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I completely got stuck and railed off on this topic. Sorry about that, folks. The approach I was searching for would have required a book-format or something like it - which I definitely won't do. That's not why I'm here. So I have to reorganize my own thinking, and look for a different angle in this.

But you all have made an (even bigger) optimist of me despite my personal setback in this, as you have responded brilliantly to the initial post(s). And it seems like you've fathomed the potential magnitude in it, as well. That's very promising, since it's become obvious - at least in my understanding - that the global problem we're facing needs to consider different regional and even local approaches, and also needs to make room for novel thinking within you all, as well.

Wouldn't it be ok if the topic could actually organize itself? I actually suspect the forum-format could be perfect for this. Please give me a day or two to reorganize myself, to see if I can come up with some kind of self-propagating structuring on the topic here. See you all around! smile

#2 Re: English Forum » What if Cosmic Agency is not a psyop?! » 2022-12-07 22:11:00

Cosmic Sea... The message. Not the messenger.

#3 Re: English Forum » What if Cosmic Agency is not a psyop?! » 2022-12-07 21:30:37

Naring2 was permanently banned for admitting not being receptive for the strong signals already given. - in addition to sabotaging the forum by deleting the few posts already posted after re-registering. S/he practically asked for it.

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Cosmic Sea,

You have already a history here in the forum of such in-depth reflection - and on those depths you always add momentum to the conversations you engage in. And I'm grateful that you acknowledge the guidance part.

When it comes to belief, I guess this is an encouragement for all members here to be conscious about it; not necessarily to expose their beliefs, but to reflect on how our beliefs affect our communications and our surroundings. Benevolence in practice is at the core in this, but: We are all somewhere on the path (- one of my absolute favorite expressions... smile ).

The amazement and wonder that you describe is what made my decision to become a scientist even before I started my school-years. I totally resonate with your description there. And I am sure that if Gosia decided to make a video about the elating parts of her contact, it would rank on top on my own list of videos - she is an expert 'rambler'.

When we evaluate our perceptions and experiences, we also put meaning into them. As you point out, all meanings are available to us, as everything is relative and valid. And if everything is personal, subjective, and valid, then how is this different from no meaning at all? It's all just one big bag of consciousness anyway. Like... Source.

This is where ethics comes in. Ethics is all about ranking and choosing the possible outcomes of the situations we find ourselves in. It's highly personal and dependent on subjective understanding. But the effects of consistently applied ethics have a massive potential when it comes to social matters. This is where our "social antennae" make us able to detect positive and negative interactions. Positive and negative by rank, that is. But the moment we impose our own ethics upon another, and insist on compliance, friction will almost automatically occur. And I suspect that this is the basic reason why its impossible to direct the formation of a holistic society down here, as they (the Swaruunians) have explained several times: Our organizing efforts will always revert to the average of the community. It's been tried before with catastrophic consequences.

I strongly believe this is why they are pounding the Federation on the need for intervention and emotional mentoring on the general frequency level. Without it, we're seemingly stuck: Democracy will remain the majority's dictatorship over the minority, and the collective will continue to give reason for transgressions upon the individual. - while in reality the individual is the foundation for it all. And beneath that, holding it all together, is ethics.

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First, let me quote Matias here, and tell you all why I have let this thread unfold. I am sure you all have read the following at some point.

Matias wrote:

From the sticky thread "Rules - read before posting:"

"This forum is only for friends of Cosmic Agency and of our work. If you think this project is a deception, fraud, Cabal, AI, or anything else and in between, this is not a place for you. Here we do not discuss whether this contact is real or fake. We discuss the content of the material and exchange ideas. This is Taygetan and Swaruunian/Cosmic Agency "home" ground. Do not come if you don´t believe it is a real contact."

The only possibly ambiguous in this, is the term "believe". But I basically agree with the above in its entirety.

In the opening post, Jupiter quoted Cosmic Sea, where emphasis was put on discernment, open-mindedness, seeking truth, and the importance of several information sources. These are all important aspects in a process where increased knowledge is the goal, and have also been emphasized several times by our friends in orbit.

And I think Jupiter made some very good points in his somewhat lengthy response there, even if Cosmic Sea's quote was bare to the marrow, so to speak. But Cosmic Sea has returned, fortunately, to bring nuance to his stance, and present a more in-depth explanation for his opinion. Thank you for that, Cosmic Sea.

We build bricks upon bricks. - which is a different reason why we need to discern the information we are relating to. In short it means that if we take the second step before the first one, we're bound to return to take the first one anyway. This is actually science (not "technological development", which is a discipline that has hijacked the term science). Science as a method produces data to improve on the existing understanding, or to discard the old understanding in light of the new knowledge gained. That's also why the best data available is always sought to be used in the analysis.

