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#1 Re: English Forum » The vegan video » 2022-10-04 11:52:27

Gosia, the video makes a lot of sense now and probably the reason why I felt rough when I was trying to be strict vegan in the past, was trying it again and now I feel run down, but stopped when I watched your video and pointed my attention to actually what my body keeps telling me to do, those instinctive feelings are quite accurate for me to what I should and shouldn’t eat. My body tells me to eat more of the things in the video that they pointed out was best… I think most people probably have that instinct too, body telling us what we need. Instead I am getting rid of sugar again.

The video made sense and information I knew in some way but had kind of forgotten about, so that highlighted it for me and so I came to the decision to stop and eat what I need.

I know what I understand is vitamins and supplements are more easily absorbed through our human bodies if it is animal based and not plant… it’s sad but it is true unfortunately.

I’m going to be dinning on Haggis later lol even though it stinks, I am feeling very run down and need all of those nutrients, it is organ meat recipe, it sounds gross and it stinks but it’s good at making me feel better…

The thing in the past videos about human teeth being flat… well mine are large fangs which get in the way so much that I am considering having them fixed, my teeth are not a herbivore I guess and my body suffers it seems.   
If I am low in iron I crave blood, so I may eat Blood pudding… yes I am weird lol.

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Oh, I haven’t heard of him, I’ll look him up. Thank you! It would be nice to have a confirmation of sorts. I know I was on a ship at one point, I was amazed and it really got me thinking while I was looking out onto, what I now realise was the edge of the Andromedan Galaxy, with its purple colouring and the ships were not able to be seen until they flew in front of the light, then they were like silhouettes going off into the distance towards that galaxy, it looked amazing.

I’ll look him up and see if there is anything similar to me.

I do feel very strongly that this is a time where history is going to make a drastic turn, mainly for the better, I think people are starting to shake off the old ways and think differently. Maybe more star seeds are having downloads or awakening and it’s forcing everything to change. Time to start adapting to a new world soon, I hope soon anyway.


Had a dream last night where Trump had died. I’m just leaving this up here to check back if it turns out true since in the past my vision like dreams had especially about him have come true, he is significant for the future in some way and I guess it would mean something has changed for the future if this does happen.

Also, I am again having download like dreams and visiting places lately, this usually seems to happen only at the right time when needed. I saw a whole group of my family it was said, I guess that’s my star family or those on the ship or place who are supporting me. Some are very tall, hips come above my head, I am 5ft 6 but others aren’t as tall, some same height as me, all different builds…

So another thing is the symmetrical scars each beside my belly button, they both resembled burn marks, one has now changed colour and the other side there is now 3 more marks and what resembles a l slightly darker triangle shape between the three marks. Would really love to know why and what is done there, I did once wake up to having injections but that was almost inside my belly button, which I have a dark scar from. Also woke up with a hand print after that as I had been trying to wiggle myself free from the table, the scars are from the Grey’s or small Greys.

I’ve recently noticed that I seem to see a blue or purple glow around certain flowers, but when I try to take a picture or ask someone else if they see the same, they don’t. Now some objects have a very slight, very faint blue colour surrounding them. So that’s just recently started, more colours in everyday life.

There’s another thing that probably everyone can try.. if you put both hands together and have your fingertips not touching but close to, so that you can see a gap, you can then see the energy halo between and the light may bend there too. You may have to look quite close as it is a very thin barrier line and I think it’s more easily seen by doing that…

The Alex Collier YouTube videos are very interesting and it is very helpful to watch.

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I don’t know, probably very many species live there. Those are the beings that I have seen in dreams and through some kind of telepathy.

I realised that the galaxy that I had seen was of the same colouring as the Andromeda one, and feel magnetically pulled towards the feeling that that galaxy is where I feel home.

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I am just adding to my own post so that I don’t flood anyone else’s.

I add that in the past couple of years, I’ve had multiple abductions from what seem to be Gardener Grey’s, not bad and not unfriendly.

I have symmetrical round scars of equal measurement width apart, they look like, both beside my belly button which is also an exact middle measurement to the two scars, these scars have become more prominent after each time I’ve had a communication or an abduction dream.

I have had a dream of being on a ship also, and seeing what I now realise was the Andromedan Galaxy, and that was apparently my home.

