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BlueEyedHuman wrote:

I would like to know the Taygetan opinion of Shungite. A carbon found only in Russia.
I have Shungite pendants that are supposed to block EMF radiation because it contains fullerenes.

I can second experience with Shungite. Just a quick additional note - Be cautious that what you get is actual Shungite. Counterfeit is very common.

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charliebelle wrote:

Wow. Today is packing a lot of energetic ickyness that my body is feeling. I am feeling the collective being split into two. Yelling and screaming at each other. One side or the other. I am trying my best today, to walk the middle path. To recognize it, but not become either, finding peace in chaos. It is so nice to come here lately, and feel a shift in the way the forum is communicating within.

This week I find people are smugly laughing at me in silent judgment of the path I am choosing to follow. This also means, conflicts within the family structure. The "older" generation is especially touchy and reactionary, set in their ways of understanding. Today, I touch on them and feel that they are wresting with what Death means to them. They are afraid of dying.

As Robert369 responds: "As Starseed, their inherent high frequency and spiritual power also can influence others to follow suit in their intention of changing collective agreements, and if a sufficient amount of Starseeds do so, the 3D Matrix is dissolved because everyone who is capable of it will wake up."    I don't know that I personally can reach the "older generation", I think my realm of influence lays in the children, the starseeds themselves.

Tough challenge this 3D world is.

Charlie. Agreed. Think of some of us here as "Elevationists". You are safe here, and despite the bickering, many of us refuse to engage that way. You are in my Intention Campaign now. Think on that, and know that there are others like you that will lift you. Avoid ALL Ad Hominem as though it were a Mantra, and all things will settle into the Centre.

Lean heavy whenever you need it. None of you are we are ONE.

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Dear Gosia & The Agency & The Tays;

First off, huge thanks. Big foodie here, daily scratch cook, and food preservation guy with growing and cultivation experience. Huge into botany and greenhouse technology and so on.

Alright, since no one has bitten down on this yet, I think its time for a Food thread. Everyone always wants to talk Ships, Weapons Systems, and ExoPolitics (I love all these things so much), but Iror of Temmer gets precious little air-time. Its time to eat! I have certainly seen great references to ultra-perfume tasting Urmah drinks and Synth Meat etc......but not a lot of detail. Again, if even 1 or 2 of these questions could be answered I would be very appreciative. I think having an interview & Video strictly with Iror & Any other Kitchen/Agri/Food Prep/Growing personalities would be next-level incredible. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only human with burning curiosity in this regard.

