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07wideeyes wrote:

Hello Trinity. Let's say this: if I were to consider 'exiting this matrix' (which I'm not) I would opt for a less confused and complex manner than the shot. Do something simple and traditional, like jump off a bridge. Something that doesn't involve questions about the nature of DNA or whatever. So I consider this 'exiting the matrix with the shot' to be a bit of a dumb idea, to be honest. It's the worst way to do it.

Thank you for your reply. But as far as my knowledge is going, suicide is the "safest way" for an immidiate re-incarnation.
My question is based on the "confusing message" of the last video with Aneeka, because the seperation and polarity, also in vaxxed "against" un-vaxxed isn`t solving anything. It`s just also a pre-planned process of division and conquer. And it doesn`treally matter in higher realms on which fraction you are - it`s just an experience, nothing more and less.

Let`s be clear about a huge punch of "lightworker and warriors" ( I can`t hear this BS anymore), because sooo many in their "new Age bubble of love and light" have no clue that for example sooo many secret societies (like the karma balancing Illuminati) are absolutly in "love, light and Jesus Christ) and the coming of Lord Maytrea. So the "battle we witness" is a pre-planned one between the Satanic branch of Freemasons/Illuminati/Brothershoods against the Gnostik Illuminati/Freemasons/brotherhoods. And so the believesystem of an interdimensional being at the stage of transformation is the base for the "after -live". By the way Live is an anagram for EVIL.

I also think that a huge majority is just wishing for a "better life in 3D". Which causes the next issues, because WHAT is this better life??? Who decides about and how is it working out for billions of people??? This is a process of hundrets of years and not done just by "wishing". This matrix is in the end game and a new one will be set up according for 3D,4D or 5D. It`s naive to think that in this frequencies are just positivity.

In a 3dimensional matrix can no be real freedom because in this stage people are not mature enough. As long as they are driven by the unbalanced thoughts of "winning" or "loosing" or "freeing" anything, nothing can and will changed, as it is all going according the mass-consciousness.

But as I already mentionend - every being with consciousness has it`s own path of evolution and is "justified" by it`s own higher self. And so it shall be.

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Hello Mattias,

I have a question to the last video from Aneeka regarding the vaxx (Graphite):
So on one hand it is designed to "assimilate" the probably younger people, on the other side it`s made for extinction of the weaker one AND ALSO for getting "rid off" the Starseeds of the positive races. BUT on rhe other hand a lot of starseeds don`t want to take the vaxx. let`s be honest this a minority. And ALL of this is just to "keep the game and players" in th matrix, with the huge probability of a "false ascension event" to step in a 5D negative vibrational frequency.

So my question: If we  are in a dominant, simultanious and final incarnation, it`s time to exit this game. So the vaxx would be one of many possibilities to exit this matrix. right??
Because as my awareness indicates the "whole battle" dark and light is jjust another game of an AI, and will go on for those who wish to play. But the Higher Self is always in charge and will decide what is "needed" on a consciousness level of experiences to evolve balance and an understanding for all that is.

Except that consciousness become so fragmented that it is not able to....

And another question to Starsees (and Earthseeds) because there is a difference I think. So all the DNA of the human is a mix of alian DNA. In this case we ALL would be starseeds. But this doesn`t seem to be the case because than ALL of this matrix makes absolutley NO SENSE and any battle for anything would be pure idioty. Reason: At least with death ALL would have their full consciousness back and so "why in God`s name" would anybody re-incarnate in this "hell-hole"????? So what`s difference here, that some know who they are and the majority has no clue and is stuck in religious believes, bloodlines, financial greed and oerversion?? No judgement - but this is what it is. So it seems that this "could" also be a prison realm for this imature entities.

Any thoughts???