I’ve seen the Andromedan’s that I seem to be connected to in some way, I’m not sure how accurate it is Gosia, so what Swaruu and others recognise as a species, but I know one that I saw was about 9ft I’m guessing, black hair and snowy white skin.

The ships I think are of red light… I’ve seen some orbs that are the colour blue, extremely bright as a child and I was told that they were named “Tyndlar” and more of a blue skinned and white haired race.

I know that sounds crazy to some but I’ve been living this since I was a child and accepting it as an adult and I do feel they are getting closer lately.

I’m going to try and actually meet outside of dreams, this Andromedan family, I don’t know how but I feel it’s getting to the point where in a few years we will all be meeting, not in masses but in small amounts… I think over 5 years things may be different. I really do hope that’s true.

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I think the next few years are going to be quite messed up, and if the government in England and America are saying that UFO’s are a threat, since they have been videoing extraterrestrial triangle shaped craft hovering over their military ships, using night vision, they know there is a race of beings who are probably going to put their foot down soon.

They have already apparently mentioned that there needs to be no weapons use, that peace is needed before we can progress as a species.

I think it’s well needed if they use their power to shut off a lot of things, to stop the distraction. I know the Cabal is probably going to try and make everyone fear them, the Papaya was just a social test I think.

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It’s looking like my prediction is happening. Also saw on the news that UFO’s are now “a threat to national security” trying to make us fear. The UFO’s are watching their military and have the power to cut off their nuclear warheads, which I see as a good thing!

#7 Re: English Forum » Predictions for 2022 » 2022-08-13 11:21:29

The other day I’ve seen advertisements or announcements, can’t remember from where, calling to re think society and the way we live, to completely change the structure of the system, to involve the well-being of humans, other animals and the whole ecosystem.

Everything that is happening is screaming out that the system is breaking, it’s old, it doesn’t work and it allows predictors and the greedy to all too easily use it as a funnel to feed them, a triangle system of control.

That triangle system of control will run dry. As we realise that more, that it’s broken and doesn’t work, that it allows our darker sides to breed and we don’t want our souls stagnant we will learn and grow from it.

The cabal is our darker side, those entities are from ourselves, they are just a mirror of our darkest parts, if we let negativity, such as anxiety, fear or anger get the better of us, we only serve to feed that part, them.

I’ve noticed the stories lately even if not related to the papaya, have the same symptom they cause, the same reaction, conflict, the same kind as during lockdown and the restrictions. It looks like a conditioning ritual, one side see’s what’s happening and stamps out the other sides reality and views to the point of becoming toxic on both sides towards each other… I guess that’s not a new thing but it seems more prominent and more like a condition strategy to make people think in that way towards each other.

Just remember that… there’s always going to be an opposite of everything, it cannot be any other way but it is the way that we deal with it that matters. If you hurt others you hurt yourself, do to others as you wish done to you, don’t treat others like you think they deserve and love is the only way to combat hate…

So keep aware on the horizon there’s always going to be these conditioning strategies thrown at you, but learning to not be conditioned by them, not acting out of hate, not treating others with anger or disgust, will help keep you from that negative conditioning they may put on you.

#8 Re: English Forum » Predictions for 2022 » 2022-08-12 21:46:13


Thank you! I’ve felt drawn back to this forum again.

#9 Re: English Forum » Predictions for 2022 » 2022-08-12 14:17:06

A few months ago, or at the beginning of this year, I predicted a “lights out” situation, where the electricity is cut off or stopped. Now seeing news about England, my country may lose electricity soon, though It could be just fear mongering news.

I feel the internet will go down also not just here and not just because of the cause of lack of electricity.

All electronic money will be gone.

A change in how we live completely will happen, I don’t feel yet wether that’s good or bad, it’s just different. People grow and become more aware.

That prediction still sits in me from last year and before. I feel that may happen at the end of this year and progress through to next and beyond.

#10 Re: English Forum » Anyone notice "thoughts becoming things" faster? » 2022-08-12 11:27:36

I believe the experience of the materialising faster of your thoughts etc is you becoming more aware.

I think that if you are negative, filled with worry, stress or darkness then it may be more dense for you, feel slower, clogged up almost because your mind is functioning on a lower frequency, you may feel less connected and aware and feel zombie like.

