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#1 Re: English Forum » How the Cabal Maintains Their Power and How to Defeat Them... » 2021-10-06 03:56:06

Robert369 wrote:

Nicely written article, thanks for sharing.

I just like to add that "implied consent" doesn't exist in "Natural Law" but as written in the article bases on abusive regressive "law" patterns only, especially since this "consent" normally is achieved after mind-control and deception, and thus people were actively made unaware of the situation. Thus, they apply the "Law of Free Will" incorrectly, aka in the manner that we see the lower GF doing it to justify their criminal actions agains Humanity.

Thus, to be fully free we need to be aware that all those correctly listed fake-laws were introduced to subdue and manipulate Humanity (but also beyond Earth) at will, while making things look sufficiently "legally correct" on the surface as to fool not only Humans but even many ETs in their oh-so-advanced "Holographic Councils" of the GF, which are everything but holographic but operate via a pyramidal set of councils that exactly resembles regressive structures, and by that allows the same abuse that we see on Earth out there in Space.

This being said: A crime against the people will always be a crime, no matter if a seeming consent was given. And now the time has come to teach those criminals that their fake-law excuses will not protect them from the consequences of their actions, because no matter how many excuses they bring on the table, one thing in undeniable:

Everyone is responsible for one's action at any given time, and the amount of liability depends on the involvement. And being mind-controlled and deceived obviously puts the blame mostly on the manipulators, while leaving only a miniscule "guilt" on the party who unknowingly (and most often even unwillingly) served another's crimes.

This post is surprisingly well-articulated and on the spot.

If subconscious consent is being treated as having the same weight as full consent, yet there are obvious and distinct differences, and also a veil, between the subconscious and the conscious parts of the Self, the fallacious implication that subconscious consent, or lack of conscious protest, implies consent, is absurd.

Yet, somehow, this is how it's being carried over, apparently, by the GF and other ET forces in regards to humankind.

#2 Re: English Forum » IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS » 2021-10-06 03:53:15

Wouldn't it be amusing if the so-called negative actions were the very cause of their undoing?

#3 Re: English Forum » My understanding of Yazhi » 2021-09-29 18:48:24

Genoveva wrote:
WXMM wrote:

Synchronization unifies one's own sense of freedom and the infinity of the source. We are both in the source and creating the source.

Does it mean that if we don't exist, the Source doesn't exist?

Non-existence implies zero movement, zero time, zero exchange, although a non-zero friction/tension.

#4 Re: English Forum » Declaration of my Direct Challenge to Yazhy-Swaruu! » 2021-09-28 04:34:07

RoadtoSamadhi wrote:
Ymarsakar wrote:

There is no hope for people who try to control content creators online. That is not unification. It is clowns ia controlled disinfo ops.

No buddy there is no hope for support of CIA controlled asset clowns like Elena DeNaan , Law of One , and Dr Salla. 

Do you listen to Charlie ward too

Why you and crystal dragon get so absolutely butthurt I keep bringing this up? Cause I will; because I know you are part of Luk’s circle.

Such an assertion is very interesting from my POV.

Could you elaborate more on why do you think Law of One is a CIA controlled asset?

#5 Re: English Forum » What are YOU doing to improve the situation? » 2021-09-28 01:41:06

Democracy or Republic are corrupted sociopolitical systems.

The answer lies in education. Make the educational system harmonic/holographic and you can literally change humankind's society in a couple of generations.

#7 Re: English Forum » Vaccines Being Used As Distraction » 2021-09-24 23:06:12

If what you allege is correct, then there is no choice whatsoever, so nothing to concern oneself about. If one's volition is taken away, can one say there is a responsibility to the outcome by the person stripped out of their free will?

#8 Re: English Forum » Is everything really variable? » 2021-09-17 23:35:20

Genoveva wrote:

While reading through the debate, it just occured to me that many traditions talk about duality and about trinity.I wonder if it has anything to do with the 3d density.

Then, there is the mystery of tge pyramids, which draw attention to number '4'.

Would it make sense to infer that 4d may have built in their world model, and in the same time tailored through their perspective, recurring themes of zero to five?

To put it in quasi-mathematical expression, 'n'D beings perceive '0' to 'n' dimensions, and the ascension graduation test would imply the integration of ('n'+'1')th aspect in their 'reality'.

Apologies for the mind bender ?

In the same time, though, this abstract mind bender may creatively project a light on the meaning of beauty, too.

