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#1 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-04-10 04:26:25

Short update from the country with the tiniest balls in the world (Germany).

Children are getting tested TWICE A WEEK in school. Otherwise your child can't go to school. Good, because you can keep your child at home when you don't want to expose your little one to this diabolic nonsense. But does that lead to empty schools in germany? NO.
The brainwashed fucks don't even protect their "most precious" from this.
My 2 nephews have to live this nightmare now.

#2 Re: English Forum » What really is behind Q and Trump » 2021-04-07 17:56:29

A theory to the trump vaccine agenda: I agree that we see here two cabal sides fighting. Both not in favor for humanity. One with a very evil approach, the other one "less" evil (simplified).

We know from the taygetians that trump is in contact to federation members. So he might know about certain truths, for example the concept of non real people/npcs and other stuff that we discuss here on this board.
When I talk about trump, I obviously refer to the administration behind him that might get guided by extraterrestrials.
So, could it not be that he plays along with the vaccine agenda because it is a central point in the awakening of earth and at the same time a prenatal exit plan for the masses?

This is neither pro nor contra Q and trump, just thinking out loud here.

#3 Re: English Forum » Do you know this feeling? » 2021-04-05 06:11:13

Let's be honest guys. Life on earth was already shit before covid. Actually it's better now. The fakeness of "everything is more or less "ok"" bullshit is over. The cards are played out. 80 percent of humanity are lost/programms, that is more than obvious now. That we had a slave existence here was for most people clear even before the plandemic. Now it's out in the open and I'm more than glad for that. I wake up in the morning with a horrible discomfort about literally everything. This world is a freaking shitshow to live in, even when I am one of the more privileged slaves. But I would choose this intensity always over this fake world before, where you equally didn't belong to but you had to pretend much more. Rather die standing in a open battle than kneeling for another 50 years.

#4 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-03-22 05:02:23

Now they just have to understand in mass for what they actually protest. I think a lot of people are pissed, but have only a very limited understanding what is actually going on.
You see that clearly when people protest with masks on.
Well, step by step...

#5 English Forum » What are YOU doing to improve the situation? » 2021-03-19 02:41:54

Professor Bienlein
Replies: 59

I wanted to give you in this thread the possibility to share what you do, or what you've done to improve the situation here on earth.
What battles have you fought and what is your part in this? Do you take actions, or are you a spectator? Do you fight at the front line,  or do you prefer to stay in the back?
Whatever your part is, you are invited to share it here.

Of course, this here is not for judging the actions and perspectives of others.

#6 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2021-03-18 12:20:01

I watched all videos twice plus reading the transcripts multiple times, still a lot to process and understand!

#7 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2021-03-16 08:39:25

Maybe it's just my personal reality bubble speaking here, but it feels that the tide is slowly turning to a better future, a paradigm shift.
Little visible steps that are coming now to the surface.
The whole picture is clearly still buried under dirt and dust and a huge part of work has still to be done and the monster under the bed shows it's ugly face, but the spirit to fight is ignited in the people.
Positive side news about the Vatican begging for money, malfunction of Vaccine propaganda, visible glitches in MSM as mass pop events for normies and global protests are showing clearly that we are about to reach new peaks in this big theater.

It's gonna get wild for sure...

Doesn't matter how this whole thing turns out, it was already worth to come here into this particular "time". What an Energy! What a Drama! What a spectacular interactive Movie!

#8 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-03-15 09:33:20

Here a personal report about the Dalai Lama, and Corona:

I live since 4 Years in India and spent the last 4 Months around Dharamsala, a city with thousands of tibetan refugees, a big tibetan cultural influence and the residence of the Dalai Lama. While the rest of India doesn't really care too much about Masks and Lockdowns, things are very different around this area. Tibetan people and Monks are hardcore followers of mask rules and social Distancing. The Dalai Lama forces the restrictions like a dictator upon his people and the thousands of monks around him. And they are following blindly...

Last Week he also received his first Shot in the Covid Center of dharamsala and anounced that people should take it too.

I always felt sympathy for tibetan Buddhism in general, but the way how all the monasteries and buddhist institutes are dealing with this, is a complete eye opener for me. The Cabal has truly undermined every Religion on this Planet and Tibetan Buddhism has fallen as well.

#9 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-03-15 08:19:14

Second Nuremberg tribunal Has been Prepared
BY GREATREJECT · 24/02/2021

A second Nuremberg Tribunal has been prepared since last week and a class action is being set up
A class action, or representative action, is a lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court, or in which a certain class of defendants is sued
Reiner Fuellmich  is getting that support from the thousands of lawyers worldwide to bring the Covid19 scandal set up in Davos to the tribunal.