In no order of preference.....
***Agricultural Systems***

- In large greenhouse environments what do you grow and how? Are the families of plants that you can use Pan-Taygetan only? Or are these plant families grown in the greenhouse also from other Star Systems? We classify things fairly crudely into Vines, Berries, Flowers, Roots, and our system is very sketchy (not to mention it changes constantly and botanists are arguing about re-classification all the time). Are there classifications that you use that are more logical and comprehensive? Can we see any of them or hear them described in more detail?
- In a large greenhouse how do you deal with different plant species from different planets (if that be the case)? In other words, does Iror require a good understanding of Lighting Dynamics/PAR/Intensity/Spectrum etc? Does Iror take responsibility for diurnal day/night cycles or other cycles from other more exotic lighting configurations, particularly with food-stuffs originating from Binary or Trinary Star Systems? Does Colour of Star(s) influence flavour and morphology of plants generally speaking?
- Here on Earth as you know we are studying Terpenes and Flavonoids, amongst other compounds that contribute to flavour (micro and phyto nutrients). Does Iror have a strong handle on the bio-chemistry of flavour? Is it taken seriously and elevated to an art-form as we enjoy doing these days on Earth? As you probably know, we are just opening our baby eyes regarding flavour (after all, it was just a couple decades ago most people thought Tomatoes were only red....sheesh). Specifically, do the Tays have the science "nailed" on how to alter various input dynamics to influence flavour and nutrient richness of their veggie/fruit produce?
- Can we talk substrate? Do the Greenhouses and other growing areas incorporate different substrate types? Down here we have a dogs breakfast of Rockwool, Cocoa Choir, Volcanic Rock, Dirt, BioChar, Mycologically Enriched Soils...... and so on. What do you guys use? How do you use Aquaponics? Do you incorporate fish and utilize fish-manure in a full-circle system whilst taking care of the precious fish? Also do you have a strong understanding of mycological interactions and do you encourage them? Are beneficial insects and microbes brought into the growing areas for synergistic beneficial effects? Do you study Allelopathic Soil Interactions and can you perhaps give us a hint as to some of the Co-Planting Strategies you use to take advantage of the enzymatic byproducts from such interactions? Do plants from different Planetary Environments "get along" at the subsoil level Allelopathically? Are there "hidden combinations" of such plants that you find "unlock" certain mutagenetic outcomes or unusual flavour and nutrient outcomes because of their intra-soil interactions? How do you deal with Powdery Mildew? Do you guys have systemic treatments for these kinds of issues?
- Everyone here talks vertical gardening but it is maintenance heavy and difficult in many ways. Do you use such systems to utilize all available space in the most dense way possible? What other systems do you use that increase density of harvest while maintaining ease of grow, coupled with ease of harvest?
- I know you love to do things manually if you can. So do I. Having said that, does Iror have automated assistance in Grow/Fertigation/Harvest?
- Do you intentionally grow certain plant types in Zero-G environments to alter their Morphological/Flavour/Nutrient outcomes? Do you utilize various kinds of Lighting Solutions in order to alter plant colour for spiritual or flavour or other reasons?
- We use Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and other means (Motherboard/Daughterboard/Sensor combination and/or TCP-IP Network from Central PC to various devices) to automate growing processes. No matter how well we do it, it seems, we have all kinds of maintenance problems, proprietary software, a zillion companies doing it differently, and so on. How do you rationalize your growing technology for ease of use? Do all ships have similar modular pieces so that manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and logistics of ships growing systems are all similar across the Taygetan fleet? Does Iror communicate with Automated Growing Systems in the same way your Pilots telepathically interface with ship controls? Indeed, if you think about it, the number of contact points in an Automated Growing System could be tens of thousands of points in an Integrated System, while your pilots are "only" dealing with Collective/Cyclic/Pedal and finger-actuated controls when going manual, so to speak. I can envision in my Minds Eye Iror of Temmer meditating quietly in the morning, whilst prompting hundreds upon hundreds of control points to actuate, change state, while fine tuning the system....all in his mind. Think on it people! The Greenhouse could be MORE complicated than FLYING the ship!!!

