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I want to add - that in video 8:

Published 7 November 2018 by Cosmic Agency, Gosia

Swaruu says:
"We have a diet that you would consider strictly Vegan. I mean no animal product, no egg or milk or dairy. The problem with the Vegan Diet on Earth is that you have been without this diet for many generations and this has caused the gastric system of humans in general to be slow to process food that is entirely plant based, especially raw. Also, the chemicals in the food have impaired the ability of the gastric system to absorb nutrients. Then a vegetarian diet would be more advisable in general.
However, it should be the decision of each person to follow this or that diet according to their own organism and how they react with each diet. But what I should say is that the consumption of meat and fish does not benefit you at all, contrary to what you are told."


Published 12 April 2019 by Cosmic Agency, Gosia

Swaruu and Gosia extract:

Gosia: Ah ok. But I meant, are all the ET races vegan?

SWARUU: You mean the interstellar advanced races, not the "animals". Then yes, they are all Vegan. Only the regressive ones are carnivorous. You simply cannot be an advanced race and be carnivorous.

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The idea that someone can predict this kind of change to the date, is of course interesting as it is easy to confirm. Let's see.

As a believer of the total reset and "The Event" (as written in my lengthy post), I have an inner knowing that this will come, but so severe, no one should even think about gold or silver, but rather aim for government independence, apple trees and clean flowing water as "the gold" to invest in. As the poster before me said - Learn DIY - That is the ultimate "currency".

With that said, I believe markets follow efficiency and logic:

- Dollar is the last currency standing. Whatever people say about the end of the dollar, they also mean that every other FIAT currency on the planet will end before. Why? The entire world is built on dollar technology. Try to trade anything of value that has not the dollar incorporated in its trade as a means of business and you will end up in a cave. US companies is driving this planet and that will not change before this "reset".

- Crypto will NEVER be the savior of this planet, quite the opposite. There are so many illogical conclusions about crypto in general that it baffles me. Untraceable? No. Government independent? Absolutely not. Technologically advanced? Yes and no. The VISA card system is just about a million times faster for starters. The idea that someone wants to replace the carrier of money that itself has a value is just insanely stupid. One must ask - after 13 years of existence - why has Bitcoin not become widely adopted in retail and not even used in practical terms among the holders - Because people are using it 99,9% for speculation.

Acceptance is made through brainwashing and hopium. Greed is its nutrition. Beyond common sense and the end of it, we will see the emperors naked body for what it is truly worth, hopefully sooner than later.

For the future however, financial collapse - I believe - is the least of our "worries".

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HeadRush wrote:

Just adding a show in which I feel is full of disclosure. The "Halo" Series on HBO is great, tons of disclosure & a good storyline.

Loved it as well, and yes - very interesting.
For example, the name of the AI is Cortana and that in itself is no big surprise as the Halo brand is owned my Microsoft, but the way they portrait "her" is more interesting such as she is impossible to turn-off and always listening, etc.

A very well made series that is not focused only on the combat, which I think has become a virus in itself, poisoning most movies and series today that otherwise could have been great.

I think about the movie - Passengers, which is a proof that it is possible to make a highly exciting movie with action, drama, intensity, love, beauty and more, without guns, war, violence, horror etc. I'd love to see a Passengers series, where we can follow their journey from where the movie ended until their destination of Homestead.

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lunaja wrote:
mryang wrote:

A dark force threatens Alpha, a vast metropolis and home to species from a thousand planets. Special operatives Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.

Spoilers ahead!
This movie is a GEM and highly recommended. The entire movie is amazing in many ways but one that really stands out is the way densities work. In one scene, our heroes enter a market that on a first view is a desert with people walking around. To actually see the market, one needs to wear special glasses and then - boom - you see the 5th density.

Clues: The Federation, Soul Travel, Energy pods, Holodeck, Artificial Planets, Multidimensions, 5th density, Space Trade,

Hello @mryang

Do you remember in which episode Swaruu mentioned this movie? I remember she said that there is something portrayed there well, I thought it is about the city of thousand planets, but from your description it seems it is about the densities. I would like to watch that piece again.

Btw. I tried searching through transcripts Eng and Esp and nothing pops up.

Swaruu never mentioned this movie - This was my own contribution as I loved the movie and the number of realistic (imo) portrayals it did with other dimensions and technology used.


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HotJolly wrote:

The Lion King (1994)

A regressive incursion is aided by a discontented royal. 
He then leads an army of the hungry and down trodden, promising them a better life.
They terrify the population into stampeding thus removing their leader, and destroying their system of life.
The protagonist is convinced to flee when his arrogance and ignorance is converted to guilt.
Cultures barriers fall. "Anything goes."  The outcome is bleak.
Having lost his rightful place, the protagonist adopts a lifestyle of abandon and consumption.
He is reminded of his true power and rightful place.
He returns, faces the situation that he ran from and asserts himself.
The truth is revealed.
The regressive leader is destroyed by his own supporters when his deceptions are made known.

