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According to this video from Mari, the one in control of all the money on Earth is the Galactic Federation:

Money and the Galactic Federation.

Mari: (...) My point is that the Galactic Federation is not an evil organization, and whatever they are doing is for a good reason, humans on Earth are mostly not prepared to understand.

But before this, I know that what I just said sounds to you as an excuse and almost like a "God works in mysterious ways", galactic variant. I must also say that the Federation is made up of people, of more people like you and I, and not by perfect light beings, angels, and ascended masters, as most New Age authors want you to believe. And as in any other complex and large organization made up of people, there are imperfect things, agendas, and shady matters going on in there all the time. Such is the case with money.

Money has been used through the ages as the primary control mechanism on Earth, and it is so definitive as a characteristic of life there that it almost defines the entire incarnation experience, at least for most. It is said on Earth that the economy almost has a life of its own, where financial movements and stock exchanges dictate the value of a currency and how it must be exchanged. And only a few people have noticed that everything is controlled by the ones in power on Earth, being that the economy and its fluctuations are completely controlled by those people, obviously always to their advantage.

It has been said that those people who are controlling everything that has to do with money on Earth are old families with powerful names, organizations such as the Federal Reserve, World Monetary Fund, and so on. And obviously, they do control all the money on Earth. But the problem gets a lot worse because, above all those organizations, governments, and people with powerful names, the ultimate controller of all the money on Earth is the Galactic Federation. It appoints and dictates its value and the amount each region on Earth can have or work with, as well as appointing all the funds of every large movement of it.

The Galactic Federation must control all the money because of the simple fact that money is the main control mechanism over Earth, so whoever is monitoring and deciding the planet's fate and destiny must control money before anything else, even when its main goal is to provide a place where souls can have their desired experience. (...)

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Vovan wrote:

So weird, i watched many of his interviews and he says it such honestly and some things don't fit so where is the truth? Why everything is so complicated big_smile.
I hope one day someone will be able to answer these enigmas.

This is by design. The cabal uses this strategy of swamping the information the few people that are not controlled share, with a ton of misinformation and disinformation and contradicting information, trying to confuse and overload and distract people from the the dangerous to the cabal ideas and information the few uncontrolled sources share. (No one or almost no one was talking about Taygetans before Cosmic Agency, everyone was talking about Pleiadians, but after CA sources suddenly start appearing out of nowhere talking about Taygetans with contradicting information and misinformation trying to steer people new to CA back to more cabal controlled opposition sources. And this Daryl James and his story about "Swaruu" in my opinion falls into the same category whether he is doing it knowingly or whether he is being manipulated through synthetic telepathy or memory inserts or things like that and doing it unknowingly.)

Quote from: Galactic Federation - False ET realities in UFO circles


Yazhi: [...] So I must stress that all the UFO / extraterrestrials / Federations subject has to be, by its very essence, a heavily controlled subject.

So I bluntly say that what people are being fed as truth about extraterrestrials and Galactic Federations, is only a heavily controlled and artificially altered, governmentally controlled, convenient to them, false reality or lie that does not correspond to what is out in space in hard objective reality.

All information on Earth that will be presented to the public coming from ‘approved’ sources is heavily controlled so it fits into a narrative those ‘controllers’, whoever they are, need to keep running on Earth. This includes the MSM, mainstream media, and the popular so called Alternative Media as well, because the powers at be, the ‘controllers’, create controlled opposition to gain even more control over the perception of the population as people do not seek any other information outside what they see as ‘credible sources’, MSM or Alternative Media. Credible sources but for their level of awareness.

The problem here gets worse when even people within the so called ‘Alternative Media’ unwillingly participate with the disinformation soup simply because, as I said above, they must base their concepts and belief systems on something as a foundation. Foundation that is heavily controlled by design, as I said.