What do you think? Does it make sense to y'all? If the answer is yes, then the next question is:  would it reflect on the number of chakras of the beings from the 'n' D realm?


You are right Genoveva. Pyramids are nothing more than a square in aerial view. Its diagonal cross-center functions like a singularity that expands/condenses energy from within/without.

In 4D time is a landscape, not linear. In 5D time is three-dimensional, spheric.

You are right in the sense of 4D beings do speculate and try to 'render' their perception in regards to other densities, but not limited to immediately (n+1) density level in regards to base-n level, as you put it.

Integration towards what you termed 'ascension graduation test' does not necessarily imply an integration only of (n+1)th aspect of their reality base level, because technically graduation from density 'n' implies a certain threshold consciousness level of dominion of density 'n'. In other words, the test of 3rd grade applies concepts relative to 3rd grade, including biases relative to this particular grade that may or may not be transcended in latter grades.

However, it may serve you best to understand principles from all densities in order to not only perfect your graduation is this density, but also to enhance your evolutionary path overall.

An example of this may be termed the bias towards social integration/interaction that may render the individual purposefully unbalanced in 3rd density, in order to polarize towards a path of evolution to beyond 3D, choosing between either outwards/inwards radiation or solely inwards radiation of existence.

This bias will ultimately be dissolved in the latter densities of this octave when Oneness is integrated in more complex/simpler terms; though this very bias may be seen as the salvation from the maelstrom of 3D.

Also, your apologies, although accepted, are unnecessary, in this particular context; not because they come from a place of sincerity, but because the desire to fit in the human society is folly. It stems from an energetic imbalance within that derives from the perception of rejection/separation, and the yearning/striving to attain wholeness. You are already perfect and whole. This matrix system is trying to convince you otherwise.

Since you mentioned graduation, this is a central aspect of the 3D test: to be able to find wholeness and Unity within, in spite of this matrix mirrors showing you the distorted illusions of what is not as being what is.

As for the number of chakras, that primarily depends on what numerical system you're basing your calculations on.

If it's an octave (8-interval-based) approach, this should be the standard parameter of numerical-fractal analysis.
So, in this context, human bodies would have 7 major energy centers within a major octave, like the musical notes. The eighth chakra would correspond to the first chakra of the next octave.

There are other numerical approaches you may use to mathematically calculate things.

The book Bringers of the Dawn mention a 12 and a 13-based system;
Law of One's Ra uses an 8-based system;
The Casiopea (later renamed Cassiopaeans) group uses a 7-based system;
Swaruu team mentions 12-based mathematics as being the true mathematical system;

This seemingly controversial information overload from multiple sources is deliberate and has the intent to make you think and exercise your discernment.

You may use any system that you wish, though consistency (especially in Earth's 3D) is paramount: if you bounce back and forth in-between different systems, chances are that this attitude will lead to walking around in circles, dispersing cognitive energy.

Finally, considering a 12-based numerical system (since it's the one enforced by the Swaruu team), technically every density being would have 12 major energy centers, relative to each density level.

#9 Re: English Forum » Your perception of time is fabricated » 2021-09-17 00:56:01

You missed the point and seem to be also enclosed within your own set of fixed ideas. Your input is also appreciated.

#10 Re: English Forum » YOU AS THINKING SELF ARE NOT THE SOURCE » 2021-09-17 00:51:54

It's pointless to try and argue with a closed mind. Have fun.

#11 Re: English Forum » YOU AS THINKING SELF ARE NOT THE SOURCE » 2021-09-16 22:20:58

Technically, observation methods all imply a gravitational influence in relation to the situation being studied, even if this influence is by thought.

However, geometric and mathematical concepts actually can theoretically and abstractly define what logically may be unfathomable.

However, since we cannot directly access Source through ideation or creative, imaginative, or perceptual-cognitive thought...

Beware of absolute truths and intransigences.

As Swaruu said, you are limited only by the belief that you're limited.

#12 Re: English Forum » Your perception of time is fabricated » 2021-09-16 22:16:28

Hello Robert369. Your input is appreciated.

Other explanations include the relative percentage of life lived, which would influence how the person views a certain timelapse, and so on.

Technically, though, it's not a theory. Just get a metronome and check for yourself, if you wish.

The numbers, in this specific context, are arbitrary and meaningless. Mainstream rationalizations as to why the perception of time is altered isn't quite the focus of the OP, in this particular context.

