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I am kind of new at posting, so If I am doing this wrong I apologize.  I have seen the videos on the dark, but like in my situation the Reptilians, ANNUUKI, Among others.  I was then given the gift of sight.  They have been attacking me since I became aware of them in July 2020. It is also important to know that I am on my way out of this life due to CHF, but I picked this life for the waking up, 3 heart attacks in 1 and half months, so God wants me to be a part of this, I have a very strong mind and I am a rebel.  My topic is I know others are being attacked, and probably do not know where to turn.  I am also doing shadow work, and one of the videos Aneeka talked some on that.  The ships are hiding in plain sight. A video on the dark like my story and what it means, and how cosmic laws play into this, what can we do, am I going to lose my soul?  A more in depth video would really help, because some info seems to say we are safe, and others say or imply the opposite.  I am strong and the did not count on this is apparent to me, but the attacks and bruising, changes in it would help.  I want to live and I am a wayshower, and once this problem is understood I think I have a good idea for fighting back, but that is later.

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Hello, and thank you for having this site, and letting me join.  I am on  another site that  channels Jesus and other aliens and came across a post and I listened and new instantly that the information was legitimate with out a doubt.  Just one of my abilities.  I have listened to many videos and find them very enlightening, and hoping that we get an opportunity to discuss the negative, dark energies, specifically reptilians that have been living in my home since July of 2020. Along with other entities.  They are violent, so I really could use some more understanding in this area. I was very much meant to find this information, this I know.

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