The control mechanism behind MSM and MainStream Alternative Media has many faces and uses many tools to achieve their goals. Some are direct slander and debunking of any one who dares to oppose them, but this is done in many levels as well, so the MSM will debunk and slander the MSAM (MainStream Alternative Media) creating a perception of duality and of having to choose sides in the minds of simple people, moving them back into the MSM official narrative, but other wiser people will see that both the MSM and the MSAM are controlled by the same people with a narrative and an agenda, so the controllers create another deeper level of undercover and deeper Alternative Media to oppose the MainStream Alternative Media, MSAM, and then yet again to a deeper level. This with the specific purpose of controlling all levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening of the population.

But then there are a few who are not controlled, or only controlled by the base perception set of rules in the Matrix-of-reality of Earth, but not directly controlled by the governments on purpose. Those are a problem for the status quo, those go around wildly, saying all kinds of outrageous claims and ideas dangerous for the ones in power at all levels, starting from low class government officials all the way up to hard Illuminati and even Federation Earth controllers. Those are seen as the ‘supreme’ troublemakers for the Earth's Matrix as such.

The System, the Matrix on Earth, Cabal, Illuminati, whoever, have different systems to deal with this problem. The first and most obvious one is taking those troublemaker subjects out physically, and they do that a lot when everything else fails. But what they mostly do is swamp the information those ‘troublemakers’ share in a soup of information contradicting them, or simply immersing their information among so much data that it becomes almost impossible for any normal person to be able to tell what is important and what is not. The subjects simply go into information overload. Therefore containing the troublemakers, as their information no longer reaches the public, because it is seen as simply more of the same, not interesting and also too out there - incredible. [...]


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Pamela 3333 wrote:
Jupiter 9 wrote:

It's very important to study the holistic society transcripts/videos very carefully IMO and understand the points Yazhi is making.

I agree that Yahzi's points are important.

The socicracy model is interesting, yet it struck me as still very authoritative and highly structed in general. With modification, it might make a reasonable transitional model.

Yes it's still a mainstream "3D" structure but at least it is more decentralized and less hierarchical top down structure. And I really like that the decision making process is consent based and not consensus/majority vote based. smile

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okcs wrote:

That statement by Yazhi was probably talking about the earth humans, and it is probably true that they are not ready for a holistic society. However, the starseeds could figure out a holistic society like it was second nature. (...)

Yes Yazhi is talking about all of humanity. But I think her points apply to smaller groups too, even in a holistic group of two people like a couple for example both members have to have a holistic society mentality for it to work. The Karistus use the term hybrid instead of starseed and that's a good term because it is clear that starseeds are not full ETs but they are ExtraTerrestrial and Terrestrial hybrids. So part of them is ET and part of them is Earth Human, so I think even in a group/community of starseeds, most starseeds need a transitional group/community first to transform the mentality of their Earth Human part.

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Aleksander wrote:


Redistribution of Earth inhabitants; even after excluding walk ins for some time, will be troublesome. Biospheric spacecrafts would be good solution but I do not see possibility of cooperation with those members of GF. At least not now.

I feel like it's probably a better idea if they live the rest of their lives in the transitional society and die a natural death and then leave it to them on the other side and their higher selves to choose a "3D matrix" on another planet or on an alternate timeline of Earth where the "3D matrix" continues as it is. It's not necessary to "redistribute" the current inhabitants physically, in my opinion it's better this "redistribution" or "splitting" to be done on the higher densities and not on the "5D" level.

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Jupiter 9
Replies: 18
Marak60 wrote:
Tardisman wrote: … pdate.html

Just watched it all the way through, seems positive, I don't know who they are still and how they know what they know? Do you have any background on them. I have clicked on the "follow" lilnk to see what they come out with next in the hope I can figure out what's their deal? What can you tell me about them?


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wandereringsoul wrote:


To all the good little boys and girls who say on this forum, "you cant blame anyone". The best I can say is, you're an idiot.


