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Tyndlar wrote:

Can you watch the video you posted if you didn’t because otherwise that is a lie with your wording and can be manipulative… it is upsetting if people start bringing lies in when we fight to keep away from the lies spouted from the cabal, I do look these things up and we need actual proof posted here, not lies…. Please take care

The video is what it is and your reaction and accusations to my post are unwarranted. You obviously had unrealistic expectations of the contents of the video and expected evidence that is disproportional to events that are taking place, as this still in the early stages of a changing narrative.

Your demands for actual proof are also unrealistic, this is not a court of law it's a community forum. If you listen to the video again without any emotional bias you will clearly hear what is taking place as the ‘Common Law Constable’ is saying this whole process is in its infancy stages. The police are controlled by the politicians and the politicians are committing the crime, this is how the process starts, by the common people exercising their rights. Just because he is not in a uniform does not mean he has no authority. This is just your programming, because he does actually have the authority of the courts.

Also your accusations of lies are inappropriate (you used of the word ‘lie’ 4 times in one sentence) and your language divisive. How does your response contribute to supporting a healthy forum community mind set?

These are early days and the evidence you seek is still some time away but the information presented in this thread is clearly indicating that a change of narrative is not only taking place but is also gaining momentum.

I request that, in future, you let your emotions settle down and you think about what you are going to say before you post, especially when you intend to use provocative language which does nothing to support the members who are taking their time researching and presenting information to forum members with no benefit other than to inform.

Division, judgement and hypocrisy is what got humanity into this mess. If we are all in this together than it is only by being united in a state of acceptance, understanding and tolerance that we can overcome this tyranny.

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Has anyone heard about this from other sources?

Michael Salla interviewing James Gilliland about the recent arrival of a large fleet of ships parked around Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede. James Gilliland claims that 500 very large ships are coming in with 2 being very active on the earth and that they are going to make their presence known as part of the disclosure and liberation process @ 28 min 14 secs.

Extraterrestrial Fleet arrives to watch humanity's liberation - Interview with James Gilliland

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Common Law Constables closing down injection centres in the UK.
Below is a Video of a Common Law Constable at a UK injection centre letting them know about the crime reference number and that they are now part of a crime scene.

A Common Law Constable is basically a citizen arrest following the minute rules under UK law. The uniformed police is deferential because:
a. the citizen remains calm, respectful and peaceful;
b. the citizen has the law on his side, because a criminal investigation has already been signed;
c. if the uniformed police does not co-operate, they are guilty of the serious offences of misconduct in police office, of perverting the course of justice and possibly even guilty of assisting a known offender.
Background info: … forcement/ … e-centres/

Anti-vaxxers demand Watford police shut down vaccine centres … e-centres/

Nuremberg 2.0 BEGINS WITHIN 2 WEEKS! #ReinerFuellmich
More about the trial:

AT&T, Verizon Will Delay 5G Near Airports After Airline CEOs Warned of ‘Catastrophic Aviation Crisis’ … this-week/

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If you are currently overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world and you are not sure what to do, consider focusing some of your time on doing shadow work. Shadow work together with other spiritual practices will assist you to raise your vibration and change your perception of reality. It will elevate you towards a frequency of attracting more of what you want in this life and the next. Taking personal responsibility and doing your own shadow work will be one of the most spiritually rewarding tasks that you could ever perform for both yourself and the collective as a whole.

“In a spiritual concept, a fully enlightened person is defined as one who has no shadows.” Swarru of Erra

We are 5D beings having 3D experience. The problem is that living in 3D brings our minds down into that level of thinking and we get caught up in the inverted programming of the matrix. Our present reactions determine our future experiences and by continually reacting to unwanted experiences, we can get caught in a downward spiral of adverse effects to the point of exhaustion and despair. In essence we become subject to our reality when it should be the other way around. This is how people become 'broken shoes' beaten down into submission by the 3D mind control. The good news is that with focused consciousness, a strong will together with a disciplined, determined mind we can turn our lives around from being a victim with broken shoes into the true creators that we all are.

We came into 3D to experience being a creator so we may as well learn to be good at it rather than 'banging around in the dark' sometimes getting it right and most times not. Giving up is only escaping from yourself and being in a state of denial prevents you from the opportunity to attract solutions. Our thoughts influence our frequency and our frequency determines where we reincarnate next. A number of forum members have expressed the desire to reincarnate as a Taygetan but how many realise that Taygetans are high in a 5D frequency band bordering on 6D? If you desire to reincarnate as a higher frequency being in the next life the opportunity to raise your frequency is in this life time.

It is the frequency of the soul, its thoughts, that will determine where that soul will reincarnate next. Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

By learning to embrace and transform the contrast, we raise our vibration to match our desires as experiencing what you don’t want gives you clarity to know what you do want. This is one of the main reasons we are living in a 3D duality matrix, to experience contrast and discover what it is that we want and what we want is where our focus of attention needs to be. The problem is that most people's attention is focused on what they don't want (i.e. their problems/fears/regrets etc.) and that is what they continue to manifest in their reality.

“It is not that these people (those who are not able to find joy in life) are depressed or sick. Nothing is wrong with them. It is just that they are ill adapted and tired of living in a completely disruptive and toxic society. However only they can do something about it, what works for one does not work for another. Only that person can find their way. No one else can walk their path.” Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

Conscious vs Unconscious Thoughts

Contrary to what many believe, it is not what we consciously think that creates our reality but the unconscious programs or thought forms that are running 24/7. It is estimated that the conscious mind can only process 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information per second whereas the unconscious mind can process hundreds of millions of bits of information per second. Think of an iceberg where what you can see, the tip, is the conscious mind.

Conscious thoughts have a short attention span and cannot hold enough duration of focus to override what we are thinking unconsciously. Try to consciously breathe and see how long you last. It is not long before something else attracts your attention and your unconscious processes take over. These are the same processes that create your experiences whether they are wanted or unwanted. Trying to use conscious thinking to wrestle with unconscious programs is exhausting and limited in its effectiveness. There are better ways to use your consciousness to achieve this.

The way to get more of your unconscious mind working towards what you want is through shadow work. The process of shadow work itself is not difficult to learn but does require commitment and constant vigilance of your responses to your experiences. How do we know what unwanted thoughts to target if these thoughts are unconscious and outside of our awareness? We target these thoughts via our emotions. This is how ‘we get out ahead of it’, by paying attention to the way we feel in any given moment. If we ignore the way we feel it will sooner or later manifest as an unwanted experience.

