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#1 Re: English Forum » Time to bale out... » 2022-07-26 06:54:08

Tomek wrote:


Can anyone tell me please why in this video: … ce-trump:b

I have found only 100% misinformation?

Decided from today to not watch anything(!) what can be found in the web. Im sick of the fact that 100% online stuff IS misinformation (IMO)

My first RED light was this:

They use earth`s PC with MS WINDOWS(!) to communicate with Gosia and Robert! WHAT???
Tell me that they Use Whatsap owned by most EVIL human from a country in Palestine and MS Office...

5D Extra Terrestrials never heard about FREE Linux distributions ???

Im really, really  disappointed!

Wont be surprised if all of it is just a contact with AI.


When I first heard that they were using Microsoft Windows I was surprised, too.  But then I realized the super AI on Toleka or SUZY could easily detect any 'abnormal' (maybe normal for Windows smile it's all relative...) incoming / outgoing activities and background processes and simply nullify them in a nanosecond.  Even if this is not done onboard the starships, the "earth station" on some Russian military base (my guess) that our Taygetan and Swaruunian friends' computers connect to surely has military grade content filtering firewalls, blacklisted IP addresses, intrusion protection system, etc. that help "sanitize" things further.

Besides, since the crews don't do online banking or shopping on Amazon, what is Bill Gates going to do with the keystrokes and web browsing history being not-so-secretly sent back to Microsoft headquarters?  More "personalized" ads?  Even if three-letter agencies get a hold of this data, what are they gonna do?  Show up in a black helicopter, abduct Yazhi and lock her up in a cell?  LOL

#2 Re: English Forum » Discussion of Infiltration video published 7th June 2022 » 2022-06-09 06:15:16

Just for curiosity's sake,

1.  In the story it was stated that early on in the chain of events Yazhi shared with Estella that her 5D self was Alenym's daughter from another reality and mother of Swaruu 1.  How did Yazhi obtain this information in the first place since this information is obviously not true (I assume it wasn't Yazhi's intention to share incorrect information)?  Did someone manage to create a completely fake timeline that fooled Yazhi?  Or was it a simple case of fake data inserted into the Taygetan / Federation database?

2.  On the other hand, since Gosia described her as an impostor, does this mean there exists a real daughter of Alenym & Swaruu 1's mother who was supposed to be in immersion, but she was somehow replaced by Stella of Erra without anyone from Taygeta being alerted?  If this is true, where is the real daughter of Alenym / Swaruu 1's mother?

Tigerhawk wrote:
Exploringsoul wrote:

Who is Marina? I know Christina and Estella, the 2 girls running the YouTube channel Pleiadian Knowledge.

"Ester" and "Marina" are the names Gosia chose to substitute for Estella and Cristina in the video as to not use their real names.

I think Gosia did accidentally use their real names once when reading off a screenshot of one of the Spanish chat transcripts smile

#3 Re: English Forum » Investigating Zero Point Energy and Base-12 Mathematics » 2022-05-11 08:25:40

Thanks Dablin for the diagram. It has the fell of an old-school monochrome (green) monitor smile

I also tried to create a list of numbers from 1 to 301 (the largest number shared by Athena).  Using A, B, C, ..., K, – to represent 1, 2, 3, ... 11, 12.

If we knew the correct way to represent the following numbers, perhaps it would help with understanding their base 12 math:

145  =  ––A  or  ?
156  =  AA–  or  ?
157  =  ––A  or  –AA  or  AAA  or  ?
168  =  –B–  or  ?
299  =  BK   or  B–K  or  ?
300  =  B–   or  B––  or  ?
301  =  B–A (provided by Athena).

Athena explained ⦂–⚬ = (2 x 12^2) + (1 x ^12) + (1).  
Direct substitution from their digits to ours gives 2 12 1 which doesn't quite work lol.  
In our base 12 math, number 301 = (2 x 12^2) + (1 x 12^1) + (1 x 12^0) → 211

Another thing that human's base 12 is different from Taygetan's is:

 12 →  10 (2 digits)
 24 →  20 (2 digits)
144 → 100 (3 digits)

 12 →  – (1 digit, not as ⚬–).  I wonder if ⚬– is a valid sequence of digits in any number.
 24 → ⦂– (2 digits)
144 → –– (2 digits)

#4 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen speaks about the Taygetans » 2022-04-14 03:42:39

Could people with access to the LF chat please ask Kimberly for her sources regarding "Targedians", per her pronunciation?  It would be interesting to see who these impostors are.  It is clear that the group that Kimberly refers to and was de-molecularized is not even remotely similar to the one that Gosia is in active communications with.