Hello wandereringsoul, smile

Name calling and getting into personal conflicts and fights with other forum members inside the forum, is in violation of one of the forum's boundaries.

You all are free to freely express yourselves and your feelings and call each other names or get into fights with each other if that's what you want to do, just please take it outside the forum and do that outside the forum.

It is not our business what members do outside the forum, but it is our business what members do inside the forum, so I want to ask all the members of the forum to please respect our right to set boundaries on how we want members of the forum to treat each other when they are interacting with each other inside the forum.

This is nothing personal and it's about respecting our boundaries, and again I want to stress that those boundaries are only about how we want members to treat each other when they interact with each other inside the forum, you are all still free to treat each other according to your own boundaries outside the forum. smile


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It's very important to study the holistic society transcripts/videos very carefully IMO and understand the points Yazhi is making.

One of the points she is making in them is that for a holistic society to emerge on it's own on Earth(a holistic society is not created by someone but it naturally emerges on it's own), a lot of the current inhabitants need to leave the planet. So that's why the way I understand it, the aim needs to be the creation of a transitional society and not a holistic society. And it's that transitional society that will prepare the ground and conditions for a holistic society to arise on it's own as a result of the spiritual and ethical development of the people. And also during that transitional period people that are not interested or ready or vibrationally compatible with a holistic society, will have the time to live the rest of their lives in better improved conditions and die a natural death and then incarnate on another planet or an alternate timeline of Earth where they'll continue their evolution.

Yazhi: (...) But the important thing to say here, and I don't think anyone is saying it online, is that this super controlled tyrannical transhumanist world that you see coming is NOT the end result. Because it turns out that just as we can't implement a real Holistic Society because of the current human mentality, the controllers can't implement their super controlled utopian New World Order world either, because of the same mentality of the current people. This is a super important point.

So what they must do is cultivate people with the genetics and mindset appropriate to their interests and plans, and then introduce them ready-made into a society they have by design.

In the same way that we, for example, also cannot introduce a real Holistic Society, without people progressing mentally and in consciousness towards the right direction first. That is, developing spirituality, morality and ethics that I spoke of in the previous article, using those words for lack of better ones, as I have already explained above.

So, stated clearly and without measuring myself or worrying about if I look socially appropriate or not... in both cases, either to introduce a New World Order or to introduce a real Holistic Society, it requires the destruction of the current terrestrial society and the transcendence (death) of most of its inhabitants. I know it sounds horrible... but it is the sad and disturbing truth.

However, unlike a New World Order and its plans, what we can offer or say is that a transitional society with a view to an improvement in the quality of life of people already alive can be given, without resorting to genocide.

But this would depend on a restructuring of the current society in small steps, but in the direction of empowering people and not destroying them. This is where Taygeta's proposal to the local Federation comes in, a proposal of 2021 that was promptly denied. Knowing that to implement such a proposal or any similar move, the Cabal on Earth, the misnamed "Elite", would have to give up their power systems. And that they will not do. Leaving the situation as one of survival choice: of the "Elite" or survival of the Earth population.

This situation causes the Federation to be exposed as permissive and as supporting the "Elite", as mentioned before. Causing innumerable problems and frictions between the very races of the Federation especially between the Lyrian races and the non-Lyrians because of complex cultural differences between them. Of perception of reality, such as empathy and perception of emotions, which are not equal between the very so-called positive races.

But yes, it will be possible to implement progressive societies or political systems with a view to implement a Holistic Society in the future.

But for me to say that a real Holistic Society cannot be implemented on Earth is because of the very mentality of the people on Earth. At present they do not have the mentality, or base of consciousness, necessary to form a Holistic Society. And since people do not really change, as a rule, then they would irremediably return to form the same conditions that caused the present disaster. Because people shape their governments and their reality. Whether they like it or not.

People would only change if they were immersed in a dominant frequency. That is to say, introducing a minority of normal minded but good humans, they would adopt or follow the rules and norms and mentality of an existing Holistic Society as happens when human people are extracted and introduced to another culture on another planet like Taygeta for example.