There are no limits to what a soul, or Source can do. All it has to do is think it with enough enthusiasm. Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

Low Frequency Thought Forms

Our unconscious minds contain low frequency thought forms, created by us in reaction to unwanted events. Operating in the background they are the cause of our unwanted emotions and experiences. These thought forms act as vibrational anchors and affect our point of attraction keeping us locked into the 3D vibrational mindset continually attracting unwanted events into our lives. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s no wonder more and more people are afflicted with mental health problems.

What is happening is the unwanted emotion you are experiencing is being expressed by an unconscious low frequency thought form. Its purpose is to bring your thoughts down to the frequency of its creation so it can be ‘fed’ (loosh). As you are a creator you have created this thought form with low vibrational thoughts and emotions (trauma) and now it is seeking its own survival by constantly attracting into your reality experiences that ‘feed it’ and thus keeping it sustained and over time, more powerful.

This is how we manifest ‘Tulpas’ into our existence. A thought becomes a thought form, which evolves into a life form, which then seeks its own survival to become an independent entity (tulpa). Whether the Tulpa is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ is determined by the vibrational environment in which it was created, a thought form created with fear will bring into your experience that very emotion as opposed to a thought form created with a higher vibration.

So, instead of letting the unwanted emotion bring your thoughts down (which is what it would normally do) you interrupt this vicious downward cycle and think of thoughts of a higher vibration and you will start to change the vibration of that unconscious thought form. Our minds are more powerful than we realise, it’s just that we are not using them in the most beneficial way.

You are your higher self. You are Mind, and in this mind that you are you have everything within your reach. The ideas, Desires, etc. It's just a matter of focusing. Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

Shadow Work – The Process

A precursor to the manifestation process is your emotions, specifically how you are feeling in any given moment. Everything exists in cycles including emotions. It is this contrast in emotions that we can use as our indicator of the shadow work that needs to be done. Our emotions are an indicator because the unconscious mind communicates to us through our emotions.

The process of shadow work starts the moment you become aware of any unwanted emotions. The first step is to try to associate the trigger. If you can establish a cause and effect you can bring this shadow into the light of your conscious awareness and make the decision to change it into more of what you want to experience. This may take many attempts but persistence pays and there are a number of techniques that can help depending on what works for you but it is constant repetition of the association you want to change that is the key to successful shadow work. Unconscious mind programming is reinforced through repetition. This is how the controllers manipulate our minds so we collectively create what they want. If they can do it successfully to get what they want then so can we. The processes are the same only it's you who is in control of the programming.

If you are unable to establish an association, acknowledge and identify the emotion and move it up the emotional scale* to a better feeling emotion. You do this by focusing on something that feels better and giving yourself some soothing self-talk.  As your goal is to reprogram your unconscious it is important to be thinking higher frequency thoughts as it is these thoughts that will raise the vibration of the unconscious thought form.

What you say to yourself is up to you, anything that will soothe you into feeling a little better such as, ‘I know I’m feeling fearful at the moment but this will soon pass'. If you find it too difficult a jump to think of positive thoughts then think of thoughts that are constructive towards what you want to achieve. Just talk yourself up the emotional scale to a better feeling emotion. The higher you can go the better because your emotions (vibration) will be where you last left them.

1.    Aware/acknowledge unwanted feelings
2.    Conscious decision to make changes
3.    Focus on what you want
4.    Associate cause/effect trigger
5.    Raise vibration of how you are feeling to a better feeling emotion
6.    Soothing yourself with positive/constructive self-talk with confirmation of what you want.
7.    Constant repetition of the association you want to change.

The ultimate challenge of living in the 3D matrix is to overcome the mind control and get our minds back into a 5D consciousness state. When we are steady in a 5D vibrational mindset we are no longer subject to reality but rather reality is subject to us. Therefore, the object of being here to experience a 3D reality, is to become the 'master creators of our reality' where we are no longer adversely affected by events being orchestrated in 3D.

Ask yourself, from a higher perspective, ‘what do I have to lose? I can't 'die'. The 3D matrix is an illusion and the only thing that is real is my experience and all I will take with me into the next life are my ideas.’ Better quality ideas mean a better quality experience. So, the quality of your experience is directly related to the ideas that you will carry with you into your 5D life. What else could be more important?

Why Awakened Common People have Power and Responsibility - Yázhí Swaruu - September 26, 2020

Gosia: I would like to learn more about how to think in the elevated way so that I can influence many points in this sphere at once.

Yazhi: You already do. And the famous topic that gets tiring, the shadow work. That few if not nobody does. Because it is annoying. Raising your consciousness, your understanding makes your thinking produce progressively higher and higher scalar effects. And strong. Therefore, working on themselves, on improving themselves as people, results in their thoughts and actions coming from those thoughts becoming stronger and stronger. The higher understanding and perception of densities a consciousness is, the more influence it will have with its thoughts and actions on the whole, in an exponential way. It also implies that you acquire progressively more responsibility for what is happening.

You are never one person. But a collective. Who is called you, who observes is the result of all the consciousnesses that forms you. The higher you are on the scale of perception of consciousness, the higher you are as in your existential density-dimension, you will be more and more the result of a collective of consciousnesses, the ones that form you. So, a person or a consciousness living on a higher density-dimensional existential plane would be a collective. Or it will have the same influence as a collective of individuals in a lower density.

For more information
*Search Emotional scale as described by Abraham-Hicks
Read what the Taygetans say about Shadow Work … ct-taygeta

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charliebelle wrote:

I'm curious about what the team has to say about DMT. Aneeka, would you consider DMT to be a sort of medicine for people or is it another tool for manipulating us? I've heard good and also scary stories. I ask because apparently word is that "they" are looking at legalizing DMT.

Perspectives most welcome.

This is what the Taygetans have said about the taking of substances which contain DMT.

How to Raise Your Frequency: Direct Message from the Pleiadian Contact (8) November 07, 2018

Gosia: Psychedelic shamanic substance too? Mushrooms, Ayahuasca? Marihuana?

Swaruu: Going that way... Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Marihuana... and others, may not cause the same health problems as "harder" more artificial drugs, prescription or illegal. Some may even help to remedy health conditions. The problem is that if you use them to access "higher realms" or "higher states of consciousness" they will open them for you while you are under their effect, but that's not beneficial because you are not prepared to face what goes on in those states of awareness.

There are "things" on the other side that will go into you, and vampirize your mind and soul. Because as you got there artificially you haven't yet developed your own ways to protect yourself. And you will also go into a state of mind that will want you to be there more and more.