*** Kitchen & Cooking ****

- Do you prefer manual prep? Can you talk a bit about knives, sharpening, materials, and cutting tool aesthetics? What do you value in a Knife? Do you use Circular blades or non-conventional cutting surfaces we haven't conceived of yet which would show us newer ergonomics regarding these designs?
- Can you share any of your highest end Knives/Forks/Spoons/Utensils and what they look like plus material usage? Could you comment on how your own material sciences knowledge influences your tools in general? Pans/Pots/Planche/Grill/Flame/Ultrasonic/Etc?
- Given the Earth Indigenous and Pleiadian connection, can you possibly comment on Native American/Atlantean/Lemurian food choices and preparation. Is there a food-connection such as we see in Linguistics within the Navajo/Hopi sphere?
- Are there food taboos besides meat you can discuss? For instance, is eating with ones fingers considered non-polite? Is it the preferred way to eat? Any utensils we haven't seen before?
- I love cutting upon a natural surface, such a good slab of Birch/Maple/Oak Wood and love cutting surfaces that are extremely large and ultra-heavy (I've got a 30 lb cutting board for instance that I adore). What do you guys prefer? Do you guys have surfaces we haven't thought of?
- We use refrigeration as well as salt/pickling/smoking/drying/freeze drying and all manner of preservation styles. Does Iror of Temmer prefer fresh-only fruits and veggies, and can he comment on preservation techniques used for flavour enhancement, and possibly comment on long term storage for interstellar travel and the logistics involved? Are there vibrational inputs which alter flavour we aren't clued into yet?
- We cook in IR radiation (heat). Do you cook in other frequencies that we are not aware of, and do those frequencies lend different cooking outcomes in flavour/texture/finish? Or do you avoid cooking and simply eat virtually everything raw? Do you, as the Japanese do, focus on the STYLE of slicing and food presentation for spiritual and visual enrichment?
- Do you intentionally use various woods/barks/plant material in smoking your vegetables? Caramelizing your fruits? Is Cheese disgusting to you, or do you enjoy it?
- Prior/During/After cooking are there Psychic elements that we are not aware of in Intention/Prayer/Projection that will enhance/transform/transmute/change food? Does Iror concentrate his "Third Eye" upon the prepared food to make it more delicious? Here is a very exotic thought - Can Iror, through Psychic Projection place his Love Intention into the foodstuffs to impregnate emotional impact into the food which is then transferred to the Individual who EATS the food? In my minds eye, I imagine Iror feeling in a playful mood, and then when the rest of the crew sits down to enjoy the meal, they start laughing and horsing around as a "result" of the Intentional Prayer-Element of his preparation. Does this happen? Is it possible? Is the opposite true? When Iror is feeling at a lower vibration, does the food "suffer" as a result? Can the crew instantly notice this?
- Food in our culture affects mood and morale. How important do the front line Intelligence/Pilot/Crew members view food in their daily lives? I assume its massive. Can you comment more on this?

*** Gift to the Taygetans and my Fellow Humans *** --->>> Gravitropic Confusion <<<---

- I have a coined term which you will find no where on the Internet and its not a patented term. I introduce to you *Gravitropic Confusion*. I believe this is the first time its been introduced Publicly (EVER), and I will happily share it here for the first time. Please use the knowledge and spread it as far as possible.

Premise - Our plant life contains Auxins which is a plant hormone with morphogen-like characteristics. It turns out that this plays a part in Gravitropism (whether a plant knows which way is UP and DOWN)....and does a zillion other things besides. 
Premise - When our sun rises, plants mostly bend towards the sun, then follow it as it transits through the sky. This action is fun to watch, but it also stimulates growth and also changes the plants appearance, and, in my belief alters things like flavour and other chemistry.
Example - If you strike a fruit tree or tomato plant it turns out that this HELPS its growth. Furthermore, if you spin a plant it seems to make the stalks thicker in some species and so on. In other cases it has negative effects. Some old school gardeners talk about rolling up a newspaper and smacking your plants. This works!

Hence - Gravitropic Confusion (Like Muscle Confusion for Weight Lifters...micro-tears in the muscle fibres is repaired and therefore the muscle grows during rest periods) . If you change gravitation effects, it changes plant growth in a big way. Do you guys ever do this intentionally?

Question - Is this in any way "news" for Iror? I assume you already know this. Can you correct me if I am off-base on the premise?
Question 2 - Do you alter gravitational intensity from Greenhouse to Greenhouse based upon homeworld natural gravity? Do you intentionally change it to confuse the plant and change outcomes? I assume that a plant used to 1.0 G grown in say .8 G will possibly grow much larger fruit as a result of less gravitational stress? What about more G's? EXAMPLE - Traditional Victorian Kitchen gardeners and others in-the-know suspend their Melons in a net so that the fruit grows larger, rather than falling off the vine. Why not just turn down the Gs?

*** Fully Realized Inter-Species Cooking Show ****

So I've got this idea.

I was thinking "how do I assist Cosmic Agency in promoting their channel while at the same time allowing for more in depth inter-species communication in a way which does not present Military/Intelligence challenges to either Earth or the Tays/Federation?"