The more you let go of the baggage, the negative, the darkness, the more you are probably more able to tune in and control your body and the world around you, the more you free yourself then the stronger your connection with your body and have more control over the creation of the Ether surrounding you, if that makes sense?

The more you become aware, the faster your vibrational energy moves, your body is also a part of your energy, it is a reflection of you mind and your frequency.

I think that everything does move fast around us, I feel that it is our awareness and our state of mind, our baggage and lower frequency mind makes it seem like it’s not moving that fast.

I feel like 5D is here and always has been, we are just not aware of it yet, and we are like balloons with weights that we have not let go of.

Also believe that 5D doesn’t exist and is just another state of mind, a label for that state of mind, the name limits something that is limitless.

That’s a a lot of psychological digging or just drop everything and let go, it takes mental training, but it is not something we cannot achieve, it is attainable.

We are all connected atomically etc, everything we do, think and say is mirrored in society, so even being selfish and mastering your mind is going to have a powerful impact on society.

What you think, over people think, what you do, other people do, because they are a mirror. Change the reflection, then society changes too.

I am just starting to grasp this. I realise now how much psychology effects the world around, the body as well. I have laid out my future through materialising it and stepping into it, a leap of faith.

There’s always work to do. You have never learnt everything, there is never nothing to learn about the density of your mind, which is the universe.

#11 Re: English Forum » Taygetan crew 'photo' » 2022-03-30 12:16:10


Ok, yeah I felt it was probably off Cosmic Agency videos but my memory isn’t that good.

Do they need the pictures to pass the censors so that they are able to show them? Or because they may be disciplined if anyone from the Galactic Federation notices who they are and identifies them and disciplines them?

Seems like I need to go back and do my homework, I’ve clearly missed a lot of info about this.

#12 Re: English Forum » Taygetan crew 'photo' » 2022-03-29 19:32:02

On Athena Swaruu’s uniform, the picture by her neck. I’m sure I’ve seen that image before but I can’t wreck my brain of where??

Also, is there a reason why some parts of their photos look cartoon like around the hair? I haven’t been watching enough to know what they do to avoid the censors with their pictures?

#13 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-24 19:53:18

***it’s me***

I dunno why I typed it like that, I mean she has a heightened sense of spiritual awareness, always has seemed to, even more now, loves lizards too lol coincidence maybe.

Yeah I guess a lot of people may be matrix fillers, NPC like. I see a hell of a lot of them near big cities and the further south of England if you get close to London, the more there is. They are the people who have no survival instinct, they don’t look when they cross the road and seem to be like zombies mainly.

I find that going shopping, the one thing I really need there is usually none left of it! Or it’s an empty road, as soon as I want to pull out in my car, there’s a dozen cars suddenly going past when there was none for ages. It’s almost as bad as adverts following my every word these days, just getting adverts for everything I ever talked about and never searched for.

#14 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-23 09:25:25

I have just found that one of my family have lizard shaped pupils. They live too far away for me to see them much but noticed on a few front facing photos, they have it is very obvious, they have big eyes anyway and very spiritually comfortable these days, not a bad person but I kind of guessed anyway…
Not showing their photo at all, but it’s a close up and very clear to see, no contact lenses. I have nothing bad against them, but I know there are hybrids who are good too…

Anyway, I will try not to intrude on this post too much..

I also found out that I have people who have been working on the papaya shots living as my neighbours recently…

I haven’t been watching the news but I feel like there is more to come, I feel like we may soon be forced into being dependant on ourselves, going back to basics under the disguise of an attack.

I’ve seen a UFO recently flying by my home and another abduction of myself.
Those who are aware and haven’t become zombified, keep your strength because I feel like as the others become more mentally unaware (the brain is being injured by the vax and every time they get the C apparently) so this could mean they may become more mentally degraded, in deeper cities it may be more noticeable I guess.

Some have been losing their instinct and intuition for years depending on if you live close to a Cabal focused area, like a capital etc… but this stuff is probably going to get worse now. This planet just starts to feel so much more alien than it has ever felt before… I want to go “home” but I can’t yet, and we all have to change ourselves to change the world, it even though is true, still feel like there could be more done to help…

Yes, if you are staying strong and thinking of positive things with calm energy then you also effect others around you too and you will see other people repeating your thoughts right back at you eventually and good manifestations. I am always amazed at how far away people seem but then they still pick up on the subject of my own thoughts and start making videos or talking about it… for example I’ve been thinking about an experience I had years ago, someone slipped me LSD when I wasn’t aware of it, and then I find people are now talking about it not just the crappy follow you adverts, but journal people repeating.