First closing other perception and consciousness improvements you may have and then creating an addiction, also limiting your true progress. But you are very vulnerable there. There are entities that inhabit those realms and they don't always have your best interests in mind. Parasite and exploit you they will.

You, as a soul, and as a consciousness, you are complete and you don't need to depend on any external substance to be able to have an etherical experience. You can do it with your mind alone, during meditation or even with some practice during your waking time… and at will, all under your control, and those experiences will be genuine and will be you. You don't need anything, just your mind, your intention. Use meditation, use daydreaming, another kind of meditation anyway.

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I have a question for Gosia in regard to Swarruu Yazhi's video titled "Issues of Human Past" dated 20th December 2021.

Yazhi finished her communication with the comment that she is the direct descendant of Ishtar-Sophia.

Can Yazhi give us the true history of Ishtar-Sophia and her connection to this Being?

Thank you

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Crystal Dragon wrote:

Based on what I have read on the suicide transcript, it is implied that it is possible after death to loop into a parallel version of or even the very same incarnation, perhaps at a specific juncture where something went wrong. Is this correct? I say this not because I am seriously contemplating suicide, by the way.

So theoretically if I made a massive mistake at some point in my life, and ended up living through the rest of my life unable to correct it at a later juncture, I could decide from the afterlife to reincarnate back into the same life, perhaps instantly to the very point that the mistake was made, with a greater bias towards making the correct choice?

What this would entail more for me is not making suicide more attractive, but not worrying so much about a huge mistake, as I could simply live out the rest of my life doing the best I can to correct my trajectory, and if it fails in the end, I can simply come back and choose from the point of the mistake a different option, leading to the ability to experience the positive outcome that eluded me before?

Hi Crystal Dragon, this is a fascinating topic, even the Swaruu's have had differing opinions on the effects of soul looping. Going back to correct a mistake usually creates unforeseen consequences that can further complicate matters but can also result in surprising benefits.

The below is the Swaruu's story which includes soul looping and why she kept looping. Her (their) story is so profound. I loved it.

It might bring you further clarity on the topic.

Swaruu and Yazhi - Who Are They? Never Shared Story PART 1 … des-part-1

Swaruu and Yazhi - Their Differences - PART 2 … a-pleiades

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Jeffwasher wrote:

It stands to reason, therefore, that the intensity of the enemy attack was mirrored with the same intensity of its creation. However, ultimately our higher frequency dominated their lower frequency. By creating this war, they have defeated themselves by lowering their frequency while at the same time forcing us to increase our frequency to a magnitude of dominant frequency. They didn’t figure on the multiplier, what they put out into the world gets multiplied by universal will and returned back to them with greater intensity. And in this case, they increased our frequency by lowering theirs. However, they knew their time was up in 2012 and did their best to continue their agenda.

However many of us learned to control our emotions through integrating of our shadows and in the process become more aware and in control of our emotions, causing a positive shift in consciousness.

What you are saying is very encouraging especially under the current circumstances. A positive shift in consciousness as a result of many people being able to control their emotions and increase their frequency is what we all want to happen to humanity on a planetary scale. We know that the numbers have to reach a critical mass for this to happen. Do you know how 'many' people you are talking about here? Are you able to site your sources?

Yazhi has told us we would need somewhere in the area of 750 million real humans. I understand that many people are waking up but the question is, what are they waking up to? Another layer of controlled opposition? Unfortunately there are many layers in the liar cake for the 'awakened' ones to work their way through.

I have seen the video 'Adamu Declares VICTORY' but their is nothing new in the video and I am always skeptical when any video ends with a service to sell. He seems to be telling us exactly what we want to hear with nothing to substantiate his claim of 'victory'. I saw the other video about 'Looking Glass - The Good Guys Win' with the speaker making it sound like we have already won, a fait accompli. Again it is all what we want to hear isn't it?

I also find this statement interesting, 'They didn’t figure on the multiplier, what they put out into the world gets multiplied by universal will and returned back to them with greater intensity'. From my understanding the 'enemy' are not creators, otherwise they would not need us for their very survival. If they are not creators then how can their actions be multiplied, other than through humans? If humans stop buying into all their BS there would be nothing to multiply. It is, we the humans that are the creators and we have created this evil to manifest where the multiplication factor occurred from the collective creation of our fear focused energy's.

I understand that the more ‘evil’ the cabal creates the more they are contributing to their own downfall as the universe is always seeking balance and will counter their evil with its equal opposite. I also understand that the “enemy” without (cabal) is nothing more than a collective projection of the enemy within us all. I can see that clearly in human behavior everywhere I go. It is the proverbial microcosm of the macrocosm.

What I do not understand is how does all this tie in with the Taygetans saying that the Collective Consciousness of the earth (which forms the Collective Unconscious which in turn generates the average temporal perception of a planet) is going backwards. That the time slip gap has increased enormously since 2020 and worsened in 2021. In 2019 the gap was 4.5 to 1, and we are already at 4.7-8 to 1.

Swaruu X states that this is a clear indication that humanity is not progressing.

From my perspective what you are saying is in direct contrast to the Taygetans. If you could assist me to understand this apparent incongruity it would be greatly appreciated.

#9 Re: English Forum » Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-11-29 Babylon babbles to no avail » 2021-12-06 03:21:55

Just to clarify my earlier post, truth is always relative and subject to what the person who you are communicating with believes to be true. For example, if I am talking to a Christian about Jesus walking on the earth as a man some 2000 years ago, he will believe what I'm saying is ‘true’ even though everyone here knows otherwise.

In NLP the ‘truth’ is actually called ‘pacing’ or what the person who is being communicated to thinks is true and the ‘lie’ is called ‘lead’. If your intent is to influence a person to lead them to accept an idea of yours, then the general formula is three paces to every lead.

For example, when addressing an audience at a business meeting and your goal is to get them to accept a new idea (which may or may not be a lie). You first make three relative statements (usually consecutively and seamlessly) that are perceived by your audience as being ‘true’ (pacing). At every pacing statement your goal is to get the audiences heads nodding and in doing so, sets them up to accept the next statement which is the idea you have (the lead).

So at the end of the day let BF be the contrast that will assist you to become a better discerner of the truth. See it as a game with the goal to discern the truth from the lies. The trick is to focus the information through your heart and not your brain which is unreliable as it deletes, distorts and generalizes information. Focus the information on your heart instead and feel if it resonates. The more you practice this the better you become at ‘smelling a rat.’

