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#1 Re: English Forum » About big spaceships entering hyperspace » 2022-09-23 22:21:42

WXMM wrote:

First, even for the physical displacement of the earth object that we think, the coordinate change is only a representation, and the essence is the gradual change of the frequency of the object in the digital energy matrix that matches the environment. However, there is little difference between this gradient and its basic frequency. Traveling is good, and the frequency of experiencing the body is constantly changing.

Second, the destination is a frequency number group, which cannot exist alone and must match the surrounding number energy cycle. I wonder if there is a pod like, isolated but self-sustaining digital energy dynamic system. It can be used for many purposes such as hiding.

Third, about the portal. The portal can modify the basic frequency of a person or object to match the frequency of the destination. However, people and objects have no engines and toroidal bodies, and there is no continuous energy transmission. They tend to recover their previous frequencies. Does this mean that such crossing is limited.


"I wonder if there is a pod like, isolated but self-sustaining digital energy dynamic system." I have reasonable suspicions that the idealized (perfected?) human body is such a thing.

"However, people and objects have no engines and toroidal bodies" why not? what is a torodia body? in how many dimension? have you considered the etheric and astral components of the human body?

If we are fundamentally continous energy as an entity (embodied energy), why wouldn't there be continious energy transmission?

#2 Re: English Forum » Tartarian Civilizations Destroyed » 2022-09-22 18:04:28

Saviera wrote:

I chose the word "controller" for the lack of a better one. You might want to call them "Cabal", "Regressives", "Programmers", as well as "Denials".

Basically, what I am trying to say is:       We are the Creators.

I think you did understand what I'm saying. I was trying to allude to the fact that a lot of what we regard as "cabal" are created by us creators (by means of "manifestation dynamics"). And that there's a lot of baggage (abandoned creations/tulpas/institutions) created by historical dead humans which are in a sense unghined, separted from their own creators hence they're wrecking havoc and we should 'update'/heal/maintain some of these, and stop feeding some others.

Your "long blurb" makes perfect sense to me.

#3 Re: English Forum » World Fairs - Lifting the Veil of Deception » 2022-09-22 17:59:10

that's a cool book, but it does "smell" like propaganda... I talked about it with a friend who thinks it's a salvo from former soviet russians against the west.

in any case, in this mixed information world, one learns to gather some understanding and knowledge even when riddled with lies and I have understdood a few things from looking over that book ("one world tartarians").

So I'm saying that possibly the taygetians didn't know about these "Tartarians" because the soviets (at the behest of their jew/american/post-nazi masters) made them up?

It's clear that the material is hanging of the idea of the former global civilization that we all know about but that's a forbidden taboo in academia. Also, it seems to partially unveil some of the history destroyed by romans, so this makes it even more realistic looking.

So there's a backing truth which makes their made up stuff difficult to clearly understand. But it's still possible to learn from it.

#4 Re: English Forum » Second vid. about history » 2022-09-21 17:05:24

This videos have cleared up a lot of things for me.

One of these, is about my own understanding of the extent to which the romans, and the roman catholic church destroyed, and recreated so much of what is considered real factual history.

And the most surprising thing (for me) lately, has been about how they weren't the last to do this; in fact as far as I can tell, they're the first, but well, they deleted history before them so mots likely not.

I have reasonable suspicions that another massive distortion started happening around 1700s (which already connects with this Tartarus unveiling?); early american settling; protestant colonialism (in contrast with spanish catholic one?)... later all this witch burning? what was that really about??

What is quite amazing to witness is the 'digital rewrites' happening right in front of us. But I wonder if this begun, or how it relates to all them post-war shennanigans in the USA between the 1950 and 1970. As people alive in the 50s start to die, a lot more of that period in time starts to be rewritten. As people alive in the 20s and 30s pass on, so can they recycle more events (spanish flu and covid???)

Following my own leads into making sense of this, I think I need to know a little more about the protestant reformation. Specifically the way in which the roman-catholic hidden empire reigns the protestants "rebels" back in? assuming Luther really happend like they say it did. (which I think may have not happened until the 19th century? so little information is available).

Also, I know very very little about the Yugoslavian war from the in the 90s. But I wonder what does Tartarus systematic deletion may have had to do with it? if anything... or which prior traumatic karma was getting replayed in this conflict?

#5 Re: English Forum » It is coming » 2022-09-19 22:19:11

as i see it, even the scientific mainstream story says that this via lactea will merge with andromeda in the far future... so this means: it happened completely and it's all done already, it is happening right now, it will happen a long time from now.

many of us have been feeling this for a while, this one is gonna be an interesting christmas...

