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I have a Question to Swaruu and Anneka.
Do Cabal also use Female Symbol in
some cities?.
I was playing a game and
in a chapter i noticed two symbols.
Below the links,

Here the Images that i separated.

This a symbols for male or female dark cabal stuff in
real life?.

Also exist White Tantra,Red Tantra,and Black Tantra.

The White Tantra i believe is more about enligthment and
move Kundalini to Brain,to re-evolve to higher being
and Black and Red Tantra is about Dark Stuff.

Related to  Cobra 2012 Portal stuff
he say that most esoteric groups are infitrated at the
top but there is some positive groups that
have ancient secret and are about enlightment and
to break the illusion,but most are not so good because
they are infiltrated by enemies of humanity.

The symbols in that game are also in Real life.
Do the other symbol is a about female enemies of humanity stuff?.
Do Cabal use also the female water symbol?.
I wait answers in Taygeteans Channels if possible.

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