Although personally I think it would be beneficial for the two sides to clarify this confusion, at least to minimize the potentially negative thoughts being sent towards our Taygetan friends by the large majority of the LF audience...

#5 Re: English Forum » The Health Sphere » 2022-04-03 09:31:12

Robert369 wrote:
Luckyleaf wrote:

Past lives clean up? How to do it without spending (too much) money? Via meditation? Can Robert or someone share here?... If not covered before


Thanks to our abilities we have a means to do an instant-clearing of pretty much everything from a higher level (not needing to go through layers). And our team can help with that without paying through the nose, and more like on a "We discuss and find your problems together, and you find within your heart what it is worth for you".


So, while this was sort of an advertisement, I wish to outline that what we offer is truly unique and in the very same spirit as this platform. So, I hope that this is accepted to be posted here as reply for advice.

My contact information is in my user profile, and this can be done for others who have needs as well.

Hi Robert369, I am interested in this (and also the wealth of information on the private server).  Would the first step be registering on the forum?  Or would you prefer an e-mail (through this forum's e-mail function)?  Thank you for your consideration.

#6 Re: English Forum » New Yazhi contactee channel "Messages To Humanity" ! » 2022-03-25 09:13:29

Cosmic Agency Free Chat, [24.03.22 00:58]
Confirming ✨

This can be interpreted in two ways:
(1) I (Gosia) am in the process of confirming with Yazhi whether or not this is true.  So in this case we don't know yet.
(2) I (Gosia) am confirming that this is true.  (Although in this case it would have been clearer to say "I confirm" or "Confirmed")

My first reaction upon seeing this was (1), but it was based on grammar, not based on heart / intuition.

#7 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-24 08:07:49

Tyndlar wrote:

I have just found that one of my family have lizard shaped pupils. They live too far away for me to see them much but noticed on a few front facing photos, they have it is very obvious, they have big eyes anyway and very spiritually comfortable these days, not a bad person but I kind of guessed anyway…
Not showing their photo at all, but it’s a close up and very clear to see, no contact lenses. I have nothing bad against them, but I know there are hybrids who are good too…

What do you mean by "spiritually comfortable"?  As in no interest in learning about spirituality, or they are already at an advanced level that will take them through life with ease?

Tyndlar wrote:

The synchronised mind we all are connected to, another example is, you see the gas station is empty, but when you turn around to go there EVERYONE suddenly is there at the same time!
Or anywhere you decide to go and you know it’s empty, you can see it, suddenly everyone else is there with you too and had decided the same thing at the exact same time as you lol

Your thoughts and feelings do effect the very reality around you.

This reminds me of the YouTube video where Dolores Cannon speaks about "background" (unreal) people.  In the comment section you can read about people describing exactly your experience!  For me, an example could be that when I go to a supermarket (sort of in a hurry) and want to buy a specific item, then of course a staff is restocking the shelf in the exact area where the item is with a push cart and boxes around, effectively blocking my reach, when the rest of aisle is completely empty smile  Or the numerous times where someone suddenly comes in grab an item just when I am about to move my arm to reach for it.  And the item is the last one on the shelf lol.  One time there were more than 5 of the same item on the shelf, and as I was about to take one, a random person just stepped in and grabbed them all hahaha.

#8 Re: English Forum » Cosmic Agency mass meditation day » 2022-03-23 07:53:51

Good discussion everyone (Happy, SiO2, microvirus6, Genoveva).  Appreciate your thoughts.

mitkobs wrote:

No need to give an exact day and hour. Energy is beyond time/space and is not important when or where meditation is happening. More important is to think about the same thing while meditating and this way energy will be multiplied as a force from every single person doing it. Best time for greater effect is in the morning when waking up from sleep. Everyone can do a meditation for 10 min. everyday for the problems now in the world. For better resolution of conflicts or imagining how the world have to be or to do an energetic fire purge of the whole planet.

Thank you for the insight, mitkobs.  I never thought of it that way, but I do resonate with your statement that mass meditating done at different times is not necessarily important.  However, experiments have also been done showing that mass meditation done at the same time have higher potentials.  So perhaps when mass meditation is done non-simultaneously, the potential ripples from each individual mediation are still effective but only that they are "spread out" across the quantum field and may not produce an immediate outcome from the 3D perspective?