The synchronised mind we all are connected to, another example is, you see the gas station is empty, but when you turn around to go there EVERYONE suddenly is there at the same time!
Or anywhere you decide to go and you know it’s empty, you can see it, suddenly everyone else is there with you too and had decided the same thing at the exact same time as you lol

Your thoughts and feelings do effect the very reality around you.

#15 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-18 12:06:19

07wideeyes, good, synchronicity may be a hint for you.

#16 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-18 07:33:13

N-acetylcysteine 600 mg is supposed to be good in boosting the immune system to overcome the dampening effect of graphene oxide does in the body.

I read somewhere that graphene oxide in v people seems to reduce the immune system, I just take it because of all my problems at the moment, not vaccinated tho. There has been studies about it. No harm in taking it.

#17 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-17 20:39:53

Chest infections and pneumonia have just been re named it seems.

All the same symptoms but with a new label..

I’ve known chest infections to be scary, they can also kill and it is very dangerous having pneumonia. I’ve had the experience so coughing up blood suddenly and randomly, feeling like I’m going to die even when waking up one morning even after feeling fine the next day, many years ago.

Also chest infection once I was fine and randomly fainted in the street all of a sudden and found I had a very bad chest infection, then I couldn’t stand without fainting for weeks, not enough oxygen for me. Years ago too, way before this even when I had no symptoms at all before and these suddenly occurred. Or waking up one morning and the room spinning, feeling sick, before this pandemic, it’s scary and dangerous when it is bad, yes even gasping for breath happens too with pneumonia, your lungs are being damaged and unable to work properly and will leave scarring that will never heal and make it easier for more infections.

Smoking doesn’t help either that scarrs your lungs and opens them up to infections like this.

Alcohol too… don’t use the nose swabs, you need to see them horrible things inside of them which I have, you would never touch them then..

Also masks are a nice breeding ground for bacteria and you’re breathing it back in.

Stress I find makes it easier for us to get chest infections, I myself only had these when I was depressed and under extreme emotional stress, this is true for everyone.

#18 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-16 11:22:12

I have health problems all just because I took medication prescribed from a doctor that damaged me, made me have to have more medication because of that damage. (Which I am trying to come off now, may have arguments with doctor over it).

After having vaccines for work years ago (not the papaya), I had them all at the same time apart from one last hep booster and I started getting arthritis symptoms and migraines not long after, then my last hep B booster all hell broke as I didn’t see the connection until after, now at a young age still my health has deteriorated and I see why only after.

I think some surgery is ok if you really need it, but I think medication and injections are something that you know less about and they have permanent effects on the body, they come from big pharma so that’s probably a reason why not to trust that!

I also don’t fully trust hospitals and going for surgery unless I can keep away because I have see incident reports which put me right off and there have been nurses and doctors who did try to kill or managed to kill patients because, psychopaths will always sit themselves in jobs where they have some authority over you and you are vulnerable to them. So be careful always.

I would be healthier if I never touched any of the big pharma crap… cannot go back now tho.

Herbal remedies are just as powerful, if people don’t believe that then they have to remember where penicillin, and other medications originally came from, penicillin was from mould and invermectum (my spelling is bad, yes) was also from an organic source too.

Everything we need is in plants.

#19 Re: English Forum » To the Taygetans and others watching » 2022-03-12 22:24:54

I just see those ego’s fighting with each other, can we please talk and not pick at each other? This is kind of how we get into these messes and cabal just watch and point at how stupid we act… just let it go, it is a pointless thing we distract each other with picking at each other like we seem programmed to do (even me!)

I see myself doing these things like they are programmed into me and I’m now more aware of others doing it more and more, feel like a puppet that wants to break out…

I have seen the recent video, I do agree this is completely all staged what is happening in current events, nothing is real, the coin always lands exactly where the cabal want it when we play along…

I have two sides of myself, one is wishing they would go against the federation and come do something more, that I don’t know what it would be, but what ever it may be needs to happen eventually soon.

