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mryang wrote:

Happy you liked it! I actually included it initially, but it isn't ascension focused so I skipped it. Also - his information and Swaruu's regarding the making of Pyramids is different.... that is of course interesting as well....

Hi again!

Ya know? Its weird, because I feel that the Pyramids have been described so many different times and by so many different people, being the biggest testament of wonder and amazement for the time before the flood, that all sorts of timelines converge on this subject and it may be that it is different for everyone. The law of confusion works its wonder to make sure that any credible source of proving it to be one thing over another, like when and how they were made, and what they were used for, makes it impossible to really say for certain.

I also kind of like that there are all sorts of theories and explanations, because it keeps me wondering and reading about them. Like other things that drive me nuts, I'm compelled to continue researching it.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to post your favorite videos, I don't know if it's appropriate to share content I've been writing, but I've started writing articles on Medium about information I keep coming across.

I've tied some things together to make sense of all I've read. And so if you or anyone on this forum would like to read my perspective or point of view on what's going on in the world, I'll post a link if it's allowed and doesn't get pulled down. Im not trying to sell anything or get likes on youtube, I don't earn money for products sold, I'm not listing items anyway. I welcome any feedback. Good or bad.

My articles are in line with the Swaruu and Taygetan teams info, and It's actually what gave me the courage to start writing articles about Aliens, to share with the people around me who might benefit from reading it. I wrote a couple articles with stories about my life that aren't relevant really to Ascension or Aliens, so skip those and if you have time to read and give feedback to me about the narrative and if there's anything you see differently, I'd appreciate it. The sources for my compilation of info are those listed throughout this thread. Thanks again!!

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Some other sources I have been checking out are Alex Collier and Corey Goode. I know they don't get the best rep because some of the info is distorted or just plain wrong due to many different factors, but they both have a lot of the same info that Swaruu gives and is worth a look. I would say to use your inner guidance system when sifting through the info. Take what resonates and drop the rest. As is the case with all the info out there.

Swaruu says to listen or read as much as you can from as many sources as possible. Understand as much as you can but don't become attached to anything.

I find in myself an inherent bias for certain info and not wanting to read info that contradicts the info I highly resonate with. But as of late I've dropped that and now try to read all points of view on issues. I don't like getting into the conspiracy theory nitty gritty, because you can get lost in all the info and I feel like the message is more important than all the horrible details.

I don't want to focus my attention too much on feeling negative and lost in all the shit that's happening, but choose to hold out hope and focus my attention on what I would like to see happen in the world during all of this.

As always I send love and light to all my other selves out there searching for knowledge and doing their best to help the ascension along. I am grateful to all of you who grace the walls of this forum, even the assholes, because they provide a necessary balance and help to point out the flaws in any given topic. Thanks!

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mryang wrote:

Channeling has been talked about in not the best way, yet - I have always liked the Alba Weinman channel on YT. Not all videos are maybe relevant as they are very personal and might be boring.

Hi again!

I took a look at the Alba Weinman YT channel and was very pleasantly surprised!  She has quite a database of QHHT sessions. They are slow to watch but the transcripts help quite a bit in sifting through the info on each video.

One that caught my eye and ear was the #179 video of a reptile from mars. It fits very well with the info provided by Swaruu and the Taygetan team about regressive beings living on Mars.

He talks about the races that live there, being reptiles, Nordic looking races, and mantis beings. The video upset me when the man started talking about having to deal with the humans and being involved with the slave labor of them, he HATED it. He realized while on another planet trading tech with a water race of loving beings, who were telepathically sending the crew love and light, that there was more to life than being under the control of those around him, and that he himself was being used as a slave.

It just goes to show that just because he was in a reptile body, didn't mean he didn't feel and think and was inherently regressive. We need to realize that even the reptiles can have a soul and carry light within them, and aren't necessarily bad in themselves but are also being controlled by the same controllers who rule over Earth.