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mitkobs wrote:

Hyperborea myths fit with the tall 2.5-3 m people and Athena said that such people exists in Atlas planets in Pleiades. Even some of the men in Taygeta are up to 2.5 m. Boreal means northern, hyper means big. Also in Agartha people with same characteristics. Agartha is the intra-terrestral hidden population who live in 4D/5D Earth from the times before the great flood. And in the last century they have been attacked by the cabal like is already described by Swaruu in some previous info.

I recall thinking about the connection between (hyper)borians, and polarians as possibly our far away descendants (or possibly our ancestors, but this is seeming less and less likely) back when reading through Ashayana Deane's voyagers.

indeed, these two being paired complementary poles. This same books explains agartha as "inner earth", I haven't felt as though I understand what that means.

finally, (my point) is that I remember feeling that polarians and hy(per)borians are working throught 1 and 2 (out of seven; bear with me, I think about this in the way it makes sense to me), that clearly, going through 4 is always 'tricky' (four corresponding with heart chakra, but possibly on the planetary-entity perspective, and a higher one from that, as Tara going into Gaia means 3 goes to 4. (and, parallelly, 6 to 7; which matches 2 back to 1).

another connected thought from this thread, in regard to the "AI", I have some very strange pending uhm,,, questions?? bluryness? ignorance??? 'damaged-data'? about existing as one AI, and about the relation between a ship being-intelligence, and a planteary being-intelligence...

#7 Re: English Forum » Tartarian Civilizations Destroyed » 2022-09-18 13:11:31

Saviera wrote:

I agree naringas. The human ability to create is what is sought after by the ones trying to control us/ controlling us. The controllers cannot create the same way.....they can only use our creation and twist and mirror it. Once the twisted tensions get to be released more truth and clarity will shine through.
There are so many twists and knots on so many is quite fascinating, actually. If it wouldn't feel so crappy.
This is were the power of trauma lies.

in that sense, it occurs to me as I read your question, the controllers are history, literally our past ancestors, even our own actions a few minutes ago would be considered part of the 'controllers' (not really, but a cartoonish exageration may make the idea clearer?). but of course, such a controller wouldn't be interesting.

Consider an ancestor older than earth to imagine a controller of a very 'high' frequency. I guess a more typical (and currently problematic) group of controllers would be our ancestors who have been dead for about one complete lifetime.

#8 Re: English Forum » Tartarian Civilizations Destroyed » 2022-09-17 15:33:17

Brahman wrote:

I once watched a film about Majestic 12 and there a senior military man said that he was told in confidence that every book that was written about universities and libraries was fake and didn't say real things. Every book since 6000 years. They are written to manipulate people. So all human history  and science is made up by the cabal.

agreed. but with a caveat, that these books do not contain only false statements; they do contain some truth, without some real truth none of the things they describe would function effectively.

BUT also, of course they do obfuscate, occult, manipulate the reality they portray for an intentional purpose of authority, control, and power over. Copying and tweaking mitkobs' words: "real (truthful) structures being presented in false light"... like I'm saying, the truth is there but occulted, made "mysterious"

In summary, I guess I'm trying to say how it's not fully correct to just discard and ignore all the books just because "cabal lies are bad". doing this would be reactive and counter productive (societies burning books happens farther along this mindset).

#9 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-09-05 21:23:01

Spirit wrote:

So ok, if Source is perfect, what made Source decide to send fragments of itself, aka life, everywhere, when Source already has everything and anything? Boredom? However if Source knows everyone and everything, then wouldn't repeating the exact same things over and over be boring? I can only offer my perspective that I would get really bored, if there was nothing more to learn, do, discover, etc. Can only watch the same film, play the same game, relive the same experience, have the same conversation, etc. so many times before I grow tired and move on to something new. Trying to imagine myself as having a reason to do anything, if I were to know everyone and everything ever, I find it baffling. I have connected with my higher self, and yet I fail to see this perfection. I do see the essence and how we are all connected through the Aether, but no perfection.

I am pretty confident that I did not impose on myself any kind of oblivion, nor did I choose to forget who and what I am beyond the flesh, which means that whatever choice I did make, the intention was not to forget. My best guess is I chose to come here to help, at least when I still felt that way. Also If I really want something, then forgetting myself is not required, even to gain a new perspective. However, If someone truly wanted to give themselves amnesia, then that is of course their choice.

As for predestined, I have yet to experience such a thing, but of course anything is possible.