---Concept Idea---

So basically it might work like this. We "shoot" 6 to 15 minute segments in a side-by-side format with 1 Human and Iror (or other cooking personality) in the Segment. This wouldn't be live (Unless you are willing to do this, which I think would be the first time in Earth History, yes?). I would envision each segment in a very focused fashion...1 show on Preparation, perhaps another show on Fruits, then another on Roots, perhaps another on Spirituality and Food, and on and on. You get the idea.

---Concept Cinematography---

In 1 Frame, our human Chef (with face blurred or not or whatever) is featured. The human Chef poses questions, answers questions, and demonstrates Earthly cooking techniques.
In a 2nd Frame, our Iror of Temmer (or other Personality...perhaps an Urmah cooking personality?) is featured. Instead of true representation, we can perhaps see the current frame-by-frame Cosmic Agency comic-book style, but wouldn't it be great instead to have the non-Human personality animated in CG? I mean sheesh, we do deep-fakes here so by simple deduction, the Tay animation capabilities dwarf ours. Should be easy to put together a down-res animation of Iror in front of a fake backdrop demonstrating various ideas, concepts and techniques. If, for security reasons, he wants to avoid his facial Topology being accurately represented then fine, just change up the face a bit so that Biometrics are not captured by us Humans. Easy peasy. OR! We use a human animator to do CG, or even better than that, hand-drawn classical animation of Iror and the cooking/kitchen/greenhouse environments. Furthermore, we can show place-settings, and feature the Spiritual Aspect of food prep. And on and on....

---Psychological Aspect----

1 - Since the show is 100 percent non-political and Vibrationally elevating, everyone gets a lift! I mean, whats the danger?
2 - Everyone has to eat! Here is a piece of culture that can unify us all. Sure, the Tays and Crew may not eat meat, but who cares? I'll bet their cooking knowledge is totally Cosmic. Plus all of us human gaming-suits get to learn how to truly master Vegetarian cooking techniques. Cool!
3 - As mentioned, from a Business Intelligence, HUMINT, and ETINT perspective there is virtually no danger. After all, the Tays rescued a Japanese Girl from a fishing trawler!!!!! This is just a cooking show. No one has to travel, no one has to physically interact, and we can compare Densities and density-related outcomes in an educational and fun way. Plus kids will love it. 

Alright, hopefully everyone has awesome ideas to add. This is about 2 percent of what I've got. I am happy to BE the Chef in the Show, by the way.......if you wanna chat more on it, you know where to get me.

Bon Appetit!

*mic drop*

PS - All of these ideas are mine. The internet is forever. -TTP

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Azirael Alcyone wrote:

My understanding is that there are indeed rebel starseeds on Earth. Whoever feels that they are system busters and view the game as unnecessarily cruel and regressive in nature. The little I remember of the nightly gatherings in the mothership auditorium confirms this. Some of us there are definitely viewed as rebels and it seems that the federation representatives feel troubled by that. Simply put, they don’t like being challenged. At the latest meeting I have memories of, a few of us showed up ‘late’ , as a form of protest, and they didn’t like that. Can anyone confirm this?

Can confirm thru intuition. System Busting is like this to my mind.....

Big hands are playing their hands at Chess. The game is expensive and the stakes are high. One day, the Chess pieces all animate and look up at the hands. "Get your claws off of me".

Everyone is shocked. The Chess Pieces can speak!!!!


#6 Re: English Forum » A new level of understanding and an apology to Gosia and others » 2021-08-22 21:51:36

Crystal Dragon wrote:

Thanks smile. Right now besides the occasional positive post, my tune is more towards inner work. Taking a break from obsessive thoughts and ideations and stress and just getting my shit together internally. I think that's a more healthy focus than obsessing over what YouTube channel is fake news or not. I get wanting to out disinfo, but after a certain point the amount of focus on that becomes counter productive.


