondering the meaning of everything with a fellow seeker.



“Fenrir, the giant wolf, could not be constrained by any means known to man, so the dwarves forged a chain, but not from metal. Nothing made by man could constrain Fenrir, so they forged it from the things we cannot see and the things we cannot hear. Like the breath of a fish… the sound a moving cat makes. The roots… of a mountain.” – Floki

#2 Re: English Forum » Quantum Computers – Breaking down the information in the video. » 2021-01-11 20:55:32

Eldon Deluz wrote:

The open mind you have is enough, as the question you seem have; (if this is true) is already answered. In fact the quote: "Every particle and every wave in the universe is simply an excitation of a quantum field that is defined over all space and time. Therefore even matter it self is an excitation of a quantum field and quantum fields become the fundamental objects which describe reality."

Which can be interpreted as meaning that one's reality can be expanded simply by allowing for the possibility of it to be. If observation changes the results, the results therefore can be changed by the manipulation of observation. If we understand that we have been programmed to believe a certain way, all we have to do is question that program and the quantum field (aether) responds.

Bravo good sir! That right there is one of the most astute observations I have seen in a good long time!

If I am picking up what your putting down then you are indeed correct, I do have “my answer” already.

If I may borrow your example for a second, like yourself, I no longer stress over as you put it “what a ball of light is”. I am more focused on the fact that I did indeed SEE the ball of light and how that information changes what my personal definition of reality is afterwards.

I no longer even worry about if the person standing next to me sees what I am in any given moment. Its quite possible that in that moment they are not meant to for a multitude of different reasons. Who am I to judge who should be “awake” and who should remain “asleep”.

Once I started to understand, that focusing on my own personal truth is what matters most. Only then, did I finally get my answer.. and I couldn’t have summarized it up better than you did in the above quote. Especial this line right here.

Eldon Deluz wrote:

“If observation changes the results, the results therefore can be changed by the manipulation of observation.”

If I am ever forced to sum up how to break out of “the matrix” in a single sentence… lol… I am plagiarizing yours! Simply for no other reason than it’s the honest truth. Its MY truth. The same truth that was my epiphany just over 4 years ago. The truth that I live by every day. The exact same truth that has allowed me to open my mind and learn all the information that I have been exchanging with you.

You just summed it up so eloquently you could slap that on a t-shirt and sell it.

Oh, rest assured I will be putting out the “Part 2” although it most likely will be a week or two as I want to give it the justice and explanation that its due.

Also… I was wondering if someone was going to pick up on my personal musings behind why I choose my user name. Bonus point for that ol’chap! Made my after noon!



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@EldonDeluz, I absolutely loved your feedback. This is exactly the kind of conversation I was hoping would manifest from my original post. I especially enjoyed the fact that you just so happened to focus head long into the one area that is in fact new to me. The Base 12 Math or “Dozenal” Math, I only recently started to investigate it myself.

Special thanks, in regards to the resources you linked to as well!

I have been checking out some of the other videos on the channel and even managed to catch a livestream last week. Great stuff, although because I am a “see it, to believe it” person some of it is a bit hard to swallow.

Don’t take me the wrong way on that statement. I firmly believe there are other intelligences out there and based on my own personal experience at least one that is FAR greater than our own… so I consider my self an “Open-Optimist” that walks around with the proverbial “salt shaker” in his pocket.  Or as Fox Mulder always said… “I want to believe.”

Back to your post, you are correct you are dealing with the mater side and the “aether” side which I refer to as the “Quantum Field.” Different words, same thing.

There is a quote I found years ago that was in a book from oxford university that sums this up perfectly.

“Every particle and every wave in the universe is simply an excitation of a quantum field that is defined over all space and time. Therefore even matter it self is an excitation of a quantum field and quantum fields become the fundamental objects which describe reality”   

As of how the base 10 system we use currently differs to how the Base 12 system that has been referenced on multiple occasions affects the calculations… I am still working on that one.. lol

In “part 2” of this I am planning to break down the hardware components that Aneeka describes, and reference current human technologies and actual scientific studies that describe how in theory we are not as far off on this technology as most people think.

But to give a (brief) taste of things to come…

Aneeka describes the Core of the AHCS to consist of layered sheets of diamond and crystal metal alloy that is super conductive at room temperatures. Then she said that one of the essential things we need  to be able to understand/build an AHCS is “Knowledge of specialized materials”.

In current scientific terms, she is describing a, 3D Photonic “Semi-Metal” Crystal Latus. One that has Topological Quantum properties. (Quantum information stored in a topological system is impervious to small errors in particle trajectories that cause quantum decoherence.)

