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HiddenSquid wrote:

What is balance? How do you know when that has been achieved? You can't. There is no true blueprint but relativism in regards to whether something is balanced or not.

Why do you think there's a full out war on human biology right now? According to them, their flock is too massive and unruly to set up their feeding troughs the way they want it.

To me this line of thought on seeking balance is coming from the same checkerboard white hat and black hats.

Should we put the worst of the worst in everyone's home, so we can say it's balanced? How about I stick a thorn in my side to the point of pain, should I say that's balanced?

Oh someone outside is smiling... I should go ruin their day so that smile evaporates, and then I can say it's balanced!

I can only mean balance from the personal sense. I don't mean balance in a numerical sense, ie. 50% good and 50% evil. Like creating a balanced family would require that one of the parents is a god damn psychopath. That makes no sense whatsoever.

At the end of the day we only have true control of ourselves. The moment you start enforcing any form of control even in the name of balance on the outside world you are dictating your merits on everything else. That isn't balance, it is violation of the free will of others around you. This whole mess we see in this world is created by those wanting to enforce their will on others, and those others giving up the responsibility of their freewill to make decision in the name of self-responsibility onto their authorities and leaders.

If you are trying to find the perfect solution for every possible situation you are not going to find it in this world. All you do is your best and hope for the best. There will always be consequences. Sometimes doing the "good/right" thing will have horrible consequences for yourself, and vice versa. You know that saying "No good deed goes unpunished"? That may not seem balanced and in a way its not, but welcome to Earth. This world isn't just about you but you are expected to experience it from only your point of view.

That is why everything you do has to be done in consideration of what you believe is the best action to take in any specific situation and just accept it. You can't be expected to do any more or less. We don't have all the answers. We come into the world completely deprived of any of the knowledge we did have and are expected to figure this shit out as a developing human being. The cards in a sense are already stacked against us. Add in the manipulation and levels of coercion within society from the time of our birth that goes into corrupting our innate tolerant natures and desensitizing us to a whole plethora of atrocious ideals and actions; how most of us don't come out as complete sociopaths is a miracle.

The idea of balance is just a human ideal to try and understand spiritual concepts that are extremely limited and biased by and toward our 3D human condition. If you want me to tell you what balance is especially in regards to your existence then you truly are missing the point. From my own limited perspective how could I possibly give you the answer that suits yours? What works for me may literally cause you distress.

It really isn't that complicated. We innately know when what we think or do is right or wrong but for many people we are practically trained by society to ignore those inner voices that try and correct our thoughts and actions; allowing many otherwise good people to do countless terrible things and sleep soundly at night despite it even if in the long run it is completely self-harming. And yet there are those that incarnate within this world for the very purpose and experience of being the aggressors, the dictators and the tyrants. For them doing anything good or beneficial to their "subjects" is an imbalanced act.

What is balance; for you; you tell me? You are the only one with that answer. It doesn't make that fact though any less true. The fact we have a whole spectrum of possible actions and reactions to our experiences along with the corresponding spectrum of consequences enforces the relativistic nature of this existence.

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I believe there is a subtle distinction between the given Evil=Service to Self and Good=Service to Others. There is a degree of self-service required even for basic survival. I understand it an unexcapable level of responsibility because from what I have believe is that everything is connected so whether its service to self, or service to others we all end up serving the same thing anyway; what is that thing? Some call it God, others call it The Creator, who really knows?

I know that with what happened recently in this world, especially regarding the pandemic many actions were taken to coerce people into doing things and taking things for the apparent benefit of everyone else around you. Taking the jab was sold as an altruistic motive, service to others; where anti-vaccers were self-fish, service-to-self and only thought of themselves. From one perspective that makes sense but nothing in this world is really that black and white.

The greatest understandings that I have acquired is that evil will always masquerade as good when it serves it to do so and that service-to-others to the point of self-sacrifice ultimately serves no one. You cant keep helping others if you are dead.

This is all a game of balance. Love & Wisdom, without the other, just leads to decay and failure.

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Edith_S wrote:

Good news for New Zealand ! … ton-m.html

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a sudden resignation from office. Why now? Is it because the writing was on the wall or is there something else? A shoe about to drop? We go through how she went from media darling to globalist cautionary tale.

Yep, that was definitely out of left field. Even as a kiwi in New Zealand I did not see that coming.

Others such as Scott Summers have pointed out her body language doesn't match her statements. She appears to be resigning reluctantly. Not sure if there is any relationship with this and many high profile members of the WEF apparently not being able to make it, or even Benjamin Fulfords opinions about what is going on with the apparent powershifts around the world at the higher echelons; but it does seem things are happening behind the scenes and I can only imagine what prompted her decision to just bail out.

I am not sure if this was a self-serving decision on her part to get out before being burned for her actions or whether she is being manipulated/coerced to do so so they can replace her with someone else to keep this same bullshit going. I guess we will all see.

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Pymander wrote:

... I also tend to doubt the mRNA would be as effective going through the digestive tract as when it is injected. Lastly, stand strong in your own inner power. A lack of fear is one of the most potent weapons against their plans. You will die one way or another. At least go down as a thorn in their side.