Robert369, thanks for the detailed comment.  I agree the square root of 1% value is more of a general guideline to show that we don't need 30 million or even 30000 people, a few focused thousands is easily within the reach of the awakened.  Regarding high frequency people overriding low frequency people, yes free will does come into the picture.  I presume that it is okay to focus and do my part on removing my "contribution" to the unpleasantness and regressiveness from collective unconscious.  Because if, as a result of this, other people are indirectly affected, I technically am not infringing on their free will, not intentionally anyway smile

Robert369 wrote:

In other words: We need to constantly live positivity and not just occasionally meditate it while letting the negatives having their way at other times.

Agree.  Definitely a good reminder for myself...

Robert369 wrote:
*** It's me *** wrote:

Questions that remain:
(1) How to detect when intentions are being "redirected"?
(2) If intentions can be redirected away, then surely they can be redirected back to the intended target or purpose.  The question is how?  Or is focused intention alone is sufficient?

Asking these questions (which in fact are fears) will empower the redirection, so just acknowledge that you are aware that they are trying to do such, and set the intention of e.g....

"My energies are mine only, and I only decide where they get used !" prevent it from happening.

Yes, the questions did arise out of doubt and trusting my own ability.  Thank you for sharing that one simple yet direct and focused statement!

#9 Re: English Forum » The Cosmic Agency Reunion Party June 21st 2022! » 2022-03-22 09:30:10

A month or two ago I had this dream where it was evening time, and I was walking down the street with some "friends" (I guess they were friendly, but in the dream I didn't specifically recognize or otherwise innately know them.)  As we walked past an apartment building, I saw Gosia looking out to the street from the balcony of her unit, her elbows resting on the balcony wall, relaxed and enjoying the evening.  Gosia had two pig tails, with her hair in pink or turquoise (I didn't write down the details).  I think there was some stringy lights strewn across the balcony facade facing the street.

Gosia looked at us welcomingly (as if she knew us and we her) as our group walked up to the balcony, which was situated too low to be on the 2nd floor but not on the ground level either.  I am not sure why I am including this detail to be honest lol.  Anyway, I noticed that beside Gosia stood two other women (pretty sure they were Nordic / white looking) who were wearing some kind of white chiton or something similar and hanging about on the balcony.  I couldn't remember much of the conversation that ensued, but one of us in the dream scene casually said "so let's get ready for X".  (X could be "the party" or "some fun" etc. I don't remember the actual words, but the "feeling")

As soon as that was said, the two other women started removing their robes in public view.  My feeling at the time was that they couldn't wait to get the party started and simply had to change into party-appropriate outfits asap.  I was mesmerized for a few seconds, but then the group, myself included, agreed to turn around to give the ladies some privacy (likely due to the conditioning received on Earth).  However, I had the feeling that they wouldn't have minded at all even if we didn't turn around.  Alas, I did not get to see what the fancy party dress looked like because that was when the dream started to fade away...

#10 Re: English Forum » Cosmic Agency mass meditation day » 2022-03-22 08:36:45

Happy wrote:
SiO2 wrote:

Also, for even two people in physical proximity to combine their energies in a single productive direction is remarkable.  How can this be done with many in an invisible setting when they have yet to align with any significance in the lexical setting of the forum?

I suspect Yazhi could reply: "There is no distance."

SiO2 probably meant how to unify people's intentions when some of them are experiencing disharmony just from participating in a mostly text-based environment smile  Back to the topic, I agree with Yazhi's quote absolutely, having personally performed as well as receiving remote healing.  Distance simply wasn't something that was ever brought up in the discussion.

microvirus6 wrote:

I'm open to revision towards the right approach.

My basic philosophy, though, is that if we want to move towards doing something great, it must start with doing SOMETHING.

I know so many people with lots of potential who never got started on their art or business or whatever because they couldn't nail down the PERFECT idea. With anything, even a half-blind amateurish attempt gets you a bit closer than where you started. The only thing that makes accomplishing something great impossible is doing nothing at all--being in a perpetual state of analysis/ paralysis.

According to this article from 1986, the number of meditators needed to create a shift on the planet is the square root of 1% of the total population.  With 8 billion people on the planet, that comes to 8945 meditators.

However, if 20% of the 8 billion people are "real", then the number required is only 4000, a mere 6% of Cosmic Agency's YouTube subscribers.  And assuming a portion of these people are super starseeds with heightened ability, we probably could achieve the same effect with much fewer than 4000.  We can totally do this solely within the Cosmic Agency community.