Thanks for your contribution!

However, I think you mix the topic - Disclosure in this context is referred to Deep State activity, illuminati programs, Secret Space Programs, Existing Technology, Aliens etc. etc.

Social structure similarities - then we can suddenly include millions of movies if not all of them smile

BUT the Soundtrack is amazing and the legendary Hans Zimmer has been producing it so worth watching anyways! smile

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Scott Summers wrote:


Please see Cristiane’s video. Link here:

1. The Taygetan Disclosure is under relentless attack
2. Do it for the crew on the Toleka. Show that you care.
3. Time is running out for the Cabal. You have to pick a side.

Can you be more specific:

1. What kind of attack? I see only opinions. If another opinion is regarded as an "attack" we are sorely misunderstanding the concept of a free dialogue.
2. Show how?
3a. In what way is the time running out?
3b. What sides are there?
3c. Why do we have to pick a side?

My questions might feel like they provoke, but I'm seriously curious and I want to give you my answers when I understand the matter deeper.

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mitkobs wrote:

Who will stay here and survive and who have to die and move to incarnate in another reality? If the jabs are death penalty then it is clear who will survive and who not. But cabal maniacs also will survive and will be easy for them to round up the insubordinates(when population is drastically reduced). What kind of reality will be to live together with the cabals, something awful, hide and seek.

The Event will remove the dark energies from the 3D Earth, but the larger problem will be the actual Earth changes - movements of the plates, stirring up the surface and the population. How chaotic this will be is still written in the stars.

Hence, Cabal will (supposedly) not be a problem after the Event, they will be all gone.

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microvirus6 wrote:

Relevant reference, possibly describing The Event...

In The Ascension Papers, Zingdad writes the following (it's in parable form but even without the context I think it will be clear what each of the terms refers to):

"The Darklanders are still in the Darklands and they still have no light. But there is now a difference. They now know about their friends and family members who were with them in the Darklands who simply disappeared. They also know the ones who disappeared were Lookers [a group who claimed to see the light of a higher realm]. They know that the Lookers were talking about going up into the Brightlands. And then they were gone. So they are confused and many of them are now asking questions."

If you want to know about The Event, it also seems to be talked about pretty directly in these videos:

The gist is that something big has been planned that will allow Earth's population to essentially split into 3 groups and enter the timeline appropriate to their vibration/spiritual development: the other-responsible group (staying in 3rd density), the self-responsible group (4th and 5th density), and the unity conscious group (6th density+). It was also mentioned in an earlier video that this is the first time (perhaps ever, but in our galaxy at least) that an opportunity is being offered for 3rd density beings to be harvested directly to 6th density/unity consciousness.

Oh, and mad props for creating this thread and for all the light you shine, mryang!

Thanks for links and references! Always interesting with new sources, although I previously read the "Ascension Papers" by Zingdad.

While I think the ascension papers are a bit confusing, partly because of some of his lengthy "vague" answers - I am sure it all adds to the mass awakening.

Regarding your video links, the first one more or less agreeing with the Event concept I lined up. The second one touches another subject that is really important in this awakening - the dissolution of "darkness" and I think Adamu/Arn presents this really well. Again, thank you!

I want to add, my perspective:
There is much talk about the removal of cabal, illuminati, darkness etc during this awakening period - and while that is true - the true darkness is within us. We are the "owners" of our fears and that is what has been poisoning this realm and not necessarily "them" alone.

Like horrible parents badly teaches their children, the child can choose its own path. We don't have to carry on that mantle of oppression. The cradle of fear. The legacy of hate. We choose from our inner spirit, even though it is hard. Damn hard. And here is another perspective: The ONLY reason this Event happens is because we rise from the ashes of fear and that in itself - from the depth of it - is truly a majestic victory for love. We really did the impossible and every single being on Earth at this moment is a part of it.

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egyptian_knight wrote:
Serenity wrote:

I am definitely not the lotus-position type meditator smile

Same here not a lotus meditator, i meditate longer hours so my legs hurt after if in lotus position because i would put myself in deep trance.

How do you meditate then? What position? Even you my brother Mryang what position when you meditate?

Thank you.

I lay on my back in a process similar to this (not always the same):

1. 10 deep breaths. For every exhale, I try to relax my body lower and think about something beautiful.
2. Then I float in space, mostly watching the sun, pretty much similar position as the poster for the Expanse series.
3. From here on out, I choose my scene, or start talking with my higher self on topics I ponder.
4. Many times I travel, beautiful scenery or I do things, skiing, driving car, have sex, building houses, you name it! smile

Talking with my higher self however, I do all the time. When in doubt, I ask it and it never hesitates for an answer if there is one. I tried the candle light thing, the humming thing, the black-out thing and that never worked for me.

