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I have a Question to Aneeka and Yahzi.
I remember than Druids talked their Priests as Snakes.
Also Druids dressed as Annunaki or elves i believe.

Also Annunaki Statues have a eyes like the so-called reptilians.
I thinked that statues of some annunaki,or so called reptilians can be
black antediluvian yogis.

Kundalini is called Serpent Power,because is moves like a snake,even
materializes as a snake,is comes from the earth grids,and earth templar,
and feed the body,is the energy that creates the body,the three chinese treasures,orgone,chi,

The Snake Power,or Kundalini,is called like that because is tantric,the lower part is
like fire,and when is ascend to the crown is a like a eagle,the 6D-7D Wings,like
some material says.

Some new age text says that mesoamerica was decadent black magick atlantis,or
black snakes,black yogis,that modified their energetic system,that
messed earth telluric energy.

Like bible say,human fall from higher realm,snake seraphim fall from higher realm.

The positive snake,is the snake,that feeds the body,that is not even snake anymore,but
like a unified staff that goes to the higher dimensions.

And the fallen snake,is the snake that is destructive to the human energetic systems,the downwards snake.

That why all serious mystics,were chaste,brahmacharya,some catholic mary saints,all activated the snake,that
feed the body,and they dont even know it,positive templar hidden some good stuff in catholic tradition.

Example,one does fitness,dumbbells,obtains bodybuilding body.
The way that one feels,in that state,that is the so called snake kundalini.
The heat,the nadis,the nerves,full of energy.

But kundalini is like 1000% more,that is the cause
that some annunaki statue have those eyes,and the
negative manipulate humanity.

Full of Siddhis,psychic powers,shapeshift,levitate,shining as thousand suns,because
they are negative or positive 6D beings.

The real positive integrate way more energy to even 15D states,and dont needed illusion,always is bliss,and the
the negative vampirizes 3D-4D-5D realms.

Kundalini is vitality,positive kundalini feed the body,negative,is metatronic,or goes downwards.

Was Atlantis Kingu,Reptilian,Usungal,or there is something that i dont comprend yet?.
The Atlantis that Taygeteans says,is downward snake,or even equal to the
Reptilian Chimera Atlantis that Cobra 2012 Portal says. … ideos.html

¨In late Atlantean times, both Light and dark forces were openly present on the surface of the planet. When this planet was occupied by the Chimera and the Archons 26,000 years ago, all other interest groups with any significant power were forced to leave the surface and literally go underground¨

Taygetean text says that Deluge was 12.500 years ago,cobra says that chimera took the planet 26,000 years ago,so the 12,000 years ago period is
the hell atlantis than taygetean says.

So the Druid,were related to,to kingu,usungal,naga,highly distorted knowledge,they did human sacrifice,but
they have the kundalini awakened,but manipulated by enemies of humanity,also related to atlantis.

Were the Atlantis Reptilians Black Yogi,related to downward snake?.

Could some annunaki be black yogis,ancient humanities?.

Some material says that there is two breakway civilizations,coming from the 5D-6D-7D-8D and more
timelines,and that the ascension and descension process happens and all repeats.

Also some clues are in cabala tree of life and 12 grid tree of life,the planets
are planes,to encarnate,in diferent state of matter,gradient,or whatever.

Also time is not lineal in 4D and up timelines.

Is believe that taygetean and cobra stuff can integrate,also cobra says that
planet went to hell 26.000 years ago,taygeteans says that the stuff was done
in much shorter period of time,like 12,500 years,tiamat falls,and history before,but
not that much time.

i wait for answers in taygeteans channels,if happens.

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