And now we drive to the point yes? By being so concerned with accuracy and by being obsessed with deception we end up deceiving ourselves. Everyone is obsessed with "being right". None of us are right, which, in my opinion, is a lot of fun.

This doesn't mean we don't exercise discernment, but as you said, the inner work is first and foremost as the outer reflects it. The more we do this, the closer we get to Racial Unity in the Mind-Space, as far as I am concerned.

It takes big stones to come out and know where you are at and keep pressing forward. I look forward to your next outward-facing essay and comments here. Don't forget you are a teacher as well as a student. Thanks for teaching me as well.


#7 Re: English Forum » We are unstoppable! » 2021-08-22 04:08:51


Light to YOU. I don't know you, but I don't care. Stand in my Shield Wall.

Eyes Forward, No fear. Plus, the fun is just starting, yes?


#8 Re: English Forum » Personal Statement To Saturn and Galactic Federation » 2021-08-22 04:06:35


Seconded on virtually all points.

I have zero despair. I know we can do this together. There is an Inner Mounting Flame in us all.

Shall we make music now? Never give up.

#9 Re: English Forum » A new level of understanding and an apology to Gosia and others » 2021-08-22 04:00:53

Dragon has mad respect from me. We all get heated, we all do this "thing" we do. Are we STAND(ing) together now? Yes?

Good. Now lets make some music together.

#10 Re: English Forum » The Majority of the People want the NWO? » 2021-07-08 19:12:40

I really appreciate everyone weighing in, and many thanks Robert, as always, for your well written responses. For the record, I have read every single transcript that exists on this site. I lurked until all were read and then signed up here, so I've been following this for a while now.

The comment regarding subconscious I think was excellent, as I agree with this assessment. IF there is a subconscious need to be "taken care of", then this absconds responsibility to the "other". In a sense this is a desire for "The NWO" under that framework of thinking, and I could buy into this being a majoritarian position of the population, but that still sounds a bit off......

If we take a look at the BRICS, for instance, do we see the same unconscious interest in being taken care of? Possibly! Its an interesting idea that this desire for Mommy and Daddy government may actually be our manifestation into this NWO business, and perhaps its Global?

This also creates a lot of contrast between the population doesn't it? In the 1990's I have clear memories of general resistance to globalism and interconnected systems, but not particularly fierce resistance. Perhaps this is considered Consent under The Law?

Quick Comment - People in the UFOology/Metaphysics/Cosmic/Macro analysis world really have to lighten up. I lurk over 60 boards in multiple languages. This board is a bit sour currently, but it certainly doesn't have to be! Having said that, I understand that more than likely a lot of people are internally/emotionally reacting to the Federation position regarding Earths plight and ways forward. As has been said, this Taygetan Disclosure is very much like the "alternate news", and is one of the many reasons it presents so much value. Anyways, I really do encourage private messages, and I don't care where you live or how old you are or any of that...lets keep it positive and stay in action.

Enjoy everyone!

#11 Re: English Forum » The Majority of the People want the NWO? » 2021-07-08 02:24:37

Thanks Robert, and much appreciated.....but how?

How do we see the majority of people supporting the NWO. How? When I ask people if they want liberty they always claim that they do. Or are we talking about deeply hidden desires or a psychology we cannot penetrate?


#12 English Forum » The Majority of the People want the NWO? » 2021-07-07 21:49:56

Replies: 6

Hi All,

I have a quick dataset question (geek question). In the transcripts we see several times that the assertion is that, at base....humans actually do desire the NWO, chipping, and so on!

Now I am not necessarily contesting this at all, but rather I have deeper questions I would like to ask regarding this.

1 - The claim is that the majority of the People actually want a New World Order. This is an incredible claim, since I haven't heard anyone say this out loud to me during my entire life, and I study these topics deeply. Question - How does the T-Team back this up? Is this a sensing from higher density (like taking a psychic "poll" of what humans actually think?), or the result of some polling from some source I am not aware of?

