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#1 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 19:06:49

Fair enough. The truth is "reality" is closer to imaginary than we believe. I would imagine should you mention (as would happen to me) that you are listening to the read out transcript of a humanoid higher dimensional alien in orbit around the planet to the general population they would consider that imaginary. I wanted to be clear on the definition because your definition is as imaginary as any other. Your reality is the tiny focal point of an immense super being dreaming about being human. This is all imaginary.

#2 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 18:44:41

luk wrote:
Wyvernsword wrote:


Means unreal.

I'm curious. Did you think I didn't know what imaginary meant? I'll address the other things, but first I'm curious as to your response.

#4 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 17:03:17

As I said "It definitely happened. However it might not always be my history." I don't think I ever questioned the event wouldn't have happened. Just that it won't happen in my reality. The information is still available should it become relevant to the soul. Though the title of the video literally is "You have changed the past" - that's exactly what he's talking about. Which from my perspective is relevant to having multiple histories.

You say "undo" - and I think that's the wrong term. Just that there are multiple histories. They haven't stopped existing in the Universe, just not in the one currently being experienced. Co-Creation is a complex and messy affair - particularly with human souls who have a wide array of things to cover. There are a wide variety of reasons for not being able to see something in the past - as Robert says up there.

It may also be the case that your system of belief needs to be as it is now to serve your higher purpose, in which case great keep going. As mine is for me.

#5 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 16:42:23

Listen to what Bashar says about now. About how you're a different person to the previous one. What you focus on, is your reality. That includes your history - which is multiple choice - just you're not able to remember or understand that from this perspective. Anyway all you need to know is in that video.

#6 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 16:32:30

luk wrote:

I see this as very simple and do not understand why you pack this into big words and refer to Bashar to support this. His words do not say anythiing like that in my understanding.

You might find this useful

#7 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 16:15:20

luk wrote:

I still do not understand how you can come to the conclusion tommorow that you were skiing in Alps today.  How is focusing of your attention to your other incarnations where you may be skiing now related to what we are talking about?

This has a circular theme to it... however as I said "I am definitely having a conversation with you now". It was related in the sense that there are other incarnations. That I can become them. And you were questioning about timelines. That's how it's related.

luk wrote:

For me and you what is relevant is your current point of attention focused on your actions now. We are talking together and not skiing in Alps.
This will stay the a fact forever.
That is what happened.

It definitely happened. However it might not always be my history. Look at others for their comments for further information.

My view, based on what I've said, and others have said in the thread is that it won't necessarily "stay a fact forever". Use that information as it best helps your ascension. Good luck

#8 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 15:52:44

Birgit wrote:

As I have understood, we are creating the past and the present and the future in the same time, in the current moment, all the time. Meaning that we are all the time, now and now and now, creating the past (and future). It's somehow to do with that all "times" and "things" and all possible situation already exist in the same "time". As you change your perspectives and beliefs in the present you are also changing the past (and the future) because there is only now. Changing your mind now (your "projector"), you change EVERYTHING. Because there really is only one "moment" and everything, all unlimited possibilities of every possibility already exists. So I underatnd both "luk"s and "Wyvernsword"s perspectives, it is little bit difficult indeed still to grasp it all..

This ^. You've pretty much captured it. Thank you.

#9 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 15:42:42

luk wrote:

Are you talking to me now or are you skiings in Alps now?
Your timeline consists of points that you are connecting from the sea of potential options you have to chose from.

If you chose to chat with me now and not skiing in Alps then your timeline dose not include that event of skiing now.
How this will change in 2000 years? How will this change tommorow? It happened somehow. And how it happened you do not change retroactively.
I really would like to understand your perspective since I do not get it now, I admit.

Ok so lets start from the point of view that I'm having a conversation with you right now. This is this version of my souls/oversouls focus right now. There many many other perspectives - one may be skiing in the alps. But right now he's not me. He might be one day. But in this particular now he's not.