I've noted the time on Saturday smile

Questions that remain:
(1) How to detect when intentions are being "redirected"?
(2) If intentions can be redirected away, then surely they can be redirected back to the intended target or purpose.  The question is how?  Or is focused intention alone is sufficient?

#11 Re: English Forum » Full Disclosure: This is my story and my dilemma… » 2022-01-04 07:36:39

Hi Crystal Dragon, not sure if you get to read this, but...

Thank you for sharing the story.  It's beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time.  If I were in your shoes, I would likely bang my head against the wall repeatedly until I pass out and then wake up just to start over, hoping that it was only a dream and to wake up to the beautiful ending the story deserves.

What you're going through is like a sword in a red-hot forge.  So much energy is pumped into you that your molecular structure dances while being pounded and prodded on by in all directions.  The heat and stress literally melt and evaporate away parts of you yet re-constitute at the same time.  WHEN you persevere through it all, you are the strongest you've ever been, cutting away and piercing through old obstacles, which had seemed impossible to penetrate previously, like butter.

Why, you might ask?

Perhaps D-elite detected you as a powerful starseed back then and decided to mess with you with fake imagery, fake FB friend request, etc., hoping to detract you from your mission.

Perhaps your and Alenym's higher selves wanted both of you to go through the forge for some cosmic reason and hence guided Alenym to send you a FB friend request, with the higher selves fully aware that Crystal Dragon at the time would decline it (otherwise the request would have been sent in late 2021, not 2015).  Now if Alenym is your twin flame, she must have hoped that you accepted the request.  Imagine if the Taygetans had a policy regarding contact that said 'free will' (your declining the request) must be respected and that contact could only be re-attempted after a certain amount of time has passed.  She would have been going through a similar forge not unlike yours, and even as a Queen, she couldn't just re-try even though she wishes to because her hands would be tied by the policy.

While we can keep on speculating, the forge you (and perhaps Alenym) are going through is real.  It ain't a piece of cake, so you both have the respect and support from many of us from the CA community for having the courage to take this on and sharing this beautiful and transformative experience that shall make your souls shine brighter than the milky way.  Who's to say this isn't the ray that lights up all remaining dark corners of Earth!!!  And while being your new shining soul, the 'why' is understood and resolved.

Sending positive vibes your way...

p.s. If it's not too much to ask... could we get invites to the reunion party onboard Toleka? smile

#12 Re: English Forum » Taygeta has returned » 2021-10-14 07:08:50

Thank you very much Grivehn for your message of gratitude.  The energy is felt here and certainly continues to propagate all the way to Taygeta and beyond!

#13 Re: English Forum » Taygeta has returned » 2021-09-02 06:38:28

I have been mentioning in my daily gratitude that friends of Toleka are always welcomed back to visit Earth.  Even if Ventra is a different vessel with different crew, their presence are most definitely welcomed as well.

Happy dance!

#14 Re: English Forum » Food/Kitchen/Greenhouse Thread - Paging Iror of Temmer! » 2021-09-02 06:24:00

I would watch these.  "Planetary Travel food vlogs" are popular on Earth.  "Interstellar Travel food vlogs" is a logical next level big_smile

Not sure if there is a "social media" public relations officer on board the Ventra who can organize all this smile

My question would be on whether or not Taygetans, who are no longer direct members of the federation (iirc ???), are currently legally (per federation) permitted to use technologies other than "text" for contact.

#15 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-09-02 06:04:39

Robert369 wrote:

Gates calling for the withdrawal of all CV AI vaccines ?

SATIRE – In an alternative universe Bill Gates has called for the withdrawal of all Covid-19 Vaccines
- The Daily Expose

The article provides lots of proof for the dangers and uselessness of the vaccine, though, so it clearly is helping the awakening - but only for those who want to look at the presented facts.

Way to gently lead the sheeplings to the bitter truth ?

LOL.  At first I thought it was because of the global order issued by the GHWC and ratified by Kim to immediately treat all papaya formulations as biohazardous waste and dispose of them accordingly.

#16 Re: English Forum » power output of starship engines in TeV » 2021-09-01 08:17:24

I had the same confusion that ro2778 described, wondering how the value was many orders of magnitude "too small".  I suspected perhaps something was lost in translation, or there might have been a typo in an exponent somewhere.  After having consulted "Earth Science" references and still unable to reconcile it, I just thought to myself there must be something I was missing!

