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#1 Re: English Forum » Urgent - Cobra information and call for a Mass Meditation » 2020-09-29 14:58:11

Hello everyone, a follow up Mass Meditation

A friendly REMINDER to join us here TODAY in the Urgent - Special audio room for the newly revised Flower of Life Meditation  - TUESDAY, September 29th at 9:49 PM UTC (5:49 PM EDT)

On the last Cobra's Portal post it was noted that the Lightforces are asking everybody who feels so guided to join two upcoming Flower of Life meditations in order to minimize the violence and bring more peace into the planetary situation.

The first one, Mars Saturn square - Tuesday, September 29th UTC, and the second one the Mars Pluto square - Friday, October 9th @ 1:09 PM UTC.

Here is the promotional video for this meditation:

Here is the link to the guided audio in many languages:

Check your time zone here:
Tuesday September 29
11:49 am HST Honolulu,
02:49 pm PDT Los Angeles,
03:49 pm MDT Denver,
04:49 pm CDT Chicago,
05:49 pm EDT New York,
06:49 pm BRT Rio de Janeiro,
09:49 pm UTC Reykjavik,
10:49 pm BST London,
11:49 pm CEST Paris,
11:49 pm EET Cairo,

Wednesday September 30
12:49 am MSK Moscow,
03:19 am IST New Delhi,
04:49 am ICT Bangkok,
05:49 am CST Taipei,
06:49 am JST Tokyo,
07:49 am AEST Sydney,
10:49 am NZDTAuckland

For more detailed info: … ation.html

and here: … m-utc.html

Let's Do this - Victory of the Light!

#2 Re: English Forum » Urgent - Cobra information and call for a Mass Meditation » 2020-09-21 03:55:45

Hi everyone, this is a message from friends at Discord server Meditations of the Go (PFC) about tomorrow Mass Meditation!
I have seen incredible results from these mass meditations before.  If you haven't tried joining in one, this is a good time to try it.

REMINDER @TheAntiDarkMind             

This is a call out to lightworkers around the world to help ease humanity's shift into unity and peace without impending lockdowns this MONDAY, Sept 21 @ 10:08 PM UTC (6:08 PM EDT) Join us here on the Meditations ON-THE-GO Platform in the SPECIAL Audio Room

You can check FB for more details: … 1358926154

Audios of this meditation in almost 20 languages here:

The exact time for the meditation for various time zones is here:

Monday September 21
12:08 pm HST Honolulu,
03:08 pm PDT Los Angeles,
04:08 pm MDT Denver,
05:08 pm CDT Chicago,
06:08 pm EDT New York,
07:08 pm BRT Rio de Janeiro,
10:08 pm UTC Reykjavik,
11:08 pm BST London Tuesday September 22
12:08 am CEST Paris,
12:08 am EET Cairo,
01:08 am MSK Moscow,
03:38 am IST New Delhi,
05:08 am ICT Bangkok,
06:08 am CST Taipei,
07:08 am JST Tokyo,
08:08 am AEST Sydney,
10:08 am NZST Auckland

FOR MORE INFO including links, where this write-up has been excerpted from: … m-utc.html … ation.html

Here is a short 3 min video about this meditation: - inserted into this post smile

Victory of the Light!

#4 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2020-09-21 01:21:36

Seeker_Ivy wrote:

Hello everyone smile

This was from 2001, exposing where CV-19 & vaccines will lead to (factoring in the galactic perspective too). wink

Stargate SG-1, Season 5, Episode 10: 2001

SG-1 visits an agricultural planet (P3A-194) inhabited by the Volians, who introduce them to their more technologically advanced allies, the Aschen, who propose an alliance with Earth. After Daniel Jackson and Teal'c discover the Aschen's world to be the gate address they forbade themselves from dialing ("2010"), Earth severs all contact with the Aschen.

Link: (this is a free site, there is also Hulu & Apple TV where you can watch this episode.)

They have been showing us everything, while simultaneously making us blind to what's right in front of us.

Would love to read your guy's responses, this episode is eye opening, to say the least wink

This was a great episode,  and I like how they sent warning back from the future to the past to prevent them from going on that timeline.

#6 Re: English Forum » TIMELINES - do alternative TLs/realities/dimensions/universes exist? » 2020-09-14 02:39:11

Gosia wrote:

Just a quick side note as I see you talking about timelines. I just had the most interesting expose given by Yazhi today (3 hours chat) about the new angle of how to perceive timelines. She is truly seeing it all from higher and higher perspective! As she explained today - there are no timelines really...from the more expanded point of view,  they all converge into one from the broader view. The info will be released some time this month. smile

I look forward to this

#8 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2020-09-14 01:13:47

I found out about it from a friend who posted several vids from Cosmic Agency into my discord lobby.
I watched several, and we were chatting about it for months , still do as new ones come out.

#9 English Forum » Stellar Contact » 2020-09-14 01:09:30

Replies: 3

Hi Gosia,

I found a channel a couple days ago Stellar Contact

Where Swaruu was talking with this youtube channel also.

Will Swaruu or Yazhi continue talking there, as well as Cosmic Agency and Pleiadian Knowledge?

It looks like many months since an update there.



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