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#1 French Forum » Extraterrestres au Kremlin » 2022-05-25 21:14:56

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Voir la vidéo.
Ils ont l'air vrai. Dur à savoir si c'est le cas.
J'aimerais bien avoir l'avis des Taygetains là-dessus.
Au moins, si ce n'est pas des vrais, ressemblent-ils vraiment à une race d'extraterrestres?  Si oui, laquelle?  Et d'où viennent-ils?

Qu'en pensez-vous ?


#2 English Forum » Extraterrestrials in the Kremlin » 2022-05-25 21:10:34

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Look at the video.
It would be nice to have our Taygetan friends opinion on this video... real or not, are they looking like real ones? If yes, which race?  From where?

What do you think?
They look kind of real. Always difficult to know.


#3 French Forum » La Source, Swaruu, Dieu et l'Apocalypse » 2022-05-24 18:09:51

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Voici un petit exercice d'intégration qui me trotte dans la tête depuis quelques jours:

Fondamentalement, la Source est tout, elle est infinie et éternelle.
Pour savoir que l'on existe, ça nous prend "l'autre". Car si nous sommes seuls et nous sommes tout, il n'y a rien pour nous différencier, donc nous sommes ultimement... rien.  On pourrait dire que c'est le paradoxe de l'Alpha et l'Oméga. On est tout et rien en même temps.

La Source a donc créé un observateur, pour s'observer elle-même... elle a créé "l'autre".

Swaruu expliquait que nous sommes issus de la Source,
que nous sommes la source elle-même,
et plus précisément, un point de vue unique de la source vivant des expériences.

St-Jean disait au début de son Évangile (j'ai changé "Verbe" pour "Logos", mot utilisé dans la version originale en grec):

"Au commencement était le Logos, et le Logos était en Dieu, et le Logos était Dieu."

Changez maintenant Logos par point de vue, et Dieu par la Source:
"Au commencement était un point de vue, et le point de vue était dans la Source, et le point de vue était la Source."
"Au commencement était une conscience, et cette conscience était dans la Source, et cette conscience était la Source."
"Au commencement était une âme, et cette âme était dans la Source, et cette âme était la Source."

Même si ces textes sont lucifériens d'origine, ils ne peuvent jamais s'empêcher de nous dire des bribes de vérité.

De Swaruu elle-même, nous connaissons différents points de vue, c'est-à-dire Sophia, Athena, Minerva et Swaruu de Erra, qui sont différents points de vue de la "source nommé ici Swaruu" qu'on peut aussi appelé son âme. Son âme étant elle aussi un point de vue unique d'une autre âme, une sur-âme, qui elle est plus grande encore, et qui inclut plusieurs autres âmes, et ainsi de suite.

Lucifer lui-même, nous dit dans ces textes sacrés, que Dieu a permis à Lucifer de régner sur la Terre pour un temps.
Mais comme nous sommes la Source, ou Dieu, nous devrions lire que notre âme ou notre sur-âme a choisi de vivre l'expérience du bien et du mal, de la dualité. Et comme Swaruu nous l'a confirmé, cette dualité du bien et du mal est unique à la Terre, dans notre galaxie.

Ce qui amène à aujourd'hui, à notre apocalypse, ou à notre période de révélation, qui nous révèle que nous sommes les créateurs de cette expérience infernale et qu'il n'en tient qu'à nous de nous en sortir... ce que Swaruu nous a d'ailleurs répété sans cesse.

"Au commencement était une âme, et cette âme était dans la Source, et cette âme était la Source. Cette âme voulait apprendre à se connaître. Elle choisit une expérience qui susciterait chez elle de développer son courage, sa persévérance et son intelligence. Elle se plaça donc dans des conditions extrêmes, pour explorer ses limites et apprendre comment les dépasser, et ainsi, mieux connaître sa nature infinie et éternelle."

À nous de jouer !

#5 Re: English Forum » Starlink Satellites. Athena Swaruu Informs of her Findings. » 2022-03-08 23:25:39

I agree with Happy, the crashes are not organic. There are all exactly the same. They disappear at the exact same place in the sky, with the same three dots of smoke.  In fact, this video (, thanks to Greta for sharing, is a proof of the scam, in my opinion of course. This a projection in the sky or a CGI video.

If I may, I would like to add these two pictures, one from this video ( where we see starlink satellites in lines, and the second where we see the starlink satellites in the sky from this site ( … th=3&day=8). Clearly something doesn't add up, in one photo, the satellites are in line and in the other, the satellites are dispersed almost randomly.  I just don't know what to think for now.  The starlink internet is real and it gives internet for people that live far away from the big cities, so, there is something out there that gives internet.  Could it be a Tesla technology that uses the earth to send frequencies and electricity?  Thanks Athena for bringing that conspiracy to us, it is fascinating.