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Brahman wrote:

Thanks mryang. About past ascensions. You said this event happens once in 1000 life times. Why does it only happen every thousand life times and not more often? What happened in the last ascensions and why is the planet stuck in 3D? You say that now all low vibration people will gradually disappear and only high vibration will remain. Why didn't the low vibration clearing happen then?

Why does it only happen every thousand life times and not more often?
1000 life times is figurative substitute for a very long time. The numerals are many and different, and I have seen guesstimations from 360,000 years to "never before in this Galaxy".

A common description of the Ascension cycle seems to coincide with the 25,920 year cycle 12 zodiacs represent (12 x 2,160 years). However, many sources mentions this one to be of an extraordinary magnitude, that happens far less and much stronger. Assuming the lowes estimate, which is around 360,000 years, this is far more than 1000 life times.

But again, we are too young to have reference to such big numbers. They don't make sense and they give no meaning.

What happened in the last ascensions and why is the planet stuck in 3D?
I don't know what happened in the last ascension.
This planet is not "stuck" in 3D - It is a classification of this world that represents a certain set of variables for this experience. The city of Lagos is not "stuck" in their development - It is their choice to have that kind of environment.

You say that now all low vibration people will gradually disappear and only high vibration will remain. Why didn't the low vibration clearing happen then?
That is a misunderstanding. During the Event, there will be an opportunity to "ascend" to another dimension. What happened last time - I have no clue. Also, the difference in vibration/frequency is very tiny in galactic terms - We are all here - awakened or not, very far down in the chain of things. Crucially, most here are bound to the physical and that is essentially what 3D is all about.

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mitkobs wrote:

I used to believe for some years in this mass ascension event but after all the information from Cosmic Agency I corrected my view. Probably something is happening but not like a mass event. Will include only the people who are ready.

The most important question which is unknown will the planet reality change back to 5D without taking into account all the beings who are not ready. Is this possible the planet to ascend and throw over board the people who are not compatible in vibration for the new reality. And from the info here I think this is not possible. Planet is for the people, it mirrors their wishes and their mentality and gives it back as experience.

The idea of the Event is that there will be multiple destinations, including staying here where 3D reality will continue - which is the reality for most beings here as this is still very unknown and fringe to the mass public.

We are all riding on the same boat as of now, during the event, we can choose to jump to another boat, so rather than throwing people over board, they simply stay on their current "ride".

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mitkobs wrote:

Latest information. There is no any special event. The event are the starseeds and always been. It is how starseeds are changing the reality with just being incarnated on the planet.

Ascension is individual. Everyone who is ready will live in next greater in vibration reality. No mass ascension event.

Does Earth ascending? No because is already ascended. The planet have all 12 dimensions/densities and all timelines happening simultaneously. The problem is this timeline we are all now. This timeline to change have to have mutual agreement between all real souls who are living here, at least a majority. And cabal have to go away somehow for anything here to go in positive progressive direction. And any of these conditions seems not in line.

I respect your interpretation of Swaruu, but one thing doesn't exclude the other. Words can be very limiting and I think we read them differently.

1. The world is in a mass ascension event right now. We see it everywhere. Whether this is "special" to you or not is of course a technicality.
2. Earth has traversed through many ascension events, maybe thousands. It is constantly evolving / ascending.
3. The very reason Swaruu and the Targeytans are here is specific to the Ascension of Earth right now. This is mentioned in video number 2.
4. Swaruu has already confirmed the coming fall of the 3D-matrix. I suggest this is ultimately in connection to "the" Ascension Event.

Swaruu surely knows about this Event as it is hinted in many videos, although I think it is a topic that is very off-limits in details, as the information in general is vague, mixed, confused, everywhere on the Internet. However, I think Swaruus messages only strengthens my view on the Ascension Event, rather than diminishing it. Watch/Read The Ascension video I linked earlier and also ASCENSION AND POSITRONIC ENERGIES

which is another good video corroborating much of the data I have presented here. For example:

"The positronic energies hitting Earth do exist! Those energies are frequencies coming from other consciousnesses, interacting and combining with yours. This is the famous "energy flux positronic storm coming from the center of the Galaxy". But people must flow with those energies, not resist them, and they are resisting them clinging to their old mentality. No change will come like that! They will stay in their old paradigm and mentality!"

What Swaruu wants to say is that we have to work individually. Not "wait" for the Event, but to actively do the inner ascension work. This is the only way for the Event to happen at all.

