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#1 Re: English Forum » Are there any attorneys here who can help Gosia and Robert? » 2022-06-01 03:34:10

And Robert: You're the very reason why I never use places like this Forum nor Telegram. I had to leave all these places because you're always ALWAYS there. Giving your opinion on everything, all the time, 24/7. And honestly, a lot of people are already extremely tired of that.

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I believe what you say makes no sense.

They are using the system to attack them. Therefore we need to use the tools of this very "system".

There are tens of thousands of attorneys and doctors who have fought and are still fighting against the pandemic and the needles for instance. They did all sorts of things, going against the law to protect the people.

What an attorney can help with is - for instance - if it is decide by a judge, or jury, court, whoever, that their YouTube channels must be deleted, what do you think will happen? I am SURE they won't end up in jail or any nonsense like that. But still, YouTube can receive mandates by the law to delete their YouTube channels. Because the system is already against them anyway.


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Looking For Shahirhuh
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I assume you are all aware of what is going on. Those 2 girls want to censor this Disclosure. They are acting as dictators.

I was wondering if we have any attorneys here, who follow Cosmic Agency and/or Despejando Enigmas who can help our friends Gosia and Robert (in case it is necessary in the future)?

It might not be necessary because the girls' charge is beyond ridiculous. They have no concrete proof of anything. They can't prove this is a cult. This makes no sense since the information presented makes us question everything and they are against cults themselves! Just look at the meaning of "cult" in the dictionary!

For me, it is quite clear who wants to control the flux of information here and who wants to liberate minds. Robert and Gosia speak ill of no one. The only thing they end up being obligated to do is protect themselves against all this hateful attacks! But of course! If someone attacks you, you HAVE to do something about it. You can't just sit down and wait them slap you on the face again.

If the girls were fair, they would just let things be. But they want to censor and delete their work. Instead of admitting their mistakes and using emotional maturity to learn from this situation and change themselves, admit they ended up not knowing how to handle their relationship, they took the easiest path: blame others, everyone, but themselves. Let the people have access to all information and let THEM decide, let the people use their discernment. Why do they have to censor them?

This is why I say, it is quite clear who wants to CONTROL the flux of information here and who wants to LIBERATE minds.

The Taygetean and Swaruunian Disclosure is WE THE PEOPLE. They mess with Robert, Gosia, the Taygeteans and Swaruunians, they mess with us! Their info has dramatically change the lives of everyone here for the positive!

To press false charges is serious and this will all end up falling on them. But it is always ALWAYS good to have a plan B. This is why I am putting this here.

If we have any attorneys here or if any of you know good, awakened, reliable attorneys, who resonate with their info, please, email Gosia and Robert about it. I am sure this will be of great help and they will be extremely happy with your support.

Hugs everyone,

#5 Re: English Forum » New Yazhi contactee channel "Messages To Humanity" ! » 2022-03-24 14:27:19

The point of the video was not to talk about what she and Yázhi talked about. People want to know details and secrets and that simply cannot happen! The point of the video was to explain the origin of that YouTube channel. And that the contact is PAUSED for now. What I understood smile

Here is a very interesting video which I think has big potential:

Now, I think we should all make videos like this. Inviting other races to come. The Taygeteans cannot keep being the only ones doing this. It's simply too much work for them! And their crew is too small!

#6 Re: Forum en Español » AGENCIA COSMICA - CENTROS DE APOYO (Por países) » 2021-10-08 13:57:57

Actualizada. Cosmic Agency FREE CHAT en TELEGRAM y BULGARIA agregadas.

#7 Re: English Forum » COSMIC AGENCY - SUPPORT CENTERS (By Countries) » 2021-10-08 13:53:13

Updated. Cosmic Agency FREE CHAT (Telegram) and BULGARIA added.

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Some of the equipments I see people using to test water quality in those videos: … xDEALw_wcB … x_EALw_wcB

There are other types though. Would have to research more.

#9 Re: Forum en Español » AGENCIA COSMICA - CENTROS DE APOYO (Por países) » 2021-09-29 12:23:16


(Paraguay es el único grupo de WhatsApp)

#10 Re: English Forum » COSMIC AGENCY - SUPPORT CENTERS (By Countries) » 2021-09-29 12:18:55


(Paraguay is the only WhatsApp group)

#11 Re: English Forum » CHANGES in the FEDERATION OF UNITED PLANETS » 2021-09-26 13:07:42

Ymarsakar wrote:
Brahman wrote:

There is no karma or reincarnation in the Source.  But Saturn's mind hardly knows that.  The important thing is that their game continues as long as there are people willing to play it. In fact, the illusion.

The important thing here is to recognize that your conclusions make no sense.

It is not a fact that they dont want to participatr as they are oarticipating.

You suddenly drop this idea of yours as if brain spasm and talk about karma or reincarnation. Why are you so stuck on certain topics and leap frogging across as in a brain spasm?

