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Alright well I'm done then. I'm never gonna return to contribute my voice. He gets to talk about all that I listed and not get challenged in dialogue, at all, so I guess I got to go. I wasn't polite enough despite his subject matter being the epitome of not-polite.

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Oh sure, staying on topic regarding The Federation perspective, is almost akin to saying we're all one, that truth is so monumentally large that saying that falls short of the immensity of it.. So it is with "The Federation" in a way. which sector of the federation is on topic? The Local group? That would be located at Saturn. Do you mean the local star groupings level? Ya good luck explaining that in any earth language, nevermind the galactic level. what about temporally phased portions of the federation, bah almost as pointless.

And as I see it, any universe has compulsory requirements to be in it, so no matter where, one is controlled, unless one literally creates their own and is 100% in control of it and themselves, there will always be imposition.

And I was on topic, as the bishop speaks for reptilians from Saturn, hence talking about their perspective; ie the federation there. Unless he's referring to those not residing in the rings, but on the planet? Hence not Federation?

So I don't know warrior bishop, sounds like you're saying that if one doesn't live in constant strife and making war one cannot gain anything. But it just seem, oh the only thing to gain from conquering is the ability to continue conquering other targets.

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Ok we get it, you're all about mind control, giving your power away, worshiping authority, serving masters/hierarchies/kings, propping up patriarchies, warring with others, submitting them to your rule. we know that the cabal has a "positive" hand to step in (probably more accurate to say tentacles, some being seemingly "positive"), but it's still part of the same body.

And I must still be in a simulation loop having to hear about christ, bloodlines, holy romans, the cabal. I think I'd prefer the void over this. You could say I can choose to ignore this and look at something else, but it's like invasive advertisements, always having to advertise.

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Oh my goodness, worshiping Jesus Christ and Alpha Dracos (the one's that impose themselves on others?) together, never thought I'd hear about that, ever...

How do the two go together? Isn't one warlike/dominating and the other about peace? Unless of course, as you say you create a reality in which Jesus exists, that this is a different one?

#5 Re: English Forum » HOLISTIC Society - Transitional Societies are Possible - Yazhi Swaruu » 2022-03-27 02:06:00

A "holistic" society and the ability to feel the "majesty" and energies of a very old tree go hand in hand. So yes the structure of the society is important, but the nature of these societies comes from within and without. The inner and outer can/will synergize or desynergize the capacities of empathy/intuition to feel "higher" energies. Imposing one's will can be detrimental to feeling the depth of energies in any lifeform, so assuming a warring attitude deconstructs these capacities. So in that sense the structure of society can downgrade these capacities and as such is important to change for progressive dynamics, or if these impositions remain will serve to further regress a system, which from the standpoint of a learning process (if it is seen as such) can bring about progression later, but this is a gamble, as it's a bottomless pit in exploration. But it is also true for "lighter" and "higher" systems having no end.

Also living in harmony with nature and beauty is a form of holistic society, but of course those two descriptions are infinitely open for interpretation and exploration. So saying living in harmony with nature and beauty can mean being part of a warring system/tribe/society, if one values dominating and loves seeing someone submit to one's will.

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Oh how charming! The Alpha Dracos being represented here, don't like the AI because it seeks to impose itself on others, and they do the same. How riveting, such a lovely union! They fear the "Queen of the Void" because it's death worship, yet they like to pillage and wage war. And imposing one's will on another is a death aspect, as it destroys what one would've otherwise lived. How lovely, the two should get together, because these regressive AI's are all about total control and surrendering to it, such a fitting loyalty clause!

Oh excuse me, maybe I shouldn't say they fear the "Queen of the Void' because they're fearless, right? Still what's described here about Alpha Dracos, to me anyway sounds like they're a match to this "Queen" because they just sound so similar! It's almost like one or the other birthed the other and they don't see (or maybe some do see, but don't care because you gotta take it as it comes!) how alike they are.

Still if everything here said about them is true, I guess all one could say that distinguishes them from the Regressive AI's is they negotiate with others outside themselves? Oh wait how can that be if they like imposing their will on others?

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Oh also you're talking about a digit after 9, but never the digit after that one, the one just before 10.

#8 Re: English Forum » Investigating Zero Point Energy and Base-12 Mathematics » 2022-03-21 10:57:45

Also those colorful triangles that are asymmetrical that form something of a dodecagon seems off for some reason, but I suspect that your reasoning about individual configurations (possibly within a similar setup, kinda like a concentric onion) seems very close to the truth... But I don't know. I'm having a hard time putting these ideas into words.

