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#1 Re: English Forum » Ashayana Deane » 2021-11-24 18:10:03

Thank you so much, NekronianAmbassador, for your very thorough reply, and also for the energy that is required of you and others.  I shall consider the “big flickering burst of light” as a positive affirmation of our communication.

I especially appreciate your confirmation that the Galactic Federation, the reptilian and the Anunnaki groups are “indeed small in terms of evolution”.  Far too many people are quite enamored with the GF, Ashtar Command and the Anunnaki, not understanding their true nature in oppressing and exterminating Humanity, particularly while portraying themselves as benevolent.  As I have stated before, if any part of the GF is low vibration, all of it is; that is simple logic.

My crude use of the word “screwed” is embarrassing; it was used out of fear and exasperation over the very orchestrated, cold-blooded and unstoppable extermination of all life on Earth.

Had I thought logically about the next 200 years, I would not have asked that question, because at the rate the Earth and Space Cabals are going (24/7/365), Humanity will have been completely exterminated well before then, perhaps within the next couple of decades.

With all due respect to those angelic Beings helping us, their assistance is not anything that we Earthlings can see, quantify or appreciate, because all that we experience right now from our 3D perspective is continued oppression and the accelerated extermination of our Human race.

I'm not sure it serves any purpose to keep us in the dark, but perhaps the majority of Humans need to see this death agenda more closely and personally in order to wake themselves up.

What is uplifting is your explanation about the various ways that we can “leave” Earth, and that taking the physical body is not required.

Lastly, can you shed any light on Kimberly Ann Goguen?  I always get good vibes from her and appreciate all that she claims to be doing, though again, as with the angelic Beings, we never see any proof.  (Unfortunately, her main spokesperson is not right for that job.)

Supposedly, she is being assisted by off-world entities in removing or exterminating evil elements intent on destroying Humanity, so please share anything you might know about that.  Those of us whom are awake appreciate hearing confirmation about any assistance being given to us, even if actual proof cannot be shown.

In respecting your personal energy, please take whatever time you need, if you choose to reply.

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@NekronianAmbassador:  I share gobuta's sentiment and statement . . . “In my view, the information shared by Ashayana Deane is the most important information available at the moment.  It explains the basis of existence and history, which in turn helps put everything in perspective.”

I savor all of your posts, NA, which support Ashayana Deane's material.  In particular, her Voyager books, Vol. 1 and 2, were absolutely astounding in opening my eyes to the true origin and history of Humanity, Earth and beyond.  Truth resonates in an unmistakable way.

Unfortunately, many or all of the plans in those two books to rescue Humanity and Earth have been defeated by the Earth and Space Cabals, such that they no longer apply.  Nonetheless, the information is invaluable in opening up one's thinking as to the vastness of existence, and the limitless nature and power of higher races and creation/Source, putting the Galactic Federation in proper perspective as some kindergarten-level bullies.

To the main purpose of this post, can you please elaborate on your statement, “This planet and galaxy is on a 200 year evacuation order cycle.”  This was also mentioned by Ashayana in her 2016 updates, I believe, but I have not seen anything from her since then.

Do you know whether Humanity essentially remains “screwed” for the next 200 years, until such an evacuation is scheduled, or whether this evacuation could occur at any time, or whether it will occur in phases?

Also, would such an evacuation include our physical bodies, or just our consciousness/soul?  Our bodies are so poisoned and in such a horrific state of health, relative to angelic Beings, that it might make more sense for us to transition without them.

Lastly, how would such an evacuation take place, if it does include our physical vessels?  There are so many stories, e.g., about being “beamed up”, or walking to a pick-up point, or maybe the Bardo process, where we may simply die in our sleep, finally free from this prison planet.

In closing, it always lifts my spirits, NA, when I see a post from you, so please contribute your very unique information more often, if you are so inclined.