And what does saturn a mind have to do with this, do you actually bekieve you think you know a stellar sphere s thoughts? Do you also know earth s thoughts too? What is faia and tara s mind, brahman can you answer that?

I answered brahman s question, so answer one of them. I willl let you even pick the one.

I think he/she meant the local Federation, not Saturn, the planet or its consciousness itself.  As in the part of the Federation that takes care of this Solar System (holographically speaking) located in Saturn's Rings. What I understood he/she meant.

And yes, karma does not exist, except the very idea that it exists. What exists is 'cause and effect'. Although similar, it is not the same.

And it is true. If there are souls who keep wanting to play and/or return to Earth's game, in a way this keeps perpetuating this madness. Because this "game" then, never ends. And nobody can do anything about it, not even higher consciousness themselves, because each soul is just exercising their own right to choose for themselves (free will).

What happens is that souls are being manipulated to keep wanting to come back. They manipulate what souls want, their desires, wishes and dreams by controlling their perceptions.

The only way Higher Forces found to make people stop playing the game or at least for the souls to finally make an informed decision is by exposing the game for what it truly is. With no cheating. Just the truth.

This way, souls will finally choose what their souls truly want. And not what they are being manipulated to want.

#12 Re: English Forum » Vaccines Being Used As Distraction » 2021-09-26 12:47:35

I don't know if they are doing this in every country, the volume nor the frequency in which is it being done. I just know it is being done.

But we will find out more details soon. In the meantime, we need to find solutions. We can't just wait for higher forces to act on it and do nothing. Even though, I am sure stuff is being done about it. If anyone has any ideas, please, comment below. This is very important.

This thread from now on should be used to give the people strategies for this. And please, share the solutions with the people in your respective Telegram/Facebook country groups as well.

#13 Re: English Forum » Vaccines Being Used As Distraction » 2021-09-26 12:39:52

Matthew Harper wrote:

Hehe I like how sassy and direct this was

Not sassy. Just direct.

#14 Re: English Forum » Vaccines Being Used As Distraction » 2021-09-25 00:43:30

meadow-foreigner wrote:

So? Your point is?

The point?

The point is the very awareness of it, first of all.

Second, now that you are aware, make other people aware.

Third, make plans and strategies to counteract that. Alone is hard, but if people come together ideas come up and grow from there.

How can you fight back if you're not even aware where you are being hit?

I know it is hard but we are all on the same boat here. Or did you prefer not to know about it and keep consuming your magnetic bottled waters?

I thought I didn't need to EXPLAIN the point.

#15 Forum en Español » Las vacunas se utilizan como distracción » 2021-09-24 23:51:21

Las vacunas se utilizan como distracción para algo mucho más grande

Las vacunas se utilizan como distracción. Me atrevería a decir... la mayor distracción de todos los tiempos. Están agregando las mismas cosas que pusieron en las nuevas vacunas en otras cosas como agua embotellada, leche, refrescos, jugos, alimentos (en su mayoría alimentos procesados, pero también los que contienen pesticidas). También están haciendo esto con la agua del grifo.

Están usando las vacunas como una distracción para que todos mantengan su atención en ellas y ni siquiera se den cuenta de que están siendo atacadas, literalmente, por todos los lados.

Ésta es una vieja táctica de guerra.

Usaré una de las citas de S'waruus pero sustituyendo algunas palabras para que encajen en el ejemplo de situación de la vacuna:

"Hay un Tigre en la habitación. No voy a decir que sea un gatito. Y ese Tigre es la vacuna. Toda la atención de la gente está en las vacunas, en el Tigre. Eso en términos de Combate se llama AGRO. Términos militares, maniobras de combate aéreo, ACM, te están flanqueando.

Toda tu atención está en las vacunas mientras te golpean de lado con las maniobras de pinza. ACM básico. Veo esto porque soy entrenada militarmente.

Los tigres usan esa táctica en la naturaleza. Aparecerán frente a su presa ... Y se sentarán allí sin hacer nada, en su línea de visión. La presa quedará paralizada al ver al tigre. Luego, el sistema límbico entra en acción, enviando toda la sangre a las extremidades para desencadenar la lucha o la huida. Pero entonces la presa no piensa bien, ya que el cerebro no recibe suficiente sangre y está lleno de adrenalina. Y mientras su atención está en el tigre frente a ellos, simplemente sentado allí, ahuyentando a las moscas con su cola. Los otros tigres saltarán sobre la presa desde los lados, desde los arbustos ... Y la presa muchas veces nunca supo qué los golpeó. Porque están muertos. La vacuna es un tigre sentado allí, ¡asustando a las moscas con su cola!

No estoy esparciendo un miedo vacío. Te advierto que hay un tigre en la habitación ".

