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I have a question,what is Taygetean opinion about the Idea of Time Continuum?.

Like Lisa Renee Says.
Harmonic Universes.

I believe it doesnt contradict with the idea that the Universe is One.
Example,the 10D-11D-12D Higher Mental Planes Always Existed,like
a Time Continuum of Elevated Ideas.

The 10-11-12 Beings Imaginated the 7D-8D-9D Etheric Planes,like a
Pure Imagination,but at the same time their own Time Continuum that
exist separate from the 10D-11D-12D Planes,like a time continuum,that
only the ones who ascend will realize,because the Higher Etheric 7D-8D-9D Planes
have they own etheric begining,that doesnt point to Being imagination,but they are
some hints.

At the same time the 4D-5D-6D Planes are denser,like Swaruu says a gradient,but
they are less fast,they are more dense,but still very etheric,but they
have more dense organs,and not are pure mind-energy like 15D Being.

4D-5D-6D Beings have some hints that point that they are from 7D-8D-9D Originally,but
they have their own Time Continuum,like a Veil,like the Idea of Jewish Cabal of the Abyss,the
division of Higher Dimensional Beings with being way more up like 15D. … f=1&nofb=1

And 1D-2D-3D Beings have their own material cell time continnum,or earth materialist science is also right,but
they are 4D-5D-6D Hints,and also alternative science is right,earth continum was
always material,like materialist,but 3D Universe continuum is a byproduct of 4D-5D-6D Universe,that
is byproduct of 7D-8D-9D Universe,and so on.

Like Lisa Renee idea of Magnetic Repulsion Zone.

15D See all below,but 15D cant see 30D,for example.

So each harmonic universe,that is gradient is a byproduct
of the one up,but they also exist in they own continnum.

Also 4D-5D-6D is the best future for humans,the dream world,or
the aliens that visit us are from 4D and Higher,or the Dreamworld,a
state that is not normal for our science,but is like paralel future.

What Taygetean think about this text?.
Does the universe have time continuums?.
For their perceptions is how it is,but the Taygeteans
are not 20D,and a 20D Being could be in their
noses and they dont perceive it,for example.

I wait for a video to talk about time continuums in gosia
or robert or christina and stela channels,with answers of
the Taygeteans,if is possible.

End of Text.

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