Thank you for sharing!!

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mryang wrote:

Channeling has been talked about in not the best way, yet - I have always liked the Alba Weinman channel on YT. Not all videos are maybe relevant as they are very personal and might be boring. Some is clearly misleading (possibly hijacked?) but I have some favorites but again - use your own intuition whether this is in your frequency or not.

I write some of the sessions I think is worth to watch - Because there are more than 500 videos, and it would just be insanely time consuming to watch them all for information, I give you a short list of my favs.

#081 - About the Ascension and the reason for it. Slow beginning, there is an index if you want to get the gist of it.
#091 - More about the ascension - It starts from around 33 minutes until
#181 - Here is the same guy from #081 - He talks about the Ascension Event in detail - I have probably listened to this video more than 20 times...
#196 - A lot of information in general. Ascension from 30min. There is an index if you sort by top comments and scroll a bit.
#201 - This one is interesting as she basically predicts COVID as "the new flu" where many starseed/lightworkers exit because of failed mission.
#287 - This one talks about the new hybrid children after the Event and more about the ascension event itself. Starts from 19 minutes.
#501 - Even more details about the ascension event and the coming of "ships". A pretty wild ride, use your own intuition!

Well, obviously many more good ones, but if the above doesn't vibe with your tribe, then the others might be even less interesting...

Hey mryang,

Thanks so much for responding, I hope to continue this list with information just like this! I know discernment is paramount when deciphering through channeled information. Even so, some of the best material out there has been channeled and I think the channeled info that isn't very authentic is easily discernable from the real.

Even though it's all perspective, and the law of confusion makes it so we can get right up to the line of proof, but no further. We must be able to connect the dots on our own, using our inner guidance system to lead us on our quest for knowledge.

I will Check these videos out and let you know what I think! Thanks so much!

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Tigerhawk wrote:
Danimajor wrote:

At each stage of awakening for me, I didn't think it possible to wake up any further.

It's a constant growing process. Even the Swaruuians continue to grow and evolve.

Danimajor wrote:

Such a huge realization for me, I was walking around my house all giddy like I learned a huge secret and was trying to tell those around me, who were less than thrilled to be caught talking to this crazy person, that God was real. But I've moved pass the whole God thing to it being source now, a whole other level.

It's an amazing feeling when you know there is so much more to everything than this one 3D existence and meat suit we are walking around in.

Danimajor wrote:

I think if you're able to accept this knowledge provided by Swaruu and the other Taygetans, as truth, than you're more than likely a starseed. It's amazing to be able to talk to other people about this. Honestly so thanks for responding. You're learning steps feel very close to mine!

Needless to say there is no way for me to prove that I am a starseed or have any prior connection to Taygeta, but even Aneeka has said before that it is an inner knowing.

It is great to connect with like-minded people. Hard to find anyone who doesn't think "starseeds" is complete New Age BS. At least where I live, it's hard to find anyone who has spiritual beliefs beyond traditional Christianity. If my mom knew what I believed she would think that I'd been deceived by the devil lol.

Haha right! I live in Utah and definitely understand the whole Christian indoctrinated people's and their wanting to save us versus being saved themselves by us, their other selves. They refuse to see what doesn't mash up with their generations held beliefs that didn't work for their parents but is supposed to work for them and their kids some how!

Really mind blowing cult following they have going on, it's going to be a very strange new world for the ones that manage to wake up and join us.

And no proof needed to verify being a starseed. It is an inner knowing, and the thought would never pop into your head if it wasn't. I don't think people go around thinking they're starseeds for no reason at all. There are no accidents or coincidences, everything happens for a reason and for your higher good.

I think for now my focus will be on imagining and bringing forward the new earth, not the NWO, because this is how we shift, designing a new earth to shift to and refusing to accept the one designed by the cabal.

I know we can do this and on one level it's already been done! So just steering our timeliness towards the inevitable ascension and becoming an interstellar civilization should work if we believe it to be so.