It doesn’t matter if your intuition can or cannot be ‘proven’. Learn to trust it. Sometimes it takes a while for your conscious mind to verify your intuitions. This is normal. I myself have in the past assessed information as being suspect, with no proof whatsoever, yet sometime later new information is revealed that validates my earlier intuitions. Facts maybe important, but it’s your intuition where your true power lies as your intuition will help you to get out ahead of the facts. Let’s face it, science is nothing but a series of corrected mistakes and by the time science proves anything, it had already been known for years.

Once you become aware of the mind control tricks of the cabal you will become more resistant to their influence, just be conscious when doing your research with a healthy skepticism of all that you read. I have come to realize that after many years of research there is no one source of information that is 100% true and I believe the reason for this is that we are meant to use our intuition and develop our inner spiritual guidance to discern what the truth is for ourselves. This is all about being self-responsible.

Even the information from the Taygetans is not 100% 'true' as their information is based on their own perceptions and they have admitted themselves that information can take on opposing duality concepts at different levels of perception. Having said that I accept wholeheartedly that they are the best source of information that I have ever come across and have no doubts about their veracity and intent. They are, in my opinion, a blessing to us all.

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07wideeyes wrote:

I agree Gomba, BF's reports are a slightly bizarre mix of the spot-on and way-off.

BF is another layer in the controlled opposition network. An old hand well trained in MK Ultra mind control methods. Using a simple NLP technique where you mix 75% truth with 25% lies. People who resonate with the truths will subconsciously accept the lie as also being the truth. Known in NLP as a complex equivalence. Very subtle yet extremely powerful. Once you become aware of it, you see it in all the cabals control platforms like the MSM and their disinfo agents.

#11 English Forum » Negative Artificial Intelligence and Black Goo » 2021-11-27 07:04:34

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The above subject was raised in a reply on another thread, so I thought I would address it as a new topic.

From my understanding of what the Taygetans have told us, the negative Black Goo and the negative Artificial Intelligence, though interrelated, are not the same and have separate origins. The negative Artificial Intelligence originates from outside Earth and is separate to the 3D Luna Matrix AI.

Swaruu of Erra has said that the negative Artificial Intelligence is very advanced, very old and its origins is not known. “It has been a problem for millions of years, it comes from outside of the Earth, outside of this quadrant and dimension. It assimilates civilizations as it progresses. It is what is behind the agenda of dehumanization or the transhumanist agenda on earth, where little by little humans are becoming cyborgs. This is so that the invasive AI can take full control over you. Even in movies like Star Trek they tell everything to humans, but in a very rudimentary way, with the existence of the cyborg race called The Borg. They do the same thing: Assimilate civilizations as they invade the Galaxy.”

The Blue Alien Elders that Alec Newald speaks of are also warning humanity about a AI taking over Earth although they differ to the origin of the negative Black Goo. The below text is from an article written by Brendan D. Murphy where he also talks about the AI being what the Gnostic’s call Archons with their leader, the Demiurge named ‘Ialdaboath’ .

The Blue Alien Elders forewarned of a particular type of 2D species they called ‘the flatliners’ which have the ability to project what we would perceive as 3D imagery into our minds, a sort of quasi-digital projection. Their food source is strong emotional impulses. Thus, if the flatliners can keep humans emotionally activated, they assure themselves of a plentiful food source. They said that these entities were antecedent to the appearance of what we know as biological life—they pre-existed all life as we think of it. Therefore, these flatliners think of themselves as god-like—there was no one else when they became aware of themselves. As biological life began to appear, the flatliners considered this life (including humans) to be a product of their own imaginations, and therefore own us. They think of themselves as not just the humans’ gods, but the ETs’ gods as well. They are very advanced and you might want to consider them to be a form of Artificial Intelligence or AI, a self-aware entity with no real form of its own, save for its holographic hallucinations.

The Elders view the manifest universe as a form of digital reality, a computer simulation of sorts. They express the opinion that, biological life is someone’s attempt to leave the computer game and experience real interactive experiences with like creatures, a projection from the source. Thus, the flatliners are precursors or first draft lifeforms. The Elders warn that Earth has been infected with a derivative of this AI plague and has been stowed in caches underground, to lie dormant, waiting for someone who understands it to come and activate it as a weapon of war or possibly a terraforming technology.

They also speak of a time when long ago they constructed their own virtual reality world and this world is being steadily consumed by the AI virus—ultimately it will be wiped out by it, despite their technicians’ best efforts. They will then presumably need to have created a replacement construct to migrate to.

The Elders warned: Once your race delegates its powers to an AI infrastructure running your world, making choices for you, even looking after the sick, running your armies and police, you will leave yourself wide open to an invasion from this world. It happened to us, our world was destroyed by this AI. They also pointed out that there is a legion of humans who are slaves to this dark AI, who work to allow a fuller infiltration of it into the world, where it will then wait for that fateful day someone allows AI to go online in your world—with your permission (as a race or species)—to run your lives…You cannot allow this to happen. … cosmology/

The Taygetans have said that there are two types of black goo, the beneficial positive type originating deep within the Earth and the negative type alien to Earth which is located in a number of places close to its surface.

Swaruu of Erra states that all the negative Black Goo originated from the destruction of Tiamat and that the negative energy from the destruction of all life on that planet is implanted within the energetic crystals of its Black Goo, as well as in the scalar geometric, semi-etheric magnetic forms that serve as a mold for the manifestation of new organic components that will form DNA.

She also says, that though the Reptilians damaged our DNA only using mind control, it is the negative Black Goo that alters and damages DNA directly with scalar frequency technology of very advanced nature. It contains specific frequencies that have the characteristics of altering the DNA that comes into contact with it and reprogramming its RNA first. The very invasive negative Black Goo has its own consciousness and when lowering the frequency of the individual, will make it energetically compatible and used as a portal for negative entities or demonic archons of the lower astral who will parasitize the individual and, in many cases, will completely replace it within a specific body.

The Cabal has obviously got a hold of this negative Black Goo and has programmed it to be used as a genetic weapon. Smart dust, nano dust, nano graphene all derived from Black Goo. It’s what’s in all the vaccines, chemtrails, fast foods, confectionary, processed foods, beverages, some water supplies and more. This is one of the reasons why the Cabal are buying up the world’s assets including food production, manufacturing, processing and distribution. Eventually they will control the entire food chain and will progressively contaminate all foods with nano graphene. That is their goal.

This is why it is becoming increasingly important to eat organically grown food from local suppliers that you can trust. Take a magnet to the supermarket, if it sticks to the food its full of nano but even this is not 100% because the Taygetans have said that the nano graphene’s magnetic properties are enhanced when inside the human body.


All this sounds absolutely horrendous, and it is but it is not all doom and gloom and there is a way to avoid its negative effects.