Aneeka also described each particle accelerator in the form of small torus’s within the Photonic crystal its self. (This is where the Base 12 Mathematics we were discussing is going to come into effect, or at least that’s my gut feeling.)

Interesting fact is that we already possess the knowledge to create similar technologies. These photonic crystals already have the ability to function as a photo dielectric material. Or a material that has the capability to interact with electromagnetic fields AND light wave propagation at the same time.

A specific example of this is the “Transparent Electrodes” created by AMES Laboratories. Think… A normal looking transparent window that is capable of functioning like a classical solar panel to harvest light and convert it into energy to power the building.

This technology is still in “development” (all research into this subject is typically sponsored by the us department of energy) but multiple functional lab examples have built and successfully tested.

Below is a link to a YouTube video of a Lecture given at one of the annual society for optics and photonics seminars that goes into the details and has pretty pictures that makes is a little easer to wrap your head around.

Photonic Crystals and their Applications -


#4 English Forum » Quantum Computers – Breaking down the information in the video. » 2021-01-07 18:22:34

Replies: 6

Like most of you here, many years ago I had an experience that fundamentally altered my personal interpretation of “reality”. I have spent the past 20+ years searching for a way to explain that event.

What follows comes directly from my efforts of doing just that. I do not consider myself “Special”. Although, I do understand that I don’t “think” like most other people. I see connections and patterns in things that others do not. I also have what’s called “Eidetic Memory” or what some people refer to as “Photographic Memory”. Honestly sometimes it feels more like a curse than blessing.
However, like all things this eidetic memory comes at a steep personal cost. I do not process emotions in the same way as other people. For me emotions are automatically dampened internally. So, what one person might experience as blind rage, for me is just a feeling of minor annoyance. What another person might experience as the deepest form of love and joy, for me simply brings a warm smile to my face.

Basically, I feel no emotions most of the time. I experience life and my own personal reality through logic. It is simply the way I am. I accepted this fact about myself a long time ago and now I am much better off for doing so.  My wife likes to make “Spock” jokes at my expense, albeit in an endearing fashion.

I only mention these facts about myself to help you (the reader) better understand how an average person such as myself came to the conclusions that I am about to share. I will do my best to make clear and separate what information below is proven in scientific fact and what is simply my “personal opinion” or a conjecture on my part.

About a week ago, totally by chance I came across the (Quantum Computers – Human vs True Quantum Extraterrestrial Technology) Video that was posted by the Cosmic Agency YouTube channel. Now, normally I would have seen something like this and immediately disregarded it as “Click-Bate” and kept on scrolling.

However, this time… something… some “Feeling” grabbed my attention and made me decide to watch it. As I stated above, I NEVER experience this kind of “feeling”. So, I put on the vid to listen to like a podcast on my drive home after work. I would like to add the fact that this video randomly showing up in my YouTube feed was the first time I had EVER heard of the Cosmic Agency…

To put it simply… I was floored. I re-listened to this video start to finish 3 additional times, back-to-back, to the complete annoyance of my pore wife I may add. Each time, breaking down the information it contained and double checking it against my personal research notes on this specific topic that I had made over the past 4 years.

Let me explain. Roughly 10 years ago I started to actively research Artificial Intelligence. This led me to researching, over various fields of study, the concept of human consciousness. This in turn led me to looking into Quantum Computing which led me deep down the rabbit hole of physics and quantum mechanics.

Then about 4 years ago, I had an epiphany. Quantum computation requires the presence of a conscious observer. For an artificial intelligence to become a conscious observer then it would require true artificial consciousness… that’s when I realized that all the parts of this crazy Quantum Jigsaw Puzzle are already on the table, it’s just we humans are trying to put the puzzle together while its upside down.

We can define all the corners and edges, but we have no idea as to what exactly the middle of the picture is supposed to look like…

Well as truly crazy as this is going to sound… The information I gleaned from that video has started to allow me to begin organizing my vague ideas into a more concrete theory. To continue the Quantum Jigsaw Puzzle analogy, it’s as if “the crew” handed me the front of the puzzle box, pointed to the picture on it and said, “Build this.”

It’s because of this that I am here on this forum, writing this post. I want to share these ideas that I have spent 4 years totally silent about. I have never recorded any of this information down into anything outside of a single handwritten notebook… this post is the first time I am recording any of this in digital form.