2 - I think that the T-Team needs to define "want" and I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up before. What do they mean most of us "want" the NWO? I'll bet there is some incredible detail in the definition of the term "want" that we haven't even covered yet. Again, not contesting, but I've never met a single person alive of any nationality from anywhere that openly shows a desire for an NWO. I'd like to know more about how this desire is ascertained.

Any comments would be really welcome! I appreciate these communications enormously!


#13 Re: English Forum » Harald Kautz-Vella Studies » 2021-06-27 20:16:18

Its well documented. Using Duck Duck Go, simply type the phrase "Harald Kautz-Vella". Watch 3 to 5 videos for a good overview and synthesize. Then take a look at other references, including a short reference from Naomi Klein, then read the comments from her 15 second video.

From this website, please refer to … e-pleiades

Very interesting stuff. Now you have three vectors to hear more about this substance.  Enjoy!

#14 English Forum » Harald Kautz-Vella Studies » 2021-06-27 18:55:40

Replies: 4

Hello all,

One of the greatest gifts I have personally received from this Site is the introduction to scientist/spiritualist Harald Kautz-Vella, in particular Positive and Negative "Black Goo".

I'd like to find out what kind of level of interest there is on this forum to get a lot deeper in an off-board interaction regarding this fantastic Scientist, his works, and how we can contribute to the study of these phenomenon, as well as the Integration of these phenomenon into our understanding of Gaia, and the Planetary Consciousness.

If people are interested, please speak up or shoot me a personal email, as I agree with the statement that he is possibly one of our most important scientists. Below is a sub-categorization of interests that I have, and hopefully others do as well. And yes, I have approached Harald by email.


- Black Goo analysis. Harald says it hasn't been subjected to lab analysis. Why? Is this merely an underground piece of Knowledge? Has this been updated?
- Positive Black Goo Field Work. Are there teams looking to interact and harvest Positive Goo? Is this being directed by anyone(s) on Earth at the moment, with the objective of positive understandings?
- Positive Goo Interaction. As Harald says, interaction with this substance is not to be taken lightly, as it increases consciousness and associated metaphysical ability. It is non-reversible. Nonetheless, is this an avenue for awakening that is a hidden "key" for humanity? Shall we at least discuss this? Furthermore, should we not then begin to envision an "Interaction Protocol" with positive goo, identifying positive goo, and respecting its representation of the Heart Consciousness of Gaia?
- Fracking and Earth Penetration studies. We were warned by the Kogi in the 90's not to dig so deep (notice interesting confluence with the Dwarves and Moria moral angle in that fictional narrative). They didn't come out and say "Hey you will screw up Positive Goo", but I'll bet they Know plenty about it. I have some personal Mamo's contact ongoing, and would like to see if there can be a synthesis between Harald's work and the Kogi view of the world, which, I can confirm, is now expanding outwards to ALL people on Earth and they themselves watch Little Brother "waking up". I would enjoy connected the Mamo's with Harald and others looking to contribute here.

I've got a lot more research sub-interests, but lets start there.

The Third Path is Love. There is no "right wing" or "left wing". Wake up!

#15 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-06-27 18:27:18

Many thanks, **Its Me**.

I am aware of these sites and portals, and I have also already reached out to Life Force, read "To the Heart of the Matter", and so on. The first two links were new to me, so thank you kindly for that.

I have also reviewed all of your board posts, and we "speak the same language". It would be, I think, very beneficial to interact together off-board. Please send me a dm/email to [Email address removed. Moderator.] if you would like to continue this conversation and go further, as our life experiences, childhood, and so on have strong synchronicities.

The Third Path is Love

*** It's me *** wrote:
thethirdpath wrote:

Hey crew, its pretty bad here in Canada. We have very low amount of resistance. I am really hoping to hear from my Canadians about this and what they are doing to resist. I have for my part attended a local protest here, but Canada can I put this politely............