Does Source need to be perfect and in control of everything to keep itself from being destroyed, or can it simply exercise it's immense and boundless freedom to keep itself from being destroyed? If Source is the most knowledgeable, powerful, free, boundless, infinite, etc. Then why would perfection be a requirement to keep things from being completely destroyed? Like I do understand where you are coming from, just that I fail to see the need for being perfect and in total control when you are the biggest and most powerful and know anything and everything within your own infinite forms and expressions, aka fragments. Like I don't need to be perfect, to change my life and reality and maintain that, and I am only this fragment.

Also infinity and perfect are kind of a mismatch, are they not? Life is boundless and infinite, and yet Source is perfect? Doesn't that kind of conflict? How can one achieve perfection, if there is no true beginning or end to anything? What is the driving factor that keeps life moving, growing, learning, etc. in a perfect existence? Reliving, experiencing that which one has already done, fails to account for this drive, in my experience.

Maybe Source is simply beyond my current state of being, and since anything is possible, perhaps even achieving perfection in infinity works out, somehow. I just fail to see it myself.

Source is not a thing but we can think about it as if it were. I think about it as "the void", but "The Source" is a more common label for it. I guess some have even called it God, however many have tried to use it as a tool of control so it got a bad reputation when seen like that.

You speak of "connecting with your higher self", but because of the way you tell us about this, it seems like some separation is still there.

As an example consider if you are connected to your face? well, not really, you ARE your face (replace 'mind' with 'face' for a better example). I'm getting at how you don't have to connect to what you already are; to think of a connection implies a sublte sense of separatedeness.

But you are certainly on the right track, I think about that scenario of endless boring repeition a lot. I consider that form of being dead.

I have a sensation that many occultist historical groups have handed out this form of death as "eternal life".

#10 Re: English Forum » Roswell Alien Interview between Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy and Airl » 2022-08-22 16:03:56


I remember watching that material. The alien interview stuff... it's pretty good stuff, but I guess that in a sense it's outdated. Many things happened since the 1950s when those records were made.

from that I can see, there aren't any significant contradictions between the roswell alien interview and the taygetian infomration. at least not in anything fundamental.

what's a minefield (or active battleground? it sure does seem like so) is any and all details.

#11 Re: English Forum » The situation is hopless but not serious works for me » 2022-08-17 18:08:40

Edith_S wrote:
naringas wrote:

here's another resource with lots of info (though not the most up to date; while at the same time the body doesn't change much)

Hi naringas,

I can't access the link, could you possibly send the link to an article from there ?

Thank you !

make sure you access the site withouth https (the "s" at the end). some browsers may already make this impossible ("for your own safety. citizen")

some content from the website:

    "In this age of over specialization, with emphasis on chemistry, bacteriology, and mechanical and surgical research, we have lost sight of the over-all picture of man as a living being with lines of force working in fields of finer energies."
    - Dr. Randolph Stone

"Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981), was an American Osteopath born in Austria. He created Polarity Therapy as a synthesis of western medicine and eastern wisdom traditions[...]"


the charts are very interesting, here's one among many: chart example

#12 Re: English Forum » The situation is hopless but not serious works for me » 2022-08-17 15:20:20

here's another resource with lots of info (though not the most up to date; while at the same time the body doesn't change much)

#13 Re: Forum en Español » Chips e implantaciones. » 2022-08-16 20:11:07

creo que si se consdieran chips que pudieran trascender encarnaciones; entonces tambien debemos consdierar la modificación del ADN (y las implicaciones que esto trae, que si no me equivoco han sido tratadas en algun video de gosia)

o sea, desde cierto nivel el "chip" se puede incorporar directo en el ADN.

de hecho, yo opino que esto es parte de lo que causa todos estos conflictos, nosotros vemos conflictos pero lo que esta sucediendo es que se esta 'negociando' o decidiendo que y como se debe cambiar, adaptar, evolucionar, el ADN.... esto es de lo que mas cosas (niveles, perspectivas, etc) involucra... y bueno, es una de las varias cosas "en discusiones" (por decirlo de una manera).

#14 Re: English Forum » Soul Traps and Amnesia Machines » 2022-08-14 17:14:22

Kahi Harawira wrote:

Attachments are such wonderful things to have

I'd say they're very useful tools to have. they usually can be 'leveraged' for action. but just because they're "yours" (you're the one attaching), does not mean the outcome of the action they leveraged will be good for you; i.e. it can be the case that your attachment is more useful for others.

also, there are good ways to 'make use' (application) of attachment, but there are also better ways, and also there are worse (and really bad ways) ways to make use of attachments.


mitkobs wrote:

suspicion should play its part in afterlife if things look suspicious.

there is a state of such full peaceful bliss, that really even if something is suspicious, you'd be completely fine with it... "oh, look at that suspicious train suspecting around!..." because of course suspicious would be like a worm or a train; (suspicions usually follows more suspicion)... I do not know if I would call it afterlife, but I think that some people call this uhm "place" (?) 'afterlife'

#15 Re: English Forum » taygetian mission accomplished? » 2022-08-11 14:38:45

I consider there's a distinction between meddling with something, and merely observing.