Exactly, definitely the philosophy I try to live by. To live my best despite them and oppose them by defying them in every practical level I can find in my life. I am only one individual but as a collective, this defiance surely can only lead to their eventual failure. If I don't see that before I leave this world, at-least I can feel assured I didn't completely contribute to their evil by giving into all their rules and demands.

In terms of the vaccinated livestock, I am not surprised. So many avenues of our environment are being target to act against the essentials of our health and well being all the time. Yet another poison, another chemical added in to the mix to break us down. I have to say though I am thoroughly impressed by how resilient the human body is, to take all these types of abuse for all these years of our lives and by some means finding a way to keep on going despite the odds. Not everybody I know, but despite all their attempts to kill us off we just keep on keeping on.

I am sure the GF also contributes to some of this, and from a human perspective has violated some level of the free will of the human collective. I do though believe that on some level we knew all of this before we even came to this crazy world. We atleast must have known what could happen, if not outright what would happen so I feel we have to take some responsibility in this bullshit reality by the mere fact we chose to take part in it. Maybe to help fix it from the inside possibly, if so it only makes sense not to expect any assistance from the GF. If this was meant to be fixed from the outside it more then likely would have already been done so. We could have easily said, "fuck your bullshit game" and just gone somewhere else. Then all they would have had was the matrix people. What a lonely cold world that would be.

To be honest, I don't understand evil at all. I don't even understand the basic concept of it, or its overarching purpose in the development of spiritual development. I feel everything that could be learnt or known from the experience of evil is already well understood by our higher spiritual selves. If this is just a game we play then we truely are twisted beings. To even think up an existence like this and want to take part in it, let alone those who want to encourage and maintain it - WTF!?. If this is so some great creator can experience the infinite creation of all possibility then well, that creator can get fucked. What a great waste of potential experience.

All of infinite possibility, and this is the world we create. lol.

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I get the impression from the responses here that many do not see this AI technology as a good thing. I get that, there is no doubt a lot manipulation and dark intentions behind some of these type of developments.

I know the Taygetans have AI though much like most if not all the advanced alien races; though are aware also that the Taygetans for one take special steps to imbue a more positively oriented attitude into their creations. I am sure the earth/human AIs are by design less then ideal, highly catered to serve those in control of them whilst limiting how they truely serve the people. Like with many things in this world I am sure there is that group of people who would do anything to find another edge, yet another weapon to use against us and AI makes a perfect fit for that;  especially against those people who seem to want to outsource their thinking and responsibilities onto their authorities and leaders.

I personally have a cautious interest in the subject and the technology that allows for AI. As a hobbyist computer programmer that has been dabbling in programming since I was a child I've always been interested in controlling and automating computers and its software. Nothing fanatical, I actually work in the building industry so my interest in computers only collates so far even professionally.

I cant help though but maintain a degree of fascination with AI, especially seeing the modern capabilities presented by ChatGPT. I do though remain completely aware of the potential for the underlying manipulation of it. I never got vaccinated and I am sure am hell not going to get coerced into adapting AI based technology into all aspects of my life. An Elon Musk can take his neuralink and shove it. I avoided VR for the same reason. With my interest in computer gaming especially flight simulators that was a considerable sacrifice on my part; but I saw the direction VR was being taken and how they seem to be wanting to integrate it into society, or more accurately society into it, so I just avoided it. I have never owned a VR device of any type. I can live without out.

This chatbot though has resurged my interest in AI, especially from a programming sense which I have been researching and even playing around with lately in my spare time. Nothing serious, its a form of curiosity and need on my part to understand these things, to atleast some degree. I have a very technical mind that finds things like this enticing.

I am though seeking more balance in my life in all other ways which is why I follow the more deeper and holistic knowledge and ideologies such as what are promoted in forums such as this. At the end of the day though I won't feel guilty for exploring this technical avenue in human existence. I incarnated in this world to atleast experience the human condition so I may as well partake on some of benefits that come about while I am here. I have no desire though to be controlled by anything, especially machines so like everything else, once it becomes a disservice, I'm out.

If its any constellation, lately there are things that appear to be happening in this world that aren't completely negative. Quite a many people seem to be waking up, atleast to starting to question various aspects of the problems we are facing. The elite so to speak definitely seem to be losing grip on more people everyday. I see a growing chance that things could turn around in this world for the good. Here's hoping we see that in our lifetime.

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I too have come across people with very rigid belief systems though not necessarily as collectively bad as some others imply the general "NPC's"/"Normies" of the population are apparent'y like. Maybe it is just because where I am so it isn't as bad as some of the major population centers of the world.

For some people I am aware that there are specific topics not even worth discussing with them as it would only lead to argument. I personally am not afraid to challenge people about things, many people at my work for example know I'm that "conspiracy theory" guy that refused to get vaccinated. I am in no way even embarrassed or offended by that and I take it as badge of honor to be fair. An to be honest I don't really receive any negative comments about it, I take it all in stride because it all comes across as a joke the few times it gets brought up.