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Thank you very much for your reply, which I really appreciate!!! And I just can agree with you, because literally NOTHING in this matrix is as it seems to be. Everything is just experiences and in the beginning it is maybe sometimes "tough" to come to an deeper understanding and dettach from judgement. Also exepting that - as long as we use these bodies in lower vibrational frequency "bands" - we have to deal with polarity, which is also within ourselves. Acceptance and understandig is leading to balance. And as more we are in alignment of who and what we are really, as more the "game" becomes "boring", because it gets so obvious. And I am wondering why I didn`t see it decades ago, or better said - I didn`t want realize, because I also liked the game.;-)

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Dear Happy - my respect and gratitude for your insight - I really appresiate them, so thank you very much!!! "Usually" when I have questions answers on different "ways" are appearing for me. So also your insights were now part of the answers my awareness and consciousness indicated to me. And when they are a vibrational "match" within me, I trust my intuition, the Universe, Source within me and my heart. You are so right - Love is the key. I define love probably a bit different than others - for me it is the understanding for everything and everbody ( sometimes I am struggling with it) in an unconditional way. The love of a mother/father for her/his child - unconditional love. "

2012 I had an car-crash with the speed of 160 km/h on a highway and I was c"catapulted" into a conrect wall. During we (my car and I) flew through the air, I was asked if I want to stay now or leave. . I was thinking about because I would have been "ready to leave", but I saw the face of my 4 years old girl and decided to stay until she is "ready". And my "condition" was that I don`t have any injuries, just a 1cm cut on my foot (no clue, why I decided this) - BUT in this moment my car crashed into a cement "wall" ( was a highway and my speed was 160 km/h). The car was totally crashed and I hang "headover" in my seat. I got auf the car and saw the situation from outside. 5 min later the police and rescue were there and they were looking for the dead people, because they thought nobody could have survived this. And they thought that I am witness of the accident.....Anyway, needless to say that I had NO injuires. In the evening, when I was in the shower, I noticed the 1 cm cut on my I am prepared and ready, that when I have fullfilled my conract I`ll leave this vibrational band of frequences. And I hope that I could "wake up" some, but the deception and programming goes deep. And fear used as programm is working since aeons, we know.

I also wanted to share with something about the "end game".... … alem-again

Greetings from Austria

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Thanks Happy for your time to respond again. And I appreciated your first reply very much - everybody shall be free to share his/her opinion; I am grateful for other opinions because it shows always points of awareness and focus.
You are right that some "themes" are not so "widley" discussed than others. But the reason can also be in the huge possibilities of misunderstanding for humans. I have also read the law of One, the Prism of Lyra and literally thousands and more thousands pages, texts, books - ancient and new ones. By now now it seems to me that this whole life of  mine is determined by learning and come to understanding and inner knowing, connecting with lknowledge in the process of integration within Source. But additionaly I am a pisces and a doppled red Dragon in the Mayan Tzsolkins. So it seems natural for me.
And this is the point which I would like to look at - knowledge IS light, Lucifer in latin is the Lightbringer, the brightest one. The snake in Eden brought the knowledge of havng a choice. As far as my knowledge is reaching the story in the bible is a more or less an "allegory", which was used by the Roman Empire to install fear of the snake and Lucifer, called then the "Fallen Ones" or "Watchers". And I think that a lot what we think is true is pure deception on all levels. But I would like to connect the "real" dots between the REAL Illuminati /the Einlightend ones and the soul-memory complex of Lucifer, who may see themselves (and even be) the watchers of the human race became as well inhabitants of a "Quarantine planet" and are "stuck" in this vibrational fence too.
But know comes a distortion in the energy of Satan and another one with the "Dracos" and AI. But anyway - all of this are just questions in this vibrational frequency and maybe just part of a 3D society in experiencing polarity and seperatness until they evolve above it. But then we know that all this conflicts happend already (seen in linear time) with other civilizations, which were/are in a very diffferent vibrational band. And seen from this aspect war, polarity, seperatness isn`t just an issue of low vibrational matrces but obviously spread through the Galaxy or even Universe.
But coming back to the point - I`d really like to know who are those "people" who take the blood, the flesh for power and "immortality" All shapeshifting dracos (like the Queen )??? or the Freemasons or the Illuminati/Luciferian ones??? Because I could imagine that people would have less mercy with entities with this "habits". Even if theyselve slaughter, molest, rape and sell their own children. So I know this may be of very less interest for the majority, but for me it`s a dot, which is connected and unconnected at the same time within this matrix. I would really love to read the knowledge of the Teygetan about. Maybe in a privat message?