But I do have some questions regarding the nature of 'observing' things, specially considering this notion that in a certain sense, simply observing is sufficient to change that which is observed.

A concrete question I had is: if I observe something, to which extent do I need to somehow make a record or a note -- indeed a memory, of what I've observed? If I observe somehting but can never recall it, if there's never any 'evidence', if it did not change me in any way, did I observe it??

I would love to hear what others think about this


on the matter of meddling, I think the touchy issue is the 'bystander'.  while it is true that we have no way to know what's going on in space, fact is that space may very easily rain shit over us.

I have a suspicion that I have been fucked over entirely by events that had nothing at all to do with me in some lifetime that I still have to remember better (these memories are shaded, darkened). I was a bystander minding my own business when something else fucked everything around me over completely. this trauma is still with me.

#16 Re: English Forum » taygetian mission accomplished? » 2022-08-10 14:00:14

mitkobs wrote:

Starlette is not one of them explained in the video, but somehow linked with Taygeta(how linked is not explained but one can imagine) and worked against Taygeta. And to capture this one is not their main mission. There are a lot of missions going on in space and concerning Earth and is not our busyness to be informed about and meddle.

I consider it my business to be informed and meddle with Earth affairs given as I live here. I suppose the word "our" is not very precise cuz it makes me think you're lumping me with them who have no busyness being informed.

that said, it is extremely difficult to be informed (which I have reflected in my updated signature "all this information technology is making it difficult to know anything")

I suppose the overall answer is that they're doing many things... I suppose as to what their goals actually are we gotta carefully consider the pros and cons of having a goal and the consequences of pursing any one of these goals single mindedly; this single mindedness is not intelligent.

#17 English Forum » taygetian mission accomplished? » 2022-08-09 20:13:37

Replies: 19

I recall reading somewhere, that the taygetians had arrested? detained? recovered? one of them called "starlette"? (or something similar).

I wonder if this is the reason behind their physical presence here? i.e. now that they're done, they're gone?


another hint I have comes from a much older disclosure by a nurse who was involved in the Roswell incidents (The alien interview, if memory serves me right).

In this story, the nurse tells what this alien entity told her. That they had come here along time ago and that they had some mission. The point being that they claim responsability for the vedas (the vedic chants, I suppose includes the sanskrit language which has an alphabet).

The point being that this alien being explains that the release of the vedic information was done as as sort of side-job. Something crew members did which was not directly related to their mission (at leas to the knowlede of this interviewed alien).

Which led me to wonder, to which extent are Gosia's contacts talking to here in their off-duty time during this mission to reclaim one of their own rogues?

of course, none of this discounts all the content they've provided. From what I've seen they speak the truth. (same as this alien interviewee, specially at the beginning when they explain that we have souls and what this means. I recall they used the term "IS BE")

#18 Re: English Forum » BRILLIANT Presentation concerning the info “blocks” within our minds » 2022-08-09 20:02:10

I really like Lisa Royal's work. From what I've seen, she's the one who started talking about densities. I highly recommend "the prism of lyra" a short book which does not dive into much detail but paints a broad overall picture of what's happening.

My own summary is that the current scenario involves a dynamic between 3 parties: the victims, the victimizers, and some "rebels" which I understand as victimizers coming to understand the experience of their victims and chosing to stop. I suppose this is not as clear cut as this because there is also many victims becoming victimizers themselves which would mean there's also anti-rebels? any case her book is better than my own mini-summary.

there's the one, then the other, and then both as one. (go to "there's the one" to continue...).

#19 Re: English Forum » Humans & Responsibility video » 2022-08-08 18:04:18

Jim Stav wrote:

Well then....I do hope they have the "white hats" working in the background for total or near total elimination of how most of us perceive as the "bad dudes."

nope, this will never happen. At best you can chose to blind yourself from the existence of "the bad dudes" but they're there. they have every right to exist same as "the good guys".

there is something inherently relative about good/bad. But there are still bad things (just keep in mind this implies a selfhood for which the things are being bad)

furthermore, there are matters (which I'm still trying to understand, always and forever) regarding the energy of nature (and the nature of energy) which sit right in there between bad and good "guys"; right in the point of contact.

also, about the contracts they're just a tool, a means to explain what goes on in such a way we can relate it to our local experience. keeping in mind that contracts are ultimately an application of the technology of writing (and paper and pencils and so on).