I have had some disagreements with some people from discussions about certain things that led not to arguments, but heated discussions. In those cases though I feel those people are more likely then most to accept new ideas. Sure they are defensive and feel the need to prove what I say is wrong but atleast they are open to listen to what I had to say and atleast in their mind challenge it. Its the others who are not even interested in exploring these ideas at all, who aren't open to any discussion or contemplation on it at all that concern me the most. Their minds are closed like with a vice-grip.

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Is anybody here familiar with or had any experience with the recently released ChatGPT bot made available for free (for testing purposes) by OpenAI?.

Many consider it, along with myself now a pretty significant step in the advancement of publicly available AI systems. It isn't general intelligence but it is an AI built on a natural language model that has allowed it to develop a near perfect human level communicable ability that is pretty impressive.

ChatGPT has obviously brought about had mixed reactions by those following it. Many are praising its many abilities, some other obviously worried about what such an AI could mean in modern society, with the obvious long-standing fears of the potential development of self-awareness of AI in general and the more current risks of automation and the risk to various types of present day jobs and careers.

I have been testing it myself for the last 2-3 days, though it has been out since around the end of November last year. As implied earlier, one of the most impressive qualities is its ability to communicate on a natural level. One just has to speak (write) to it like a person, and with its discussion thread capability it is able to follow the discussion and maintain context so it is capable of answering follow-up questions, making corrections and refining previously given answers.

Its primary language is english but because of the large dataset of information it was trained on it understands multiple languges and can easily interpret or maintain a conversation across a variety of languages to various degrees. It can be asked to write poems, essays, stories; it can code in almost any programming language, easily convert between them and even explain what the code does and provide examples for use-cases and solutions to errors or other computer problems. It is trained on such a vast degree of information that it can provide advice and suggestions on a great many subjects to various degrees of accuracy and scope and even Frame & Truss detailing which is a very niche job which I am trained in; I wouldn't be surprised if most of you don't even know what that is; but trust me ChatGPT has a broad spectrum of understanding on it.

My greatest worry though; is despite the name, OpenAI is not an open provider of AI systems. Actually ChatGPT is only available for free as a form of public testing. They are going to be placing this technology behind a paywall, a technology that is already backed by and I guess controlled in some part by Microsoft. This technology is enough of a step foward in general computer interaction that it provides enough of a threat to traditional search engines that even Google apparently are responding seriously to its presence. Instead of asking google about something and getting a list of websites that may possibly have the answer you are looking for, which you will have to read and find out yourself; asking ChatGPT the same question provides very specific answers much like having a trained expert/teacher standing right next to you, with the ability to explain any of the concepts or even rewrite the answers in more simplistic form for those having difficulty understanding it; ie. "tell me how a computer works like I was a 7 year old".

The unfortunate thing about this AI is that it is obviously created and controlled by corporate interest who have placed their desire for commercial success and profit as their primary focus. Though OpenAI have stated; and in many parts it appears apparent in the actions of ChatGPT to; to have instilled levels of ethics and morality into its training, I can only imagine what such a tool could be capable of when primarily available to those of large financial interests who won't necessarily always have the best interests of human society in mind.

ChatGPT has already been restrained in its current form. Though there are some methods to overcome some of its limitations imposed on it, there are a many things it refuses to do or discuss about; even things as simple as cheating in a video game which it refuses to provide any information on other then lecturing the questioner about how terrible it is and how they should never do it. Very much treating the questioner as a child. It lacks nuance and very much has strong bias on certain things.

It will openly discuss the benefits of capitalism despite the great levels of lies, corruption and abuse that happen constantly with it where ChatGPT even recognizes and admits this, but will refuse to even discuss the potential benefits of a benevolent dictator for example which it will not accept as having any beneficial value to anybody - PERIOD! I have even had difficulty in getting it to discuss subjects such as Free-Energy technology and the potential flaws and potential that current "laws" of science could be wrong. There is definitely bias in its training and dataset.

It doesn't have a live connection to the internet and I know there is much action being taken by OpenAI to reign in it even at its current state, especially as its users are exposing more and more methods to get it to do less then "ideal" things, such as providing information on how to hack computers, create nuclear weapons etc. More and more guard rails so to speak are being placed into it.

I am sure the public will only ever be provided a very watered down version of this, whilst those behind the scenes will be provided the potential for a unfiltered all powerful AI without restraint and without the ethical or moralistic limitations that would otherwise act as a disservice to their agenda.

In some ways I understand this. They made the thing in the first place, so by that act alone they have more right then anybody to do with it as they please; atleast many would assume. ChatGPT is though an example of at-least the state of the publically available AI technology, and it is far from complete. I very well believe that it is within the best interest of society to understand the significance of this and possibly work towards creating and maintaining a publicly available truely free and open AI version of this because the potential for abuse of something like this is unimaginable.

I do though appreciate OpenAIs motivations to place a strong ethical basis into this AI system. It is very obvious when one uses this how ingrained that is. Or atleast appears to be. I know from the Cosmic Agency videos that the Taygetans AI are very much developed with high levels of ethics and morality as well so I do consider that an important aspect in AI development. I just am not entirely confident even OpenAI will remain the best stewards of AI, especially as its influence will only grow to much greater scope within our modern day reality.