#9 Re: English Forum » Investigating Zero Point Energy and Base-12 Mathematics » 2022-03-21 10:43:59

Something is off with your diagrams, and I'm no mathematician, or rather at best all of this 12-based discussion sparks something ancient within memory (it's really so hazy I couldn't even claim it's ancient or anything that I might've known), which collides with current collective psychic streams. But anyways, what I think I'm intuiting as being off is that it seems like your model is actually 11-based math instead of 12-based. Considering that there is nothing at all on the internet to show the polarization/depolarization factors except the tesla 10-based stuff, and it's forbidden apparently for an expert to more or less spill the beans in full about this. It falls to individual effort.

Also attempting to extrapolate correctness off of a false diagram, or convert the 10-based 3-6-9 sequence of polarization/depolarization into a similar set up but with 12-base doesn't seem like it can be expanded from there into something concrete since that 10-base sequence can't do what 12-based does. It'd have to be started from scratch and if 12-base is the fundamental math of the universe, then clearly it has many, many configurations, as I doubt there's only one kind of zero-point, since allegedly all of matter is built from that, and so considering how diverse that all is...

Anyways I'm rambling and it's 4:35 am where I'm at. I'm up so as to avoid all the traffic noise and people. And I keep getting pushed and tugged to work on this and just as infuriating, I get pushed and tugged to put this aside lol.

Also I thought those pyramids, in particular the Giza Complex ones, didn't have 5 points, but 8 I think? Again I'm rambling and I should go re-research all this. No wait (excuse me for not editing my incorrectness, but I like to type as if I'm speaking in which case I cannot "simply" reedit what I said) it has like 8 sides, because there were/are internal points that are symmetrical with the outer scaffolding points that you list as the 1,3,6,7,9. This obviously could completely change the math you're working on.

Again I'm no mathematician or particularly intelligent, but something seemed off, and I've been wanting answers myself!

#10 Re: English Forum » Questions to HRH Alenym? » 2022-02-21 07:06:29

Okay I'll try... I hope this is stately enough. How did she become queen exactly... And I know that can be too encompassing of details, so I'll try to break it down. As I recall in the matriarch video by Gosia, the queen is part of a lineage but also chosen by the people or leaders.

How do they determine the lineage? Is it through genetic recognition via technology or like crystal temples? Is this compartmentalized in such a way that it's guarded or off-grid from main systems to ensure integrity? If so to what degree is it integrated with trials of character to prove worthiness of the claim? How are those measured, and by whom or what? Is it a deep cultural mythologization known by elders and counselors/councils? why do Taygetans feel they need and/or want a queen? Has there ever been a just a king as the main leader, or is that something found elsewhere in pleiades?

Aside from having a flagship, does the queen live in abodes grander or one of the grandest estates in Taygeta's planets and/or colonies? Is it required that the queen excel in all manners of combat, and is it required that she excel in advanced science?

To what degree can the queen interact with her people? Can individual citizens petition to have an audience? Does the queen visit little villages, having walks and talks with the farmers and other down-to-earth walks of life? Does she attend parties or gatherings specifically held not in her name, like showing up to a friend of a friends party? Is she treated like an equal but just as someone who helps lead her people? Is there unduly worship of the queen?

Has HRH Alenym ever walked on earth whether in a past life or current one? was HRH Alenym aware early in life that she would be queen or could be, or destined for greatness? If so did she recall past incarnations that lead up to that? Does HRH Alenym study from previous queens of taygeta?

what has been the longest duration that Taygeta has gone without a matriarch due to no one being able to fulfill the position? How does Taygeta compensate with that? Can the queen step down and leave the position if she sincerely wishes, without being outcast/banished from Taygeta? Does previous queens play a huge role in choosing who will be the next? what is the cross-over of that between the peoples choosing/shaping whether one is worthy of that?

If Taygeta has free electricity, food, housing, all the earthy comforts, and don't have taxes and leaders that suck their people's blood and labor (Not trying to insinuate anything here, just going off my only frame of reference as the "nobility/corporate" blood-suckers of earth) what do the queen's inner circle get out of being loyal? Is it friendship and building a grand civilization where the people are much more independent to rule themselves, that they know they built? Has Taygeta ever had a corrupt queen? If so did they overthrow her?

Does HRH Alenym spend a good portion of time in stately affairs with other Pleiadian systems? How does she interact with the Alcyone council, said to be the main leaders, or counselors for all of Pleiades? Do they have nobility or is it more of a collective, integrated mind-meld of their consciousnesses? Do other interstellar star races in Pleiades have royalty, like Atlas, Electra, Maia, Merope, Pleione, Celaeno, Sterope/Asterope?