#3 Re: English Forum » Let's Stop Kidding Ourselves About The Galactic Federation » 2021-10-29 19:37:40

Crystal Dragon wrote:

You are correct. There is no denying it. If I was ambiguous about my stance on different parts of the Federation before, I am not now. I have enough evidence that time and time again over the past 12 years, the Taygetans have come with proposals to help Earth towards enlightenment and increasingly open contact. Ever time, The Federation has either A.) whispered in their ear like a serpent, convincing them to blame the victims and back off B.) Stalled and filibustered and flip-flopped until the negotiations stalemated or fell through, or C.) simply used their self-proclaimed authority to veto it.

At this point, any group or member within the Federation that fails to act, and quickly so, upon the information of the wax contents is 100% squarely in the REGRESSIVE category. Unless/until that day when they take positive action for humanity, or at least completely stop impeding and manipulating those that wish to do so, I consider them WORSE than regressive. There is a certain integrity to beings who admit that they are dark and stand for dark principles. There is no integrity in beings that pretend to stand for the light of justice, yet act in ways that completely support a regressive system against the best interests of humanity.

I have renounced any and all contracts I may have unknowingly had with the Federation. I do my best to see them as a non-entity, since they serve no positive function for humanity, but it is sometimes hard to ignore when they keep impeding progress. They should be bound by their own non-interference policies not to interfere with the Taygetans or human ascension process in any way, shape, or form. They should be held to that by any means necessary.

Thank you, Crystal Dragon, for your excellent, very insightful, well-expressed points, especially the one about the GF and their ilk falsely pretending "to stand for the light of justice", which makes them worse than the regressives.  I totally agree!  That is some truth that the GF aficionados and sycophants will not want to hear.

Thanks, also, to Brahman and 07wideeyes for their supportive comments.

#4 English Forum » Let's Stop Kidding Ourselves About The Galactic Federation » 2021-10-29 17:17:22

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I wish some people would stop referring to the “upper” and “lower” Galactic Federation (GF), as though there is a good part and a bad part.  If any part of the GF is corrupt, all of it is corrupt!  Please allow me to explain . . .

This GF situation is no different than if I had a criminal son, whose frequent crimes I was fully aware of, even including murder, but I chose to turn a blind eye to all of his crime, thus giving him safe harbor.  That would make me no better than him; I would be complicit in his crimes.  In other words, the "upper" GF allows the "lower" GF to exist and to continue its evil ways.

Thus, don't expect me to buy into the repeated, very tiring rhetoric that only part of the GF is against Humanity.  In my opinion/discernment, they are all in it together, just as two opposing political parties are simply two wings of the same predatory bird, while we are programmed to believe that one of those parties is benevolent, just as with the GF, amazingly enough.  I guess we stupid Humans never learn!

The truth is not always pretty, but believing that part of the GF is helping us is quite naive, unless it is former members (Taygetans?) whom have totally broken away from the GF.  If that is the case, I would love to know more about any other ethical, benevolent Beings whom have left the GF to help Humanity, or were never a part of that nefarious organization in the first place.

Not to belabor this point, but in junior high school, nearly every day I would witness a bully pick on a smaller student in the gym locker room, but I never did anything to stop his behavior.  To this day, 56 years later, it still bothers me that I was such a coward.

Fortunately, I have learned my lesson on cowardice and am now speaking out about the GF.  This also applies to any other galactic organizations/councils that purport to be helping us, as I watch my fellow Humans be relentlessly and methodically exterminated by the hour with newer “weapons” that the very naive line up to have jabbed into their arm.

I have even read that the ingredients in these jabs are so diabolical in altering our blood and our DNA that it could only be engineered with regressive ET assistance, i.e., the nature of how they work is beyond Human technology.  Do you know anything about that, GF?  Are you enjoying the show of Humanity being exterminated, especially so aggressively these last two years?

In closing, if anyone wants to continue believing in the cowardly members of the GF, be my guest.  That will be your cross to bear, just as I have to bear the cross of my cowardice in not helping my fellow student many years ago.

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