If my ideas contained in this post are anywhere as close as I think they are to being on target... it would not surprise me if I eventually ended up with someone knocking on my door.

Now that I have all of that out of the way. Let’s break the video down.


I am not going to waste a bunch of time by going deep into human quantum computers and how they function. As it was said on multiple occasions throughout the video. A “classical” computer that is powerful enough to “simulate” quantum effects and thus simulate a quantum computation, still is NOT truly a quantum computer in any other way but name.

As for the various logical devices that do utilize true quantum effects in their calculations, these devices are only looking at one or more basic forms of quantum effects and are using single particle measurements, even devices that utilize multiple Qubits in their calculations.

IE: Measuring the spin direction of the “helicities” of a photon (also called a Bloch Sphere) or the “Pure state” positive/negative position, or the “Mixed state” superposition of the spin resonance within an electron.

These Qubits are prone to errors due to requiring strict operating parameters. Such as having to maintain a thermally stabilized operating temperature as close as possible to absolute-zero degrees kelvin (-273.1 deg Celsius or -459.7 deg Fahrenheit, respectively) otherwise they risk corrupting the results OR worse, damaging the computer itself.   

Don’t get me wrong. Both of these feats are HUGE leaps in the right direction and are an amazing example of progression of the logical computation processes of mankind as a whole. It’s just that these are only the edges and corners of the puzzle.

True quantum supremacy is the equivalent of putting all the middle pieces of the puzzle together WHILE the puzzle is still upside down on the table just by glancing at the picture on the front of the puzzle box only briefly, one single time.

That is EXACTLY what Aneeka of Temmer is calming an AHCS (Advanced Holographic Computer System) does.

Let’s take the “Lost Watch” example for starters. Now for both the classical and the AHCS computers to find that “specific” watch and not just a different copy of that exact same watch model. We need to make an assumption, that both the AHCS and classical computer have been given enough data to “uniquely” (this is the key, uniquely) identify this specific watch.

So, we can assume both computers have the exact same data set.

In addition, for this to be a fare test we must assume that both computers have been given the exact same search “parameters”. In this case it’s the specific search area that the watch could be located in.

Lastly, lets also assume that both the classical computer and the AHCS computer both start looking for the watch at the EXACT same time.
Now, this is why I absolutely love the fact that a watch is used in this example. A watch is a tool that MEASURES TIME. The first thing you absolutely must understand about quantum physics is that when you measure you also influence the end result of the measurement.

Like what was stated in the video the classical computer is going to go room by room, floor by floor and “scan” each room (insert your prefeed method of scanning here… it literally won’t make a difference) using the data set it was given to define the watch and will check to see if the watch is there. It will start at the closest point to itself and work outwards from its starting point until it finds it.

If both computers start at exactly 12:01am on January 1st 2021 and the watch is functioning properly then the watch will show exactly how long it took to be found by the classical computer when it is indeed finally found.

On the other hand, the AHCS functions on a COMPLETELY different set of rules.

The AHCS will use the unique data set for the watch and the defined search parameters for the area the watch is in, coupled with the time relevant data of exactly the “time” that the search starts and then utilizing its “Quantum Gravity Harmonics Database” it will determine the specific pattern that its nano-particle accelerators need to fire in to create a “Scalar” Quantum Gravity Wave with the precise harmonic resonance needed to produce a corresponding harmonic scalar quantum gravity wave “echo” that will return to the AHCS and be translated by its logic circuits into a usable read out giving the exact location of the watch.

The KEY to all of this is the fact that it’s a “Scalar” wave. The definition of a Scalar is a number, that takes the same value in every inertial frame. Or in lemans terms. It’s a value that is the same in every location regardless of a directional basis and is only directly related to its point of origin.

So, it is because of this fact that in mere nano seconds the AHCS appears to “manifest” the watches location in that exact moment in time and space seemingly out of thin air.

The ability to define and thus MAP the effects of quantum gravity is literally the Holy Grail of Physics.
If you can do this, then you can in theory begin to manipulate mater itself.

I love Science! Don’t you?!

Ok… so this post is already entirely too long. So, I am going to stop here and call this post [PART 1]

If there is enough interest in me breaking down the rest of the information in this video I will be more than happy to do so. After all, I am already doing just that for the sake of furthering my own research.

Please feel free to either comment here or message me directly. I left my email visible just for that reason. I look forward to the conversations to come!


PS: Aneeka, If I am incorrect in the way I am thinking about this so far, tell me! If not and ya want to chat, have the Cosmic Agency crew let me know. I’v got so many specific questions that only you could answer!

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