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#1 Re: English Forum » What really is behind Q and Trump » 2021-08-10 16:59:44

In short, I trust the plan. It is a divine plan that is unfolding.

It is precisely because the solution is NOT to get new leaders (whether Trump or Kennedy Jr. or whoever) that they are holding back.

There is already an increasingly strong grassroots movement active.
Trump and Q served to wake up the sheep and to military operations worldwide.
But for us to really get power back, it will take our activities.

We can see this everywhere. Fewer and fewer people are being taken for fools.

Ironically, many accuse Trump of not taking decisive action, and at the same time they equate him with the "Cabal."

To me, this is absurd.
Sure, we should be very alert. But by remaining dismissively suspicious of the best laid plans, we miss the point and engage in the evil game in which there is no "God" (source).
With our oh-so-critical definitions, we separate ourselves from the good that is of God.
I almost prefer the simple Christians who combine action and prayer in a meaningful way in order to appear as honest and courageous patriots.

#2 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-08-01 19:56:36

Exploringsoul wrote:

Venus video is the one that makes me depressed and sad the most.

That was my first experience as well.
However, we got e very fruitful conversation here and my depression changed into focussing other important elements.

The story mainly took place many years ago, and although it was said that individuals like G. Soros went to venus to get a rejuvenation, we see now only pictures of a very old man. More than that there is intel that he doesn't live any more.

Important moves are taking place in these days that aren't yet disclosed.
The main direction is cleaning up and disarming the cabal, even destroying it.

We have to create the new world as we want to have it by integrating the old mess (instead of judging over the bad actors) and by Love.
It is the awakening process worldwide which we are part of.

An amazing time for all of us, as the evil era of the cabal is coming to its end, after being enslaved for many centuries.

We overcome it by using the power of thoughts and Divine Wisdom we get in contact with now. Each day.

#3 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-31 20:30:12

Yes, Scho'on Ta.
And after my post, a very fruitful and integrating exchange of thoughts ensued for me.
- I recognize the indirect value of more extreme revelations through the Taygetans to find the saving power not outside but within me.
- Also the spiritual development takes place only IN me.
- The Jesus message is: We are all one with Original Creator and therefore sovereign co-creators.
- The mental friction with the video messages helps me to perceive inner shadows.
- By integrating all shadow aspects we finally heal them collectively and dissolve the cabal.

#4 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-31 13:15:02

Ymarsakar wrote:

If swaruu had not recommended Teal Swan, how many would call her hopium, deluded, and a cult leader?

It is not easy attempting to liberate humanity when the qabal is humanity. There is significant pushback on every front.

Very good and valuable question I find. Often we tend to prejugde over our brothers and sisters.
Instead we can learn from any things, beings and experiences.

#5 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-31 06:55:43

Thank you especially for that link. The first half of that long interview I have seen yesterday.

You now well of the dark sides already, right?

#6 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-30 17:21:14

Vega wrote:

I'm glad they are uplifting you. smile

And I guess it depends on how each of us perceive this information, I know it can be challenging sometimes. In my opinion Cosmic Agency and the rest of the channels are THE best on the planet on what they specialize and focus on. But we are all unique and there are many other amazing sources that are not part of the infiltrated alternative mainstream. If we follow our intuition and inner guidance we will all be led to the information and sources that are the best match for us at each stage of our journey. I personally like having many external guides in my journey, I am following my own inner guidance but i like having multiple external guides and "advisors" that are the best in what they specialize, and that are complimentary and compatible to my own inner intuitive guidance.

So true for me too. You made it more clear to me now. I mixed it up. On one side this special channel for certain intel and on the other side my growing feeling that I have to center myself again after inhaling too much of intel like that the Taygetans are providing.

I read your comment on your Telegram channel and hope I did not offend your work with my recent comments. As I wrote above I mixed up some parts when trying to integrate all of the intel, especially the "negative" intel.
I had experienced a detachment from being a fighting rebel (within duality) that brought me in direct Oneness with the Source, meaning that I am more in resonnance with Yazhi's point of view  than with that of Swaruu.

Overall, I continue to find your video information to be very valuable and am extremely grateful that you are making it available to us. As I wrote earlier it is like being a member of an valuable academy here.
And I can feel how very authentically you dedicate yourself to an important task.
Sometimes I have envied you for that.