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Thank you Happy for reply. I used a "biblical term or name" - right, but I am well aware about and as we know all religions are more or less "man made" and were not used to "set anybody free". As well I am also aware that all is percieveable as a kind of game, which can be fun for those you know the rules. But I think we also can agree that the "rules" are not known by many.

BUT - your answer didn`t even scratch the surface of my question, right? I asked about the Teygetan "point of view" about the energy/entity portrayed with the name Lucifer. Also you know that symbology and numbers have IMMENS importance in all the secret societies and are not shown for fun.

So I sence a "hesitance" in answering the question. Maybe one of the Teygetans can answer? And once again - don`t get me wrong. There is NO negative perception about this theme.

I am also with you about the species human and it`s probable extinction BUT one the one hand Swaruu tells that a "great reset" has happened already before and happens always under defined parameters- so nothing new in this sense, or? And the second point is that also Swaruu mentionend that humanity isn`t one race. We are using this vessels for a short time to have a human experience. So from a human perspective it`s terrible and horryfing in the assumption of the (wrong) believe-system that this body is all what we have. But as you know there are unlimited point of perceptions and cycles of evolutions. I feel a lot of empathy and compassion and I really wish that the actual experience for humanity can still have a positive outcome. But this is just possible, if humans can get "rid of fear of death/sickness" and getting rid of all the attachments of this matrix. Really all and everything. But when you ask just 10 people what real freedom is for them, then you will get 10 very different answers. Or you ask about good and evil, will end the same way. And there is also a huge number of people who don`t want to know anything......the actual situation isn`t just programming and mind controll - it`s the mirror of a sick society and without brutal honoesty about the own shadows, the personal "evil" and not just blame and shame to the "others"...well, we`ll see and can observe it

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Replies: 8

Hallo dear Teygetans and team of the cosmic Agency

I watched and read much of the videos and also transcipts, maybe I just didn`t see it. So I am asking for the !"point of view" of the Cosmic Agency or the Teygetans about Lucifer. I think Swaruu was mentionening that the Teygetans were synbolozied as snake in the picture of Adam and Eve, bringing knowledge and liberation. Which is stunning, because this is exactly the story of the bloodlines ( watch the message from "hidden hand", proclaiming to be a genuine member of one of the bloodline families)- and there are MANY told informations  from Swaruu, especially about Egypt, which are ...hmm...stunning at least.
So I would really like to know their point of view about Lucifer and for example the brotherhood of the snake, which are very active. When I remember in the right way Echnaton "invented" the ONE GOD Religion where in its center where the sun or Aton (Ra). The Illuminati (their slogan is also love and light) have also a strong "connection" to the sun, as it stand for christ (krystal) conscioueness. I was also quiet astonished that in the video "Ancient Egypt-Symbology-Ancient History- Swaruu and Dhor Kaalèl" a lot of the Nazi Symbols were just portrayed as something "harmless" - just symbol, especially when we all know that the Natis were literally OBSESSED with occult and dark magick. Nothing happened their just by chance - they choose "wisley" and didn`t go to Antarctia "coincidencally". In their occult sessions in headquaters they "invoked" and opened portals to other entities. With the help of the Vril society, right? . Don`t get me wrong - a lot of the information you give is a treasure of knowledge" - especially for the surface level. And I am far away to "judge anything" as good or evil because this is just a 3D perception within this matrix. And of course all information, no matter where it comes from, has it`s one Agenda and can be used in Service to others or Self or a point of the Integration. This is also my point of view with the  Illuminati too - as they think they are the enlightened ones, who have thousands of years ago sacrified their "ascension" as a soul group to bring knowledge to the Adamic Race - pictured as the SNAKE.....BUT how shall people ever come tp understanding this multi-layered matrix??? Even as starseeds we are "troubled" with activating our DNA and "wake up".......Records and history - One reset after the other, extinction or harvest - one after the other and now we are exactly at the point where humanity has already been 6 times before.....and it makes me sad, very sad because this project will start again at zero, will they learn the next time?? And how, if they are always told just "half of the story" and so they have this "believe of a child in good and bad" and wait for a"savior", who will never come. When is enough really enough???