Thanks for chatting with me, your other self, as I enjoy so much chatting with my other selves as well!

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microvirus6 wrote:


Ahh, I wish I had more to share, but really you've covered most of what I've found helpful. Maybe you're a bit further along than me!
I guess one is Eckhart Tolle.. not ET info but quite tuned-in to the inner part of awakening.

I will def check out Zingdad now, gotten the recommendation enough times now it's gotta be worth a shot.

One thing--and clearly this is old news to you, and is Small Potatoes with respect to the bigger picture--nonetheless, one thing I like is reading and watching on Youtube people recounting what they witnessed during near death experiences.

This was the entry point for me, since it can be substantiated even with scientific "objective" means by third parties confirming stuff seen during the out-of-body portion of a lot of NDEs. (Source found a way to get through to me even with my narrowed lens of Must Be "Scientific").

And anyway what I like is that it's a diverse assortment of very ordinary real 3D Earth people having direct experience of spiritual/etheric things, creating sort of a scattershot database that I can roughly test the more complex, cosmic stuff against.  Plus, not having to fear death at all is wonderful! Or at least not for the normal reasons.

Considered not posting at all since I don't have much to offer but didn't wanna leave you hanging!

Thanks for responding to me again! I appreciate not being left hanging haha!

I wanna say that the NDE info along with other paranormal shows about haunted places and psychic kids, and than government conspiracy shows are what got me looking towards the possibility of aliens in my late teens and early 20s.

I learned from reading Dolores Cannon that inexplicable and unexplained phenomenon are meant to light a fire in people to search for the real truth. And it certainly did that for me!

I remember when they first aired a show about NDE's on I think it was A&E, but I would wait for new shows to come out each week and then watch the new episode completely enthralled with tears in my eyes. I wanted so badly to believe it to be true, and am now able to KNOW it to be true based on what I know now.

Other info that got me going is quantum physics, a really great show that is definitely on the list of ascension info for me is "What the bleep, down the rabbit hole", it is a must watch if you haven't because it talks about the law of attraction in relation to science based facts! It's amazing and if you haven't watched you definitely should!

Than of course Zeitgeist is also a must watch because it helps to show how the system is broken and really opened my eyes towards the existence of the cabal before I knew them to be the cabal that they are!

Happy information hunting and please post any suggestions that you might have in the future to continue this list!

Sending love and light from the one infinite creator, you, me and our other selves!

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microvirus6 wrote:

Hi Dani, just want to say I resonate with your experience and had a similar path myself! Glad to have you in the mix here!

Hi microcirus6!

Thank you so much! I've had a little trouble adapting and there's definitely a pecking order to be experienced here as with everywhere else. And I'm definitely OK with that as I am new to this forum and seek guidance and confirmation to my way of seeing things.

I am quite excited to be talking about these subjects with peers for once, instead of talking at or around circles of my friends and family. They find me strange and I'm OK with that too as long as I know there are people out there somewhere that are like me, and feel the magnitude of what's happening and what's to come!

I appreciate your reaching out and wonder if there's anything specific you have read that I haven't listed. I recently checked out Zingdad which was recommended by a couple people and loved it! I highly recommend checking him out if you havent.

#8 Re: English Forum » Short burning questions regarding CA material » 2022-02-27 20:15:13

Greta wrote:

What is "meat printing"?

Hi Greta,

It's synthetic lab produced meat. Someone on the forum called it printed meat and I liked that, sorry for the confusion!

#9 Re: English Forum » Athena Swaruu's comment on the Ukraine-conflict » 2022-02-24 20:00:28

My dad just showed me a video of Kiev Ukraine being invaded by "the Russians." This makes me nervous, super nervous because it was a normal traffic looking cam with people driving to work in a normal city, then you see planes coming over with bombs!