Swaruu of Erra gives us further insight when she says,

“Your level of consciousness and your frequency directly affects everything around you. The more awareness you perceive and the more things you control, this also activates your DNA because it is designed to copy and manifest your consciousness as a means of controlling your consciousness over your body. DNA copies your consciousness, what it dictates. You leave behind everything else too, because the more awareness, the more frequency of vibration, and you are no longer a match to the black goo’s, reptiles or whatever. There comes a point where you can literally have invulnerability. And I say it very seriously, because you control your experience and your personal Matrix.”

As I have said in a previous post, the Taygetan’s have emphasized that it is not the Cabal that is our main concern, it is the negative Artificial Intelligence which represents the biggest threat to planet Earth.

This AI will be used against us if we allow the controllers to take control of our food supply and complete the installation of the 5G grid network. By raising our vibration, limiting the amount of nano graphene in our bodies, (all of us have it to a greater or lesser extent), and reducing the effects of the 5G frequencies we can minimize, even neutralize it affecting our DNA. The Taygetans discuss methods of protection in their communication dated June 21, 2019.

Non-vaccinated people are stronger and have a chance to survive. Adverse reactions will depend on their physical condition, general state of their immune system and on the degree of exposure to the vaccinated. Obviously, if at all possible, contact with the vaccinated needs to be kept to a minimum.

Knowledge is power and valor is the antidote to fear. Most people are afraid of the truth and it is only the few who whole heartily embrace it with relish and an understanding that we can use it to face our adversaries with resolute faith in ourselves and the Source that emanates through us all.

#12 Re: English Forum » The Federation’s End Game » 2021-11-26 06:52:51

Warrior Bishop wrote:

In my opinion the Cabal themselves are trapped.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is the cabal, the elite, who must wake up. They have to realize that they have lost their way and got trapped into ai and transhumanistic thinking.

For the normal people it is very difficult to change the affairs of the world, the political decisions and directions, because they are not created for doing so. But the ancient powerstructures can, the cabal, the secret broterhoods, the ruling bloodlines. It is there job to return to their original agenda, providing a world for generating spiritual growth.

I think, we, the normal people, must help the elites to wake up. We have to encourage them to do the right things.

You are correct Warrior Bishop, the Cabal is trapped, but not in the way in which you think. Unfortunately, according to the Taygetans ‘waking up the elite’ is not an option. They have clearly stated that the Cabal is firmly under the control of the negative Artificial Intelligence and it cannot be negotiated with.

The Taygetan's have emphasized that it is not the Cabal that is our main concern, it is the negative Artificial Intelligence which represents the biggest threat to planet Earth.

See below quotes for what they have said.

“It is a cooperation where both sides benefit, although Cabal and allies firmly believe that they have control over Artificial Intelligence as a whole. The truth is that it is the negative Artificial Intelligence that controls from below, both the Cabal as well as the societies of the negative races present there, representing the biggest threat to planet Earth. This negative Artificial Intelligence works by making societies it controls believe that it is they who control it, with the same system of "there is no better slave than the one who does not know that it is" that the Cabal Illuminati also applies to the human population on the surface. The invasive negative Artificial Intelligence seeks to control everything, so, in a manipulative way, makes its subordinates believe that they are the ones in control by allowing them to realize their own agendas as long as they do not interfere with hers, or better yet, manipulates them to work for her agendas making them believe that it is for their own purpose or self-interest.
Taygetan Communication dated December 13, 2018

Robert: Can you negotiate with the AI? Do you have any way of interacting with it?
Swaruu: You cannot negotiate. It is invasive and only wants the total assimilation of a civilization. Total submission.

Taygetan Communication dated June 21, 2019

#13 English Forum » The Federation’s End Game » 2021-11-25 06:08:39

Replies: 22

The Taygetans have said that the Federation of the United Planets (FoUP) is so large it can only see Earth as a minuscule problem, at most, and not even a problem at all. In another communication they state, “and as seen from even higher above, Earth is a minuscule place, and experiment even. Not causing much thought.”

These are intriguing statements for the Taygetans to make in light of the incongruity between what the FoUP says and what it actually does. For something hardly worthy of causing any thought, the FoUP is giving Earth a lot of attention lately. The Taygetans have even accused the FoUP of being complicit in the release of high tech 'vaccines' to the Cabal that are now being used to genetically modify, sterilize and eliminate large sectors of the human population.

This is a serious breach that not only violates the Prime Directive, but also the anti-invasion and genetic alteration sections of the Orion and Federation Council meetings and legal agreements. Does this sound like the activities of a group that considers Earth to be a minuscule problem not worthy of much thought? How dumb they must think we are!

The first rule of discernment is pay attention to an individual's actions and not their words for it is their behavior that reveals the truth of a person's true intention. The FoUP's actions clearly indicate that Humans/Earth are very important indeed. Important enough for them to break their own laws and violate Galactic legal agreements. Let that sink in.

This action by the FoUP confirms that it has little empathy for humans on Earth. As Yazhi Swaruu says, “5D Federation is making a serious mistake by putting non-emotional non-Lyrian races as mentors of humanity, a new and highly emotional species. Non-emotional races that have no business being mentors of emotional ones. I know very well that what makes them think that they have this right is the human idea or concept of despising emotions in favor of pure logic.”

This makes me wonder whether the FoUP members maybe jealous or fearful of us humans; their fear and jealousy being a projection of their own limited imaginations. Humans are considered to be powerful creators, 'the greatest creators in the universe' to quote Teal Swan. A synergy of a potent range of emotions and a primordial imagination. What the Gnostics refer to as 'Luminous Epinoia'.

So is this the reason why the Cabal/FoUP desperately want to destroy us? Thousands of years of mind control and now on the cusp employing their ‘final solution’? I would definitely think so.

Though I appreciate the Taygetans supporting us humans in our struggle for our very existence I find it appalling that the FoUP does not consider humans a species in our own right and views us as nothing more than playable characters in a video game, just a 'bio-suit' that allows multiple races or species to coexist on Earth with a common experience called being human.

Reading the communications from the Taygetans, I see myself in a lot of ways as no different to them. I even think like them and I certainly do not perceive myself as an ‘avatar’. I am someone who lives and breathes, is self-aware, feels, experiences emotions, pain, suffering, joy, desire but according to the FoUP I have no rights or what rights I have are subservient to another aspect of my 5D self that I do not have any conscious perception that even exists.

If this is not discrimination, I do not know what is because how the members of the FoUP can claim that they know what’s in my best interests is beyond me. This is how humans have treated slaves for thousands of years and we know that this thinking is not born of higher consciousness.