Robert369, thank you for your valuable summary, offering a different frame of reference to 're-interpret' the scene which now makes sense.  Ties in nicely with Swaruu's article on the falsity of Earth / human science smile  It helped lend a critical eye when reviewing anything promoted by mainstream science.

#17 Re: English Forum » What will be the fate of the Starseeds should things get really bad? » 2021-08-04 09:24:45

Robert369 wrote:
*** It's me *** wrote:

Perhaps some creative setup of really strong magnets (e.g., neodymium) can separate out the unwanted magnetic particles (such as graphene oxide) in the water?  Or is this wishful thinking?

This in theory works (and also can energize/structure the water), but the magnets will very soon be clumped with those particles and need to get cleaned. Thus I am not sure if such is feasible for pulling out masses of particles.

What if the magnets are placed under (outside) the vessel?  The magnetic particles would concentrate / precipitate out at the bottom without coming into contact with the magnets; the water in the upper portion of the vessel should be "less magnetic".

Robert369 wrote:
*** It's me *** wrote: : I have not personally used it yet (considering it though), but this was a product that I came across that is designed to revitalize water by creating vortices in the flow.  May be beneficial as a standalone device (?) or in addition to the distillation process?

Vortices are indeed beneficial, but those should go through a copper device (see Schauberger) for maximum effect and not plastic (which adds toxins) as most such devices are.

I will look into Schauberger.  Thank you.  I do believe the products they offer are made of either copper or stainless steel.

Robert369 wrote:
*** It's me *** wrote:

Lastly, just curious if anyone has heard of this product called DPE 100? (  According to the product description, it is designed to neutralise excessive EMF in the environment, boost plant growth, etc.

I know people who use the DPE100 device and it works as described, after all the claims were scientifically proven and verified. Sadly it is rather costly, so I havn't one myself - not that I need one anyways, since I live in nature and away from excess EMF issues. If you need to know more I can arrange a suitable contact.

Thanks.  I will keep your contact in mind. smile  For now, I am still in the research phase plus the living situation may change...

#18 Re: English Forum » What will be the fate of the Starseeds should things get really bad? » 2021-08-04 08:37:33

Perhaps some creative setup of really strong magnets (e.g., neodymium) can separate out the unwanted magnetic particles (such as graphene oxide) in the water?  Or is this wishful thinking? : I have not personally used it yet (considering it though), but this was a product that I came across that is designed to revitalize water by creating vortices in the flow.  May be beneficial as a standalone device (?) or in addition to the distillation process?

Another method of creating water is to burn hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.  Obviously this requires high level of caution due to the handling of compressed air and the highly energetic process involved.  About 5500 L of hydrogen gas and 2500 L of oxygen gas will produce 4 L of water.  Need to refill at least two 40-pound gas cylinder tanks every day; even though it generates pure water, it's probably not practical for most people.

Lastly, just curious if anyone has heard of this product called DPE 100? (  According to the product description, it is designed to neutralise excessive EMF in the environment, boost plant growth, etc.

#19 Re: English Forum » Intuitive sensing... » 2021-07-20 05:46:13

Hi Cosmic Sea,
I haven't tried it myself, but according to the instruction, you could link an image by using the img tag:

[img=some text description]URL_of_IMAGE[/img]

#20 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-07-12 EU Royals Reject Rothschilds » 2021-07-14 07:22:41

Thank you for posting the newsletter.

My rudimentary view is that even if one doesn't take Kim's information into consideration, some facts that should give one pause about the "white hats":

- The "good guys" have been talking about removing the "bad guys" for many many months now.  A lot of talking, not much visible action.  While they are talking, man-made disasters and suffering still occur daily.  If the good guys are as powerful as they claim to be, it should be easy for them to take over the media, to stop the sales of papayas globally, to stop DEWs from causing wild (artificial) fires, etc.  Could it be that the good guys also have some hidden agendas?  Yes would be the logical conclusion.

- Being a journalist with such connections, what is the reason Mr. Fulford never mentioned Kim?

And if one adds Kim's information into the mix:
- Both the good and bad guys pretend to have power while having none.  Not a virtue in my book.
- The good guys are taking credit of things they didn't do.  Not a virtue in my book.
- The good guys are still disseminating misinformation (e.g., Gitmo being a prison vs being a cabal spa destination).  Not a virtue in my book.

The only thing good about the good guys is that they don't intend to depopulate as aggressively, but that is hardly a virtue, merely less psychopathic and still narcissistic.

Indeed we have only ourselves to rely on—a central theme of Yazhi / Swaruu's messages.