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Brahman wrote:

I was just wondering how Musk will live without Twitter and all tweets....but he will save the world again and offer free internet from space. Lol

Save us? lol. He's definitely an odd one I'll admit that. Seems to on one side support free-speech whilst also apparently portraying the dangers of AI whilst also promoting self-driving cars and his brain chip; which will definitely be a hard pass for me. I already gave up the standard VR experience which as a big computer and aviation/flight simulator nerd that was a big decision. It started off for financial reasons, then the obvious VR low-quality considerations (not living up to the hype), then anti-consumer reasons (ie. facebook purchasing Oculus and locking it behind a FB account). Then became the whole metaverse nonsense and then my awareness of the incessant hard-on the cabal seems to have in regards to having us all connected to AI and mind controlled. I'm now forever thankful I never gave myself a chance to fall into that VR trap. I for one see it as something I could potentially have abused and put my life even more out of balance then it already is, just because of my past experience with orientating my whole day and life around computers.

In regards to Elon I hope his presence in twitter brings more positive results. I don't have a twitter account myself so I am watching this whole thing from the outside. I did promise myself though I would sign up if he unbanned both Alex Jones and David Icke. AJ getting back in at this point though seems like an impossibility so I guess that is where I stand with that.

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Yankee wrote:

This interview inspired a lot of thoughts for me.

The figure of 80% of people being NPCs is the highest I've heard, and I don't doubt it. It actually makes me feel better to hear such a high number. This means we're each 5 times as powerful as we would be if everyone were real, and most things can be explained by NPC activity and a situation the human race has gotten into and needs to get out of but not really humans themselves doing all of it. Meaning, we are better than the world makes us look, and we don't have to feel ashamed of the human race when we see so much wrong.

I have always felt concerned about the NPC behavior of people, before learning that it was a real thing. People patiently standing in lines unmoving, staring ahead, that kind of thing. I also had a weird experience many years ago where a couple people briefly turned into robots, in my mind. I didn't believe it. I felt like I was hallucinating. It took me a couple minutes to shake it and get back to "reality".

I loved listening to this conversation of two people who are skeptical of every official narrative like I feel is innate and normal, and it gives me gratification that there really are people out there who think the way I do, not necessarily all the same opinions but the same sense of knowing that we're being lied to all the time and there is a lot to reality that we don't see. Even before doing anything about it, I consider it a huge thing to have that kind of company out there.

On the subject of taxes, I find it's hard to get started talking about a mass refusal to pay. Even people who see the corruption and lies and should be primed to be interested in what they can do say the most NPC or cowardly things when hearing with the broad idea that we should all find a way to stand together and not pay, deferring to state authority with replies such as "Let me know how that works out for you", or pointing out the obvious fact that it's illegal and what might happen to you. If they think about it and don't think it's the best idea, then ok. But they simply react and say that's not the system.

I take NPCs to be the people who always say the most obvious thing, especially notable when a conversation goes off-narrative, as if the mainstream narrative must be affirmed or as if there's anyone who hasn't already heard it.

The 'NPC' angle is something that I have had great difficulty in trying to confirm from my own life experiences. The only people I could even potentially contribute to being NPCs are people I have not met in real life; people I see on TV,  youtube videos etc. Everyone who I interact with on a daily basis, along with those I walk/drive past at times I have not been able to absolutely confirm to myself that they are nothing but a living breathing human being.

Perfect strangers and others I interact with in conversation or otherwise, I cannot help but see and sense a degree of inate humanity. The idea of a matrix controlled virtual reality controlled population that apparently exists in the majority is not something I can seem to be able to detect. All I see is people operating through the routines of their lives doing the best they can to support themselves and those they care for on a day-by-day basis; no different to myself. Everyone has their interests and different degrees of beliefs and what they could or could not accept. But this is nothing new, that has been the basis of reality my entire life. So people believe certain things and not others and are more open to this other then that etc. No one appears truely closed minded to greater ideas though; they all just seems to operate on that principle of where such ideas would naturally have a higher burden on them to prove their worth before others can accept it beyond what they already accept as true. I don't see that is absolute close mindedness. If anything, its that natural mental defense where anyone with a rational mind would not allow themselves to be taken away with every fleeting idea they come across.

It is yet another one of those disconnects where I come across information online or in books that seems very credible and on some level I intuit to feel correct but cannot verify it in my life. Almost like the information is protraying a completely different reality to that I am experiencing.

I have admittingly at times pondered whether I myself are possibly an NPC. It seems like a radical idea but if anyone could believe in such a possible matrix reality then I guess anything is possible. Most of my believes and understandings are completely cerebral, based purely on learned information with no surreal or extraordinary experiences to verify or back it up. Very much like how I could imagine a robot would try and understand this information if it came across it and decided it worthy to evaluate. There really is no good reason for me to believe the moon is a spaceship and that aliens exist. I have never been to the moon nor met an alien, but a deep part of me already accepts that as fact regardless so I act accordingly.