What's happening! Does anyone know? Look for who benefits from the solution to the problem. I wasn't expecting a huge push into war, how do us starseeds proceed from here and is this as big of an event as I feel it might be??

#10 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-02-24 19:42:54

Hopefully this question is OK to ask here:

I was raised in Utah, where I currently reside, and have been in and out of the Mormon church at different points in my life for different reasons but recently came across some information that intrigues me.

Moroni, the "Angel" that led Joseph Smith to the Golden Tablets, is thought to have told Joseph that he used to live a life on Earth, but is really from the Pleiades.

Swaruu has gone over the other religions but this is fairly new to the scene and is also the most wealthy. Maybe we could get some information on this topic to know if any part of this story is real. How much is Cabal level. And the intent behind it from the Taygetan perspective. Were the tablets real or just a lie? I was thinking maybe he translated them wrong or not at all if Moroni was from Pleiades.

#11 Re: English Forum » Short burning questions regarding CA material » 2022-02-24 19:30:18

Thank you that explains it a little bit better. I just thought once you go vegan, because you know you get all the nutrients without meat, you don't go back. So from Swaruu too Yahzi, it goes from believing whole heartedly in eating no meat, printed or not, too eating printed meat in a body more advanced than the first.

Just an interesting tidbit I thought. I think possibly it's because of the mindset from being in a child body with a different point of view and different requirements for a body that can dissappear and reappear at will.

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Tigerhawk wrote:

More importantly, I felt like watching these videos something awoke inside of me. For years I longed for "home" but had no idea where or what "home" was. Watching the videos, I felt like I was being called home. I realize there is nothing in my journey that is going to satisfy any skeptic, but I have just learned to listen to my inner knowing.

You know it's weird because the Pleiades has always stuck out for me as well. I have a hard time going as far as saying I am a starseed because I have no prior memories before this earth. But I have always had a strong sense that I am here for a really important reason. Not that my reason is any more important than anyone else's, but a strong sense of duty.

At each stage of awakening for me, I didn't think it possible to wake up any further. 2 years ago in the middle of summer in thr middle of lock down, I was reading the Ra Material and Dolores Cannon and a huge epiphany hit me, like I reached a tipping point in knowledge and was in full realization of the fact that there is life after death. I could die right then and wasn't scared that I would cease to exist!

Such a huge realization for me, I was walking around my house all giddy like I learned a huge secret and was trying to tell those around me, who were less than thrilled to be caught talking to this crazy person, that God was real. But I've moved pass the whole God thing to it being source now, a whole other level.

I think if you're able to accept this knowledge provided by Swaruu and the other Taygetans, as truth, than you're more than likely a starseed. It's amazing to be able to talk to other people about this. Honestly so thanks for responding. You're learning steps feel very close to mine!

#13 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-02-23 19:27:33

Just wondering about the Crystal Skulls and their authenticity as well as purpose.

I know explanation of information stored in Crystals has been said, but I know there are Crystal skulls that have been guarded throughout the history of the Earth, I would like to know what purpose they serve if any, especially since so much trouble throughout the millennium has been made to protect them from various threats.

Thanks, I hope this question is adequate as I have done a thorough search of the transcripts and have not found any reference to them.

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I have a question about the video explaining the difference between Yahzi and Swaruu of Erra.

Yahzi is an omnivore and eats synthetic meat, I thought the higher up the densities you ascend you stop eating meat, you become vegan like Swaruu of Erra was. Can anyone please explain this further?

#15 English Forum » Shared ascension information sources » 2022-02-23 19:03:59

Replies: 16

I figure this thread can be used by everyone to post information sources that have helped to awaken them on their journey. I am always on the lookout for information that corroborates or is complimentary to what I've learned.

Maybe we can discuss or give our take on how certain information fits or if there is information we should be avoiding and for what reasons.

I'd love to here what info led you to the stage of being able to trust this source of information as true.