#13 Re: English Forum » What would happen in the Matrix collapsed without... » 2021-09-16 20:29:44

The lunar matrix hologram system runs in a binary environment/system.

There are methods to protect/hack binary systems, considering their cryptographic coding.

That binary system oscillates at a very fast rate, alternating zeros and ones in certain parts of its code.
These parts have correspondences with hexadecimal, octal, and decimal-based number systems in an alternating way, so that the same decimal number is transduced into different digits.
E.g.: 8 in both decimal and hexadecimal base equals the digit eight, though in octal base it is displayed as ten.

Also, the storage system in the lunar matrix is limited.

The so-called Red Queen (Earth's hive-mind Internet AI) can work both against and towards humankind, and it is connected to the lunar matrix system.

A reprogramming of human beings on Earth throughout this interface could be one of the ways of hacking to the gate.

It was said that the nucleus of Earth's hive-mind AI is located in China, and is run mostly throughout kanji-based (logographic) writing.

Scouts have reported that there are a considerable amount of Chinese beings are already in deep connection to the State, being run mostly throughout this hive-mind connection. They are told what to do, what to think, what to want, mostly throughout a sensory stimuli enhancement program, that works in a similar fashion to an addiction drug.

However, this system works both ways, and the individuals' thoughts can also influence back the AI system. In this way, ressignificance and alternation of the attribution of value to variables can positively completely turn the AI against Earth's current narcissistic handlers.

Not to mention a direct attack to the very core of the lunar matrix, which could have even more interesting consequences to Earth and the Universe in general.

#14 English Forum » Your perception of time is fabricated » 2021-09-16 20:09:33

Replies: 9

The interval between seconds have been deliberatedly manipulated throughout history.

If you take a look at certain older movies which display the interval between two seconds (such as Matrix - Reloaded), you will see a clear discrepancy between the same current interval of today.

This is deliberately fabricated.

Another example of this can be seen in Windows versions: the newer the version, the faster the interval between seconds is.

It's a prevalent opinion of asleep individuals that "time runs so fast nowadays". This is not just an illusion but is also a clear manipulation from the current ruling powers on Earth.

The Swaruu team also encouraged that the individual perception of time of the "outside world" should be slow, as in the slower the outside world is to you, the faster you are within, thus vibrating in a higher frequency.

Now ask yourself: why would the mainstream want you to believe time is running faster?

#15 Re: English Forum » Analysis of Robert David Steele's supposed death from Covid protocol » 2021-09-12 20:30:09

The same principle is being applied to counter some of the attempts to further control and enslave humankind.

#16 English Forum » You are limited by your own intransigence » 2021-09-12 20:27:17

Replies: 0

Most people don't realize the constraints they set themselves into, especially on a mental level.

How far are you willing to let go of your known beliefs of what is and what is not?

The Swaruu team has done a great job in deconstructing many of the status quo beliefs, especially regarding the alien bureaucracy and perfidy in regards to humankind.
Yet, there is so much more to unveil.

How defensive do you get when your beliefs are resisted or denied, in a social environment?

That is a clear measure of inner work to do. For those who're interested, of course.

This message isn't supposed to come across as peremptory, instead of, as a suggestion.
If it doesn't resonate with you: by all means, keep being and doing what you've been used to.

#17 Re: English Forum » YOU DO NOT CREATE REALITY » 2021-09-06 21:45:47

Robert369 wrote:
meadow-foreigner wrote:
Robert369 wrote:

Source cannot be described with neither a formula, words or anything else that is a part of Source, as that only can describe a - comparably miniscule - part of something that has no bounds.

Beware of absolute truths and intransigences.

Exactly, that's why a formula cannot work for describing Source, especially since it is beyond multi-dimensional.

A statement closes the mind. A question opens the mind.

I proposed 'a' mathematical interpretation, from a duality standpoint. Not 'the' formula. Anyhow, suit yourself.

#18 Re: English Forum » YOU DO NOT CREATE REALITY » 2021-09-06 06:05:14

Robert369 wrote:
meadow-foreigner wrote:

Here's a mathematical interpretation of the Source, from a duality standpoint

Source cannot be described with neither a formula, words or anything else that is a part of Source, as that only can describe a - comparably miniscule - part of something that has no bounds.

Beware of absolute truths and intransigences.

#19 Re: English Forum » YOU DO NOT CREATE REALITY » 2021-09-05 23:56:24

Here's a mathematical interpretation of the Source, from a duality standpoint:

{(α+ω)^n | n∈R}

With infinite iterations, you get a fractal pattern, much like this Universal structure.