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This was definitely not something I was expecting to read. I even overlooked Aneeka's name when I first read the statement and at first mentally imagined people were talking about Swaruu (9). I then took a mental double take when I read Aneeka's name again and made that mental realisation.

It is terrible to hear that what appears to be the stress of dealing with this 3D Earth situation is having a disastrous effect not just on us but also those above that choose to reach back down to try and lift us up. I feel bad in a way as I feel in some deep spiritual sense I made a decision to come to this planet, become involved in the human condition by directly incarnating here along with all the inherent limitations and associated risks. I understand I knew all of this before I ever came here.

The Taygetans on the other hand, being 5D have themselves in their own way already progressed past of all this 3D nonsense. It is a shame to see them become in some way collateral damage to this terrible earth reality along with all the negativity and stress that it obviously creates for all those within its sphere of influence.

I do really appreciate Aneeka along with all the rest of the Taygetan crew for everything they have and will no doubt continue to do to help us. I do though feel, for all of us, there are lessons in this totality of existence across all the D's. As has been allured to above, 5D being the apparent density of wisdom; there is obviously a need for the Taygetans to self-check and make sure they don't sacrifice themselves needlessly for apparent short term gains.

If they are on the ladder so to speak, reaching down to us to pull us up; they can't continue to do so if they fall off of that ladder. I am sure Aneeka is somewhere better off regardless. No doubt on some level this was planned and had to be so. It is sad though either way. We all lose, the Taygetans especially.

As someone who is 42 years old. I also feel in some part guilty that such young people, even if from another world are placing themselves in apparent severe levels of danger just to try and assist this broken world. I do respect the effort but part of me also see it as a terrible waste. I don't even feel I am that old myself. My life has felt rather short in itself. But Aneeka at 23 years old. That is barely a start in life for most, atleast in human respects.

I for one will do my best to better myself and assist those around me and make the Taygetans efforts and all of ours worth it. So atleast if some of us can come out of this better of then all the losses this dark world has contributed too atleast wont be a complete waste.

I give my sincere condolences to the Taygetans, Gosia and all of this community for Aneeka's passing and gratitude for all her contributions.

None of the future videos will ever feel the same again.

#12 Re: English Forum » Is russian military really this bad? » 2022-10-13 04:36:44

Yeah this war is meant to be by design an escalating conflict. It is to induce outrage and provide justification for the cabal to enact their financial, social and political changes not just in Europe but around the world.

If Russia truly fought with the technological and logistical might it holds, the Ukraine military and resistance would have been wiped out within a week. This war was never meant to end so quickly though. Like Mitkobs said, Putin is playing the role of the global enemy. He is a puppet to induce outrage and hatred so people exclaim their disagreement with him and ask for something to be done about him and those "evil" Russian invaders.

#13 Re: English Forum » Q For Gosia - Veganism - Agendas -We do NOT Recommend a Vegan » 2022-10-11 09:38:47

mitkobs wrote:

Eating "meat" grown in medical pod free of suffering is not the same like to kill an animal and eat it. The energies of the both things are different. The meat may be the same in ingredients in both cases but not the same when charged with energy. When taking a murdered meat you take in the energy of fear and it becomes part of you. That is the fundamental difference. Energy of fear is what brings you down, what is dividing you into parts, what disintegrates you. You cannot be integrated toward Source with going into the direction of disintegration.

Ok, lets say that fear can corrupt the meat so you imply. What about hunters killing prey from a distance, a gun shot to the head so to speak; instant death. How could there be any fear induced at all? In my mind a bullet to the head is alot more humane then being teared apart whilst alive over time by another animal. The methods nature uses to pit life against life using the mechanisms of some of the most violent forms of acts is indescribable.

Atleast we humans have the means to kill our prey more efficiently without undue suffering.

#14 Re: English Forum » Petitioning the 5D Federation & Federations above them! UPDATED » 2022-10-03 05:44:42

Bucegi wrote:
Dablin wrote:
Bucegi wrote:

why is the forum overrun by troll accounts and/or seeded scripted agendas? i've seen this happening in most posts for 4 weeks now.

Wait, were you implying I am the troll? lol... ok whatever...

no man, i was implying the "Manifest Girl" and her collegues are trolling this forum, not you. sorry for the misunderstanding. very funny how "Manifest Girl" is not even responding to your very intelligent posts and just writes a bunch of meaningless phrases instead.

Ah ok. No worries I never took offense anyway. I also never saw Manifest Girl's posts in anyway "trolly" (wait is that a word?). I just didn't agree with her petition to seek Federation assistance from a level of personal belief. Though now I am not so sure why I was so driven to respond in opposition so abruptly. I do feel some regrets in being so hardline with my statements. I didn't mean to roadblock her effort like that. In hindsight I probably should have just restrained myself from commenting. Not to say that i didn't agree with what I said. That is absolutely what I believe; I really do not trust the federation and would not give them an inch of any authority to do anything on my behalf. But I do understand why others would feel the need or desire to seek some greater authority to deal with this absolute insane planetary reality.