Reiner Fuellmich is the lawyer who succeeded in co-convicting the car giant Volkswagen because of its modified catalytic converters.

And it is the same lawyer who succeeded in condemning Deutsche Bank as a criminal enterprise.

Deutsche Bank agreed to pay more than $130 million to resolve/buy off the case because of foreign corruption practices and fraud cases.

Covid-19 becomes fraud case of the century
So now he faces his next job. The job of a lifetime, supported by thousands of lawyers and experts worldwide.

According to Reiner Fuellmich, all the frauds committed by German companies are nothing compared to the damage this Covid-19 scam has caused and continues to cause.

This Covid-19 crisis should be renamed the “Covid-19 scandal” and all those responsible should be prosecuted for civil damages resulting from manipulation and falsified testing protocols.

Therefore, an international network of corporate lawyers will litigate the biggest tort case of all time namely The Covid-19 fraud scandal which has since become the biggest crime against humanity ever...

#10 Re: English Forum » 3D is underrated » 2021-03-14 11:25:46

Grivehn wrote:

The first thing I'd do would be to punch my higher self as well for this 'wealthy experience'.

I think I must have been drunk when my 5D friends stuffed me into that immersion pod, selected zero memory mode plus full lifetime spawn.

I gonna kick your ass when I wake up there... ;-)

#11 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-03-14 05:12:57

I ask for a friend...

Is Cannabis a thing on other planets (or other earth drugs)? I mean it should, in according to what we know about cultural exchange etc.

#12 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-03-04 03:59:50

News from US: Missouri and Texas stop their Lockdowns, Masks are also not needed anymore,
Return to full normality.

Offend to the "dark Winter" New Age Prophet Joe Biden.

#13 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-02-24 17:28:12

Nono, with that knowledge it is not even an option to think about taking it. I have a hint for everyone who is in the same position of taking international flights. Semi legal, but who cares anymore. So here is my way:

There is no standard document for the pcr report. So, get yourself a report from a confused broken shoe (or from the Internet), make a picture of it, change name and date in according to your needs in photoshop. Put a reference number on it of a good friend who pretends to be a worker in the particular Lab/Medical Institute, who can pick up the phone and confirms that you made the test (usually they won't check that).

I helped a good friend a few days ago with it and IT WORKED!
He arrived safely in his home country without interference from authorities.

#14 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-02-23 07:23:23

Thank you Robert for your response and your hopefull explanation. Sorry for my light off topic talk. I was mentally quite stressed the last days.

Yesterday my visa got extended for another 5 Weeks, so I might survive a bit longer Haha. Sorry, that was now my last off topic message.  Promise :-)

#15 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-02-22 09:15:15

Hey Robert

I have at least one month more, after that, I will try everything but it's difficult. Staying as an illegal in India is a serious crime, what can be jail sentenced. I already thought of arriving in Poland. There they only want 10 days of quarantine. Not cheap, but at least no test.

I thought about refusing the pcr test (because of medical condition) and only agree to a blood test. I guess letting them take a blood sample will be "fine". At least not as deadly as the other stuff.

Of course, another option is to play with photoshop a bit ;-)

What makes you think that it's over in a few weeks?

#16 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-02-22 06:29:56

Hello Gosia plus the rest of the Team

I would like to know more about the post Death decision to go to a particular Planet.
Yazzi told, that just the Thought (for example) "Taygeta" would be enough to go there. What version of Taygeta will I get? The one that I imagine? Because in case I have never been there before (as a "indivual" soul), would I get then a version of Taygeta that would be based on my Imagination how Taygeta is? I would like to know generally more about this "search" for my next destination.

Now, where personal death seems to be so near and around the corner I have to back up myself quickly, haha. Earth was nice here and then, but one more lifetime on this Planet would be a pain in the ass! 

Thank you so much for the whole work that the taygetian and cosmic agency team have done so far. I admire it a lot!

#17 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-02-22 06:08:16

Hey All

Speaking of poking things into noses:

I lived in India during the scamdemic. Now I get probably kicked out of the country because of visa struggle, so I have to take a flight (probably) back to Germany. I'm stressed to death about it, because testing will be likely included into the whole thing. Of course I will rather catch a bullet than letting those individuals touch my very inside :-). Does somebody has experience or advise how I should deal with this?

Sorry, might be a bit off topic. But I have stomach pain since days because of that shit and I hope for some nice words of my starseed fellows.

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