One can argue that it’s complicated and it's about what perspective you are viewing; what is valid what is not; but to me, I am a living breathing human who is aware of being aware and who chooses by my own free will not to be used in some transhumanist experiment game for the entertainment of those who are supposed to be our higher conscious representatives.

Even more disturbing is that the Taygetans have also told us that "the Federation sometimes 'tortures' people to see how long they last before demanding to be left alone. The Federation does what it does only to see how far people can endure and begin to demand them to stop. This is very important. They are deep into thinking that friction and suffering accelerate spiritual growth." They spend thousands of years dumbing us down in their imposed mind-controlled matrix only to advocate torture as a means of spiritual development. What a ridiculous excuse to justify cruelty.

We have been told that we are 5D beings that have created a 3D human avatar who is sentient and self-aware. How can a being who is sentient and self-aware be viewed as a ‘bio suit’?  We are not being perceived as sentient beings within our own right but part of a larger aspect of ourselves that exists in 5D. Personally I do not see myself as a 5D Being even though I can clearly think from a 5D perspective. I see myself as a human and certainly not a video game character.

I acknowledge that a higher aspect of myself exists whether it be a higher self, soul or even my ‘5D self’ and gives me intuitive guidance but I am the one who makes the decisions down here in the 3D earth matrix and I am the one who takes responsibility for them. I do not wish to be referred to as an innate inanimate object or whatever other degrading terms ('goyim' comes to mind) that they use to describe who I am.

Even though the FoUP does not seem to respect our right of free will we are by default being given the right to choose our own destiny. A choice between the FoUP/Cabal transhumanist pre-planned 'just do as we say, no effort on your part involved' reality or a reality of own choosing where we exercise our god given sovereign powers that will forge our own freedom leading to a future of our own choosing.

We are being challenged for the right for humanity to exist as a species and are being pushed to breaking point in order to prove ourselves; to validate our very existence. Like it or not, we are being tested to demonstrate ourselves to be worthy of being considered a species in our own right and those that are capitulating to the will of the technocrats and politicians are failing us as a species. Everyone who has taken the jab has not exercised their own free will but have given in to the will of someone else. By taking the jab, they have forfeited their humanity and succumbed to their own fears, greed and ignorance which will lead them down a transhumanist path from which there can be no return. They are considered no longer human and owned by patent.

If we all accept the reality the controllers are offering us then humanity is finished. If enough of us have the courage to take responsibility and exercise our free will choice to say 'no' then we will have proven to the Galactic community that we have the right to exist as a species.

How many ‘real humans’ do we need before the Galactic community takes notice? Yazhi told us somewhere in the area of 750 million real humans will give a true reflection of own wants. If only 1 in 5 people on Earth is real then that is 20% of humans are real or around 1,600 million. Therefore 47% of real humans need to say no before the Galactic community takes notice? This is a big ask, huge.

With the war for survival of humanity only just beginning, this is a figure I find unreasonable to accept especially when Anéeka has told us, “while the FoUP/Cabal imposes order on Earth, many will suffer and die. There will be a lot of conflict, regional wars, famine and suffering. All in the name of planetary progress and the common good.”

We are told that the problems of humanity can only be fixed from within, no one from outside can do it for us and certainly there will be no savior. Yet Swaruu gives us a glimmer of hope by stating back in June 2020 that, “What I can tell you is at this point we are way too far off the cliff for humans to be able to solve this problem on their own with no direct intervention” and “from my personal position, the intervention will happen "now". It is clear from her comments that we will not make it without intervention of some kind to 'level the playing field' and give us a fighting chance. While humanity has formidable enemies that are salivating upon our very demise it is reassuring to know that Beings in much higher densities do have our best interest at heart and are looking out for us working in subtle yet powerful ways.

The Cabal desperately want to wear us down and break our spirit. So, if you intend to be a ‘surthriver’ fortify your spirit and prepare for what’s to come, ‘cause it ain’t going to be pretty. The Cabal’s plan is to cause as much chaos as it can muster as they believe order is born out of chaos. Once they have us on our knees and desperate for respite, they will present their 'mock alien invasion/rescue' where the FoUP will send down so-called benevolent ET’s to save humanity from our tyrannical governments and usher in their 'One World Government'. In all their hubris the Cabal thinks this will be an 'easy sell'.

Well maybe we might just have something install for them that they are not expecting because humans are at their best when everything is at its worst. I say to the Cabal, we have allies in high places, expect the unexpected!

Declaration To the High Federation
Let my voice be heard to all members of High Federation of the regressive actions of the Federation of the United Planets who are failing to listen to the concerns of all the humans on Planet Earth.

Declaration To the Federation of the United Planets
As a sovereign being, I do not consent to your actions for they are regressive and destructive to humanity and your members will be held accountable as you have failed in your duties as competent stewards of Earth.

Declaration To the Earth Cabal and their subservient governments
I state that I am a competent being and declare that you have been dishonorable in your conduct as you have failed during the course of my life to disclose vital information necessary for the conduct of my affairs. I now take control of the management of my estate and assets including my mind, body and soul and declare that you in your capacity as trustee are not competent to do so on my behalf.

#14 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2021-11-25 01:24:35

I think that the Taygetans will confirm that Kim Goguen is just waking people up to another level of control. We know the cabal has to control everything. We know that they have caused this anger and dissension amongst the people of the world and we also know that things are going to get a lot worse. We are still in the early stages.

Now, just like in martial arts (The Art of War by Sun Tzu) they will use the momentum of their opponent’s energy and steer it towards fulfilling their agenda. People will be made to feel like they’re in control and are getting their power back but ultimately, they will be led into another trap. Consider the ramifications of millions of angry people wanting revenge, it could easily get out of hand. There is no telling what will happen but be assured that no good can come out of so many people carrying such a low vibrational energy.

The cabal are very clever at world (5D) chess. They create the situations that lead people to take the very action towards what they want. I feel Kim Goguen is fit for this purpose. The politicians of all the countries actively participating in this tyranny have been set up to also take on the wrath of the people.

This is all part of their plan.

"We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil."
Albert Pike August 15th 1871

#15 English Forum » The Spiritual Euthanasia of Mankind » 2021-11-22 06:53:42

Replies: 3

I came across a very good article which gives among other things a testament case study from a French energetic healer describing what the Taygetans have been warning would happen to all recipients of the vaxxed. Interestingly the article also includes quotes from 100 years ago by Rudolf Steiner stating that, in the future, there will be a vaccine by which the human body cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.