And just therefore I follow my intuition, which seems to lead me away from the topic "federation" for the time being.
After all, within the Venus topic I have received some wonderful inspirations here in the forum.

#7 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-30 14:49:51

@07wideeyes and @Vega
Thank you for your recommendation. Today I viewed some of Teal Swan's videos. And they are really uplifting me and great help to orientate myself anew!

#8 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-30 07:24:08

Thank you Gosia for further explanations in today's video. They trigger the following thoughts in me:
1. this kind of information can be extended to infinity.
2. Question: Do they help me to realize my Divine Self? If yes - fine. If not, they are unimportant for me.
3. we live in a hologram. The Taygeta information is like an additional holo-app for those who are especially hungry for knowledge.
4. this kind of information separates me from the Divine Source more than it connects me.
5. every thought cannot be more than a guide. Do the thoughts in this video lead to the Source?
6. in parallel, I perceive how very traditional "Christians" celebrate their connection with the Source by prayer and enthusiasm, together with their fellow men.
7 Although this seems to be a kind of matrix duality, I long for this kind of enthusiasm. However, I am currently blocking it with the preoccupation of all kinds of information and theories.
8 For a while these videos were very interesting. Now I realize that they too only distract me from my most important path.
9. I see it as a task to look at and integrate all the shadows of our humanity. But which shadows do I experience as real? This Venus story  not. It is a hypothesis that stands in the holo-space.
10. the matrix can provide infinitely more of these shadow stories and nail us with it. I also experience this video as part of the matrix.

#9 Re: English Forum » Resistance in Aotearoa (NZ) » 2021-07-29 11:23:42

DarkOwl wrote:

On a more positive note, a small group of us held up signs on a busy highway in Auckland for the WorldWide Freedom Day demos. The tooting from car horns in support was almost continuous! We were all blown away by level of support and just how many people agreed with us. We made a video but are still awaiting permission from everyone to upload. Will post here if it gets the go ahead.

The group I belong to (Voices For Freedom) had pop-ups all over the country. It looks like we are having a significant impact!

The vax rollout in NZ is not going well. Huge numbers of people are refusing. VFF delivered 1.7 million flyers to every letterbox in the country about the vaccine and I think it's made a huge difference. Time will tell.

I love that! Your action and the positive resonnance!

#10 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-28 16:54:28

I agree completely to your post above. Not only that - it helps me getting through this interesting topic. It shows me what is important too: To integrate our collective mess completely.
I knew that already but was focussed on another problem here.
Normally I'm working with Ho'oponopono for integration of evil and dark parts within me / us.

One conclusion:
I first got depressed (through all the new Venus disclosure and other info that came to me last days) and forgot to center and contact my Divine Self.
Then - still not centered - I came in resonnance with some thoughts here to even make suicide if all will end bad.
Finally - after finding my Self in nature again and reading your post (Vega) - all is in balance again.
Ready for next integration.

So thank all of you again - especially Gosia, Swaruu and Jazhi - for this new episode. I pray that we are getting much stronger when facing our collective mess and integrate it in an unconditional loving way.

#11 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-28 10:29:58

With every thought of "They have more power" we manifest that. It is that simple.
If the Taygetans really want to redpill us, we should be very careful not getting trapped into pessimistic scenarios. They are only thoughts.
We can accept them or creating something different with our powerful thoughts.
The Taygetans told us that we - as Divine Beings - have such power to manifest what we want.
We should not manifest the power of the cabal.
Each of our thoughts can manifest the power of LOVE!
There is no power in the Galaxy greater than LOVE!

Think of the importance of timelines.
The more we believe in the power of the cabal, the more the victory over the cabal delays.
The Alliance waits until enough people have awakened before militarily ending the Cabale governments to avoid civil war.
But awakening is not recognizing our own powerlessness, it is recognizing our own power.

Shouldn't we always talk about Victory over the cabal, as if it has happened already? And be thankful for that?
If we concider that too optimistic then our thoughts start helping the cabal.
There is no objective reality but a hologram in which we are manifesting our thoughts.

