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#1 Re: English Forum » Are there any attorneys here who can help Gosia and Robert? » 2022-06-05 16:27:25

Why a close friend backfires on you, on the Earth ?

Remember the famous scene in Matrix, the movie, when humans were cultivated, grown in a silo, a cylinder.
Now imagine the DNA of a friend is cloned by this way, from a blood sample.
The final result is a twin who has the same frequency. He is entangled with the original.
He may receive special instructions or electric shocks. His conscious will affect the original.

The Earth is a big Las Vegas. Millions of soul land on the Earth by believing they will save the world, or progress,
or experiment at high speed. But they loose, and loose again. The only winner is the owner of the Casino.

It explains so many things, for instance why you can't persuade a family member,
why members on the forum express they are sometimes mentally attacked.

#2 English Forum » Rejuvenation » 2022-06-03 13:16:15

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A topic to give you courage and recall that we are a fractal part of Source.

On August 2021, I won about 5 years in front of the mirror by entering in 5D.
But the effect was temporary. I was sued by satanists. Quickly anxious, with the Spirit of Fight, then ill, I lost all the benefits.
Now I win back at a slow pace by following my bliss.

Do you notice the rejuvenation of your body ?

My way to enter in 5D.
I always wanted to revolutionize and pacify the Earth by inventions.
After 300 inventions, in a drawer, I feel by intuition that something was wrong in the History.
The wind turbines are ugly. The tractors flatten the soil. The bicycles are too complex. The wheel and the rail are inadequate for train.
Then in 2017, I studied Tesla. And there, the shock. My way of progressing is the meditation by visualizing beautiful places,
and by practicing extended knowledge, now by reading spiritual guides, trying to transcend my way of thinking, and thinking to smile.
Ultimate goal unify the humans, take care of the orphans, and preparing to hug our Galaxy family, Swaruunians, Taygetans first. "Father - Absolute" too.
Nothing is impossible. Its corollary, No certitude.
I send also admiration and gratitude to Gosia with flowers in the heart.

I monitor my thoughts and address me on the morning : Come on. Get out of the 3D !  as a Tennis Player.
When I feel angry, I use the mantra : I am the Light, I am the Truth, I am the Love, I am.
When I feel some tension with my interlocutor or if an idea is new, I like humor.

Rejuvenation ?
You believe the rejuvenation is a good thing ?
Imagine Djokovic vs Nadal 500 years on the TV !

Peace for All.

#3 Re: English Forum » Forgive the cabal? Letting go to move on » 2022-05-17 15:07:01

You like the trees as me.

The two old trees will continue their life elsewhere.

#4 Re: English Forum » Forgive the cabal? Letting go to move on » 2022-05-17 14:37:08

Yesterday, my neighbor cut one tree, and half of another to improve the view of his camera.
But these trees are mine !

What do you think I do ? ... Suspense. 
I bought one hour ago, two splendid trees to replace them. A little shorter.

If you think positive, improve the life, imagine a bright future, all bad ideas will naturally disappear.

#5 Re: English Forum » Why are we called "broken shoes"? » 2022-05-13 12:54:36

Beside a robin which eats my cake, I tell you a story.

I had the luck to meet a poet and French resister of WWII, André Verdet.
A beautiful luminous personage. I knew him a little.
I ask him : How did you survive in the concentration camp of Birkenau ?

He says me timidly, showing his number on his arm :
I was in the factory of crystals. I worked near the oven. I was never cold.

Then, some years later, I read his book "The Night is not the Night".
"La Nuit n'est pas la Nuit" en français.
And I discover that he was in the house of  tuberculosis patients, among the near death prisoners.
He helped them all the day. At the only part of camp where nobody wanted to be.

Among others, day by day, He never failed to look at the sky, and to continue to write its poems.

In the conversation, he asked me : What do you think about the sky ?
I replied : It is inhabited.

And he said : "Picasso (his friend) took my hand. He kissed the number on my arm".
His eyes were wet.

Now, you know what is a "broken shoe".

#9 Re: English Forum » The Federation Perspective » 2022-05-11 09:31:36

Without criticizing your comments and reflections, because there are several truths,
I see all in a more prosaic and funny way.
I see a secret treaty : All under 16Hz is for us (Orion group), the remaining for you (GF).
Don't touch it. No legs on that.