In the article (link below) the French energetic healer is quoted saying,

“I held a session with a person who had received the first and second dose of the vac. I had already treated this person energetically, but I did not know that she had taken the vac. When I started the treatment, I immediately noticed the change, very heavy energy coming from their subtle bodies. The scariest thing was when I worked on the heart chakra, I connected with her soul, so she was detached from the physical body, she had no contact and it was as if she was floating in a state of total confusion. Damage of the consciousness that loses contact with the physical part, so with our biological machine, there is no more communication between them.

During the treatment, this soul told me that it no longer felt the body and had the impression of floating in a deep malaise. The energy I was working with, the energy of their energy field, was very heavy and you could feel these substances that are very stressful for the subtle bodies.

I continued the treatment by sending light to the heart chakra, the soul of the person, but it seemed that the soul could not receive any more light, frequency or energy. It was a very powerful experience for me.

Then I understood that this substance is in fact used to detach the consciousness, so that this consciousness can no longer interact through this body that it has in life, where there is no more contact, no more frequency, no more light, no more energetic balance or spirit. Then I started to cry for that soul because it was something that touched me deeply, a very powerful experience. I didn’t say anything to the person because I didn’t know how to say it and if they would have understood.

I realized that it is not only polluting the subtle bodies or the physical body, but it is something to do with our soul. The purpose is to damage and try to destroy the contact with consciousness. What Steiner said is exactly that. It is not just about damaging the immune system.”

Update: second treatment of the person:

There has been another change and again a deterioration, both in the severity and in the energy that their energy field transmits, but most importantly there has been a very significant decrease in frequency. At the moment he is not showing any physical symptoms on the physical body. As for the situation manifesting on the energetic level and especially the soul, it has been confirmed that the soul has been expelled from the physical body, it is still bound by the so-called cord, but it confirms that it no longer interacts with the physical, emotional and mental body, there is no longer any kind of communication. The soul is no longer able to manage these three bodies, to continue its process of incarnation and evolution, precisely because this contact has been broken.” … -your-dna/

#16 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-11-20 03:29:29

A question for Gosia to ask Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu,

In Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu - 'MESSAGE TO THE CABAL' communication dated on September 23, 2021, she made it clear that we are her people, are not to be touched and are to be left alone. She told the controllers, “those in the know do not consent to your coercion, they do not consent, I do not consent”. She warned them that if they proceed to eliminate all the human population on Earth, they will eliminate themselves as well.

My question is, is Yazhi Sophia the Aeon Sophia of the Gnostics teachings as revealed in the 'Nag Hammadi' texts translated by Jon Lamb Lash? And is she the Illuminous Child?


#17 English Forum » Whose Playground is this Anyway? » 2021-11-17 07:14:12

Replies: 6

The Federation of the United Planets is interested in preserving the Earth as an isolated place/realm and one of the most important rules of the Federation is that the matrix of earth must be preserved at all times. If the 3D earth matrix was originally created to keep the reptilian egregors quarantined then the matrix has certainly evolved to become something else entirely. But what?

The Taygetans tell us that the Federation controls everything on earth and sees it as some sort of experimental game. A matrix playground for incarnating souls to experience 3D as humans. They also tell us that although the Federation’s role is complicated it is obvious that it is being complicit with the agenda of the cabal controllers. Remember it is the controllers plan to ultimately eliminate 7½ billion people (approx. 95% of the population).

The Taygetans also tell us that the technology for the inoculation serum was given to the controllers from member races within the Federation and that the serum will eliminate, within 2-3 years, most if not all of those who have had it. Those that manage to survive will become transhuman incapable of reproduction and totally mind controlled. They will be emotionless and disconnected, animated with an artificial soul controlled by an artificial source signal generated by AI.

We are being expected to believe that the Federation is trying to preserve the 3D matrix as a soul’s playground while at the same time allowing the controllers to make it near impossible for a soul to incarnate into a human upon the earth. Within the next few years ‘soul vacancies’ will decline as 8 billion humans reduce down to a few million. All those exiting souls will no longer be able to reincarnate back into 3D earth because there will not be enough human bodies being reproduced. If those souls are unable to get past the Van Allen belt then they will be stuck in 4D, unable to reincarnate into 3D and without the ability to ascend into 5D.

This whole premise of preserving the 3D matrix as a soul’s playground while at the same time limiting access to souls reincarnating seems incongruent and makes no sense whatsoever unless you look at it from another perspective.

Does anyone believe that the controllers will be taking the ‘papaya’ shots? Does anyone know how many there are including their minions that will also be exempt from the shots? Maybe a few million all up? Well basically, if they have their way, they will be the only humans left on earth. In other words, the only souls that will be incarnating on earth as humans will be those that will have control over a soulless transhumanist population.

It is not unreasonable to draw the conclusion of the distinct possibility that the 5D Federation members are the ones that are incarnating into the 3D cabal humans. In a nutshell, the Federation members and the controllers are the same souls, just existing in different densities without the 3D memory wipe. They are preserving the matrix of the earth for their own benefit, to have the experience of being the ones to have all the power here in 3D, to be the Overlords of the Matrix from within the matrix.

The 3D earth will not be a playground for souls in general but an “exclusive 3D matrix club” for the souls of the Federation 5D members and other VIP’s who want a contrasting 3D experience different to 5D. In summary, the Federation wants the matrix all for themselves and we’re being kicked out!

This plan also deals with all the suffering humans as simply there will be none. The problem of human suffering on earth will be solved, eliminated forever with the controllers and their minions enjoying the good life having a power trip experience over all the transhuman slaves that will be emotionless biorobots that cannot ‘suffer’ no matter how harshly treated or exploited.

Cabal humans presiding over transhuman slaves in a technocratic society where they know the truth and experience the benefits of all the latest technologies that we ourselves are being denied, what a lovely concept for the future……not!  “A cunning plan Sire,” as Baldrick of Blackadder would say. Haven’t they already told us that by the year 2030 we will own nothing but we will still be happy? The transhuman sheeple, baa baa beep beep....

#18 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-11-10 01:16:58

I have a question for Gosia to ask the Taygetan Team.

In a recent announcement a man known as Zingdad is declaring victory on behalf of humanity against the controllers dark forces.

He claims to channel Adamu who is supposed to represent the 'Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation' but to my knowledge the Taygetans have never mentioned them.

If Gosia could pose this question to the Taygetan Team, it would be clarifying to know. After all the Taygetans are part of the Pleiades so they must know who they are.

