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#1 Re: English Forum » Mari: Why Did the First Contact Project Fail? » 2023-04-17 08:56:37

StarDeity wrote:

Yeah, pinay women see an American or Euro guy and tend to go all over him "love you long time" for the green card. ^^;

Wow you are so judgemental you fully got my attention
Not all pinay women are just after green card.
My sister is a teacher and she’s in America for 15 years now, and I had few friend nurses and they are hardworking people.
Be careful on what you wrote in this forum as it is like you are degrading women from Philippines and is so damaging
We work hard professionally with integrity and honesty
We pride ourselves on what we do

Wondering if moderators are screening this topic and remove the damaging ones or at least give a warning.

Be kind to one another…Peace out.

#3 Re: English Forum » Full Disclosure: This is my story and my dilemma… » 2022-01-03 00:12:51

This is such a beautiful story that I had to read your thread 3x.
Thank you for the courage for sharing your story and it’s great that you let everything out from your chest and not keeping it to yourself.
What really makes you happy?
Let your guide fill you in and lead you and shine through you.
I am just a ordinary person and have not much advice to tell you but I wanted to say that I’ll keep you in my prayers and hoping you continue yourself to stay strong. The Universe is kind and I’m sure help or therapy is available. Sorry I don’t mean to intrude. Encouragement is the reason why some of us are here in this forum for sure.
You take care and don’t lose hope.

#4 English Forum » Happy 4th Year Anniversary » 2021-12-28 10:51:28

Soul Searching
Replies: 1

Happy 4th Year Anniversary to CA/Gosia, Dale, Robert, Matias and the whole Taygetan Team!
Wish you all the best and a life time commitment and we thank you for continuing and sharing the most important information
and high quality video message and contents.
Love you all!!!!

#5 Re: English Forum » Papaya effects » 2021-12-28 09:35:28

Sorry for my absence, I wasn’t feeling well for few days now.
And here I am, I came across this thread.
I’m also double papaya’d
I think papaya didn’t take effect on me,
I am creating that reality for myself and revising the situation and trying to forget that I was papaya’d from my memory
I will continue to meditate and connect to the Source.
What happens next, I don’t know.
I will update my reply if I feel unusual

#6 Re: English Forum » Earth Council » 2021-12-28 09:19:06

I’m also curious who is that
I used DuckDuckGo and gave me few search results
Would be glad to know when the TT have answers for this
Thanks once again ?

#7 Re: English Forum » the water » 2021-12-04 21:30:47

I saw them somewhere online, was that safe for our health? whoof whoof wink

#8 Re: English Forum » Is this true? » 2021-12-03 09:31:40

Cool… smile  Thank you for your advices Robert.
Will do… I am getting there smile✌️ smile

#9 Re: English Forum » Is this true? » 2021-12-02 12:38:24

Thank you so much guys smile
Another news media crap then hahaha!
That needs to stop seriously.
Can’t believe the government is paying them just to scare and say crap things to humanity, all lies, and lies, just ridiculous.
For how long they gonna do this crap seriously ?

#11 English Forum » Let’s take a Guess » 2021-11-27 14:16:20

Soul Searching
Replies: 2

I remember Gosia mentioned about changing the term and not use “Holographic Society”
in one of her recent interview with Jean Claude - Mystic003.

Let’s take a guess what would it be?

I’ll start:
- Infinity & Beyond Society
- Free People Society
- Humanity Towards Full Liberation Society

What’s your guess?

Thanks to all smile

#12 Re: English Forum » The Vaccinated and lost signal to Source » 2021-11-26 12:54:27

Great topic JeffWasher.
I think somehow, this is true.
I fully lost my concentration during meditation which never happened to me before.
I never experienced disconnected and I feel destructive, so I’m like back to square 1.
I’ve been trying and trying though.

Is there any way to remove the jabs from our system?


#13 Re: English Forum » COSMIC AGENCY - SUPPORT CENTERS (By Countries) » 2021-11-23 12:21:40

This is a great list
Big effort; big responsibility
Who is in control of all this?
I don’t use social media, but thank you very much for this information smile
Best of luck xx

#14 Re: English Forum » Galactic Federation - CIA Control & Fake Alien Invasion » 2021-11-21 12:30:38

Thank you for this information
I was about to join and download their app and pay for membership lol smile)
I suppose my intuition tells me right, I didn’t even bother joining, my soul leads me here.
Thanks to all!!!

#17 Re: English Forum » Want to be translator for transcripts? » 2021-11-20 13:06:56

Matias wrote:


If you want to translate transcripts from to your own language, let me know in here, thanks!

How to: Just goto and choose the transcript that you want to translate into your respected language. Then send the translation back to me ( in a PDF form. Include in the PDF: Author, date of publish, name of the video and the URL link to the video. Keep spaces between each spoken term, so it's easy to read.

Thank you for your time and effort!