My steps were: Ancient Aliens, The RA Material/law of one, Dolores Cannon, the Kybalion, Drunvalo Melchizedek's the flower of life, and also the programs on the Gaia Network which led me to Galactic messages by Gosia.

#16 English Forum » Short burning questions regarding CA material » 2022-02-23 18:47:52

Replies: 4

I have spent some time this morning looking for an existing thread that pertains to the idea of asking questions regarding the Cosmic Agency material that can possibly be answered by the Swaruu information Veterans.

I figure it can't hurt to start a thread where us "newbies" can ask questions regardless of how far past back in the videos they are in their total understanding of the information, without putting the credibility of the source at risk.

So we can ask those burning questions we haven't come across an answer to yet, here, and if the Veterans have an answer they can link to the material here or just answer the question.

I know we're all at different stages in our ascension process, with different backgrounds and environments, separated by countries and languages, and we're all processing and assimilating this knowledge at our own pace and according to how we perceive the world.

So thanks, I hope you find the answers you seek to the questions you find relevant at this time in your journey.

#17 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-02-22 20:30:28

OK sorry, I'll stop posting. 

I thought the idea was to get ideas for questions to ask the Taygetans. I have been using the search function and HAVE put the time into watching the videos. Which is a lot of time as you know yourself. I have been rewatching them or reading the transcripts with these questions in mind with no clear answer, and thought other people might be unclear in these aspects as well.

I guess I'm rubbing people the wrong way and I apologize for that. I'm just trying to connect the pieces and thought this was a good place to get clarification for these subjects in the form of video ideas.

I will try to use better judgment before placing questions. I will not post information that appears irrelevant for consideration as a question for the Taygetan team by the rest of the forum.

I don't know how I'm putting the integrity of the sources at risk, Swaruu says to ask questions and reconciling seemingly contradictory information from a lower perspective, unable to see the bigger picture is why she is here in the first place. To help us see things from her perspective looking down at the Earth.

Helping, for are we not one? Shouldn't we be working together? I thought these were valid questions, and I'm sorry for I would never try to risk the validity of the contact. It is deeply resonating with me so I'll keep my questions to a minimum and in different threads.

#18 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-02-22 19:00:58

Not sure if this has been answered either, but do Taygetans have the ability to wipe memories or implant false ones?

If so does the Cabal also have this ability?

I'm wondering for if you save a ship of humans being trafficked, do they get to go back to their normal life's and how is this done?

At what point do humans realize they're being trafficked in the process of it, are they led to believe something else?

And what about signs of this activity occurring and signs to be wary of?

#19 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-02-22 18:25:42

I have a question regarding what Swaruu says in the 5d ascension video.

Swaruu: Sure. And like many people, some have entered the earth again because they already know the way out of there. Starseeds that have achieved a higher ascension. I'm one of them.

Is she saying she has been a person stuck on Earth reincarnating again and again before Swaruu came into being  and ascended from there, escaping the 3D?

So within our linear conception of time, before she incarnated on Erra possibly?

I know she has done many time jumps and other missions to help Earth. But why so much attention and connection to Earth by her?

I know she is a 7th D starseed now, but did her journey start on Earth before the first Swaruu was born?

#20 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-02-20 20:29:27

OK, new question,  sorry I can't help but ASK!

Gosia has mentioned some esoteric stuff like black Magick, I'm just wondering about Magick in general, white Magick and how it works maybe? From our human perspective how it works and why, which material we have on earth that is best to read and try to practice.

I'm thinking in terms as black Magick is used here prevalently by the cabal lower factions. Which Magick for us humans to avoid, like tools for us to help raise the vibration.

I get some info is more poisoness than like medicine because it can be used by the cabal. But what about people with good intentions and who want to know more about it from our POV.

The history of it would be cool and to know if there are planets that could be like a Harry Potter world and use Magick like that? Just wondering and thanks for everything already and helping to wake up to new levels this past week.

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