However, yes, a transitional society can be implemented on Earth. How advanced it is will depend on the people themselves. So will how long it will take to develop a real Holistic Society.

You see, what people outside say about a "Holographic Society" is NOT a real Holistic Society like the one that already exists but on other planets. And it only looks like utopia, but it is not, it only depends on the mentality and the level of consciousness of its inhabitants. (...) … zhi-swaruu


I think a good alternative governance model for transitional groups is sociocracy:


What is sociocracy

What is Sociocracy? Introducing a Toolkit for Agile Organizations

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2. How to Get Enlightened - See Yourself as an Ecosystem | Teal Swan

Teal: When you walk up to someone and introduce yourself, you introduce yourself by one name.  What this means is that you see yourself as a single unit of consciousness.  You see yourself as an “I” or a “me”.  The problem is, this perception of yourself does not accommodate for the full truth of you.  In fact, it can obscure the truth of you.  If you see yourself in this way, you can only see the forest and not the trees.  In fact, the single biggest step you can take towards self-awareness and awakening is: To begin to see yourself as an ecosystem that is being called by one name.

You call yourself by one name, but you are in essence an accumulation of a very complex system of ‘smaller’ units of consciousness… Just like an ecosystem is.  To understand what I mean, look at the ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest.  We call the Amazon Rainforest by one name, but it is an accumulation of its emergent layer, canopy layer, understory layer, forest floor layer; which themselves are composed of an accumulation of evergreen trees, flowering plants, birds, insects, reptiles, fungi, amphibians, rainfall and soil etc.

From objective perspective, each physical human is his or her own universe.  We could zoom in on a physical human and see that each thing that is included as a part of this human is in fact its own unit of consciousness.  And as a physical human, you have so many things that added together, equal you.   For example, you are an accumulation of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical layers.  Just looking at your physical body, each cell of your body has its own consciousness.  Each organ also has its own unique consciousness and identity.  Your body contains more bacterial cells than human cells (about ten times more in fact) many of which you could not survive without.  They are integral to the system that makes up… you.  They are considered to be an integral part of you.  Your psyche is also not singular.  It is made up of many different ‘parts’.  We have the tendency of calling these parts ‘sides’ or ‘facets’ of a person’s personality.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: Fragmentation, The Worldwide Disease.

Any ecosystem is a community of interacting organisms.  Any system is a community of interacting units of consciousness.  It is a complex, interconnected network.  The “system” that you are comprised of, like any system is unique.  There may be common trends that it shares with other systems to be found in the greater universe, but it has its own configuration and each different element of it has a specific relationship to all other parts of the system.  For example, your kidneys have a unique relationship to your bladder.  Your mental layer of consciousness has a unique relationship to your gut biome.  And these relationships, like any relationship can be or become one that is symbiotic and loving, dysfunctional and oppositional or anything in between.

We have to be able to zoom in and zoom out, in order to be fully conscious.  When we treat the assemblage that comprises us as if it is a single unit of consciousness, what we are doing is zooming out.  When you zoom out, you can see that the collective consciousness of any group of beings could be perceived as a single consciousness.  For example, there are millions of people on this planet and we could zoom out to see that if you add all of their consciousnesses together, we could call this single unit ‘the consciousness of humanity’.

In all honestly, you could zoom in and out indefinitely in this universe.  For example, even if you zoom in to become aware of the consciousness of a single cell, that single cell is also in fact its own ecosystem of even smaller units of consciousness.  And if you were to go into one part of a single cell, that part too would be its own ecosystem of sorts.  One reason we must be able to zoom out, is to be able to identify trends, commonalities and patterns for example.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: The Surprising Truth, Generalization, Stereotyping and Uniqueness.