También advierto que hay un tigre en la habitación. Y ese tigre es la vacuna covid-19.

#16 Re: English Forum » Vaccines Being Used As Distraction » 2021-09-24 23:16:49

It's still not in great volumes. They are going to increase it... in the future.

But research for yourself. They are adding graphene to many things, for instance.

This information actually came about 2 months ago. I just did not share it because I shrugged it off. But now this is being confirmed.

Here are some videos I just found:

Graphene Oxide in Nestle's 'San Pellegrino' Water … 138d5a67a8

Graphene Oxide In UK Water Supply … 79099a72c2

Graphene in your water! How2test. … 47e1ab7580


Magnets Sticking To Cheese Now - Poisoning Food Supply With Graphene Nano Particles … 5074073af6

“they” put Graphene in our meats, teas, chamomile, cereals, cookies, lactose-free milk, cocoa and tobacco … 298cc2bdad

FOOD companies using FETAL CELLS from aborted babies. … 15afea463d

#17 English Forum » Vaccines Being Used As Distraction » 2021-09-24 22:56:48

Looking For Shahirhuh
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Vaccines Being Used As Distraction For Something Much Bigger

Vaccines are being used as a distraction. I would dare to say... the greatest distraction of all times. They are adding the very stuff they put in the new vaccines in other things such as bottled water, milk, sodas, juices, foods (mostly processed foods but also to the ones with pesticides). They are also doing this to water supplies aka tap water.

They are using vaccines as a distraction so everyone keeps their focus on them and they don't even realize that they are being attacked by, literally, all sides.

This is an old tactic of war.

I will use one of S'waruus quotes but substituting some words to fit in the vaccine situation example:

"There is a Tiger in the room. I'm not going to say it's a kitten. And that Tiger is the vaccine. All the people's attention is on the vaccines, on the Tiger. That in Combat terms is called AGRO. Meaning in Military terms. Air Combat Maneuvers. ACM. They are Flanking you.

All your attention is on the vaccines while they strike you sideways using the pincer maneuvers. Basic ACM. I see this because I'm Military trained.

Tigers use that tactic in the wild. They will appear in front of their prey... And sit there doing nothing, in their line of view. The prey will be paralyzed at the sight of the tiger. Then the limbic system kicks in, sending all the blood to the extremities to trigger fight or flight. But then the prey doesn't think well, as the brain does not receive enough blood and is full of adrenaline. And while their attention is on the tiger in front of them, just sitting there, frightening away the flies with its tail. The other tigers will jump on the prey from the sides, from the bushes... And the prey many times never knew what hit them. Because they are dead. The vaccine is a tiger sitting there, frightening flies with its tail!

I'm not spreading empty fear. I'm warning you there is a tiger in the room."

I'm also warning that there is a tiger in the room. And that that tiger is the covid-19 vaccine.

#18 Forum en Español » CAMBIOS en la FEDERACIÓN DE PLANETAS UNIDOS » 2021-09-23 13:01:17

¡Hola, todos! Solo quería compartir contigo algo que considero importante. Esto podría perderse entre las muchas publicaciones interesantes aquí. Sin embargo, todavía elijo publicarlo.

Publiqué esto ayer por la mañana en la parte inglesa del Foro. Y hoy también decidí compartir esto en la parte en español.

Yo tenía una pregunta dentro de mí, que me quemaba por dentro, que era:

"¿Qué tipo de cambios reales han estado ocurriendo dentro de la Federación de Planetas Unidos hacia el objetivo de un futuro mejor para la humanidad y este planeta?"

La respuesta llegó con mucho poder y luego retrocedieron, lo que significa que no es necesario saber nada más. No sé. La respuesta vino de "energías ancianas", esta es la única forma en que puedo describirlo. Entonces LA RESPUESTA fue:

"La Federación de Planetas Unidos está pasando por MUCHO y va a pasar por MUCHO estos días, estos tiempos, este aquí y ahora, ahora mismo. Este es "el acontecimiento", ahora mismo "el acontecimiento" está sucediendo. Ahora mismo está ocurriendo lo que tiene que ocurrir. Todo lo que es "malo" va a colapsar. Pero va a haber éxito. Este es "el acontecimiento" necesario para "el acontecimiento". Esta es la mayor y última lucha de razas regresivas que dominan esta y otras áreas. También relacionadas con otros planetas que tienen necesidades similares".

"Tienes que mirar por encima de todo lo que está sucediendo. Hay vibraciones mucho más altas que están más allá de la Federación de Planetas Unidos que pueden aportar mucho más a este juego".

"El acontecimiento no viene y no vendrá de la Federación de Planetas Unidos. El acontecimiento será el colapso de la misma Federación de Planetas Unidos. Esto será parte de él. Esto es lo que será. Cuando la Federación de Planetas Unidos colapsar, esto permitirá un aumento de Unidade (Oneness). No habrá NINGUNA organización, NINGUNA Federación, solo va a "SER" (...) "

La lucha final colapsará todas las cosas malas y estos eventos se llevarán consigo a la misma Federación de Planetas Unidos".