#20 Re: English Forum » YOU DO NOT CREATE REALITY » 2021-09-02 23:43:41

Crystal Dragon wrote:
meadow-foreigner wrote:

Beware of absolute truths and intransigences.

Most definitely. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, that the intellect can understand certain transient and temporal aspects of Source in a limited manner, but separate from the greater awareness of what is called love and faith, or unity consciousness, the intellect has no hope of comprehending absolute Source in its entirety. Of that much I am certain.


#21 Re: English Forum » YOU DO NOT CREATE REALITY » 2021-09-02 23:34:27

Beware of absolute truths and intransigences.

#22 Re: English Forum » The cycle of reincarnations, Immersion and skill development » 2021-08-29 15:31:18

Corina AVA wrote:

Thank you for such a complex and well-punctuated answer.  He lit some light bulbs in my head. smile)

Your feedback is appreciated. It's she, though.

Corina AVA wrote:

At the same time, I believe that the very concept of Karma determines souls to remain in this existential plane, reincarnating indefinitely.  And for most people, especially those who do not know and are not interested in knowledge, the concept of karma generates feelings of guilt and shame, frequency which often cause them to resume life on Earth to fix something or improve.  Which from my point of view is a trap.  Life is just an experience.  Nothing is bad, nothing is good.

You're right. It is a trap. The movie Spirited Away, from Studio Ghibli exemplifies very well how this mechanic works, and it's not just a combination of choice but also of exaggerations (which may be sometimes termed passions), that beget addiction and further experiencing to balance both sides of the same coin in regards to it.

Your PoV is accurate. It is an experience, maybe neutral when seen from the spiritual vantage point. However, because the spirit acts throughout the mind and the body, and these two have imbued within them the concept of labeling and sensation, on a daily basis it may be easier to consider things as good or bad.

Extrapolation from this premise can be seen in the judgment based on value, as well as value attribution. And thus lies another facet of the karmic trap, because judgment often leads to misunderstandings and incurrence in karma.

Corina AVA wrote:

It's just!  Before we incarnate, we choose this as souls, but I am convinced that many souls also incarnate on this planet, not necessarily for experience, and precisely because of this trap, created by the feeling of guilt they carry, taken from the 3D Matrix.  And this guilt comes from the fact that here everything is based on duality: good-bad, black-and-white, etc.  Mental matrix.  It is the trap of concepts imposed for thousands of years, which led to labels, stamps and: I am right, you are not (by polarity) ..., clearly most maintained by Religions.  RELIGIONS ARE THE LARGEST VIRUS OF HUMANITY (this as a parenthesis).

You're both on the point in the above and missing it, as well. Not all of the details of living on Earth are always revealed beforehand, and there are spirits that are misguided to incarnate here, under vain promises of rewards, of doing God's work, &c.

The following is part of a hypnotic regression session, in which the subconscious part of a person is made room to speak, under the direction of the questioner.

The Convoluted Universe, Book I wrote:

R: They [aliens that colonized Earth] wanted to play army, cowboys and Indians. They set up a pattern. Humans are basically animals, and it's hard to break the pattern. It has to do with evolving out of the pattern. It's like a bad habit. Once you start biting your fingernails, like Robert does, it's hard to break it. Or saying a certain swear-word. It's hard to break it.
D: So it's a habit of the human race, you mean.
R: Yes. It's ALL of our problem.
D: It was brought here by other beings?
R: Yeah.
D: And now this is in the pattern of the Earth people. There are many experiences of Earth that you can go through, like starvation, war. There are other experiences. Being godlike in the politics. Or you can experience just a pleasant, pleasant feeling of family life.
D: Yes, you have many choices. So I get the feeling then that when he went to Vietnam ...
R: That was my "choice" (which in actuality, it wasn't; he was co-opted/coerced because of his ignorance).
D: But you were not prepared for the stress.
R: No, no. Nobody told me how bad it is.

Corina AVA wrote:

By perpetuating these incarnations of guilt, suffering is perpetuated, which is fused with the desire to live, but better.  But it is an illusion, in fact.  It feeds even more suffering, frustration that then degenerates into the desire for power and then into what is happening now on the planet: slavery on all levels.

You're on the point. The sense of guilt can also inter-relate with the sense of honor/duty, and lead to more incarnations, regardless of your karmic debt, because you feel indebted in your spirit, due to a sense of justice, control, and other distorted concepts.