Another side of me I see more people becoming more aware, seeing these wars with a bigger prospective and seeing it for what it is, far more people now seeing exactly or closer than before to the truth than ever before which is hopeful, I just wish way more people would put down their abuses and their weapons against each other, in everyday life as well as these wars, which rely on us to listen to both sides crap and hurt each other for their entertainment!

We cannot be throwing comments at each other and picking, assuming things about each other who we do not know at all, making stories up in our minds about those who we have been angered by, just to make ourselves feel justified for what we do against them. We CANNOT keep doing this! You do it here to… can you not see that the cabal are laughing at you for this? They are like “look! They cannot go a day without judging and abusing each other! So easily manipulated so low on the food chain”

I see this with myself as well as others, I am as bad, you are not free from manipulation. Please understand that everyone fights their own hidden battles within. Please learn to let things pass and move on without judgement of the kind your ego drives. Follow your heart not your ego…

I have to do this too! I am also walking a zombie life and have reacted automatically without understanding… life won’t change here without dropping every kind of weapon you have against each other, and follow intuition and your heart not your ego…

I’m sorry but it’s so depressing seeing some people picking. Let it be

#20 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-11 22:10:43

The fist clenching for me unfortunately doesn’t do much.. but my mind is always racing, multiple thoughts plus music all at the same time.

Though, I have found that forcing focus on one thing in the attention and meditating on it, like I have done with films at a younger age, after a long period of full focus and attention on that seemed to make everything around me look brand new and suddenly extremely beautiful, it felt euphoric. This was during a 2 hour film and with great discipline of thoughts. Don’t know how I managed it, but it was beautiful.

#21 Re: English Forum » Is Putin Fighting Deep State/Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi » 2022-03-09 22:53:16

Judging on the history of Ukraine it makes this “war” seem like a way to get the people to agree on what they wanted to happen both Russia in the past and Ukraine in the past… so if you look further back it kinda gives some clues.

Looking deeper into it, it’s way more complex than good guys and the bad guys, there is no good guy or bad guy in this, this is the collective psychopathic leaders and their money goals, they don’t care about civilians, none of them do.

If all of these companies were so caring and empathic then why have they not stopped business with China and their slave trade, as well as many other countries and things that all of those companies that pulled out of Russia are linked to? If they cared so much then they would care for everyone else as well, and they don’t.

Russia also seems a testing ground for the “reset” in some way too.

All of these companies and banks can drop deals with everyone else and China  if they suddenly grew a conscience over night! Also the banks if they really care, then they should drop all of the money they deal in the weapons trade etc

They all talk a load of bull, you don’t truly know what is real when it comes from them.

#22 Re: English Forum » Is Putin Fighting Deep State/Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi » 2022-03-09 20:02:01

It was a YouTuber called BaldandBankrupt who at first was like “nothing happening here, all quiet” even though the news was saying different at the time, he asked locals about it and they were saying they don’t believe there will be a war, then sirens started and people were trying to get on the trains or sit in the underground but no bombs.

Though now it just seems to show him showing off and having machine gun lessons etc and is now outside of Ukraine  it seems. I don’t really trust anything though unless I went myself and took a look.

#23 Re: English Forum » Is Putin Fighting Deep State/Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi » 2022-03-09 19:33:36

There seems to have been a mass evacuation still in areas of Ukraine and panicking people trying to get out at first, everyone seemed to try and leave at the same time and the sirens were freaking people out.

I ask the question though, where are all those from Ukraine and why do I not see any people showing their own videos and photos of their area? I may be wrong though.

Also Russians seem to be censored a lot too.

#24 Re: English Forum » Is Putin Fighting Deep State/Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi » 2022-03-09 17:37:03 … 2848265221

Link is of a twitter account of a person who went to Ukraine through Poland and taking pictures and videos of the lack of action, mainly seems to be the media stretching things and dramatising. They are in Kyiv on the 8th and apart from a lot of media and news crews it seems quite quiet.

The media will always use tricks to stretch the truth or twist it in the way they want. Nothing is ever what it seems.

#25 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-03-09 13:32:28


I always thought I was untouchable but it seems with all the auto immune responses I am getting, and noticing my shadow side more, I see that it was just my ego!

No matter how cynical I may be, I do know that awareness is everything and that the body reacts to the negative and positive impact that the mind has, the whole body we are in control of yes, even if we think we aren’t.

The right fuel is good too, yes.

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