#12 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-28 07:42:34

I love this thread that is a sort of gathering of us finding truth to me.
You're giving focus on God and Christ Consciousness, and that is what I like to add to this conversation as well. I'm still in trouble to find the name for "God" that is fitting the best.
Many years ago I was given a real Divine Revelation with Absolute Truth: All that exists is LOVE! I'm Love, eternal and protected! I need not have any fear!
Since then the Highest Divine OneNess is my adress, focus and destination - beside no words can contain all of it.

In these days I observe that many traditional Christians (i.e. in USA) are focussing and adressing "God" in an effective way to get things changed. I don't feel as a "Christian" but like their  enthusiasm that weighs and does more than intellectual analyzing.

Questions: Does a "Divine Plan" exist for Mother Earth?
Are we Subjects or objects in a "game" in which the "Federation" is the director?
The Taygetans talk of a hologram we are in, even them in 5D are in a wider hologram. That is a simulation, a Dream World. We mustn't forget this in our conversations.
Haven't we invented all this collectively?
What if the info about Venus / Vietnam is - like many other stories - added to the holo-deck (star trek) we are in now only to raise the level of challenge?

Talking about "Hopium":
We are learning the Power of Thoughts now. We are learning that nothing is given as objective reality but only as the result of our thoughts.
Any stories the Taygetans are telling us could be some kind of "Anti-Hopium" that would be as bad as "Hopium". There is no "reality" here. What do we want to manifest now?
We have to let go all old thought patterns that trap us here in 3D.
Instead we should start thinking anew, avoiding "Hopium" and "Anti-Hopium" but manifesting our thoughts in accordance with our loving heart in which "God" resides.

Yes me too have experienced depressive emotions after being red/black-pilled years ago. After a certain amount of truth-info I decided not to take a higher dose of it because it would only increase my powerlessness.
After coming in contact with Infos about Trump, WhiteHats, Q and international alliance that powerlessness disappeared and a strong feeling of positive changes can happen now worldwide including the disempowering of the cabal came up.
I know that we can be deceived any time and the main focus should be to establish Love and inner peace individually, while connecting with all to be able to manifest the Divine Will that is expressing itself within us.

#13 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-27 19:31:42

Crystal Dragon wrote:

They are still learning things too.

So do I. Thank you for your comment.
I am glad that you also find it legitimate to question the whole story. 
And I am convinced that the truth will come to light.

#14 Re: English Forum » Any good news (post Venus video) » 2021-07-27 18:06:46

Perhaps this video is the most important of all CA videos.
Because so far I have found them all very educational and inspiring. However, this Venus story tops the others.
What messages have we heard so far?
- Jesus never existed.
- The Federation is compromised.
- Q, Trump and the "WhiteHats" are basically "Cabal" too.
In other words, ALL positive and powerful "lifelines" are being cut by the "Taygetans".
We are alone and have a superior "Cabal" against us, which has even already conquered Mars and Venus.
If I would not feel Gosia as so loving and authentic, my inner alarm bells would have rung earlier.
I agree to question all beliefs (also about Jesus, Q, etc.).
At the same time, I now allow myself to fundamentally question the "Taygetans".
Everything I have been able to find in recent years in the way of encouraging sources of information is being dismantled and discredited by them.
Why is this channel tolerated by Youtube?
After watching this video, I have serious doubts about the positive value of the "Taygetan" stories.

#16 Re: English Forum » Shadow Work » 2021-07-04 18:37:03

charliebelle wrote:

This particular song was techno..heavy tones that I just sank right into!

I experienced that too and I switch off immediately.
There seem to be at least 2 main strains of techno, and you got into contact with the evil one.
A few days ago I got a very uplifting version of techno from the O.Z.O.R.A festival here in this forum! That seem to my a real 5D music and dancing.
I haven't studied how the difference is manifested between the 2.
But I can feel the difference clearly with my senses.

#17 Re: English Forum » Galactic Federation - CIA Control & Fake Alien Invasion » 2021-07-04 06:07:07

mitkobs wrote:

Do not underestimate what power we have as a Source. Never give up. Be tough, be confident, know who we are always, what infinite force we are representing and what we are capable of. Know that everything is possible for the Source.


mitkobs wrote:

Infinite force and power of the Source do not mean violence, tyranny, imposition, forcing others to our will. The absolute force of the Source is peace, balance, love, truth. It is a mighty but gentle force that is able to change everything without causing adversity/antagonism in lower levels. And is not out of reach to be peace, love, truth here and now in everyday human life. This is the message of the ultimate empowering.