Corina AVA wrote:

So the soul becomes a slave to its own illusions, which it accepted with free will.  Well, I actually wanted to get here.  Do we have the power to pass the frequency (net) that surrounds the planet after we leave this plane? Yazhi said that because of the collective unconscious that carries very strong miserable beliefs and ideas, even the stellar seeds can pull after them or the awakened ones.


When dealing with these matters, a couple of things must be kept in mind.

First of all, not all beings who present themselves to you have your best interests in mind. Beware of manipulations, especially when being vulnerable after leaving your body after dying.

This is very neatly illustrated in this Star Trek episode part:

Also, emotions have fewer obstacles to fruition when you're not inhabiting a material/3D body. In this sense. Because of your subconscious vast pool of identities, you might find yourself acting in volatility. It's like driving a car without the handbrakes on.

So, keep in mind that things are noticeably different once you leave your body for good.

And, finally: do not let anyone else but you direct the outcome, the route, that your Spirit will take on. There are people that let others decide their destiny for them. From the tone of your posts, it seems you want to take charge of your own destiny. So take this in mind as well.

#23 Re: English Forum » The cycle of reincarnations, Immersion and skill development » 2021-08-28 20:00:38

The very basics that you need to know first is that there is a distinct veil between what is called the waking world and the sleeping world. They are governed by different rules: spacetime and timespace.

In timespace, you have direct access to your subconscious mind and the knowledge of alternate incarnations (because from your Higher Self standards, there is no linearity to time, as it is rather a landscape).

In spacetime, you have the advantage of working with really specific conditions and backgrounds, because of this veil.

However, this mechanic may also operate against you in the sense that it might overly impress your incarnation positively or negatively, therefore contributing to karma accumulation and the reincarnation inertial cycle.

So, in order to "know thyself", you have to dive deep into your subconscious mind, and this implies getting in touch with several other aspects of other identities that comprise the totality of you.

There are several routes to do this:

Meditation is one of them. This is often the closest to the conscious, rational mind, and thus more susceptible to the conscious mind's ontogenetic lensing/filtering process.
Dreams are another route. They may be inconclusive, vague, and too complicated to make sense of it; though there are ways to do so.
Hypnosis is another way. This is arguably an effective route to get to know yourself because it can be consciously directed by another person in conscious control of themselves.
Conscious self-analysis of your subconscious patterns is yet another way. This has the benefit of being very practical and leaving clues to where you have the most difficulty or trouble working with. From there, you can work backwards to deduce your pre-incarnative status and apprehend which topics you need more balancing/development.

It's worth mentioning that simply knowing that you have certain buttons is but only the first step.
Knowing how and when to press which of them is most often determined by how you conduct your life in interaction with other-Selves.

#24 Re: English Forum » Discussing the occult magick rituals and new age manifestation powers » 2021-08-28 19:48:11

Creation can be geometrically represented as a circle, through which mankind can come to fruition/being. And mankind can return, knowing how, to their source.

However, before that happens there is some work to be done on any particular consciousness focal point because it is time.
As it was mentioned in relation to time and to mankind's time (phase), and in relation to interdimensional time, which can be termed as an interwoven common phase frequency/time relative to sideral/cosmos intergalactic space/time in-between planets/stars/loci of gravity, which in turn, alters the fabric of time/space, "condensing"/"spiraling" it somehow.

This spiraling process would mean, in geometrical terms, that the frequency of the energy would heighten as the radius of its circumference would diminish to accommodate the gravity focal point of any given plane.

So the velocity of light would be accommodated to these parameters, swirling around its axial rotation in a spinning fashion with a difference of the relative circumference radius, in a spiral fashion (considering the Universal movement around the central sun).
Perhaps smaller radii would mean a more "dense"/"material" vantage point, much like a fiber.

This would mean, in mathematical/geometrical terms, the time phase, which in turn is interwoven and inter-related to gravitational foci in the Universe.

This explanation still leaves out singularities such as black holes, which I would think that all have in common the time/space factor, being the event horizon the gateway between space/time and time/space from our current 3D spacetime perspective.

In this sense, pocket dimensions could imply a transcendence from the local gravitational spacetime temporal phase to another phase, somewhere else in time and in space. This, of course, has endless practical implications, and several faculties such as telepathy, levitation, and prescience become common ground instead of exceptions.

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