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I put here interesant texts.

I ask to not erase it,but take
consideration about this for future videos.

Deep Stuff,not Basic Stuff. … CazKW6mTo4 … ZXGfuyjCqt … RoTzeMFCbt … ent-195991

How to Pass Natural Stargates.
Dangerous,only one with great developed Soul and
that know what he doing should do it.

Ashayana Deane say,you could see it.
You Could Breathe.
And You Could use it.
If You Activated Portions of the DNA.

Below a Text Related.
Deep Stuff,not for Soulless Being like Swaruu Says.

EXACTLY. OLD SCHOOL.thats what i am talking about. lol

which seems to be in direct contrast with what some believe. This is what the old school Yogi's teach and seems they have done very well with it.

I only have met 5-6 people including my Guru that can breath completely thru the Sushumna.They are all His disciples. Now there are others, of that i have no doubt, but this is a first hand account.

When its done properly there are sounds that can be heard. one is a flute like sound (which in our view is why Krishna had a flute, flute had 6 holes for 6 of the charkras, i cant remember the rest of the story but can find it) as i said i have witnessed it first hand and this is done thru a special technique including having khechari in place. (in our view using the hands to block the nostrils is inferior to doing it internally with the tongue, this is what blocks the ida and pingala) once this is done and the ida and pingala are united the flow merges into the sushumna. it also has to do with where you are breathing "in" and "out" from. but i cant go into that. also there other important things to remember about the sushumna and what it contains. (Vajrakhya and in it the Chitrini, the Chitrini is also known as the Brahma nadi (nari)

i cannot breath exclusively thru that channel yet. it isnt an everyday thing that someone can just do it. LOL regardless of what some may say. i havent met anyone that braggs about it either, so even if i could i dont know if i would even mention it. LOL what i do know is that it is NOT the same thing as not breathing, or breath retention, or even forgetting to breath for a little while. completely different and experience is quite different as well.

there are distinct sounds other than the flute depending on what level you are at. sometimes its like a conch shell etc. if done over a period of time with the breathing stopped and fully in the sushumna there can be no sounds, once the static state occurs it is considered kevala-kumbhaka. but all this takes time to master for instance 12 excellent (internal) pranayamas cause withdrawal from the senses, 144 of the same result in soul oriented visualisation. 1728 of them results in dhyana and 20376 in samadhi. from our accounts of previous masters these are factual numbers based on what WE practice, others maybe different.

the beautiful thing is that these things all happen and unfold naturally, there is no striving for them. the more you practice the more things unfold the way they are supposed to

I believe Ashayana Deane talks about Breathe = Sushumna Breathing.
See it = Activated Third Eye.
Use It = Pass Safe Natural Stargate.

Please dont erase this deep stuff,for people with souls,not animals.

I wait when some mention is done in videos,deep stuff  for people with souls.

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