The more specific point I was making - and frankly I personally took a long time to get my head around (like literally blew my mind), is that my personal history can change. I can understand why anyone would go "whoa", at that one. But via an array of experiences and groups and people I've spoken to I have come to the conclusion this actually is how the universe works. I'm a logical man myself - so I sympathise at not being able to give a facts based proof of this.

Bashar has done this better than I could. A few months ago he hosted a session with people and explained how you can perceive yourself in multiple histories. The examples he gave were a Roman Empire that survived to today. An Atlantis that still exists and as far as they're concerned they never went away.  Amongst other ideas.

So you can in a sense picture yourself there. But that's a BIG scale. That's massive changes. This can, and apparently, does often happen on a smaller scale. For example imagine having lived a past life as a soldier. You'd suffered terribly in that life. It is possible to change the events of that past life so that you lived a peaceful life as a farmer instead with your family. And that can have realworld impacts on who you are now. And in that case the effects are miniscule to the world (potentially) - but obviously massive to the individual.

This is closer to how the world actually works. But we're very, stuck as a race, and need confirmations - rather than trusting in our own intuitions, which actually science backs up - in tests were people were given choices the first one was often right. Give people time to think, and more often we're wrong.

There is a difference to the now and the "past", or the version of the past I experience. I am definitely having a conversation with you now. But my past and your past can be different things. At some point I might be able to change my focus to another point of reality were I am skiing... but right now you have my undivided attention smile.

Hope that helps.

#10 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 15:17:12

There's unlikely to be a point of agreement here. You have a view as do I. In 2000 years you'll probably have a different perspective. Of that I'm relatively confident.

#11 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 15:05:42

Somewhat contradictory, both mine and your statements are true. In the 3D there is a cause and effect. But we're no longer entirely in the 3D. And this is a window to where we want to be.

And the thing I would always say is aim higher. Be better. Of course that, as always, is the choice of the individual.

#12 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 14:46:50

luk wrote:
Wyvernsword wrote:

Different time lines I guess. Though I'm not all that familiar with the Taygetan perspective. In my time line as far as I can tell, there was a person called Yeshua Ben Yusef (Jesus) who was an enlightened being here for the purpose of showing people a higher path, a wayshower.

Tell me, how can you say that "In my time line as far as I can tell, there was a person called Yeshua Ben Yusef" if your timeline starts with your birth?

It looks to me as if you are programming yourself into some belief - which OK, your universe, you are your creator in it, you live it and this approach may help.

However, if you say that in the presence of other people who resonate with presentation of Swaruu explaining there was no Yeshua then you are creating a conflicting environment which suggests something that may not give any sense to those who understand the present as a vibrational frequency resulting from interactions of past events and as such, if those events were completely different in your past then in my past we could not meet here as we do since our present would have to look completely different.

People can share the same environment in the now, and yet have varying Histories different to the one you experienced. Particularly now, as the events of now are opportunities to open windows to different possibilities. Hence the massive polarities right now.

#13 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-09-16 13:56:57

Different time lines I guess. Though I'm not all that familiar with the Taygetan perspective. In my time line as far as I can tell, there was a person called Yeshua Ben Yusef (Jesus) who was an enlightened being here for the purpose of showing people a higher path, a wayshower. Though at the time the world was very dark. He certainly wasn't the only one and there have been others as celebrated, and others who are not known to history. The bible depiction is such a mix of truth and lies it's difficult to exactly know his life - and others have twisted the messages to suit their purpose.

As Robert said - what is more important, the message or the messenger? Align with what resonates, and follow your highest excitement.

#14 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2020-09-15 18:29:30

People seem unduly concerned about upper case. Quite why that annoys people I have no idea. But as long as they're happy great.