My quuestion is without any judgement, but it was "pointed" by my intuition/higher self - and so I`d just like to know. As people have to learn for themselve in their evulitionary journey, it`s not my mission to interfere with the will of those who cleary can`t see and understand it yet. But "those who really seek - they shall find"....

I honor and respect the effort of the Teygetan and the team of the Cosmic Agency very much.

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Thanks for reply to my question about the VRIL-Society. Honestly it was not about judgement - I have already red about them decades ago, But thanks to the experiences in this realm I learned to listen to my intuition and question whatever doesn`t feel "right". So for me it`s about the message - never about the messenger. Maybe one reason why so many humans didn`t learn about "secret"  knowledge - not because it was so secret, but because they didn`t like the messenger. It`s a mistake - knowledge just can be gained in learning about everything, not just what is "judged" good or bad. It`s always the personal intent, what I do with knowledge. If I just keep for myself or if I share it to empower others also to raise awareness and a hgher level of consciousness.

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first of all - ThANK YOU ALL FOR THE EEFFORTS to give Infomration and Knowledge for this often a bit "sick game". And I have a question about the VRIL Society : I think in one video was mentionend that the Taygetan were also members of the VRIL Society. I always thought that they were working very close with the occult NAZI- Regime. As well as the Thule Society. Any comments about?

Thank you very much


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Hello all,"iss

I am "new" on this channel, but not new within the issue to have a human experience. Any - in the beginning of my "wake up call" I started with researching on a LOT of topics. And I have read (still ongoing) literally TONS of scriptures, books, reports (ancient and actual). And so I was also reading in ERA OF LIGHT - until I became aware that in the most cases "Voice if God"-technology is used by very "down to Earth" Individuals. Recently I have read this one and npw I want t o know if this is just the usual stuff of nonsence ot what is behind this "Council of the Pleyades"??? … sclosures/

Thank you for your response!!!

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Hallo zusammen,

habe mich eben erst registriert, mein Avatar oder mein 5D Consciousness haben mich über die Werke von Wes Penre hier her gebracht. Obwohl ich seit langem einige Dinge grundlegend verstanden habe, war mir das "Spiel der Incarnationen" noch nie so bewusst, als in den Videos dargelegt. Die losen Enden von "Free will, light (knowledge and wisdom) und Unconditional love and weswegen wir uns so eine "schwierige dimension" aussuchen, sind nun glasklar. Und ich bin auf der 3D und 5D (und höheren Ebenen) sehr dankbar für die Unterstützung durch Taygeta, weil sie völlig richtig die moralischen und emotiionalen Probleme einer Inkarnation erkennen. Speziell die "Amnesie" und die vielschichtigen Irreführungen, teils durch "Secret Societies", Regierungen, netaive Entitäten und tausenderlei mehr Challenges machen es sehr schwierig wirklich "aufzuwachen". All die implementierten Glaubensysteme,die falsche History der Erde und der Menschheit sowie eine komplette "Chancen-Ungleichheit" führen dazu, dass der Eindruck entstehen kann, dass der einzige Weg zu Awaremess und Higher Levels of Consciousness durch Schmerz und Leiden geschehen kann. Natürlich eine Illusion - aber jene die diese Realität kontrollieren setzen alles daran das Spiel und ihre Position im Spiel zu halten. Es scheint, dass es "Menschen" gibt, die Expansion darin verstehen eine 3D-Unsterblichkeit zu erreichen (Transhumnismus). Der freie Wille kann nur dann gelte, wenn ALLE die Fakten einer Wahl (nicht nur politisch) verstehen und was negative und positive Polarität überhaupt bedeuten. Sprich - so viele haben keine Ahnung, dass es eine Art Spiel (manchmal ein sehr krankhaftes) ist und sie die Spielregeln nicht kennen. Menschen SPÜREN den Tot eines geliebten Menschen - und in dem Moment ist es kein Trost, dass nur der Körper stirbt. Zumal eine Mehrheit nichts davon weiß.

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