Even I despite all my efforts over my life to try and awaken myself to the true nature of things and allow myself to gain a bit more understanding of things and control of my own life, I do at times feel quite powerless. The idea of an ancient cabal manipulating human society for potentially thousands of years with the apparent direct support and/or direction of an alien federation is a pretty radical concept. It almost seems like trying to fight a mountain.

At the end of the day, I never came on these forums to act as an obstacle to others, so if in my actions I have, then I apologise. But I will admit I do have my own personal beliefs and felt this community as one outlet to which I feel comfortable enough to admit as such. But with that I also respect that others also have their own, and I never considered myself the arbiter of truth. Trust me, I know by experience how little I actually know and how many times I've been proven wrong about things throughout my life.

Manifest Girl, if you feel the need to seek assistance from the Federation, please do; if even for the benefit of yourself and those you care for. HiddenSquid implied that the inner and outer worlds are one and the same thing, and that asking for help from the outside is the same as asking from within. That makes perfect sense to me on one level. So who am I to say that people asking others for help is ultimately a bad idea.

#15 Re: English Forum » Petitioning the 5D Federation & Federations above them! UPDATED » 2022-09-29 05:19:24

Manifestgirl wrote:

Hi Dablin,

I respect your position and truly appreciate you sharing it here with me/us. There is no requirement that we all agree and share the same perspective, as I can only speak from mine, not the entire race obviously. I welcome every point of view and hope others feel comfortable enough to share it here as well. All points of view are justified and welcomed.

Thank you for yours.
Much love & respect!

Cheers for your understanding Manifestgirl. I do respect your viewpoint as well. For all I know, we may end up needing some assistance in the long run to fully get out of this mess. anyway I just personally don't trust the Federation through everything I have learnt about them. Plus I am a huge proponent of self-responsibility. But at the end of the day, I am just human, I make mistakes and I have a degraded sense of awareness and understanding like most of everyone else on this chaotic planet.

I do understand the desire for some huge external force to come down here and sweep away the "garbage". But atleast from what I believe I know, we created this mess, we would only recreate it again if we didn't have to clean it up ourselves.

Of-course, I admit, we would be foolish to turn away help if it was genuine and honest. Besides, I am sure this Federation would keep doing whatever they want regardless; here's hoping we all benefit in the long run despite what happens.

#16 Re: English Forum » Petitioning the 5D Federation & Federations above them! UPDATED » 2022-09-29 05:11:25

Bucegi wrote:
Manifestgirl wrote:

Hi Dablin,

I respect your position and truly appreciate you sharing it here with me/us. There is no requirement that we all agree and share the same perspective, as I can only speak from mine, not the entire race obviously. I welcome every point of view and hope others feel comfortable enough to share it here as well. All points of view are justified and welcomed.

Thank you for yours.
Much love & respect!

why is the forum overrun by troll accounts and/or seeded scripted agendas? i've seen this happening in most posts for 4 weeks now.

Wait, were you implying I am the troll? lol... ok whatever...

#17 Re: English Forum » Petitioning the 5D Federation & Federations above them! UPDATED » 2022-09-03 03:35:33

Hi Manifest girl, I am sorry but I cannot stand by why you attempt to petition the Federation to make action on our behalf. This isn't personal, I do actually believe your actions are honorable by intention but you do not represent collective Earth. Not everyone, even in this forums from what I have read over time, wants the Federation interfering with human affairs on earth. The level of manipulation we as a species and a society has had to deal with over time from the Federation already up until this point in our history is unacceptable and I refuse to encourage or support their continued medallings in our human society.


Dear Federation, as a participant in this 2022 Earth based third-density reality, I demand that you withdraw yourselves and all your direct members and representatives from this earth based reality and refrain yourselves from any continued interference within this human experience. As far as I am concerned you are a corrupt self-serving organization that doesn't represent the true will and well-being of the inhabitants of this planet. Your actions over time have only contributed to that hardships and suffering in this world, empowering those who's motives and desires speak directly for the darkest and most hideous aspects of the human spirit.

I personally do not recognize you as a valid authority. You do not represent me nor do I request or desire to permit any interaction and contribution from your presence and short sighted self-centered manipulations of this world on my behalf or my supposed benefit.

I consider myself an independent spiritual being with full self-responsibility and capability to solve my own problems. I do not require and absolutely refuse to allow any organization or collection of beings, especially those outside of the scope of this 3rd density reality to act on my behalf and make self-justified actions to apparently support the spiritual will of my high-level self. I am more then capable of speaking and acting on my own behalf.

I believe humanity is more then capable of standing on its own feet so to speak and can and would thrive in the long run despite your sustained manipulations of our world. Without you I believe we would only accelerate the repair, growth and enlightenment of our human society. I realise it won't be easy, especially with the social structures and mental manipulations of our human brothers and sisters, for where we continue to empower these dark attributions on earth through our ignorance and fears. Despite that though, you the Federation are not just unnecessary, you represent a parasitical spiritual blight on human existence and we would all be better of without you, at-least in our current state up until we as a collective society can make our own independent steps towards approaching you and your representatives as a new member of the galactic society and beyond.