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Pymander wrote:

This is such a good topic to discuss. I know that I was definitely “guided” to awaken by my “spiritual team” as QHHT practitioners would put it. I had a specific moment where a thought popped into my head while I was driving (this has happened once or twice before at key moments in my life), and the simple action of turning on the radio to hear the radio host immediately say “The Law of One” the instant I turned it on and then go on about the book led me to where I am right now.

When I first delved into the QHHT Dolores Cannon material, understanding what they meant by the Ascension and all that was mind blowing and it made so much sense in regards to why we were here. I did not find Cosmic Agency for at least a couple years, so I was quite naive to what’s really going on.

Hearing the Taygetan perspective on the matters is much different than the Dolores Cannon version. They appear to be much more “realistic” and have never mentioned such events. So this has lead me to question whether or not the Ascension event was ever “real” at some point, perhaps it was a metaphor for turning off the Moon’s matrix, or perhaps it goes beyond the Federation level and it is really going to happen.

Morally, I don’t think it’s particularly great to leave all the Starseeds and the positively minded humans trapped on this planet while all hell breaks loose. And with Monkeypox and all that, I think shit is about to hit the fan. I know that there are complications with extractions; but, I really do love the idea of us being moved en masse to a “New Earth” where we can live out the rest of our lives in peace rebuilding society. To me, that is the most humane solution. The Cabals can keep Earth until they eventually collapse. But, the ones who do not want that experience should not have to endure witnessing a global genocide and all that is in store for us.

Gosia and Swaruu has a really good video on the ascension that I mostly agree with:
What is a 5D Ascension

I don't see the Taygetan opposing Dolores at all. They do their work slightly differently; Dolores focusing on the Ascension in a broader perspective, while Swaruu is more detailed, more specific but their entire work is ascension connected no doubt.

In fact, Swaruu has mentioned Dolores almost 20 times in different videos and praised her work many times within her field.

"Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, Dolores Cannon are all very good 5D UFO researchers."

"But how can the people move to the positive timeline if they don't know. At least now they are warned, and I'm not the only one saying this. There are many now doing this exactly! Dolores Cannon / Teal Swan / Bentinho Massaro, Abram-Esther... so many others."

"What Dolores says is perfectly valid. But the opposite does not have to be invalid."

..and so on.

Regarding leaving humans "behind". We don't. If I go to Disney World, do I leave humanity behind? No, I let them have their chosen experience. Some would not even want to go to Disney World at all, even if offered free ticket.

Most souls end up in heaven anyways. So 5D is just a passage of time, another destination on the way to the same place everyone else go.

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Brahman wrote:

Very nice topic. Thanks. For now, I have a question about point 411 - anything can manifest. Does this also apply to our personal desires whatever they may be?

1. "Whatever it can be" - No, it has limitations. You can't implode the Universe at will. You can't limit other souls freedom, that is not in your powers. Material things - Yes, mostly.

The concept and illusion of Manifestation has went bananas on social media lately and I want to clarify my view on how manifestation works by comparing it to what manifestation is in heaven. (Not to say that your view is wrong, but to clarify for others reading this post.)

Even though you have really good manifestation ability in heaven, it is not done in a flash because you have to build it like a painter makes art. Every detail must be accounted for. Every single stroke, every single function. This is the same in 5D but quite possibly harder. People will try to re-create dream homes and material stuff, but they will realise it takes a lot of mental energy to do that. Having the ability to manifest whatever you want (within your capacity) still requires some work. Sometimes a lot of work. Also, because of access to superior technology, you will not really have to manifest these "things" because advanced machinery can do this for you.

(Manifestation in 3D is much similar but the approach is a little bit different. Disregarding method, WORK is ALWAYS required for manifestation. You can't sleep your way to a new home, there must be an action involved. If that is a lotto-ticket or a bank-loan, is much up to you.)

2. Yes, I think you right about the Cabal being bored. Boredom is the reason source created the Universe in the first place. Boredom is the reason why souls descend to Earth. Boredom is the reason why people do extreme sport. Boredom exists on all levels of existence. Heck, planet Earth gets bored too.

Your ascension to 5D will initially be a truly mind-blowing experience. Will that fade? Of course! There are cycles to everything. You will end up in the cosmic sea of nothingness at some point just for that reason, then wake up and repeat the process eaons at a time.

With that said, life on Earth seems to be highly addictive to souls in general. People complain way too much here, without knowing they have been here, over and over and over again because they are playing this game that is unique in the Universe.

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This is most likely the longest post you have ever read in a forum, so if you have read through it all, thank you. I appreciate it.

Naturally, the first thing that arises in your mind is whether this is true or not. This is impossible for me to answer as the lengthy post already indicates, but I believe this is how it is supposed to be and we are in a moment of time where this event is already under way.

The winds of the storms are already felt. Whether this is early or late in this approach is not really relevant but rather, how your own life is aligned to what is happening around us. Do you feel the winds of change? Do you hear the calling? Believe what you feel, and act upon it, without hesitation.