#21 Re: English Forum » Urgent report - Kim Goguen, Ground Command, declared war on the Cabal! » 2021-07-14 06:35:46

I tried the "Beyond" burgers a number of times last year.  While they tasted quite okay, when I finally found the packaged version in the supermarket, the list of "ingredients" was quite long and contained sexy names of organic chemical compounds everyone could pronounce.

The Food and Water Solution teams around the world should probably collaborate on a global effort to develop non-graphenated protein sources / meat substitutes without involving animals.  With virtually unlimited funding and without hindrance, in short order food products can be developed with science and with the intention of healing the planet and its inhabitants; compared to those created using climate crisis as an excuse to line the pockets of large corporations with the intention of harm.

#22 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-06-27 08:29:48

thethirdpath wrote:

Hey crew, its pretty bad here in Canada. We have very low amount of resistance. I am really hoping to hear from my Canadians about this and what they are doing to resist. I have for my part attended a local protest here, but Canada can I put this politely............





Hey thethirdpath,

The Moma crew is presently back home for some well-deserved R&R, so not sure if they are still monitoring Earth's Internet.

At this time the one thing we can continue to do is to keep expanding our perspective.  Swaruu recently said that one way to adapt is simply not to play the game. 

Since we are still in this game, some example sites of Canadian interests that approach the situation from different angles:

Hope this helps smile

#23 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-06-22 07:58:46

Gosia on youtube community wrote:

Cosmic Agency
Cosmic Agency
3 hours ago
Just to let you all know, I have been blocked on FB for 30 days, due to the recent Yazhi´s medical response to dr Alex (it was in Spanish), so I won´t be able to make posts there. Follow me on Telegram and on Youtube community wall for updates. Thanks!

Where might one find Cosmic Agency's page on FB?  Thank you in advance.

#24 Re: English Forum » Ark of the Covenant Video » 2021-06-21 08:29:36

Happy wrote:

The Covenant as a Source-code "back-up" implemented in age-old (but functional) Taygetan technology, now seems to be used to restore conditions for life on Earth. Just to get ahead of any new direction in the thread here: It's becoming quite clear that the bloodline-issue, and any privileges one may have had (or not) in the past as a part of the "Covenant", is now a non-issue.

This, in light of the information presented in the extremely positive "Weekly Lifeforce Meeting" by Kim Goguen And Tank this very evening (June 20th, 2021), which I perceive both as confirmation and further development of what Yazhi told Gosia in the video " Ark of the Covenant - Yazhi Reveals its Meaning and Location (Extraterrestrial Contact - Pleiades)" published on June 3rd, 2021.

I enjoyed the meeting as well and felt joyful throughout.  I didn't quite understand the reference to the 7 arcs mentioned by Kim: with the central / covenant arc binding souls to sin and something else that work to trap souls into endless soul looping?  Of course, we need to allow the possibility of discrepancies between Federation's database and Earth's record keeping (or the interpretation thereof); or I simply didn't understand what they were talking about smile

While the central arc that no longer works probably corresponds to the nonfunctional 'American / Covenant' arc that Yazhi mentioned (that is likely in Area 51), how about the other 6 arcs?  Just a theory... what if these 'extra' replicas were constructed by the compartmentalized 0.001% to appear more powerful and to one-up each other? lol

#25 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-06-08 08:11:13

Over the last year I have learned and am continuing to learn more than I ever wanted to about the so-called "virus".  Many times I could only use 'science' to facilitate discussions with certain audience because saying anything cabal-related like the depopulation agenda, deep state, etc. will shut down the conversation.  However, despite my effort, I haven't come across information that could reasonably explain the following:

(1) What is/are the real cause(s) of those who have fallen ill with 'COVID'?  5G?  General cumulative exposure to environmental toxins?

(2) What is/are the cause(s) of those who temporarily lost the sense of smell and taste?  I recently spoke with a friend.  She visited her family in Europe a few months ago.  When her grandmother who had already been 'sick' and visited the family too, everyone got sick.  My friend recovered in about a week but for the second week she said she never felt so exhausted and she slept through the second week.  What is interesting is that her sense smell (her nose was not congested) and taste faculties only fully returned after more than two months.

My friend doesn't really watch TV to begin with, so luckily she wasn't affected by the propaganda.  She was a relatively blank slate on the subject (except on the 'injection', to which she said no way besides there is no need with her now naturally acquired immunity lol) and very open-minded when we talked about the subject, but I found myself couldn't quite elaborate on the above two questions when they came up in the discussion.

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