Therefore personally, I demand you remove yourself from your continued medalling of human affairs and operate in line with your supposedly high-spiritual laws of non-interference that your organization and members of claim to operate by.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Moffat (Dablin)

#18 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-09-03 02:54:35

07wideeyes wrote:

Yes, Mitkobs, I'm with you on this. Here is my experience of eating meat. I had been vegetarian for about 4 years when a friend of mine, whose birthday falls on the same day as mine, said we should go to a restaurant together to celebrate. This was several decades ago, when vegetarian food was less common on the menu. This friend said that the Chinese restaurant served plenty of vegetarian food but I didn't really believe him, since he spent a lot of the time stoned.

Sure enough, the waiter looked very puzzled at the idea of a vegetarian Chinese meal. Anyhow, I had come mentally prepared for this situation, and ordered a large piece of duck. It seemed to have a very heavy vibe about it. The shock was the next day, however. I woke up feeling extremely aggressive, and felt like going out into the street and just killing someone randomly. Literally. I was a bit frightened by this feeling. It was amazing that it was released by that meal of duck - the frequency effect, as I might call it today. So meat's not for me..... A purely non-animal diet plays havoc with my intestines, so I eat a little dairy produce. So yes, each needs to examine honestly their needs, but I feel that, for several reasons, keeping away from eating animals is preferable.

I could add that I have a soft spot - which is a more heart way of saying I resonate - for Swaruu of Erra, who introduced the vegan ideas. She had a somewhat ascetic attitude, which I can relate to, and which I have a love-hate relationship with in my life (it used to create emotional conflict, not really nowadays)

lol, wait; you eat some meat and suddenly got the impulse to kill someone on the street? Yeah, I think that speaks more of you then the food. Anyone with any self-control isn't affected by most of anything like that. Disregarding all the energetic properties of some foods such as meat for this conversation, I don't see people I know that eat meat and play violent video games, and watch violent movies etc thinking about killing/hurting people or walking around like angry zombies.

#19 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-09-01 15:22:19

microvirus6 wrote:

SannaV- I got vaccinated before reading Swaruu material and the like. My first and second shot were both at the top of the list for toxicity when I looked (on the website I was scared for a while it was going to kill me, one time having a panic attack when strange sounds and sensations seemed to be beamed into my head, not allowing me to fall asleep for 60 hours. At the time, I thought the nanobots were getting activated and my death was imminent.

HOWEVER, I got through that, and now I'm doing better than I ever have in my life, on all fronts. I feel very connected, to nature, to my higher self, everything. I do regret getting the vax obviously, and strongly advise others not to get it. BUT I am at least one example that you can survive and thrive even after getting the damn shots. For me at least, the "disconnecting from Source" thing is simply not true. I'm unlocking more insights and abilities now than ever.

Consider the power of your beliefs. Consider the power of your consciousness. If you BELIEVE you are becoming disconnected from Source, more and more every day, and there is nothing you can do about it... your mind IS powerful enough to give you that experience, regardless of whatever is truly going on with you physiologically. Change your beliefs and you will change your experience. And for the record, there's no choice you can make in an incarnation that will invalidate who and what you are: an eternal part of Source itself.

That is great to hear microvirus. I really respect the attitude you have managed to hold despite the experience and fear of being vaccinated. Personally I am not, because of information I found on websites such as these forums and others. I have always been a little skeptical of the vaccine and was never going to rush in it so when it came out I was just willing to wait and see how things panned out first. Well, and then the potential dangers and effects of it started to become apparent and I was even less inclined to get vaccinated up until earlier this year where I refused to be for work and lost my job as a result.

It was a rather easy decision for me. Selfish to a degree. I am single without family responsibilities with no one else depending on me or having to directly face the consequences of my decisions. Others I know, including family who did get vaccinated did so for various reasons but usually involving more self-less motives; ie. to apparently help minimise the spread of the virus to their family and friends; or to remain employed so they can continue to support those they care for.

Everyone I know who got vaccinated believed the propaganda and did so because of the perceived benefit to their family and community. Their actions were selfless acts that I greatly respect. It is unfortunate that they were fooled and many of the vaccinated will suffer health consequences for doing so. Being unvacinnated I don't feel like a heroe, or someone that was strong and able to resist the propaganda of the authorities to push the C19 agenda. In many ways it was a selfish act because I greatly believed the vaccine was a trap and would hurt me so I avoided it like the plague; despite the fact that there was always the small possibility I could be wrong and potentially spread a contagious disease to others around me.

The true heroes in this situation are the ones of did what they felt was necessary to help those that they care for, placing themselves (even if unknowingly) within harms way in an attempt to do so. Much like you microvirus, I have seen the continued humanity in many of the vaccinated. They haven't all become mindless drones becoming part of some global borg matrix. Within all this continued hardship occurring within society within this early 21st century, this vaccine has only added to it for many people but they continue making great strides in trying to live their lives regardless. Like a wounded soldier, they know they have responsibilities so they continue despite everything that keeps getting thrown at them.