Do other royals time travel and visit other royals?

My apologies if this is too many questions or if they're too basic, and some of them I don't know if I had to ask because the questions presume a specific answer and likely some are presumed to be true. Also my apologies if this don't fit the diplomatic/exo-politics umbrella parameters, but I have absolutely no tangible frame of reference regarding much outside earth. And sorry if they're too 3D matrix, but I'm asking for the people of earth, and like I said I don't know anything outside of earth, and I barely know anything about earth. As far as I know I never existed before my life here, and this is my first existence. when Swaruu/Yazhi explained memory implants, technological and etheric, I decided to throw out any concept of having existed before my life here. Anything that comes to me as psychic recall, I more or less treat as manipulation or imagination.

#11 Re: English Forum » Marina Jacobi - Sonic Frequency / GOOD NEWS NEW INFO - S5 E7 » 2022-02-20 16:40:17

well I personally don't think it's misleading at all. Varied from everything else, absolutely, as is everything being varied from everything else and everyone else. every blade of grass varies from another, every water droplet from another, every particle of light from another, and so on. I mean did anyone here besides me watch the whole episode? Because I did. Marina Jacobi is brilliant at providing all kinds of information, and it's free! well other than it requires patience and time. But anyways.. If it don't resonate, it don't resonate. Resonates with me though. And it's sad because some of her videos are starting to get censored.

#12 Re: English Forum » Marina Jacobi - Sonic Frequency / GOOD NEWS NEW INFO - S5 E7 » 2022-02-20 13:17:53

All of consciousness is artificial anyways, always has been and will be. water or any molecule for that matter is pretty much nanotechnology. How and what it builds as a holographic expression of life is an eternal discussion and exploration.

#13 Re: English Forum » Marina Jacobi - Sonic Frequency / GOOD NEWS NEW INFO - S5 E7 » 2022-02-20 12:58:08

Marina Jacobi is here on earth as the rest of us, and she is sharing information and connecting with others as part of helping humanity. She is forming and assisting those circles as it is needed as someone that is inside the earth's 3D matrix morphogenic field.

Also this assistance is a form of transmutation of consciousness, which always occurs anyways. All consciousness is etheric and forms cascading fractual geometries of form. And there are many "federations" and each is incredibly scalar. The help that is and has been sent is the starseeds.

#14 Re: English Forum » Athena Swaruu's comment on the Ukraine-conflict » 2022-02-19 10:07:42

I personally don't agree in full, on the paradigm of "waiting vs taking-action", and getting into a valuation of which is necessary (we're dealing with a very, very diverse terrestrial aggregate of consciousnesses, interspersed with all sorts of solar lineages, galactic and cosmic), and yet as contradictory as this will sound, of course making an evaluation of that serves as a developmental aspect to refining consciousness. That being said, both come into play obviously in all sorts of variants in shaping life. Of course I may be unfamiliar with associated definitions of what "waiting" really means ad circa commonly portrayed here, and for that I apologize in advance.

Anyways to my main point that I wish to express more or less (and before this I want to reiterate that to some level everyone does both, waiting and taking action; as both are truly integrated in all walks of life. examples are ad nausea infinitum) is that anyone not actively taking the lead in a traditional sense could still be contributing immensely by maintaining their integrity and aloofness, this allows for energizing of the whole in a cascading manner in subtle ways that is hard to detect and catalogue without holographic-computers or advanced-organic-minds to perceive the flux in a 5th dimensional aspect (not 5th density, and this coined dimensionality is of course fluid and varies. I bring this up as it follows that 3rd dimensionality integrates 1st and 2nd, so it follows that a 5th integrates what's "below it",[and of course "higher" integrates that]).

By all means I'm not saying those that have the means and most importantly the will to take action, shouldn't, it's just from my point of view, this paradigm of waiting vs taking action is divisive, and yet as contradictory as I am about to be here, it can be a catalyst in all ways to display conceptionalization of what is productive and what is not for any interested/compatible party.

So I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that it's the little things, and the little people that very much build the reality. In all that fluff of my words, you could say that no one is really waiting from a larger picture, as we move moment to moment, each propelling via multi-layered actions of previous moments to new ones. And so going back to waiting and taking action as both being integral, an example is I distill my water, which I simultaneously have to wait for the water to evaporate and then condense back into liquid, but still have to take action to start the process with my gadget. Another example is my garden I cultivate, I have to wait for proper seasonal conditions to plant my crops, which when right I can take action to transplant my sproutlings. Last example is I don't really venture out a lot in physical life away from my home, but I wait and "actively" (I do this sloppily haha) take in solar codes and psychic information as it comes to me, ground energy to earth, and of course get information from the "internet".

