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#1 Re: English Forum » What are YOU doing to improve the situation? » 2021-07-08 11:52:59

Professor Bienlein wrote:

I wanted to give you in this thread the possibility to share what you do, or what you've done to improve the situation here on earth...

Good question.
I think the "action" is depend on the personality or e.g. the past experiences.
The first thing I had to deal with my own fear.  I have had intense memories of a war in Space since I was a child, before the "starseed" wasn't a widespread word. I’ve seen and see things - mainly memories from an other life. (By the way I don't know too much about that war, "we" lost it, just I know I have strong feelings for the Vega star.)
I buried these things deep in myself because I couldn’t process them as a child.  But of course you have to face it all - finally.
So accepting myself was the first and most important step for me to be complete.  I think for me, meditation is the best: to be in balance, open my heart, and make a connection with a wiser part of me,keep my vibration as higher as I can. my case to know my real face. "Real" battle? Oh no, no more...
Take actions: I tell my stories:the life isn't just what we see. I hope one day someone reads it and become braver and find a new path to the truth.
And what is the next? Who knows? Actually I’ve changed more in the last 1.5 years than I did before.
Do you feel those fresh and strong new energies around us?
It was unimaginable in my childhood, i was so alone with this knowledge, I just wanted to go back my "real" family.
In my childhood if I say, I saw myself on a spaceship in another body, lying on a bed, beings around me-while I live here in another body...just impossible, just a big no. I tried.
And now Gosia is here, and I was crying, when I saw her video....

#2 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2021-07-08 05:46:05

Gosia wrote:

Please share how you found us, Cosmic Agency channel. Thank you! smile

Thank you Gosia for the opportunity and for sharing this wonderful information with us. Since I was a kid, I have memories of a previous life of a war in Space and I feel a strong attachment to the Vega Star.  Many times I “see” things, so I saw myself on a spaceship, lying in another body while living here on Earth. Crazy right?  A lot of supernatural things have happened to me, this has probably led to your YouTube channel and I am very grateful for it.
A big hug from a Hungarian.

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