There are numerous of videos and sources regarding this event. Are they all wrong? Have they all misunderstood its concept?

Interestingly, I believe many of you already know about the event and recognize the changes in your own mind and body and are partly or fully prepared without having given much thought about the Event at all. This is also by design.

I believe we are guided to our purpose that is to come, whether we want it or not, because we made that choice before we entered our life here. You might even feel that there is an inner knowing that you are destined for a larger purpose, in a larger game that is at play, what, how, when – are things yet unknown.

One of my life missions has always been to share this story through the ways of data gathering that is my specialty. Whether you believe it or not, is not important because now, inadvertently, this story is also yours.

As long as this post has been, I don’t know if you have questions or want to discuss this topic further. But if you are, then let us share our common wisdom regarding – possibly – the most important event in a 1000 life times.

See you around!

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I believe every single agenda created by the Deep State is to oppose souls to ascend during this event. This is their true talent – To purposefully inject and connect, orchestrating many small operations into one majestic grand play on so many levels that it must have taken their entire effort during thousands of years to organize.

And if you have followed the numerous videos regarding the Cabal from Swaruu you know that there is not one institution that is free from their infiltration and given their intelligence, most likely, 95% of all so called channelers, is either controlled opposition or diverting ideas “noise” to make you dwell into things that is really not important.

One of the more successful methods they have is to create noise to divert our minds into everything BUT focusing on the Event. That’s why you can scroll forever in social media without really knowing why you are doing it. That’s why you get recommended videos on Youtube similar to; “This pizza owner was about to close when THIS happened” with 45 million views. Youtube never freely recommends anything spiritual unless you have subscribed to it already. The entire Internet is designed to keep your eyes BUSY and your mind in a lower vibration.

The game that is at play is still a choice. No one forces us to scroll on Facebook. No one stops us from taking the mattress on the roof or in the garden and sleep outdoors watching the skies. However Deep the state is, the choice to say no to media is as easy as throwing out the TV.
Deep State is very active so people can be passive, consuming. To break free, one only needs to be active to what you are consuming and let everything else be passive.

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There is not “one way” to shift from a 3D to 5D mindset but at the same time, it is. The key word is love – a big word, without meaning to some, but for you that are reading this, know what I am talking about. Bringing love to your life in every aspect of your being is HARD. And that friction from the ego to the understanding of the whole, is what is necessary for the soul to grow. Most will never get it, nor understand what source and oneness really is, but those of you that has already lighten that inner spark, you just let that shine, stronger, more dominant, more passionate than anything else you have ever felt, seen or touched. The steps I have lined up below might seem obvious and again – many of you have already a deep understanding of this. But for those of you early on your journey, these are a few of the key steps to focus on to grow that light:

  • 801 - Find your inner love energy and channel it. In practice, this means you follow your own intuition much more than previously done. For example, if you want to quit your job and start your own business, do it. Don’t stop yourself because of “whatever reason”. If you feel your relationship is detrimental/toxic to your life, leave it. It doesn’t matter who it is, partner, family, boss. Just go. Don’t dwell on decisions – Just make it happen.

  • 802 - Study what you eat and take outmost care of your body. Every single thing you put into your body will affect you. Typical “no-no’s” as mentioned already; meat, dairy, artificial sugar, fried food, half fabricated, fast-food, alcohol, medicine, soft drinks, etc. Most likely more than 95% of anything you find in a supermarket is toxic to your future 5D body.

  • 803 - You are your own best doctor, so stop going to the hospital. If the medicine you are digesting is not coming directly from nature, unrefined, un-processed, it is not medicine. Believe that any sickness you have is something you can heal. Anything (don’t ask me “what if I have this and XYZ”. I mean, everything.

  • 804 - A light mind has a light body. If you are battling with weight, change your food.

  • 805 - Stay off news, social media and TV, as much as you can. Maybe only read news once a week, disable or uninstall apps you know is just iteration of the same

  • 806 - Forgive your past. Mend your inner regrets. Visit or call that friend you had a beef with and ask for forgiveness or forgive them.

  • 807 - Try to pay off your old debts if they are a burden to you.

  • 808 - Give away or sell anything you are not happy to see or have not used in the last 12 months.

  • 809 - Help anyone that calls for your help. It doesn’t mean you give them everything you have, but something that you can, even a tiny bit. That will spread the light further. Sometimes it can be that hug they needed, rather than money that is real help to them.

  • 810 - Practice daily meditation your own way. It can be a walk, listen to music, dancing, painting or anything that calms your mind and helps you to shine that inner light.