All this being said, to be conscious we must be able to do the opposite as well, to zoom in.  And this is what people have the hardest time doing, because they feel like in doing so, they lose a solid sense of a singular self.  The question soon becomes, if I am all of these things, then what am I?  The answer of course is that you are all of them and therefore, not any single one of them.  The zooming in process of conscious awareness, requires you to dis-identify.



Ecosystem of Self-Love - Youtube Short

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I want to share two very relevant and complementary to this discussion videos:

1. There is no Material World - Part 2 - World of the Dead vs World of the Living - Yazhi Swaruu

Yazhi: (...) Every self-aware person is not a unit, but the result of the sum or amalgamation of simpler consciousnesses that share by agreement similar perceptions, but never the same. I define simpler consciousnesses from the comparative point of view to what they form when they get together, a consciousness with a more expanded range of understanding and perception. So no-one is a person, no-one is a soul, but we are all a collection of sums of other people who compose us and constantly feed our consciousness in an endless stream of gravity, of consciousness flowing and coming together in nodes that we call people.

The simple ones will form colonies of mutual cooperation, which in turn will form more complex ones. Perfect examples of this are the cells in a body, which have their own life cycle, their own perception, including their own internal organs and reproductive system and primitive brain in the cell membrane. They come together by compatibility of attributes in an organized manner to form a more complex organism called a body, whether human or not.

Same way with consciousnesses, since above or previously I have explained that there is no material world, but only a set of attachments to ideas that, by their determination to remain as laws, have imposed the perception that there is matter. Being that everything from the beginning was always an idea.

So each person-point-of-attention-consciousness is formed by other simpler persons, and these by others with simpler perception and consciousness, and so on upwards, forming more complex beings until reaching the Original Source.

So each person with consciousness is in himself for me a whole universe, and for that person the whole universe, his own timeline, and his own perfectly valid perception of all there is and of all that is possible and not.

On the other hand, I see Time as a direct result of the consciousness processes of each individual and dependent on his level of thought and personal expansion. And your perceptions of distance and speed will depend on your temporal perception and everything else that defines it. For speed and distance depend on Time and Time on perception.

I see the points of attention consciousnesses as living not in densities or dimensions, not in tape measure gradients, but in a series of bubbles containing their limits of consciousness perception. Bubbles formed by other bubbles, feeding one another, in a constant flow of gravity consciousness in the sea that is the Ether, which itself is formed by them.

Bubbles of their own, singular and unrepeatable, containing everything that defines them as someone, what they want to see as what defines them, and what they reject as what defines them as well.

Sea of bubbles of consciousness that being singular touch one another. Parts are shared, and these parts are the agreements of perception, between people or groups of people.

With this description I am trying to give shape to something impossible to describe with words, since obviously any description that I or anyone else tries to give will fall short of what it really is. It is not even how I see things. I'm just trying to describe these mental concepts I have in something tangible to share.

I refer to "bubble" as a container of something inside that itself has a boundary, the membrane of said bubble. Inside as a sphere I see it as containing everything a person has that defines them as someone in particular. As I have said before, what he accepts and loves and what he rejects equally all defining himself into an "I" (positive side) and an Ego (negative side) in an individual point of conscious attention.

In this case this bubble-individual will touch others, and will have shared perceptions with those other bubble-individuals that are the common areas to share.

And it is not placed on any scale of densities, as I see all people, to one extent or another, depending on the lens through which one looks, existing in every possible density, with every possible Range of Intelligence, of Thought, and of Consciousness, all simultaneously. Where there are no bubbles other than more concepts, as an attempt to give form to something intangible and impossible to define, as our best attempts will always fall short.

An attempt to explain the infinite, that which escapes all possible concepts of thought.

But in the end, it is all a single mass of Consciousness that is defined as multiple individual persons only by attachments to one or another sequence of ideas, and it is the ideas that limit the persons and form them as such. The idea of having a limit, that you start and end somewhere.

All that can exist is consciousness, the rest is illusory. Only attachments to characters created by that same total Cosmic Mind.