I agree 100%! We should not limit ourselves by any thoughts.

#18 Re: English Forum » Shadow Work » 2021-07-04 06:03:20

Interesting topic, charliebelle.
Even though I myself don't like this music at all and also turn it off quickly, I would like to tell - as a special phenomenon - about a friend who likes to listen to death metal, among other things:
He is a remarkable exception for me, in that he is able to absorb and integrate even the lowest frequencies.
The music does NOT affect him negatively. Rather, he is an empathic master in loving interaction.
I rather do not have this ability to transform darkest frequencies so far. And I also do not strive to listen to corresponding music.
But I am interested in all variants that bring us out of a victim role and help to unfold our inherent creative power.

#19 Re: English Forum » Some of my thoughts about the Federation subject. » 2021-07-02 17:08:22

Thank you Vega for your additional info and excerpts from chats with Swaruu X.

#20 Re: English Forum » Some of my thoughts about the Federation subject. » 2021-06-30 17:00:22

Vega wrote:

I would also add that here in the physical realities we need to take actions to bring that reality into the physical. We have to trust 100% that it is true, and then act as if it is 100% true. Take the actions that we would take if that reality was real. We can treat every action as another physical density channel, with our actions we switch in which physical density channel we currently are, back and forth.

So true! Love it!

#21 Re: English Forum » Some of my thoughts about the Federation subject. » 2021-06-30 14:49:10

Vega wrote:

I understand it's not as black and white but I do wonder whether the Federation would allow starseeds to enter in one of the 5D planets with pre-industrial civilizations, using immersion pod technology.

Yes, I am pretty sure that their directive is more often disregarded.
We live in a simulation. In it, we learn about seemingly universally valid laws.
However, these laws are disregarded every now and then, also by the legislators.

Today I got again the thought impulse:
"Everything changes here, if I change it in me.
If I wait for any events in the outside, I can wait for a long time.
Everything starts to change immediately as soon as I change it in me."

My idea on this: I go - e.g. by meditation - into direct contact with my High Self or with the Source and work with Ho'oponopono, instead of spending a lot of time at the PC to find "finally the liberation message" there.

I will find this liberation message as new reality soon after I have made myself ready for it.
It seems increasingly unimportant to me which actors play a role in this simulation.

As long as I harbor suspicions one way or another that certain players are playing it "wrong" (Trump, Federation, WhiteHats, Kim G. et al.), I create a field in which this becomes reality.

As soon as I trust that everything is or becomes full of wonder and fine, this can become reality immediately.

Therefore, it is only a question of: Do I trust God? (the Source, Tao, Original Creator, Love...)
or am I feeding the fear?

#22 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-06-28 Victory near, Conference planned » 2021-06-30 09:51:21

Swaruu's_Admirer wrote:

Last, Gosia cannot "query Taygetans". Forgot? They are gone for now. They had to leave accused of breaching Prime Directive.

You are right of course. I ment asking Swaruu X and Yazhi. However, may be the Taygetans will come back soon?!

#23 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-06-28 Victory near, Conference planned » 2021-06-30 07:23:43

Thank you Gosia for this kind intervention.
For a too long time I thought Robert369 is the same being that is - together with you - communicating with the Taygetans, using a Translator to write here (because Robert can't speak english).

Meanwhile I learned that he is a different guy who is very busy in commenting here almost everything in the forum.
To me - at first - it seemed to me that he is the admin of this forum.

So I had to learn I was wrong.
However, as long as the Taygetans have not cleared up about Fulford and Goguen, your intervention is very important.

You should make this a sticky general announcement to give the newcomers your clear view what the game is in this forum.

#24 Re: English Forum » Resistance in Aotearoa (NZ) » 2021-06-25 07:11:58

Thank you DarkOwl for your detailed info! I'm glad to hear about any successfull activity from Aotearoa and anywhere else on Mother Earth.
I wish you all the best for the coming weeks and increasing wakeups!

#25 Re: English Forum » good vibes » 2021-06-23 13:24:04

DarkOwl wrote:

Will go into more details soon. It is very exciting what's happening here!

Can we expect this next days already? smile

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