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No being, biologically alive or dead in any density or any realm in any timeline will evade this event. Belief is not a requirement, existence is. Thus, the input given is the same, the reaction and outcome however, is all different. Like a giant wave approaching, the prepared surfer sets a timing in motion. He has equipped himself with a board. Hours and more of extensive training. There are bruises, but he is sharply alive. There are also surfers without a board. We call them swimmers. They are prepared. They float but without motion. They look in the wrong direction. They will not experience this wave with the same grace as the surfer. Herein lies the choice to make – As the wave approaches, we choose how to ride it. The dynamics of choices is infinite. But there is only ONE choice in ONE moment: Yours. You decide the outcome from beginning to end.

Out of infinite possibilities, there are some outcomes more common than others.

  • 701 - As the high energy frequencies hit, the lowest frequency beings will pass to heaven. There will be no middle stage, no ghost world, but straight to heaven they go.

  • 702 - For some, death is not immediately obvious, but a realisation in the first couple of days when agonies and confusions has taken the most out of their life and guardian angel intervention kicked in.

  • 703 - Insanity and out right fear will appeal some to commit suicide. No one will stop them and they will not be alone.

  • 704 - The larger mass will survive but stay in permanent confusion, bewildered and shocked seeing the world with a new pair of eyes. An overwhelming disbelief will stop them from evolve further when their minds simply stop to cooperate with their sanity.

  • 705 - Some people in the mass, gifted by mainstream media with cultural lies, will deny and forget what has happened and try to continue their lives as before. This will not work.

  • 706 - Then some in the mass will awaken, very quickly, to the reality of this world, making huge leaps of their own. They will still have the possibility to continue on in 5D, with further training as the door to 5D is open for another couple of years.

  • 707 - The "jumpers" will experience a rush of 1000 stars of light and love and will try to absorb these new energies as our surfer on a wave. Not all will succeed to keep these higher frequencies but many will. After the initial time of confusion and information overload for these beings as well, they will be able to use – partly or fully – their new abilities, such as telepathy, materialisation, teleportation and more. Many will do their assistive work here during the years of great transformation on Earth before going back to 5D Earth.

#19 Re: English Forum » The Ascension Event and the Evolution of Humanity » 2022-05-22 15:09:08


The following timeline – a sequence so to speak – is my interpretation of a puzzle without real fixed pieces. A very loosely designed pie without detailed ingredients or real form. The experience is so individual that to generalize, might even be rather ignorant but yet – I believe – there is a commonality, similar or equal sub-events that most will experience, disregarding their mindset minus the absolute top and absolute bottom (that will either jump to 5D or die immediately).

(If you choose to die, you can continue to watch the event from heaven and the spectacle might be even better from there.)

  • 601 - All timelines will intersect and time itself will come to a halt.

  • 602 - A light wave sent from the centre of the galaxy, will penetrate this solar system and all levels of existence will be affected by it.

  • 603 - It will dissolve the 3D matrix and other dimensions will be visible in its true form.

  • 604 - The energy rush will overthrow every being on Earth instantly and simultaneously. The effects are immediate – you will not need to ask if this is “it” or not. You will know.

  • 605 - The energy wave is so intense, it will shock the body and mind and it will try to awaken our dormant DNA – In the attempt to return our bodies to full consciousness.

  • 606 - DNA gives potential but minds manifests its power – This new potential will separate people between love and fear like water separates oil. There is no grey area – No maybes. During the light event, you choose the side of where you want to reside. A crushing proportion – more than 99% - will be consumed by  fear and confusion, thus making the choice to stay on 3D where the world will continue to collapse.

  • 607 - Awakened DNA will instantly see the full effects of new layers of dimensions and more – together and separate like multiple layers of veil disclosed from their eyes. The sensation would be similar to die, a mask revealed and the surprise of a lifetime.

  • 608 - The new frequencies of 5D will confuse people as the world around them has no fixed geometry or physical rules. The dead will reappear together with many beings and creatures not previously perceived (Although they have been there all the time).

  • 609 - During this short moment, we will have the ability to manifest with god like powers. This ability will confuse many as they can move, create, remove their inner desires with sometimes odd creations. Many will try to forget it and hide, others lose their minds when demon-like creatures will appear in front of their eyes, while 1000 of ships will circle the skies. The ones more in tune – will experience heaven, able to enable anything they so desire, including living lifetimes inside lifetimes within this short moment.

  • 610 - As said many times before – Although immediate and simultaneous; effect, duration, result, outcome is all different and very unique.

  • 611 - The energy surge will not last forever – it will pass and wherever you reside, is where you will stay. For those that choose to stay or simply couldn’t keep up with the higher frequency, will return to the “current” Earth where the world will continue to collapse.

  • 612 - Many layers of existence will be affected by this “light wave”. Some are directly waiting for us to ignite this event, so they themselves can ascend – Some has waited for decades others, much longer than that.