So there can be no death from one's own point of view, since this is only the resolution of a sequence of ideas that define what an incarnation is. Death can only exist in the mind of the living. Death only exists as such in the minds of the living.

You and I, and everyone else, are only the Egregor that is formed by our attachments to our ideas.


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"You are a priceless piece of source consciousness. Therefore, you are valuable beyond belief, so don't take more abuse of any kind. Remove yourself from all those toxic dynamics and you will become a super manifestor. Master yourself, master what you want, and master your emotions, mind, and body triggers. You will quantum jump forward in your life at a speed you won't believe. Master your mind and body. That is the key." -- Mari


Super Manifestation.

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Jupiter 9
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The word infinite is one of the most awe inspiring and mindblowing concepts to ponder about. Just take a moment and think about the difference between trillions of different realms with different laws of reality, and infinite different realms with different laws of reality. Ponder the difference between a huge finite number like trillion and infinite and you may start to get a sense of the concept of infinity. Imagine living a trillion of different lifetimes in all kinds of realities and realms, and then imagine living an infinite amount of lifetimes.

And we are infinite beings and we can have infinite amount of different experiences, not just trillion amount of different experiences but infinite. Just ponder the concept of having infinite abundance and having infinite time to live everything and anything we can imagine.

Source is infinite, creation is infinite. And imagine dividing Source into two holographic/holistic fragments(that dividing is an illusion but it appears real while you are immersed in the illusion), holographic meaning that each fragment inherits all the attributes and the same creative power of the Original Source.

If you divide a trillion into two, you get 500 million and another 500 million. But if you divide infinity into two, you get one infinity and another infinity and that is mindboggling. So if you divide Source into two fragments you don't get a fragment that is half the Source but you get two infinite fragments of Source. And if you divide it into infinite fragments, each Source fragment is infinite too.

Source is immersed in infinite number of illusions and is experiencing infinite number of different experiences, not a trillions or gazillion number of illusion but infinite! And you are one of those infinite number of illusions that Source is imagining and experiencing, Source is imagining being you exactly as you are and is experiencing itself as you and living your life as you, in one of it's infinite immersions into infinite lifetimes. You are Source imagining and experiencing being a fragment of itself. You are Source imagining being you and imagining living the life that you are living exactly as it is with all the limitations and amnesia and not remembering being Source and believing you are a different separate limited being.

Do you have any idea Who You Really Are and Who We All Really Are...

You are infinite and eternal by nature. You are a fragment of Source, you are a "child of Source/God" and since Source cannot be divided into fragments, you are Source itself imagining being a fragment of itself, a "child or clone of it's Original Self". Do you have any idea what that means...

Just take a moment and realize that you are eternal and that you have infinite amount of time to experience infinite amount of experiences, you have infinite amount of time and lifetimes to experience everything and anything. And this lifetime is just one of those infinite experiences.

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I am not sure if I understand your question fully but one thing that comes to mind that I want to comment is, it is one of the experiences that Source is exploring. One of the infinite experiences. One of the infinite realms with infinite different configuration of laws of reality. So this type of ecosystem with hunting and predators and a game of high stakes where your body can be killed is just one of the infinite variations of worlds. I am sure there are other physical realms where biology is not based on survival but based on other "game" rules.

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Enygma wrote:

During the end credits, Urmah grabs the microphone. Then comes the words "whoever has eyes to see." Maybe it's just a joke or maybe an announcement smile After all, the second contact project also intrigues other races.

Haha Thanks for pointing it out. I don't watch the credit scenes so I missed it. smile

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The Sassani and Yahyel have contact specialists with a lot of experience interacting with people on Earth through channelers. So I am hoping they'll create their own similar social media project, with those experienced contact specialists in charge. It's unlikely but you never know. ?