#15 Re: English Forum » TIMELINES - do alternative TLs/realities/dimensions/universes exist? » 2020-09-13 22:08:05

luk wrote:

@robert369 @Wyvernsword thank you both for your answers.. But I still do not understand where is this alternative reality, the battle Swaruu went through and survived, refered to as "alternative timeline.. Where did it take place since it did not on Earth in the year 1431.
In that battle Joan of Arc died.

You might have to define what you mean by "where is this alternate reality". An alternate reality is another co-created reality with a version of your soul from your oversoul.

luk wrote:

And you see @Wyvernsword, despite there is not time, there are alternative timelines.
Or do you want me to make a statement "since there is no time, there cannot be a timeline where Joan of Arc survived"???

Well in a sense you are right. There isn't a time line. What there is a co-created version of events different to the one that was experienced in the reality you perceive . If it's easier for you to see it that way then use that.

luk wrote:

I think I pretty much understand the concept of oversoul and splitting itself and fractals incarnating to win experience desired..
But are we talking here about trillions of fractals?
Some have said there is 33 of them as maximum.. IDK.. Nobody from higher density has confirmed this to me yet...

There are as many as the co-creation allows. It depends on the rules we've agreed with. I don't have that information

#16 Re: English Forum » TIMELINES - do alternative TLs/realities/dimensions/universes exist? » 2020-09-13 21:29:10

I suppose the most fundamental thing to know is that there is no time. Except the illusion of it. There is quite literally only the now. We are all extensions, like roots spreading out from a single source. There are many complicated threads which have been woven between you, I, all of us and this source. But we are all that one source living out multiple expressions of what it means to exist. My current consciousness couldn't begin to understand the complexities, but the simple truth is there.

So. That being said we each have an oversoul. A higher, but still extension of this source, which for lack of better understanding, manages multiple versions of our soul. Different incarnations, multiple versions of the same soul. A whole crazy load of different possibilities of existence.

So there are many oversouls, sharing multiple lives, on this planet, the Taygetan planet, Essassani (the Sassani's planet - of which Bashar is a member)... and so on. And each version of us, the seed (for want of a better word) of the oversoul - or for simplicities sake our soul - agrees (at another higher level beyond the 3D) to share it's consciousness with other souls - from the respective oversouls. Enough of these together co-create based on another set of rules agreed at a much higher level the existence you consider this one.

Within each existence there are a near infinite number different possibilities, and each of them are played out by different aspects within your oversoul. You and I have the ability (if not the understanding) to shift our consciousness to any one of those points and in effect go to an alternate reality/timeline. But the concept itself is effectively a fiction. But nonetheless we can experience it as such - if we wish.

There's a lot to unpack in there. And that's just as I've come to understand it to date - so please take that or leave it as it resonates with you. As with all information, it should be only taken if it aligns with your current excitement - not, as has been too often done in the past - taught as dogma.


#17 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2020-09-13 20:02:03

Hello all. I basically introduced myself in the "How Did You Find Cosmic Agency?" but I just wanted to wave my hand in here and say I look forward to finding better ways to help humanity develop and evolve positively based on the wisdom provided and hopefully our collective wisdom finding positive ways to apply it.

#18 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2020-09-13 17:01:29

Gosia wrote:

Please share how you found us, Cosmic Agency channel. Thank you! smile

Thank you Gosia for creating this. Both the forum and the thread and the opportunity to share the experience.

I actually found this place via a Discord group setup for the purpose of discussing the Taygetans. I was invited by a member of that particular discord whilst I was on a Bashar discord, and various coincidences led me to see the wisdom you present in your YouTube videos from the Taygetans.

I was completely unaware that the Taygetans were a specific Pleiadian group - and in fact appear to be offended by being referred to only as Pleiadians. I was able to verify via another channel I trust that they are who they say they are. But even before this the information chimed with a sort of "memory" that I recognised the information presented. So the confirmation wasn't necessary, but helpful all the same.

I hope that in time the wisdom they present will help humanity - as well as other interested beings who are acting in the light.

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