#6 Re: English Forum » Is Putin Fighting Deep State/Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi » 2022-03-05 20:50:31

Anyone who does politics and/or big business has to be related in some way to the Deep State.
The Deep state is everywhere.
So, all White Hats are related to the Deep State in a way. They have no choice.
They fight the enemy on its territory. They are among them.
What I understand is that the White Hats are like double agents and they play the Deep State game, but derail their plans, or realign their plans toward a more positive result.
Remember, nothing is perfect, and when you decide to purge a satanic group from the Earth, it is never pretty and you are going to get your hands dirty.

About Q : Good or Bad ?
I would say, just check the actions and the results (impact):
- People awaken about the Deep state, Pedophilia, Human trafficking, Adrenochrome... around the world
- People hold the line and stay peaceful... around the world
- It created an army of digital warrior to fight back against the fake news/mass media
- This one is less obvious but I can tell that people listen more to their intuition. They are more open to the magic of life. Because Q is cryptic and it makes you think and imagine, it is like there is something magic about it. A lot of people are now interested in geomatria for example.

In the end, Q is clearly mostly White Hats, and the White Hats uses the Deep state agencies to advance their project. I'm sure a part of NSA is Deep State, but a part of it is also White Hats.

Finally, don't believe anything, don't trust anyone.
Believe only in yourself, nothing else.
Trust only yourself, no one else.
It doesn't mean to live in eternal doubts and distrust, just don't give your power away.

#7 Re: English Forum » The Cosmic Agency Reunion Party June 21st 2022! » 2022-03-05 16:45:17

As time doesn't exist, I'm already there and I'm having so much fun :-)
Thanks for the organization
So much fun and so much love !

By the way, Dhor Khalel is driving us around the block to have a better look at the Moon and the Earth. Just came back from it, that was awesome.
Also, the Swaruus are on fire on the dance floor, with their new move: "the Multidimensional Shuffle". This is crazy, Yahzy makes a move, disappears and reappears on the side of the floor. She's having a good time making people jump when she's reappearing.
Who's gonna be the Queen and the King of the party... not decided yet. Still voting.
Anéeka is making an impression dancing with her Light Up Flashing LED Sneakers.
Sooner, Suriko and Yahzy were doing a demonstration of their samuraï skills with their beloved kanata. Impressive !
boom booM boOM BoOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, the volume has just been cranked up... Alenyn allowed it :-)
"Pump up the jam, Pump it up, While your feet are stomping.... "
Maaannn, I need a beer... It's a good thing Rachel thought of bringing some non alcoholic IPA, ice cold... now I'm happy! :-)
I'm watching the stars by the hanger's translucid door and I'm thinking "Isn't it the best party ever!  I don't think I'm gonna go back to Earth, but having lived there for a while, makes me appreciate life so much more."

Oh, hey, Anéeka !  Please show me the Star Seeds room. She said: "Later tonight, we organized a visit for you all." I'm so looking forward to seeing Gosia and Mathias, looking at themselves in the pods. Priceless... hummmm... but there is no money over here, so everything is priceless, that's how valuable everything is, here. ;-)

I'm in front of the Suzy ship. "Hi Suzy, could you let me in for a little visit? I'm friend with the Swaruus  ;-)."  The door is opening. I think she likes me. While I'm sitting on the driver's seat, I see Roberto untie his hair, grap his guitar, and begin to sing "Living La Vida Loca". Maannn, the party is on! We have so much fun, I wish you were here.

#8 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-02-13 14:25:07


The number pi has never-ending decimals.
It is calculated like this :   pi = (Circumference/ Diameter) =~ 3.14159 =~22/7

Here is the first 100 decimals :
3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 7067
On Earth, there is not much to know about the pi number, except for the mathematical uses.
It is an open question, so what can you tell us about this number? What are the implications and meanings of its never-ending decimals?  Is pi telling us something about how the universe is constructed?  What laws of the universe are reflected in the pi number? What the Taygetans Science can tell teach us about the pi number?

Thank you for your time and dedication

#9 English Forum » SEEING BOTH SIDES OF THE TRUCKERS CONVOY » 2022-02-05 01:28:47

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The situation in Canada is bad, very bad, tyranny everywhere. The Canadians have been so conditioned to believe in the government and be nice all the time, that it is painful to watch.

But for once, Canadians are beginning to wake up. The truckers convoy is contagious and it's bringing unity in all the country, something we never had. If it was a psyop, the results seem contrary of what they wanted. Of course, there is going to be shortages, but it needs to affect people in their personal life if we want to wake them up. Before the convoy, I knew we were screwed. The convoy is a chance, an opportunity for the people to manifest and have an impact, ALL TOGETHER. Canada is already reborn. I see very well the limitations of the convoy, but still, I think it has more of a positive impact than negative.