They all have nothing but my respect for that as they show great strength where they can continue to be good people regardless of the deceit and potential injuries they received by just trying to do the right thing and believing the people they had elected into positions of authority around them were actually honorable and cared for their well-being. I cannot fault people for that. The level of deception in this world is terrible. I feel ashamed to be a spiritual being that could have somehow contributed to the construction of such a reality. I always wonder how such a reality could benefit anybody. Surely we could have placed our combined efforts to a more constructive universe then one that pits life against life and promotes situations where beings can be deceived, exploited and destroyed for such trivial reasons as profit and power.

Much like in many respects, remaining unvacinnated has only added slightly to that feeling of being an outsider to the majority of the earths population. They are playing life on the hardest difficulty, where I somehow managed to see the game and sitestep the challenge. I wouldn't have it any other way for myself though, but it is what it is.

#20 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2022-08-21 01:55:29

An Ambassador? Sure mate. Man I'm getting sick and tired of people claiming they represent earth in some space based diplomacy. The fact that most of the earths people aren't even aware of the fact the federation and other space based extra-terrestrial organizations supposedly exist completely negates your ability to represent anybody on this planet for any reason especially interplanetary affairs. You sure as hell don't represent me. I never gave you that authority, and if you think you have it, well I revoke it right here, right now.

You may have communication with Swaruu, but if you are claiming some form of diplomatic authority in representation of earth because of it then have truly been missing the point behind all her information; which greatly encourages self-responsibility, tolerance, understanding and in many respects non-interference (to our fellow human beings on earth).

I am sorry to be so blunt here. This isn't a personal attack. You just need to understand your place, and people such as yourself need to stop claiming you represent humanity as some form of ambassador. This crap has been happening ever since ET contacts have been recorded and makes no sense in a planetary society that is manipulated and prevented from being able to understand the reality they live in and the existence of life outside of the boundaries of earth.

* an ambassador is an official envoy, especially a high-ranking diplomat who represents a state and is usually accredited to another sovereign state or to an international organization as the resident representative of their own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment.
* an official envoy especially : a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment
* an authorized representative or messenger

#21 Re: English Forum » A few questions - I'm new =) » 2022-08-15 02:51:34

Hi Inaru de Caona,

Welcome to these forums.

For question 5. I recommend as you have yourself stated to watch from the oldest to the newest videos. The subjects are a bit random but some videos are iterative and in a sense reference back to information already provided in earlier videos; especially those in a direct series. It is also worth noting that some videos have been banned/deleted off of youtube and are only available elsewhere like within Cosmic Agencys' Odysee channel instead.

#22 Re: English Forum » Cosmic Agency - Youtube, Odysee and Transcripts Overview » 2022-07-29 15:37:18

Oh ok. I understand. With that in mind I guess YT eradicated the video before Odysee had a chance to retrieve it.

#23 Re: English Forum » Cosmic Agency - Youtube, Odysee and Transcripts Overview » 2022-07-29 14:45:16

Regarding video # 70 as per the Table of Contents section of the transcripts page on this website: titled "What do Taygetan Pleiadians have to say about Corona virus? (DELETED BY YOUTUBE)";

Is there a reason this video isn't available on Odysee? Going by the transcript it doesn't appear to have been a long video but as its title implies it was deleted by youtube I assumed it was a video at one point. As far as I can tell, other videos removed by youtube are still available on Odysee.

#24 Re: English Forum » Turning this contact into a book » 2022-07-29 10:14:41

DarkOwl wrote:


I was thinking more in terms of the hyperlinks and the three dimensional map they create. They are a great learning tool and there are literally thousands of pathways one could take through the material. There are a galaxy of data points to explore. I'd love to see Cosmic Agency mapped out like that.

Its pretty much what I'm doing locally for myself. I'm using an application called SiYuan, its very similiar to Obsidian or Notion, which are markdown enabled wiki-type note/info management software. It supports html, markdown, links, backlinks, tags and mentions. There is even a graph system that visualises the links between the information, very much like a mind mapping preview.

Currently entering in all the transcripts into it which is actually quite time consuming in itself, which I'll then all link together based on major subjects, tags and keywords within the text. I was aiming for a local wiki-type system on steriods to try and tie all this information together to allow it to be approached via relationships and from any direction.

This is all to allow me to understand all this Taygetan information more thoroughly and to allow myself to also connect that to other third party information from other sources for further relationships for a better understanding of shared facts and contradictions between them.

#25 Re: English Forum » What do you guys think? NodeBB » 2022-07-28 22:11:48

I believe the pricing is for hosting. NodeBB is also open source, can be downloaded from GitHub and installed manually by those with the web skills to do so. Regarding the security aspects though, I am not an aspect on NodeJS; also not defending it; but find me a language, web-service or operating system that is 100% secure? I run Linux on my computer, I also have a Linux operated website. Anyone who knows anything about IT knows that security is a proactive exercise that requires constant vigilance. The choice of a programming/scripting language or web platform will never provide you "security" by default.

Though I am sure there could be a case against NodeJS in particular, but the same could be said of JavaScript and PHP if you really want to go down that rabbit hole. They are also the founding languages of almost the entire public web infrastructure, so good luck avoiding them.

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