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#1 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2021-05-23 17:08:55

How i found cosmic agency:

I've been in search for "My roots" for all My life. Growing Up My Mother talked a lot about Pleiadians. It was natural for us that we werent alone. I cant remember a time when i didnt know about "something more" People Close to me where in contact with "et's. When i was older and grew My own interest i begun My own Search, My Quest of you Will .
But i couldnt find likeminded . Not in all aspects. All info seemed distorted in different ways. Not resonating.
People found me strange or crazy or both.
I stoped talking to People.
Long story short ,a year Ago i stumbled upon a YT video . I dont remember what i was searching for att the time. And there Gosia was! ✨
Suddenly Pieces fell into place for me.
I find it Hard to explain with Words because they dont cover what i want to say. But im so thankfull. For the first time in My life i feel at peace. Im kind of introverted, not shy,but i wasnt commenting ,i wanted to feel the "vibe" fist. Based on all roadbumps before. But now I've starten to write a bit in premieres and lives. All My Love for you Gosia, and all involved in C A and pleiadian knowledge all My Love for taygetan crew ,informing us thirsty souls. //M.G

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