Hence, as Gaia is like a splinter in the foot, GF sent us. As I know me I signed to follow a woman,
without reading the small fonts.
By the way, when I read  the writings of Swaruu, Woav, I fall in, in love with her.

So we receive a lot of messages,,, eraoflight, and so on.
Be cool. Somebody walks on your foot. Be Cool.
You lost 10.000€ on the Stock Exchange. Meditate.
Your wife left you. Be happy. You're lucky. She was not for you.
You starve. That's good for your weight. Go to smell a rose.
You are at Shanghai, and want to go abroad. Learn to swim.
Your neighbors sue you. Smile. Breath.

You know. It's just a question of brain. You have the brain splitted in two parts.
You see all in duality.


#10 Re: English Forum » What is behind the over the top Chinese zero covid policy?? » 2022-05-09 16:57:31


I have a story like your tram. I was in the subway, waiting for a train. Suddenly I see a man who opens a little parapet and go down on the railway.
His movements were slow and determined. He open his arms as a christian cross, right on his foot, legs wide apart, prepared to confront the train.

We were 40 on the platform, plus 40 in front. I stand up. A woman screams. I run to the center of the quay. All people were immobile, like a movie on Pause.
I break the glass, the pane ( It was not a glass just a transparent plastic), explains that a person is on railway and, reexplains. 15 sec. "Ok we stop the line".

Return to the beginning of the dock, exit the man, in my arms. He weeps, wet, completely wet, no force, falls in my arms. "My woman quit me, with my two children".
"My woman quit, with my two children".
And only at this moment, two persons went to help. He was a professional of the railway. Other colleagues went.

Remember. The first movement, the first action, it's up to you to do it.

And let your fair emotion leads your body and mind.

#11 Re: English Forum » Export of food to other planets » 2022-05-07 12:50:28

Food to Trash perhaps 30%. Production for 25-35 Billions of inhabitants.

If you live, it's because you have a Family Galaxy who loves you, and you love her, not because you fight for ideas,
else you are just an IA.

People appreciate my kindness, not my intelligence, and now they need kindness.

#12 Re: English Forum » Export of food to other planets » 2022-05-06 16:41:10

Let's return on the subject, peacefully.

Take the consumption of human : 7kg of food / week.
Production : 7000 kg/hectare/year

USA : 371 millions of hectares = 371.000.000 x 7000 kg

USA nurtures (371.000.000 x 7000 / (7x54) weeks) inhabitants = 6.8 billions of inhabitants.

Just for the USA...

#13 Re: English Forum » Export of food to other planets » 2022-05-06 16:02:09

Accepting the Truth of the other is one the challenge of the Ascension.

Early at school, all comrades laughed at me, all along my studies.
In the end, I finished Engineer, graduated with highest honor.

Peace, Imagination, Creation are the keys.

#14 Re: English Forum » Export of food to other planets » 2022-05-06 13:10:02

Impossible ?   I say that on the scale !
As we have more news about food shortages, let's dig just a bit deeper the worldwide consumption, production of food.

4-7 tons per hectare.   
USA : 371 millions of hectares -> 7.400 millions of inhabitants
France :  29 millions of hectares -> 600 millions of inhabitants

To add humour, the weekly consumption of my mother : banana 1kg, flour 300g, butter 500g,  sugar cane 1kg, pastas 500g, sweet potatoes 1kg.

Mine : 7kg of vegetables and fruit per week,  200g of rice or lentil, 1/2 l of oil, 2-3 eggs, 3 sardines, sea salt, Vit B12, beer yeast.
No dairy product, no sugar, no gluten, no meat, thank you Robert. I'm thin.

Western  occidental food : 900g of meat by week.   3 kg of fodder, soya, corn produce 1kg of meat.
1kg of pasta, bread, rice, couscous, 1/2 kg of potatoes per week.

Don't forget that 25% the population are children.

Therefore, where goes the food ? For me 3 solutions :

1° To other planets. Gaia and her/his vegetation and food has her/his own frequency.
There are portals to dumbs of Mars, Venus.
And from there, other portals.