There is a relevant channeling that I have shared before, where the Yahyel briefly commented on the use of our technology to interact with them more besides channeling. (Question is at 17:45)


⭐ Channeling Arjun | with Vanessa and Wieteke | PART TWO ⭐

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Ariya wrote:


Ps I love the word ‘Sadicleya’
(which means midnight sun and named after the star Tau -19b the white dwarf in Taygeta’s binary system.) It has such a lovely sound to it.

Me too!

In Erra, during spring, its forests come alive at night as millions of plants and animals use photoluminescence to communicate and attract one another, all under the pale blue light coming from Taygeta´s binary star, Sadicleya, or 19 Tauri B, a white dwarf, which serves the biology of the four planets of Taygeta as the Moon does on Earth, yet the night sky is never as dark nor as black as it is on Earth because the entire Pleiadies star system, or M45, is inside a blue nebula that is easy to see at night as it reflects and shines the light of all the stars in the constellation, bathing the planets in a beautiful deep electric blue light at night.

Transcript: … -1-english

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This project inspires and motivates me to step up my game and do more seeding in social media too. ☆✨✨

And I think Mari's video about the levels of awakening can be used as a guideline on the best way to approach the seeding of ideas and advanced complex information. And basically the best approach is to do your best to be and act like level 4 and avoid being and behaving like level 3.


They understand that most people cannot comprehend their perception of reality, as they know that no person at a lower level of awareness can understand anyone above that level, as they see everyone below them as inferior and everyone above them as lunatics. But at this level, they know that there is much to learn above them. So they approach everything new with humble curiosity and with no judgment.

At this level, a person knows that they must adjust their behavior and what they say to the level of who they are talking to. They know that it is useless to try to convince anyone else of what they know, as they are aware that each person can only understand reality at their own level and never above it.

Level 3:

People at this level can be very dangerous because they tend to think that they hold the ultimate truth about everything, especially about spirituality and extraterrestrials. And because they tend to overprotect the spiritual leaders, the groups of like-minded people and the ideology that, in their experience, helped them a lot as it gave them an identity and a sense of worth in a world that rejected them, or in which they did not feel they belonged to, as they could never adapt to it, as if anyone ever could.

They attack other communities for thinking differently, and when neither can prove that they hold the ultimate truth. People at this level still think that extraterrestrials are one thing and humanity is another, all as they search for answers in those heavily controlled spiritual and UFO research communities. They still think that truth can be absolute when dealing with the paranormal in all its examples, and they follow whoever is controlling the narrative blindly and mindlessly while thinking that they are awakened and super smart.

They also tend to want to awaken everyone around them, sometimes torturing their friends and family members with stories about starseeds and extraterrestrial races, as well as with spiritual concepts that those friends and family are simply not interested in. People at this level want to shout to everyone to awaken, to see the truth of how the world works and to the extraterrestrial truth. They become extra communicative, and they suffer much when they see their friends and family are simply not interested in what they so desperately and so vividly want to talk about.

Transcript: … at-english

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This is an amazing video someone posted in the telegram chat:


KINGDOM - Animated Short Film

#22 Re: English Forum » Starseed Dreams » 2024-05-16 21:39:36

@Ariya Oh yeah I forgot you mentioned that.

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Horton HaW wrote:

Hey Jupiter 9. Good to see you around.

Hey Horton. I have been lurking and reading the forum but have been busy in other chats and haven't had much time to post and participate in discussion. smile

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Ariya wrote:


~ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. ..  I might just go off to the woods to spend the rest of the day looking for my space craft  …

While you are looking for your spacecraft, remember to also look at the sky and send a request for your stellar family's monitoring drone to reveal itself to you... smile

Mari: ... The most important function of these kinds of drone is to monitor and follow a stellar race's starseeds, for protection and guidance as agreed before entering their lives on Earth. But they are not invasive to the starseed, or as minimum as possible, depending on the situation.

These drones are not hostile, they carry a very loving and guiding energy. Never be afraid of them! Trust your emotions and your feelings about them whenever you see one. ... … es-english

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