Por favor, tómate eso con lo que quieras. Decidí compartir esto porque resueno mucho con esto. Y creo que nuestros amigos taygeteanos también resonarán con esto.

No estoy ni ellos predicen nada. Pero esto tiene sentido para mí ya que la disolución de la Federación de Planetas Unidos (al menos como la conocemos) podría ser necesaria, tal como están las cosas, y la única forma de avanzar. Una REVOLUCIÓN dentro de la Federación de Planetas Unidos está sucediendo y continuará sucediendo y es necesario que suceda. Esto es imperativo, inevitable y de alguna forma destinado.

Mucho amor a todos
Looking for Shahirhuh

#19 Re: English Forum » CHANGES in the FEDERATION OF UNITED PLANETS » 2021-09-22 23:37:22

This post wasn't supposed to trigger any anger or pain. Although I understand everyone's thoughts on this.

I'm just sharing the message that came.

I guess we have to wait and see (in terms of what happens with the Federation). In the meantime, we have to do our jobs here.

#20 Re: English Forum » CHANGES in the FEDERATION OF UNITED PLANETS » 2021-09-22 14:49:52

I also wonder what they mean by "the happening". I mean, I have an idea of what it might mean. But I prefer to not comment since this might be a 'controversial' topic.

#21 Re: English Forum » CHANGES in the FEDERATION OF UNITED PLANETS » 2021-09-22 14:44:54

Crystal Dragon wrote:

The corruption has been exposed, the Demiurge's stranglehold is gone. The Federation wakes as if from a weird dream, seeing how they were being controlled, and seeing the failures in their system. They can find themselves and their integrity once again and choose to be part of something new, in this way they are being freed from their own self-perpetuated slavery to nameless authorities that feed on loosh.

Taygeta, the Orion Light, and Starseeds stand strong for Gaia at this moment, and a bright future awaits!

Interesting. I am not sure if they have been controlled though. What I wrote above is the message that came.

They are an enormous organization. Like Anéeka has once said, they are collapsing under their own weight. They are so huge that they have become ineffective on many levels. They are failing to do the very thing its creation was based on.

#22 English Forum » CHANGES in the FEDERATION OF UNITED PLANETS » 2021-09-22 12:38:09

Looking For Shahirhuh
Replies: 14

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share something that I find important with you. This might get lost among the many interesting posts here. However, I still choose to post it.

So, I had a question within me, that was burning me from the inside, which was:

"What kind of real changes have been happening within the Federation of United Planets towards the goal of a better future for humanity and this planet?"

The answer came with a lot of power and then they drew back, which means there's nothing else necessary to know. I don't know. The answer came from "elderly energies", this is the only way I can describe it. So THE ANSWER was:

"The Federation of United Planets is going through A LOT and it is going to go through A LOT these days, these times, this here and now, right now. This is "the happening", right now "the happening" is happening. Right now what has to occur is occurring. Everything that is "bad" is going to collapse. But there's going to be success. This is "the happening" necessary for "the happening". This is the biggest and last struggle of many regressive races dominating this and other areas. Also related to other planets which are in similar dire of needs."

"You have to look above everything that is happening. There are much higher vibrations that are beyond the Federation of United Planets that can bring a lot more into this game."

"The happening is not coming and will not come from the actual Federation of United Planets. The happening will be the collapse of the very Federation of United Planets. This will be part of it. This is what it will be. When the Federation of United Plantes collapses, this will allow a rise of/in Oneness. There is going to be NO organization, NO Federation, it's just going to "BE" (...)"

"The final struggle will collapse all bad things and these events will TAKE the very Federation of United Planets with it."

Please, take that with what you will. I decided to share this because I resonate with this a lot. And I think our Taygetean friends will also resonate with it.

I am not and they are not predicting anything. But this makes sense to me since the dissolution of the Federation of United Planets (at least as we know it) might be necessary - the way things are - and the only way forward. A REVOLUTION within the Federation of United Planets is happening and will continue to happen and is necessary to happen. This is imperative, inevitable, unavoidable and somewhat destined.

Much Love to all
Looking for Shahirhuh

#23 Re: Forum en Español » AGENCIA COSMICA - CENTROS DE APOYO (Por países) » 2021-09-21 19:57:05

(¡Vaya, la gente sigue creando grupos de países cada semana! smile)

Lista actualizada. PUERTO RICO y UCRANIA agregados.

#24 Re: English Forum » COSMIC AGENCY - SUPPORT CENTERS (By Countries) » 2021-09-21 19:53:07

(Wow people keep creating country groups every week! smile)

List updated. PUERTO RICO and UKRAINE added

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