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There is a channel called Yegae2.

I ask Aneeka to answer this stuff in put here,interesing stuff,tematics,i wait the
answer in taygetean channels.

Some things he says are religious,but he is psychic.
He remember past lifes.
Taygetean is right,they are beings from 5D,with more detailed stuff.

But the Psychic like Lisa Renee,or this Guy,see the psychic stuff.
Thats the thing.

Being Psychic is about the Heart,and about DNA,and
energetics like Kundalini.

Interesing video,the one that says.

El Principio. Relato de Aszaél-la.

Also Ashayana Deane talk about ancient humanities before Atlantis
and Lemuria.

Ancient Text talk about Hyperborea,for example.

WW2 Germany wanted with power of will equal the energetics of
the Hero Age and later stage of the Silver Age,i believe they couldn
reach Satya Yuga level,to hight.

One can search the music of Yana Raymi,in youtube.
That energy is related to Decadent Black Magick Atlantis.

Interesing,Quetzatcoatlz looks like Pingala nadi,and Chinese Shenlong to Ida Nadi.

Some channeler says that humanities in 6D looks like chinese,always in meditation,and in
higher state,eyes closed.

So,like chinese and japonese are superior to white,like white is superior to black.

The stuff is that the people who are psychic see the stuff.
You can red their eyes,the glow in their face,its intuition.
Psychic see it in their inner world.

What taygeteans have to say about the Yegae2 guy?:
I wait taygeteans opinion about some topics in his videos.
What he talks,related to ancient civilizations,history,stuff
like advanced technologies from worlds without duality,lisa
renee also talk about that.

Related to Cobra 2012 Portal Stuff,even lisa renee stuff,what he says.

I wait for a reference at least in some video,in taygetean
channels,here is stuff to ask anneka at least in the stuff i put in this text
I wait for possible response in form of a video reference.

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