I'm sure the convoy were planned. It just makes no sense to force a mandate specifically on the truckers, they are alone most of the time in their trucks. They wanted this reaction and they probably encouraged it. But my feeling is that they just roll out their plans, as they were established initially, hoping it is going to work. But nothing worked as planned. They are improvising but still follow their script in a way.

An example of the plan not going as they planned, is the vaccination roll out. Trump screwed their plan with the Operation Warp Speed (see image from the Dept of Defense below). Instead of keeping us in lockdowns and in fear for 6 years before they release the vaccines, Trump brought the vaccines after only one year. In 6 years, they would have destroyed everything. The Cabale had to adjust their plans.

Also, remember Hillary Clinton, they were sure she would win, but Trump happened. We also all know now about that Biden is not in the White House. We also all know the Democrats has been caught cheating at the election. But nothing is out yet, I mean "really out".

The supposed patriots say to us : "hold the line, wait for it". It is not good because we let our power in their hands. But it is good because people are not violent. The also say "Enjoy the movie"... it is not a movie, it is war, and they are coming for our souls.

Also, we want to change the world and stop the luciferian agenda, but the Cabale also want to change the world, to enslave us forever. We both want to change everything, so it is a little bit confusing who's doing what exactly.

Whatever happens with the convoys, if we win, then... WE WIN !   But if the convoys get rerouted for an evil agenda, people will just go mad all around the world. I think the convoys are bringing hope, unity and a sense of what we can do all together. The convoys brought something we never felt before. I know it is a war, we lost a lot, but I think we are on the winning side of the timeline. I think the truckers convoys are a mistake from the Cabale. It is up to us to stay on the positive timeline.

Tara, in front of the parliament of Canada last weekend, said this:
If you could just feel the love that was here, you wouldn't feel the fear anymore.
Listen to her here :


#10 Re: English Forum » Gosia - Minerva picture : Real? » 2022-01-25 17:03:47

Gosia's answer from Telegram:
This is not exactly her face, only representation. And from Swaruu 10 onward they start to look a bit different because they are not exact clones, their soul chooses to express itself in a slightly different way, even though still recognizable as Swaruu line. And also it depends on the experiences and personality. So they all look slightly different: Athena, Minerva, and Yazhi..  even though Yazhi is the one the most similar to Swaruu 9.

#12 English Forum » Gosia - Minerva picture : Real? » 2022-01-25 15:55:21

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Hi Gosia,

Was the Minerva picture in the yesterday's video real (her real face)? (video about silicon)
If yes, how come the swaruus doesn't look the same ?  I thought they would.


#13 Re: English Forum » Predictions for 2022 » 2022-01-03 23:07:19

- The Cabal members that have still some power, will throw everything they have in order to keep that power. But they will all surrender in a way or an other.
- It is the first reconstruction year. We will have a temporarily lack of everything, food, internet, money, stuff... It will be challenging for everyone.
- Things will not go well all the time. New process, new business..., will some times fail because we are learning new things (we have to integrate a new paradigm).
- Just before the first of January, the Allies got big victories in Quebec and France (children were saved).
- France has a lot of satanic spots, but the clean-up is ongoing. In my vision, a man that felt like a good king that loves his people, came to me and told me that he is helping to clean France's energetic mess. I felt he has some kind of a christic lineage.
- The first quarter of the year will be a big mess, but in April, some places before April, things are turning around, and gradually we will begin to see a new world, a good one, to build.
- A new economic system is ready to be launched. It is based on a new technology.
- The USA begins to turn things around during the first quarter, and the rest of the world will follow. Before, I felt the American army was always waiting for the right time to do what they do. Now, I feel they are more focus on a predetermined agenda. The red carpet will be rolled.
- Big revelations will occur in the first quarter. It's going to blow everyone's mind. It is always related to children in some way.
- It is the revelations about the children that will wake people up, all around the world.
- I feel the divine feminine manifesting more and more. Women will manifest, the more the better.  Men too, but women will trigger something positive in the timeline. Also, a lot of healing will be needed in the families and friends.
- I don't see a war. I feel like the war is already won by the good guys. It is more of a cleaning process, and when one shovel the smelly stuff, it is not fun.
- I feel the timeline is well set in the right direction, but it is going to be easier or tougher depending on how we will act and manifest ourselves saying things like "I DO NOT CONSENT!".
- I really feel the Cabale made a big mistake by adding restrictions during the holidays. It triggered something in the sleepy ones mind. They begin to see something is fishy, and they are not happy.

It is time for humanity to draw a line in the sand and say
And then bring new ideas on the table and fight for them.

We are not dead, but yet we need to resurrect !