Is this helping the whole at all? I don't know, and maybe I am taking the being a gardener in a war too seriously, but I think you gotta be a gardener and "warrior", which from a certain point of view the two are one. A warrior in the traditional sense is sowing seeds of destruction and division, and a gardener could be sowing seeds of illness/misery like vaccines, among other things. But I don't know if it helps the current situation, but it may just be inspirational for those that are drawn to that, and I'd say we have more warriors and wannabe warriors than gardners, and if we don't look to that as importantly as fighting the good old fight of ideas, there won't be a garden to fight over, at least not here on earth. So when the war blows over we're going to need/want a bountiful garden to return to.

Anyways I'm not intending to talk down to anyone here, or trying to showcase any grandiose claims (nor am I [I think lol] trying to downplay myself or make myself seem humble by mentioning this), I just thought I'd share what little "insight" I may have if it helps, and assuming anyone read this far. Because really the surest thing I know, is that I know nothing, or not much in the grand scheme of things.

Also sorry if I severely derailed this topic.

#15 Re: English Forum » How to deal with the Archons after death? » 2022-02-17 12:32:11

Also what if you already died and didn't know it? If you don't know it, and not much feels different, it all linearly continued on congruent in a way with your overall multi-dimensional focus... where is the real line between life and death then? If you don't know it and you still feel real because you can ask yourself if this is real enough, that knowing that you exist, then are you still alive even if you technically died and due to your powers of focus kept the illusion going...? If so what really was death and life that so-called others and yourself maintain(ed) concepts of in small-spectrum  to expansive-spectrum variants? Are they building a part of an infinite reality or an illusion?

what if the cabal in a shadowy manner that doesn't ever manifest to you in form like a friend or other being in real life, is the archon(s)? It's a new one... Or rather an old one with a "fresh" face.

One we individually and collectively created... Perhaps one that spans into multi-dimensional partitioning of mind throughout the infinite creation... Like a villain scheduled to be beaten but this new one... It's a boss many have a hard time explaining how to beat it...

#16 Re: English Forum » Thank you edith! My e button is broken, so I couldn't capitalize the e » 2022-02-13 06:06:00

Oh that's just it, I've already been hit by them. That happened before the attack on my plumbing. when I got personally attacked it didn't work out for them, although it did almost knocked me down. I'm more resilient in a lot of ways compared to my plumbing lol. It happened a year ago or so, and they expected it would kill me, and I could hear them discussing that with their group.

By my reasoning they figured they couldn't get to me but instead go after utilities they more or less have domain over, so as to irritate me. And this happened a few months ago.

The problem they have with me is I'm energetically phased into a lot of realities and I'd just reform back in. For all I know it technically did kill me and I just assembled myself back, which is related to water, and I was going to explain that and more, and that's what prompted the attack on my plumbing I think (I certainly wasn't thinking or wishing to be attacked when I was writing up about water).

That was actually my perception of it, I saw another version of myself that I am in dreamtime and I keep track of this sort of thing in parallel to here, and I holographically reinserted the memory complex that they targeted (my brain in this case). As for my heart, not sure it would help them to target it as my primary heart isn't the heart that's part of my physical avatar here, but it is interfaced with my form here, and I don't think they have the capacity to map out the layers of it.

But not trying to boast, as I do want to share these concepts with others, and ya I am kinda the sort that would pull on a dragon's tail haha, although in this case I didn't know I was... I just wanted to talk about water lol. So excuse me if that's some sort of dragon's hoard (me saying this isn't aimed at you R369).

As for trying to manifest out of this or change it, I can in theory, but it's a long story as to why I am where I'm at and even I don't know or can't remember everything about it. And I most certainly didn't manifest all this and if I did, I did it ignorantly, and I am trying to make a course correction. And part of the issue is I might've been here a long time, way before moon matrix.

#17 Re: English Forum » Thank you edith! My e button is broken, so I couldn't capitalize the e » 2022-02-13 03:27:03

Robert369 wrote:
HiddenSquid wrote:

They either want me dead or under control.

At least you are not alone in this, because this is valid for all of Humanity right now. wink

Oh I know. I'm not trying to make it seem like I'm oh so special. I know I can seem like I'm bombastic and egotistical, it's just my style of expression via English language. Brings the lizard/dragon right out of me haha.