This supposes secret treaties. In this case, we could also imagine, from a point of view that the Starseeds are hostages.
From a story of Corey, when German military wanted a land in Antartica, the Dracos asked them for german.
As we are fractal of Source, the Souls are the money (as long as the souls don't know it). 

2° To the future or the past. Yes.  If you read the story of the Philadephia experiment on alternative websites,
(and Al Bielek), take a glance at the drawing, the boat was equipped by 3-4 big tesla coils connected to an electric motor
driven by the diesel engine.
And the boat was sent to the future, and came back, in 1943. So there are cargo ships equipped with this type of apparatus.
You sell your product not only to the Earth, but to the Future. It explains why we have such an diversity.

3° To the dumbs of the earth. It's obvious. The IA is not so artificial. They harvest, harness, with liquid food to
electrically connected brains, men in alveolus, honeycomb lattice, in hives, to produce the "Reality".
How many men by rows ? Are they twinned to humans ?

My conclusion, more your conscious expands to the Fifth dimension, more you realize and discover impossible things.
It's a part of the process. Raising his vibration, going to the light, being the light, love and compassion.

! To participate, give your food consumption, too.

Dear Administrator, don't hesitate to correct my text. English is not my native language.

#15 English Forum » Export of food to other planets » 2022-02-20 09:25:50

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I calculated that the ratio of exported food is 4 to 1.
4 to others planets, 1 for inhabitants of Gaia. Calculation or speculation ?

The basis is interesting : 200 m² of permaculture or monoculture nourish one person.
A little surface of 100x100km can nourish a country as France, for instance, with just 1/55 of its area.

You can extent this to the water of Poles. The Greenland ice sheet melts enough to rise the ocean level of 0.5mm/year.
Where do the other part of artic melted ice go ? As in the movie Oblivion ?

It is the same for production of electricity.
You can extend it to Services. Is Justice actually done by AI, as in the movie Elysium ? There are not enough judges, in relation to the number of trials.
Patents analysed by AI, special effects in films, video games, nano chips.
You can extend this to Nature. Are lions abducted ?

In the end it could be interpreted as a good thing.
No system survives if it is isolated.

I could perhaps try to send a Postcard to the address : Mrs and Mr Smith, 5th Avenue , New York, Venus
and wait a response.

Personal growth, Love and strokes to all

More kibbles please.

#16 French Forum » CE QUE JE VEUX POUR LA TERRE » 2022-01-01 11:42:25

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Nous allons faire un bond supplémentaire.

En ce moment, l'ensemble de la Galaxie nous observe.
Notre chère Terre est le point de concentration de l'ensemble de la Galaxie,
car elle est à la fois l'une des plus belles planètes, l'une des plus riches en diversité,
le lieu de rencontre de millions de ETs incarnés en humains, et l'effondrement soudain d'une civilisation.

Nous sommes à un point culminant ou plutôt son contraire une abysse.

Il est temps de comprendre que nous sommes comme des enfants, ne pensant qu'à nous.
Il est temps de grandir, de penser aux autres c'est-à-dire à nos frères galactiques
qui nous regardent.

Oh, nous n'avons pas de technologie à leur offrir. De l'ADN ? Non,
nous avons de l'humanité à leur offrir.

Je veux que la Terre soit pour eux un lieu d'accueil, de mémoire, un Musée, un lieu touristique chaleureux,
riche en étonnement et compréhension.
Un lieu culturel.
Une découverte des beautés de nos montagnes ou des merveilleux récifs coraliens.

Vivre même en Afrique, dans une peuplade au milieu de la savane
avec quelques chèvres est plus riche en émotion que l'étude de n'importe quel livre.

Nous avons à offrir notre humanité.

Amour et amitié à tous.

#17 Re: English Forum » the water » 2021-12-05 09:29:40

Wouarf. Wouarf.
The topic is already twice on the forum.

#18 English Forum » the water » 2021-12-04 15:46:43

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As a brave and good dog, I can't help but bark.

It's useful to get a water electrolyser (15€).
When the water is loaded, black particules appear.
After selecting the pure water, I feel better and can raise vibration.

Then reflection, action.

Remember. The best and the strongest are here.

Strokes and love to all

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