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Just saying hello.
Words are foreign to me as I always feel they do not say enough. I am always amazed with people who can write and say beautiful words.
I would thank the team for what they have given to us so far but then again we All agreed on this already so they are just completing their part of the contract. So for that I am grateful. It’s nice to be reminded of what I already knew.
I want to know so much more and I worry we won’t have enough time for all that we planned. Even the best plans fail to take into account all factors.
Most of my 50 years on this planet I have spent day dreaming. Playing with ideas and scenarios on how I would do things differently or how I would do things if I was the creator of this planet. Better yet how I would design things differently. This is why my two favorite things I love to do is play games like Civilization where I can create worlds. I would spend weeks playing in GOD mode, where if I did not like the direction of the game I could change it. It was stupid no sense really in playing a game where you can change the outcome if you were losing but it was fun for me. Always thought it was just away from me to escape from a reality that I had no control over.
The next thing was as as Sci-FI movies Love them, not the horror alien ones like predator more like Star Wars and Star Trek, exploration of the unknown and the fight against evil and corruption.
So now here I am in that exact type of movie/game I have love all my life but without the GOD mode. At least I was told I did not have God mode. Now you guys are telling me I do have god mode only I have been convinced I do not.
Maybe this is not the place to post this because it has gone beyond introduction but I have to write this now I am not going to look around to find the right place not because I am trying to be difficult but because I will end up giving up and losing my courage and train of thought.
My team members it’s time to speed things up. We are running out of time as far as we terrestrials are concerned. You need to help us get to GOD mode faster. We need to be pushed to the limit. We humans are at our best when we are pushed beyond what we thought we were capable of. We need to get as many of us as possible to GOD mode to help make up for the sleepy ones. It’s not their fault. You now know this. The game was rigged against us from the beginning. They use the free will excuse to their convince. We don’t have free will if we do not know what it means to have it. If we are programmed not to care about it.
I am going to butcher the races names so I am sorry for the misspellings words and their spelling to me mean nothing it’s the emotion behind them.
YOU HAVE TO RISK GOING TO WAR WITH THE FEDERATION! the ones who do not have emotions FEAR our race because our capacity is so far beyond theirs that they worry that we will move far beyond them and they risk losing ground and power to us. I am have you seen what Lamarians are capable of are you looking at what we have done here with so many things stacked against us. So much manipulation to retard our advancement. Have you noticed every time they have reset us we still manage to get to this point faster and faster. Where they decide they want to reset us again.
You are correct we are powerful we are gods. So risk war and help us get to GOD mode because when we do, you will have the most greatful family joining you by your side. Together we will make sure the Taygetens are not another race to disappears because you die out.
Anyhow this is me I am a Brocken Shoe Person and I am tired of battling in the shadows.

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