  • 613 - Many races involved in this event will themselves ascend – And this is a rare moment even for them. They are here to watch, ride, enjoy and/or assist us in this Event. Some humans will be directly taken onto ships trained for missions during the aftermath, some protected, others sent to another world.

  • 614 - Many lightworkers true mission starts immediately after the event has passed. When confusion sets in on a global scale, these need to assist in clearing what the mind refuses to believe.

  • 615 - After the Event, earth changes will increase ten-fold and massive tectonic shifts will displace millions if not billions of people along coastlines, that will experience a water level increase

  • 616 - All of you reading this is waiting for this moment. You were selected and an eager participant for this mark of time to arrive.


  • 620 - Many will not even know they have passed on (died, went straight to heaven)

  • 621 - Most will enter a state of immediate “stasis” or “coma” because of the over-load.

  • 622 - A strong feeling of being unconditionally loved and accepted will overwhelm those that doesn’t already feel this. Many will cry for hours and days because this feeling is completely surprising them

  • 623 - Many lightworkers true mission starts immediately after the event has passed. When confusion sets in on a global scale, these need to assist in clearing what the mind refuses to believe.

  • 624 - After the collapse, a new generation of governance will take place – hybrid children will enter this sphere and populate the Earth and become the future leaders of the world. They will lead humanity into a new life a new social structure and a new economy far slower and more integrated with mother nature.

  • 625 - This event is triggered by our collective will – When this happens, is written in the stars although some has predicted it to happen somewhere 2024/2025 but make no mistake - no one knows – as it should be.

#20 Re: English Forum » The Ascension Event and the Evolution of Humanity » 2022-05-22 14:58:46


The Event is not necessary for one to enter the 5D realm. Rather, it is the change of mindset that “places” you into that existence. It is essentially a change of belief. A radically change that is.

For a being to jump from 3D to 5D in an instant – such as the event moment – requires a prepared mind because the differences are many and in many ways completely different than that you have been taught here. To say they are requirements is wrong, because with understanding one has the free will to do whatever you please, however – You need to at least want to accept the following, if not already agreeing to many of its concepts.

Some would be mandatory.

  • 501 - Love is your dominant force, guiding your decisions without regrets and without conditions.

  • 502 - You have a world view without judgement and look at others as divine beings – Every person is equal, no matter who they are and what they do.

  • 503 - Every thought you have is open and sincere - You have no secrets and no need for privacy.

  • 504 - You have come to terms with your own fears.

  • 505 - You embrace your life as unique and valuable and find the enjoyment of it, even in the hardest of times.

  • 506 - You spread light and love wherever you go.

  • 507 - You are most typically a vegetarian, maybe even dominantly raw vegan.

  • 508 - You play not to compete, but to collectively grow together with your adversary.

  • 509 - You have a “light” body in every sense and every meaning.

  • 510 - You are spiritually fit - exercising your mind AND body equally balanced.

  • 511 - Meditation is a part of your existence, always aware and always connected

  • 512 - You are growing away from the material world and have no desire to conform to its values.

  • 513 - You know "death" is a celebration, a wonderful end to an amazing journey no matter how long or short, how good or bad and disregarding any achievements achieved because all is a success.

  • 514 - You give without expected reciprocity, fanfare, reward or terms.

#21 Re: English Forum » The Ascension Event and the Evolution of Humanity » 2022-05-22 14:52:32


To most people, the concept of other dimensions is already a conspiracy theory. But most reading this, already know that 4D, 5D and other “Ds” exist. They exist now in parallel to every other dimension simultaneously. Whatever D we are talking about is maybe not they key-word here because there is no defined reference. So let us agree that 5D is a higher dimension, a higher knowing, the one this event is all about.

5D is much like heaven but with a body. Whereas our current world is ruled by fear, 5D earth is ruled by love – the expression of free creativity. Here are some of what I believe are typical properties of the 5D manifestation.

  • 401 - Our senses are amplified and we hear and see new “bands” of existence. Colours are more and stronger, sounds are higher and in several dimensions at once.

  • 402 - Everything radiate life energy and you will not only be able to see it, but you can interact with it as well

  • 403 - Animals are roaming freely and in harmony and can communicate with its surrounding including you

  • 404 - Food has no real priority – unless you want it – as your body doesn’t need food to sustain. This will be a process itself and a free choice

  • 405 - Sleep is optional as your new body is based on crystalline and gets energy from the sun. Your body will never age and always perfectly fit

  • 406 - Your new body can do anything – Fly, Swim without oxygen, morph, adapt.

  • 407 - As your abilities to instantly manifest is a bit uncontrolled initially, you will get help to create your own place – most likely in a tree, a dwelling at a lake, on a mountain or similar. There are no big cities, no roads, no factories but much smaller localized gatherings of places where you stay. Some will stay completely under water.