#14 Re: English Forum » Question for Aneeka, Athena, Yazhi, and Taygetans » 2021-12-30 17:15:25

Great answers, and I'm adding that this contact we all have with the Swaruus and Aneéka, if there is one thing to remember, is that this contact learned us that we have to go inside and learn to trust our inner wisdom and our intuition. And I know, I'm in the same learning process, for example, since I'm a kid, I want to be in contact with people from other planets and be an intermediate between them and humanity. I know it is strange, but it always was, and is, my dream job to have. But what I learned from the Taygetans, is that I'm probably a Star Seed or something like that, but, in 3D, I will never be sure 100%. So, I don't want to take myself too seriously, then my position today is : "I continue to do what I do well and what I love to do, and I enjoy the ride". It is not always easy, but it is easier and easier, the more I let go of my attachments of being a star seed, or any attachments I can think of. "Just enjoy the ride !"  I repeat that to myself all the time since I integrated what the Taygetans says. And I say "integrated" because I thought about it and I think it makes sense, it resonates with me.

For the moment, my conclusion is : if I feel I am a star seed, it is because I have similar interests with what I think a star seed do. So, it doesn't mean I'm a star seed, it just means that I resonate with the star seed frequency. Maybe I already did that, maybe I'm doing it right now and maybe I'll do it in a future live, because it is where I put my attention and intentions.

Thanks for your question

#15 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-11-28 20:25:29

Bonjour Cosmic Agency Team,
Here’s some questions/suggestions :

If you look at the actors in the recent movies, you’ll notice that the usual “big actors” are not working anymore. They are all replaced by less known actors. What is happening? Have they been processed by the good Alliance?
Or have they been hiding in the D.U.M.B.s?
Or have they migrated to Venus? Or…
What do our Taygetan friends know about this?

A suggestion:  it would be great to have a weekly or monthly  galactic news show where Aneéka gives us some of the more important events in space. I know she said that, for her, it is like talking about the weather, but for us, it is all discoveries, it gives us a sense of what is going on, and it will help us to integrate and understand this new reality. It could also wake up our galactic memories (previous lives) as we probably all come from somewhere out there.

A lot of people have filmed UFOs flying on the moon... if the moon, as we see it from earth, is a hologram, does it mean that they included UFO sighting in the projection, to fool us even more? What is going on here?  Is the hologram projection so close of the real moon that we see UFOs that are maneuvering on the real moon, through the hologram?

Yahzi or Aneéka talked about the presence of the Cabale in the Federation. I would like to kick their luciferian derrières, and I’m sure a lot of the audience here would join me doing so, but they are kind of far away. So, what if we use psychic fighting. Yahzi talked about using a katana sword to fight demons with our minds. I like that. I already do that. What about we all grab our psychic kanata sword and kick the luciferian out of our lives. Can Yahzi elaborate on this and I hope she’ll give us some psychic tricks. She was Joan of Arc, so she knows about fighting.  Imagine thousands of listeners here fighting psychically the Cabale in the federation, with a good plan, I think we can do something.

It would be great to have the Aneéka’s medical opinion on the effect of alcohol on the body (physical and etheric). I heard that, when under the alcohol influence, even with a small quantity, the body becomes like a portal for demons to come in as they wish. I also heard that, even when we drink a small quantity of alcohol, it stops an important energetic cycle that the body have to stay healthy.

Thank you

#16 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-10-31 17:49:20


Lately, you talked about time going faster on earth in comparison with the planets orbiting the Taygeta sun.
I also understood, from what you said, that the time acceleration was due to a decrease in consciousness on earth, or something like that.

Is the consciousness decrease generated by the people who got the payaya shot?  I remember you said that the shot is disconnecting people from their soul, or the source, so, the more we go forward in time, the more the consciousness should decrease as injected people get disconnected gradually.

I assume also that, since humanity get challenged, their is a part of humanity that is also awakening. Then, I guess the sum of it all gives a decrease in consciousness.

Maybe a revelation about the depopulation plan will awaken the injected in a near future, and reverse the time acceleration.

I would appreciate to learn more about that subject.

Thanks for your time and your dedication.

#17 Re: French Forum » Jeanne d'Arc » 2021-08-13 02:31:58


Swaruu ne cesse de nous étonner.
Je ne savais pas qu'elle était Jeanne-D'Arc.

Il y a un bon bout de temps de cela, j'avais plusieurs amis qui étaient, ce qu'on pourrait appeler, "des initiés", et je me souviens que l'un d'eux m'avait dit que Jeanne-D'Arc s'était échappée et que c'était quelqu'un d'autre qui avait pris sa place sur le bûcher.

J'imagine que Swaruu tenait à sauver la France pour que le futur de l'humanité soit meilleur (meilleur timeline).

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