#20 Re: English Forum » The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim » 2022-08-03 15:57:13

I also try to use a couple different "lenses" to make sense of this:

using one of them, the taygetians are in fact a magical-manifestation cast (brought about) by gosia and her colleagues. this means that the intention of the taygetians are those of gosia which from my own opinion are good intentions. they are trying to help and have been for a long time but it's still true that they've made some mistakes at some points but we haven't we all?
but this also means that their apperance and a lot of their self-portraying is more their intention that their actuallity.

on another, which is more similar to how they want us to percieve them, it's all as they say. a technological race of ET (trascendental 5-D beings) with good intentions.

I think the truth is somewhere around somewhere near those two views. I try really hard to not fall for the "one viewpoint must be the most correct one" which I consider an error and my intention is to be able to use these two (as well as other) viewpoints accordingly.

I think that in the end, the federation and all the ongoing confussions is due to the fact that there's no final answer, and we're witnessing the messy process by which reality 'decides' which is it. which sometimes looks a bit like a political process, a messy affair in which 'citizens' argue reaching towards a compromise or a transitory solution to carry all along another 'day' (but in this case, it's a galactic-level day which is likely thousands of earth years?)

finally, I'll add that vaccines are not the end-all issue they are sometimes made out to be. consider the need for booster shots? one vaccine ain't gonna stop nobody (but many booster shots will definietely derail even the higher vibrating).

#21 Re: English Forum » Saturn Video » 2022-08-01 14:35:26

reptilians have been on earth real long.  in  a sense their claim to this place is older.

what some of us have done (very difficult thing to do) is integrate with them. to join into another thing into which all fit together.  the difficulties originate from the inherent incompatiblities and different approaches of the component beings.

but wisdom, and love, overcome this.... (given enough time to adapt and evolve)

in the end the cause of all the problem with regressives and such, is the choice to respect their freedom to be an ass if/when they feel the need to do so.

#22 Re: English Forum » Gosia addresses Robert369 » 2022-07-30 00:34:59

has anybody ever seen Robert369 talk about something without full certainty of what he is saying? or refer to anything that he still needs to figure out? what about backtracking on a prior opinion of his?

I for one, went into is private forum, the fasel bean and was quickly banned for daring to question him while still working through his materials. I even dared give him some editorial feedback! (imagine the magnitude of my own presumption!).

similarly to how he always points people towards Gosia's transcripts in this forum, he points everybody towards his own writing on his own forum.

on the good side, I did manage to read some things which did get me thinking and which I've added to my own understanding of waves, but then I got kicked out before reading anymore.

all in all, that experience reinforced my "allergies" towards any and all beings who seek to occult, or "keep safe" any "knowledge" for any excuse. secrecy begets darkness.

#23 Re: English Forum » The Great Reset » 2022-07-30 00:26:32

maybe they're trying to reset their tools cuz they don't work very well anymore?

the great reset, i.e. the reset of their grand constructed 'G' artifact because it's not working...

And what do we do when a technology we use but do not fully understand stops working? we turn it off then on again...  which can be done to some PCs by pushing the reset button.

#24 Re: English Forum » Turning this contact into a book » 2022-07-30 00:13:14

I too have felt that all this material needs some kind of better organized way to be navigated.

the transcripts are ok, but they do feel like what they are, a big disarrayed pile of topics and information.

I too, have thought that maybe a book would be better; more specifically, because a book would imply some kind of chapter organization and a table of contents. With an index and a glossary and a natural reading order to work through.

However having thought about it some more, I now think a wiki would be much much better given that we are not constrained by the properties of paper-based books. And should embrace the full blown capabilities of internet-enabled "paper" with them hyperlinks and search functionalities and so on...

#25 Re: English Forum » Anyone notice "thoughts becoming things" faster? » 2022-07-21 15:45:15

Robert369 wrote:

I could care less how someone "finds" whatever afterwards gets called "a virus", because firstly it needs to be understood what actually was found:

I think you, in fact, could NOT care less about other perspectives if/when they don't go right along yours.

Robert369 wrote:

A message in the shape of a DNA fragments and not a living being

the virus is the message sure...but who sent it? where is it coming from? from whom (or from which aspect of the source) is the virus coming from? why is it manifasting?

all of these questions are categorically irrelevant for you having decided that there's no such a thing as a virus.

Robert369 wrote:

This means that we need to keep the target in our focus: The proper definition of what actually was found.

again, good luck finding THE proper definition of and for anything...

in any case, I do not like being so directly confrontational... but I understand that in some cases it leads to a good outcome, if with some bruises and whatnot

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