  • 408 - Some still in the 3D mind (yes, they will be many) will create houses, cars, boats, and other material things but for fun as there is no real need for any vehicle or any house at all.

  • 409 - Weather is tempered all the time, and sun never really sets

  • 410 - There are places to meet and some will create cinemas, shopping outlets and other things they remember from 3D. But shopping outlets will not be what you think of but rather adapted to your needs and wants in 5D such as fruit buffets, gardens, star ships.

  • 411 - Anything can be manifested – USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in detail but better (way faster than Warp 10), Beethoven playing on his own piano, you competing in the last leg of the Tour de France, Two meteorites of Iridium colliding above an ocean creating a vortex of colours filling the night sky.

  • 412 - Technology is many and advanced. Holodeck, Duplicators, Teleportation devices is just a few of the more simpler things you have access to

  • 413 - A library with all recorded events and knowledge in the Universe with Matrix capable downloads – but faster

#22 Re: English Forum » The Ascension Event and the Evolution of Humanity » 2022-05-22 14:47:21


Why would such a moment exist?
In essence, we all evolve because we experience through our existence. Evolution is often times a slow process, synchronizing many aspects of beings through and between many kingdoms. But sometimes evolution makes giant leaps. When moments are so dark, the entire civilization crumbled to evil and lost its true purpose. Rare are these moments and unknown is the final result.

And what if out of that darkness, we experienced something so glorious, it would encompass the complete scope of what a human mind could ever understand or experience – How would such a moment look like?

The Ascension Event is this moment. A manifestation of equal part curiosity and opportunity for evolution for humanity to make leaps far beyond our imagination.

And as such it IS unbelievable. We truly have to believe the impossible.

#23 Re: English Forum » The Ascension Event and the Evolution of Humanity » 2022-05-22 14:44:43


Every now and then with many thousands of years between, realms, individually and or collectively gets the opportunity to evolve simultaneously. This event is this opportunity with one specific goal – To separate light from dark, love from fear. To ascend from lower to higher, less to more.

This happens when waves from the centre of the galaxy is transmitted with a much higher frequency than what is normally emitting. When this frequency hits a civilization it will shift its current existence and reveal the true potential of their being.

A single moment for the collective – but outcome – very individual and specific. Not everyone will be able to keep this frequency – To a few, this will be expected and they will fully embrace a new dawn, but for others less tuned, will succumb to fear and confusion, stay, moved or simply die.

You reading this, have the golden ticket to this moment; A single moment so faint, 80 billion souls are queueing up for its performance. If there ever was something called bragging rights for a soul, maybe it would be to say – “I was on Earth during the Ascension Event”.

#24 Re: English Forum » The Ascension Event and the Evolution of Humanity » 2022-05-22 14:42:46


  • 101 - I communicate this matter with WORDS. Words are very limiting, even for poetic humans. Between my thought and your perception of thought, there are countless of interfaces with many layers of interpretation within each. Human senses are often, narrow in its translation and too quick for a judgement. A way to lessen the curves of a straight line, is to look farther, focus with less shallowness and absorb a larger mass before pointing the mental direction. I ask you to do this now.

  • 102 - These are my words. There is no “truth” here. I present and share my conclusions from many sources from many times, together with my own intuitive guidance. Ultimately, you must use your own inner guiding voice. The deeper intuition. A sense of balance in a relaxed mind. This is the only way for you to comprehend this topic. I am just another vantage-point.

  • 103 - It is easy to fall into the trap that there are winners or losers in this event. But – there is no such concept involved here. Every single outcome in this event is planned. There are no worse or better. There simply is not possible to be here in any shape or form to miss this and not get a mind-blowing experience out of it. People in heaven will watch together with thousands upon thousands of other species inside, outside and some far away through the technology of their world. There is no version of this where you will end up where you weren’t supposed to be. So please, try to stay away from the “me and you”, “we and them” concept. There is only a collective event, a single moment from a single source.

#25 Re: English Forum » The Ascension Event and the Evolution of Humanity » 2022-05-22 14:39:46


Regarding this topic, it will not really matter who I am in because you have no real reference to such telemetry. But the curious can read my brief introduction in the Introductions thread, post #110, which gives some clues to my opinions on some of the other fringe topics.

The most remarkable story I have is that I believe I was taken to a base in Antarctica where they took a blood sample. I have a mark on my back that looks like an “eye” after that event. They also removed my dog allergy so they were obviously somewhat benevolent.

Last year, a UFO shone their lights at me above the terrace where I was sleeping. I had asked them for several days in a row to say hello – and – they did!

Regarding my own preparation for the event, my plan is to move to the mountains next year and stay away from electronics, work and other noise as much as I can without boring myself out. However, my current habitat is awesome so I am not in a hurry to change too much.

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