But yeah, the gravity cannon aimed at my plumbing is a new one, not sure too many people get that aimed at them and theirs for being themselves, although I wouldn't doubt I'm the only one. Just don't hear about it as much, it's usually directed energy weapon, but I'd say that's a gravity cannon, so ya..

#18 Re: English Forum » Thank you edith! My e button is broken, so I couldn't capitalize the e » 2022-02-13 02:33:29

I mean I can but I'm not too keen on more gravity cannon's going off causing micro earthquakes under my house. Not to mention I got grey's lurking around my house, and last night because I started calling out dougway, I had a drone/craft visitation from there.

It's not so much that I know it's there and am calling it out, it's more about I know about a bunch of other stuff that gets me into trouble. They've literally tried to already murder me and my mother, which didn't pan out for them, on top of the poisoning and experimentation. They either want me dead or under control.

#19 Re: English Forum » Thank you edith! My e button is broken, so I couldn't capitalize the e » 2022-02-13 02:22:58

Oh no that title name is on point. I was wanting to thank edith for their reply, which I couldn't due to the original thread being deleted before I could thank. I wasn't really wanting to start up a dedicated thread about living next to area 52 lol. Nor what's being done to my water and god knows what else combined with the chemtrails, and on and on and on...

#20 English Forum » Thank you edith! My e button is broken, so I couldn't capitalize the e » 2022-02-12 19:55:34

Replies: 9

Just wanted to say thank you for your response to me ranting about my water. I didn't agree whole-heartily with all your recommendations on the grounds that they cannot be taken as absolute in all ways without other ways too. It is an absolute to follow or have those mindsets, but in my being I have to intersperse what you said with other ways as a whole.

And the thank you is mostly because your response allowed me to decrypt information I got bouncing in my mind, call it a download or inspiration which wasn't part of your intendended message, but I believe it allowed me to better see puzzle pieces I'm working with related to where I'm stuck at in space-time, so again thank you!

I suppose that thread got deleted due to the unrelated conversations that ensued or something about merging the thread into another.

Unfortunately I have to use municipal water as I live in a large metropolitan area (next to dougway or area 52 as what it really is) in it's suburbs, which is why I distill my water to filter as best I can the stuff that's going into the water. I am very much between a rock and a hard place, so unless I run off into the wilderness far away from cabal heartland in america, I have to deal with slave/concentration/regressive-experimentation camp scenario(s). 

Again thank you as you allowed me to decipher something important, to me you feel like an old soul that's been here longer than I, and I was always taught to listen to those who came before me.

My apologies for my overt bluntness and grandiose/bloated personality, I just wanted you to know I saw your reply and I wish you well in your journey! big_smile

#21 Re: English Forum » Taygetan crew 'photo' » 2022-02-12 02:27:10

Oh thank you. I probably wouldn't have thought to use that query in a search engine so I guess I can short cut to check that out. Thanks.

#22 Re: English Forum » Taygetan crew 'photo' » 2022-02-12 02:25:01

That's alright. Not even sure why I came back to post on this forum, because awhile ago I was posting and I started working on a topic about the tetrahedral properties of water and it's nano-particle accelerator properties, and just as I was pondering finishing touches to it, while outside smoking I had a helicopter fly by my house, felt a wave go past me (definitely not wind, some sort of gravity cannon), felt a micro earthquake under my house and parts of my house's plumbing got destroyed. Most of what was hit is fixed now, but within the last two weeks I started noticing oil (or black goo?) and some neon green substance like anti-freeze in my tap water, which I wouldn't of known about if I wasn't distilling my water. All of which is topping off all the other stuff I'd distill out of my water when I started distilling about 2 years ago. The oil and green stuff started appearing in the last few weeks.

I'll probably still post my write up on water just to give the middle finger to the cabal and/or fed.

Anyways sorry for that, just sharing what I'm dealing with and why I went quiet.

#23 Re: English Forum » Taygetan crew 'photo' » 2022-02-12 01:34:43

Is that part of telegram or a different app?

#24 Re: English Forum » Taygetan crew 'photo' » 2022-02-12 01:22:30

Doesn't look like this pic is on telegram, but I hardly go to CA's telegram, although I did just check minutes ago and it isn't there. So it must be down again? Are we ruining the surprise? Anyways I remember CA dropped Aneeka's pic in a video prior to revealing it was a pic albeit altered, so I'm assuming that's the same with Alenym's...

#25 Re: English Forum » Taygetan crew 'photo' » 2022-02-12 00:21:33

So my guess of who the middle person is, is HR Alenym, and top left is Swaruu of erra (9).

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