Hello Everyone,
I would like to contribute too, and I will try my very best!
I can help translating to Filipino (Tagalog) language (country: Philippines)
I grew up in Philippines but I live in Australia now.
I am very fluent in Tagalog and English,
Most Filipinos knew English as it’s our second language, or mix Tag-Lish them.
Let me know if you need any more help smile

#18 Re: English Forum » YOU ARE HEADLESS/CONSCIOUS SPACE » 2021-11-19 14:39:49

Very interesting topic smile

Thanks for sharing smile

I came across this video from Richard Lang … op&index=9

#19 English Forum » Glossary, Terminologies and it’s meaning » 2021-11-19 13:49:50

Soul Searching
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Hello everyone and the Taygetan Team,

My apologies, I’m just a new member and still learning Cosmic Agency, Taygetan/Plaedians knowledge, etc
So basically, would like to know if there’ll be someone that can help or put up, or contribute in this thread about the terminologies being used in transcripts or videos so it’s easy to tap and understand more and expand our knowledge.

I had so many questions in mind and I think it will be easy to look up and gather them all in just one thread here,
rather then googling things and could come up with misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

It would be greatly appreciated by new member like me smile

spirituality, metaphysics, ancient history, alien life, health, soul, technology,
matrix, orbit of the Earth, Federation, Extraterrestrial Diclosure, Free Energy, Quantum Mechanics, Reductionism, Materialism, Determinism, 3D reality, 5D perception,
(is “D” stands for density or dimension? Some people call it “dimension”),
Cabal, Illuminati, Jesuits, Syndicates, Dracos, Satanists, Annunaki, Secret Society, Ascension to the 5D,
Elites, Red Queen, Clones, frequency, vibration, duality, sacred geometry, Flat Earth, Kardashov Scale, Nuclear Energy,
And so on…

Sorry if this sound so annoying

Thanks again Team smile

#20 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2021-11-19 13:05:40

07wideeyes wrote:

Welcome, Soul Searching! It sounds as if you are here, in the right place!!!

Yes indeed!!!
Thank you, 07wideeyes , greatly appreciated smile

#21 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2021-11-19 12:24:10

Gosia wrote:

Please share how you found us, Cosmic Agency channel. Thank you! smile

Hi Gosia,
I was just browsing YouTube channel and I saw one of The Kevin Moore’s show - and out of curiosity,
I started researching and finding answers and explore the entire channel;
Came across different people’s interviews, like, channeling other peoples;
and how people can be able to receive messages and stuff,
and then, I came across you and Dale’s interview, “Communicating With Aliens (Pleiadians) Over The Internet”
and you had all my attention, and then, after I watched your interview,
I searched “Cosmic Agency” on YouTube and from then on, I started watching the playlist from the beginning,
and since then, I never get interested watching anything else, just Cosmic Agency!!!
I stopped watching TV news, Netflix, completely!!!!
and honestly, I felt something that this is much more important than anything else in this world!!
I can watch these videos over and over again, even whilst I’m working from home!!!
I’m so proud that I found your Channel, however, I am still learning,
and I can’t thank you enough and all the Taygetan Team for all your efforts,
It’s time to bring out the “real and genuine” message and share the knowledge and information to the entire world!!!
I remember on of one of your video message, and most importantly, you said that “no action is small”
And just like you, I have that inner desire; I simply like to help as well
and I started sharing your YouTube Channel to all my relatives and friends/colleagues
and I’ve asked them to share it to all their social network and people they knew and cared about and wake up totally!!!
Thank you so so much once again!!!
I love you all from the bottom of my heart ♥️
And thanks for your time smile

#22 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2021-11-19 10:48:58

Happy wrote:

Hello there, Soul Searching! smile And welcome! It's good to see you here. It's part of your "mission," for sure. The confusion you mention is very normal, I can assure you. ... even if being "normal" is a very relative term - you are after all the only one in the entire universe that are exactly you. Which means it's up to you what you want to make out of it. The better our intent is, the better the progress usually is, even if our choices can be perceived difficult at times. Heart and mind work best together. smile

Hi Happy! Thank you so much for the warm welcome message, you’ve touched my heart and showed you care.
No one have ever send me a message or give an advice like this, my entire life.
I will keep this in my heart and in my mind, truly, makes me feel great and valuable.
Thank you so, so much!!!

#23 Re: English Forum » Quotes from Swaruus and Taygetans that we like » 2021-11-18 14:56:39

I love it when they are giving us words of wisdoms and motivations, it really touched my heart and I’m in tears, I can watch these videos all day and night

“Meaningful things contains happiness”

“You are powerful and valuable beings”

These words are too powerful for me and I’m always in tears whenever I heard or think about it.
Something that I felt, makes me shiver,  I felt it genuinely, I feel worthy.

#24 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2021-11-18 14:17:10

Hello everyone, I’m from down under, Australia ??
I’m so grateful to be here.
I’m just a normal human being,
I always wonder what is the real meaning of life on earth and what am I am doing here, what’s my mission etc?
I have no idea and I consider myself as a lost soul and just confusion on everything my whole life.
Questions like… Why we have to work? why we have to survive? why we need to follow rules? why we have to wear masks? why we have to comply on COVID vaccination?
In Australia, the government had already begun implementing check-ins/scanning QR codes since last year wherever we go, and we need to keep our electronic Covid certificate in our iPhone/mobile wallet so that we can enter shops, or restaurants. We have been fully controlled by these rules and if you didn’t get this Covid vaccination, you kiss good bye to your jobs as no jab/no job rules being implemented by most companies.
Sorry for bragging.

Love ❤️ & Light ? to everyone ?

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