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#1 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2021-07-21 21:00:58

I watched a lot of the silver crowd for a long time.  Then Jean Claude Beyond Mystic showed up on one of their shows.  Got kind of hooked watching woo.  When Gosia appeared on his show it stuck with we for a few days.  From there I found Cosmic Agency.  As is usual for me, I was a day late and a buck short.  There are still lots of videos I haven't watched.  Thanks all of you for doing such truly great work!

#2 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-07-21 20:38:53

Zombie Ethics … m-Source:7

In every zombie movie there is a scene where a character is bitten by a zombie and he hands the shotgun to a friend and says "You have to do it."

I honestly never believed it would come to this.

Most people agree it is wrong to self destruct.  But when is the act of self destruction?  Was it when I rolled up my sleeve?

I don't want to be a portal for dark entities.  I don't want to be a danger to unvaccinated people.

Can I let myself off the hook morally because I would have suffered the same effect due to the very high numbers of vaccinated people in British Columbia and the vaccine is self spreading? … -Vaccine:3?

I take comfort in knowing everything is as it should be on Earth, but I don't like it.  I wish I had found Cosmic Agency a little bit sooner.

I'm going to have as much fun, joy and love as I can on my way out.

And thank you Orffyreus, I was having real trouble finding it again.  Not sure why.

#3 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-07-20 20:36:17

I watched the video on regarding progression of the vaccine and gradual separation from source.  I am having difficulty finding it again.  I am sure it was deemed too controversial and was removed.   Hoping to find a transcript here but my keywords must be off.  Thanks for any help with this.

#4 Re: English Forum » Some of my thoughts about the Federation subject. » 2021-06-29 17:57:14

My first day as a member, and possibly too late.  I took a jab May 10 after hearing Janine's cards on Beyond Mystic say the Pfiser was probably placebo.  This made my wife happy (she's had two jabs as a health care worker) and I felt safe enough. 

It was Gosia's appearance on Jean Claude's show that brought me to Cosmic Agency and I have been watching the you tube shows constantly and have even been able to get my wife to watch some episodes with me.  This may have been because my previously dismissive attitude toward astrology suddenly changed.

I don't really have any fear over what I have done because I realize it isn't useful, but I have some concerns.

I knew the jab could be dangerous because I was familiar with Cliff High's work before taking it.  Could this be considered suicide?  Does this have ramifications of permanently separating me from source?

Sorry for going off topic on your excellent post Vega.  It's my first day and I wasn't really sure where to post.

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