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#1 English Forum » Personal Request » 2021-10-13 09:08:55

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Hello Gosia. There is something personal about me I wanted to ask you but I can't find a way to get to you directly. It's very metaphysical. I can't find an Email or something. I can delete this post after an answer. I would be very grateful and I really need your help. I don't think there is anyone else I can reach who would actually be of help. Thank you.

Love, Yashar

My email is:

#2 English Forum » Is the 5G radiation getting stronger? » 2020-09-29 20:29:56

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Hello Gosia and everyone else!

There is an important question I would like to ask. I live in Germany and many people I know have been feeling VERY different in the past few days, myself included. We suddenly got strong headaches, are feeling nauseous, dizzy and very weak. It can't be a coincidence. Even people who live far away from me are experiencing the exact same thing. My guess is that they are starting to make 5G stronger; maybe because there are many people allegedly getting sick from coronavirus to make it look like the second wave is actually coming. Or to just lower our frequency a lot. Do the Taygeteans maybe know what this could be about and if my guess is true? Or if there is another reason behind it? And does anyone from different countries experience the same Symptoms? Thank you!

~ Yashar

#3 German Forum » Spürt jemand auch stärkere Symptome von 5G? » 2020-09-29 20:18:34

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Hallo an alle!

In den letzten Tagen geht es mir und vielen Menschen, die ich kenne, sehr anders. Genau zur selben Zeit haben viele auf einmal starke Kopfschmerzen, Übelkeit, Schwindel und fühlen sich sehr schwach. Auch Leute, die weit von mir weg wohnen, geht es genau so. Erlebt jemand das selbe? Mir kommt das sehr komisch vor. Meine Vermutung ist, dass die 5G Strahlung verstärkt wurde. Danke schonmal im Vorraus.

~ Yashar

#4 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2020-09-10 09:46:14

Hello Gosia, Matias and everyone else! smile

There are still some things that are not completely clear to me. Before, it was stated that the federation would not allow a nuclear war because it would end the game here. Also, they wouldn't allow the cabal to kill the population with an actual deadly virus because 'millions would die'. But then, at the same time, THEY want to reset the whole civilization and start new. Sometimes it is not completely clear what the federation allows and what not. How I understand it is that they only allow a high number of deaths if it is under the federations control, no? They take the power from the cabal and make themselves look like the good guys who want to save humanity while in the end they just want the same thing. They just want to do it in their own way. That's at least how it looks to me.

Also, if it's true that humanity progresses to a point where it is an impossible knot to solve and just utter chaos, why are they not resetting the planet in a much faster and less harmful way? Why the vaccines, chips, making everyone sterile or starving to death if you refuse? Why not a fake 'natural catastrophe' or whatever? Is this still like a test ground for the federation to see how far we will go and how the planet is going to react when most will be injected with this crap? It just seems so wrong to me. It's like we are a bunch of rats in a lab.

But, anyways, we were already warned by Aneeka and Yazhi that in September/October/November some big things might happen. And i feel like telepathically I'm being told that I have to stay cautious now.
Thank you everyone for your work and thank you Gosia for making me a moderator. As always I love to help wherever I can. Much love to the crew in orbit! Stay safe. smile

~ Yashar

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