Hey thethirdpath,

The Moma crew is presently back home for some well-deserved R&R, so not sure if they are still monitoring Earth's Internet.

At this time the one thing we can continue to do is to keep expanding our perspective.  Swaruu recently said that one way to adapt is simply not to play the game. 

Since we are still in this game, some example sites of Canadian interests that approach the situation from different angles:

Hope this helps smile

#16 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-06-26 21:33:28

Hey crew, its pretty bad here in Canada. We have very low amount of resistance. I am really hoping to hear from my Canadians about this and what they are doing to resist. I have for my part attended a local protest here, but Canada can I put this politely............





#17 Re: English Forum » What are YOU doing to improve the situation? » 2021-06-26 21:12:15

I love this thread topic. In no particular order of importance or timing.....

- I have stood up for Workers rights on several occasions. Once while working at a major TransNational Bank I spoke out publicly in front of 300 employees and over a dozen managers when they were railroading the workers. I was the only one to speak....but was approached with heartfelt support by the employees afterwards.
- Gardening! I LOVE to garden and grow my own food
- Reading and sharing knowledge. If someone wants to know more, I love to teach and instruct.
- Taking care of my elderly mother as best I can, despite her bitterness towards the world. It is about "doing the right thing" yes?
- Studying STO and the nature of our Universe so that I may be Spiritually prepared for what we are, what we can do, and why we should do it.
- Running my own businesses and teams well. I have been the head of several businesses including one taken to the Stock Market. I've always tried to treat employees well when I've had to manage a team.
- Showing Gratitude at every turn I can imagine. Saying it randomly and saying it often, no matter if its a Barista, a Business Partner, or a CEO.
- Energy Work! Lots of Meditation, Intentional Prayer and Intentional Work, Integration and so-called Shadow Work. I LOVE facing my own traumas. The tears may flow, but I've learned I get much stronger afterwards.
- Sharing and Networking. I am a hyper social. Speaking to people, talking to groups, and engaging in "deep topics" is something I would do every day of my life if I could. I just love it. Networking builds our strength, from a Spiritual perspective....virtually every channel and Entity of STO seems to agree on this. Lets network together.

Much more. Cheers.

#18 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2021-06-26 21:05:00

Hello Everyone! I am J, from the southern portion of British Columbia, in Canada. Firstly I really want to thank Gosia and the team, and naturally the Taygetan's for showing us a window into their world, which is, of course, also our world as it turns out.

My background is wildly diverse, including Business, Sales, Botany, Gardening, Biology and a host of others. I am musical and artistic, and highly energetic. The topic of Non Earth Civilizations and Metaphysics, as well as all forms of Exo-Botany and Eco-Biology has always totally fascinated me! Its a topic I could really engage in for hours and hours. Music is another passion of mine, and I play several instruments, and enjoy so many types of music, I would never have room to fit them all on here. Physical activity is huge...whether it be hiking, sports of all kinds, archery, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, and much more.

Reading & Learning is basically a driving passion for me (I've got a virtual and physical library), and anytime I can learn new information or empower myself and others to get ahead mentally and spiritually I am really excited and vibrating!

It is my sincere hope that I will be able to talk to and correspond with other people here, and to be transparent I am REALLY hoping to meet other Canadians in person who want to dive deep into all of these topics as well as help each other regarding Ascension, life improvements, and so much more. Canada is a VERY small country and there aren't exactly a tonne of people into these topics where I live, and being very social, I am keen on meeting more people. As many as possible.

Anyways, I think thats good for now. I am a totally open book for those who wish to approach with Sincerity and Kindness, with a mentality of Service-to-Others. Please do NOT be shy, and DM any time. Its exciting to go through these transcripts! This is definitely one of my fave channels, and I am a bit of a channel-a-holic (Cassiopeia, Law of One, SETH, Abraham-Hicks, Bringers of the Dawn/Marciniak, the list goes on and on and on.....). Sciences and math geeks welcome!

Cheers all, and please be kind to each other.

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