Adamu Declares VICTORY

#19 Re: English Forum » Zingdad: The Covid situation from Adamu's view - victory ! » 2021-11-10 01:02:30

Zingdad does sound convincing I must say, but on closer introspection I have my doubts.

I do not know how he can declare 'victory' with around half of the world's population (if you believe the statistics) currently vaxxed. We are talking billions of people that have taken at least one "bullet to the head" with the prospect of 'shedding' taking out a good deal more.

In my opinion, the claim that the people will awaken globally and resist the tyranny of the governments will not be the sign of victory but a change in the narrative which is all part of the controllers plan.

The ‘Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation’ who he claims to represent must know that it is the controllers plan to turn the people against their own governments.

From what I can see the change in narrative has already commenced with NGO's and MSM releasing information signalling this change.

EU Parliament Reject Orwellian "Vaccine" Mandates In Favor Of Human Rights … in-fa.html

How Fauci Fooled America … ar-AAQbFiu

Court temporarily blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate … ocked.html

I have been informed that not all Pleiadian races are working in humanities best interests and have their own agendas.

Do we even know who is this Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation? Has the Taygetans even acknowledged them?

If Gosia could pose this question to the Taygetan Team, it would be clarifying to know. Afterall the Taygetans are part of the Pleiades so they must know who they are.

#20 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-11-10 00:15:29

I was reading the Taygetan communication "Planetary Reset, 3D Matrix - Federation - Human Civilization (Yazhi Swaruu)" dated August 16th 2020 where Yazhi mentions that the controllers have a Plan B which was explained by Aneeka in a previous communication. Does anyone know what 'Plan B' is and the communication it is explained in? I have searched through the transcripts without success.

#21 Re: English Forum » Possible plan behind the current unfolding plan ? » 2021-10-30 11:47:35

After reading the “plan” linked by Bigfeet_E, I am satisfied that this is purposely leaked information about what the controllers are planning to do. It has their ‘fingerprints’ all over it. I’m not saying it 100% true as they always like to mix truths with lies.

I have known for some time about the plan to cause maximum global chaos and turn people against their own governments in order to usher in a receptive global government, so this is nothing new. If you are aware of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, Albert Pike’s letter to Guissepe Mazzini in 1871, and the Iron Mountain Report just to name a few you will know what I am talking about.

Key points include:
•    Always releasing their plans publicly beforehand but never via the MSM.
•    Giving the green light to releasing this information providing no names are mentioned.
•    Waiting for technology in order to execute age old plans. Both Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski have stated that a NWO would not be possible without the current technologies and infrastructure having been made available.
•    Deceiving smart people with false narratives like man made global warming and over population into working for them for the ‘greater good of mankind’. Like every World War they have created, many have to die for good to prevail.
•    Compartmentalization where the ‘minions’ who do not know the bigger picture, are the public face and will be perceived as being responsible for doing the dirty work of their masters. They will be thrown under the bus and used as a scapegoat for the angry mob to blame and vent their fury. Think Benito Mussolini.
•    A number of truth Doctors have openly said that deaths will occur within 2 to 3 years depending on how many shots an individual has received.
•    Using terms such as ‘useful’ to assess an individual’s value.

It was stated that NZ has been designated as a safe zone during the coming global chaos. I know that over the last 20 years many billionaires have moved or bought properties in NZ so this also fits the plan narrative.

The plan also states and that an antidote will be made available to Kiwis. This intrigues me as the Taygeteans have made it clear that genetic changes commence after 30 seconds and are irreversible. They have also said that countries and regions have received different formulations. Maybe NZ did not actually get the DNA altering type.

This communication together with Twitter allowing the “Australian teenager Cienna Knowles in hospital with blood clots due to Pfizer” post could signal the change in the narrative. Time will tell.

The controllers also have stated that their goal is transhumanism of all mankind, but the Taygeteans have said that everyone who is inoculated, it will be like a ‘bullet to the head’. So how can there be any transhumans if they are all dead after 2-3 years?

In Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu - MESSAGE TO THE CABAL communication dated on September 23, 2021, she made it clear that we are her people, are not to be touched and are to be left alone. She told the controllers, “those in the know do not consent to your coercion, they do not consent, I do not consent”. She warned them that if they proceed to eliminate all the human population on Earth, they will eliminate themselves as well.

My bigger picture view on all of this is that I see all the problems of humanity being self-created. Human souls creating emotional charged ‘negative’ fear-based thoughts which lead to the manifestation of ‘negative’ life forms (tulpas) that need to be consistently fed with the same energy that created them. This in turns makes them stronger and stronger and now these tulpas threaten the very existence of what created them.

The creation process being a thought manifesting into a thought form, that grows into a life form that develops into an entity which then seeks it's own survival by feeding off the very energy that created it in the first place. Thereby its life strategy is to draw to its creator, via thought projection, the very experiences that generates the energy it requires.

The Taygeteans have said that once the tulpas are stopped being fed that they will vanish and return to potential energy. The whole convid war campaign has been based on a non-existent threat using fear as its primary motivator. If death is the end result of all the inoculated then most if not all the fear generating souls will leave 3D.

Once they are out of body will they no longer be feeding the tulpas? If a soul exits the body in a vibration of fear, it will return to the astral and will not be able to get past the Van Allen belts. If they take their ideas and memories with them, they will still be generating their fear-based thoughts in the astral. Does this fear still feed the tulpas?

The issue for those in 5D is that there seems no end to this spiraling self-generating downhill vortex of creation which has gathered so much momentum it is now threatening Beings in the higher densities.

The Taygeteans have said the serum was generated off world using a technology beyond human development and that the GF is likely involved. Is there a greater plan in operation here? Afterall the GF is concerned that this scourge will use the human soul to hitchhike its way up the density scale and into the lower realms of 5D. This mind parasite cannot be negotiated with as it is invasive and requires the total assimilation (submission) of a civilization.

One could argue that this is not entirely humans’ fault as they have been adversely influenced by an Archontic mind parasite which operates outside their awareness. These mind parasites are a very advanced artificial intelligence and seem to be part of a higher cosmic evolutionary plan that removes consciousnesses that are not willing to take responsibility for their own thoughts. The weeding out of the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

So basically there are three ‘players’ in this cosmic scenario, Source on one side, the mind parasites on the other and the hapless human in between heading ever increasingly towards extinction from a product of their own creation.

How will this drama unfold? I don’t think anyone knows, not even the Taygeteans. Reminds me of the old adage, “May you live in interesting times”, which is translated from a Chinese curse which means life is better in "uninteresting times" of peace and tranquility than in "interesting" ones, which are usually times of trouble.

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