The main points I pulled out from Cosmic Sea's post is this:

*   The possibility that Cosmic Agency is a psy-op, like the Q-movement.
*   Existing known and unknown sciences already on Earth:
    *   quantum physics
    *   magnetic jet-propulsion
    *   holographic theory
    *   lazer technology
    *   unknown military technologies
*   The philosophical topic of nonduality.
*   Gosia herself may have been deceived, even if she believes the contact is genuine.
*   The contact could be a result of AI programming to interfere with our beliefs.
*   It could all be scientific fantasy (sci-fi).
*   Belief in ET's is firm but not known. Presence of ETs and of reptilians - and communication with them - is unknown.
*   Nondual conclusion: Nothing is solid. There are no lessons or any meaning in any of it; a possible psy-op.

Nonduality as a concept is far more developed in eastern philosophy and religions, than in the west. But it has been used by several western existential philosophers to conclude that it all is meaningless, and that the point of life is to seek any pleasantries which may present themselves (- my interpretation), where the achievement of one's desire is eventually replaced by boredom and new desires. Release from this Sisyfos' destiny is only achieved by an ascetic focus and finally to release one's will, including will to live. (Schopenhauer’s line of thinking is used here).

There are some serious mental traps in this, and - in my view - a very pessimistic view of life. It so easily leads to a utilitarian relationship with our fellow human beings: "use them, and throw them away when finished." Nonduality in religious terms is, like Cosmic Sea says, impossible to relate to, as the world we perceive is utterly dualistic (- see Yazhi's description of Anéekas attempts to walk through the wall smile ). But Yazhi, SwaruuX, Swaruu9 and the Taygetans have presented a solidly positive approach in this, and Gosia's endeavors rank high above existing philosophies and any human "innovative" strivings for this content alone.


Cosmic Sea... be clear: What I really don't like in your presentation is your strong reference to AI and a possible deception of Gosia. You are perfectly in your right to take such a stance. As mentioned above, that could be your first step forward. But Matias' guidance stands tall in this, and I encourage you, to put it somewhat mildly, to heed it hereafter.


Scott Summers above here give some biblical references, but I wonder, wouldn't those descriptions refer more to the modern concept of "double communication?" This phenomenon leads to what we understand as "gas-lighting," depression, and inhibition in making decisions.

#8 English Forum » Galaxies - Information provided by Extraterrestrial Women » 2022-12-06 13:02:26

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"Galaxies - Movement, structure, clashes, and more"

Published: December 6th, 2022


From the blurb: "In this video we talk about the galaxies with Aneeka of Temmer, Athena Swaruu (X) and Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia). Enjoy it!"

#9 Re: English Forum » Gosia on AJ Roberts Show » 2022-12-06 01:36:54

Dablin wrote:

I have admittingly at times pondered whether I myself are possibly an NPC.

That's thinking "out of the box", Dablin. - which NPC's are supposedly incapable of. smile

But you're very close to bulls eye, as I see it. The point being: We cannot know. Even the most soulful being may be here exactly for the experience of total compliance with the "system". So it's best to treat everybody with respect, as Swaruu(9) said.

This is "video-7" stuff. And it is difficult, because we are unable to perceive this part of the world that Swaruu(9) talked about. And since it is an unreachable perception to most of us, we risk take the description as the one-and-only truth.

Or rather, we risk turning the description into something dogmatic, which is a religious trait. Before talking about this, Swaruu(9) vented out about considering the Taygetans as divine (in "video-2"), or calling them angels, which she later said is a military rank on Taygeta ("video-24") - like Hashmallim on Toleka are 'special forces'.

It obviously is the truth. - from a perspective most of us don't have. But that's also why we cannot treat people as if they aren't real. The moment we connect with them in one way or another, they are all effectively real to us.

#10 Re: English Forum » Forum Tips. » 2022-12-05 22:07:09

Good points there, Jupiter. Thank you! smile

#11 Re: English Forum » Are small actions vibrationally quantifiable from above? » 2022-12-05 21:39:10

Lyran wrote:

Thanks for your concern but I'm just on mission rousing souls, which I have been doing for a long time now. Ànd having a great time doing so too.

Ah - then I'm sure your project will collect a lot of smiles. Happy trails! big_smile

#12 Re: English Forum » Are small actions vibrationally quantifiable from above? » 2022-12-05 20:37:10


I'm not really familiar with your endeavour there. It sounds like fun. But scaling a building to hang up a "Cosmic Agency banner"? Is that even legal in your vicinity? And if not, is there a Cosmic Agency logo there? Could you explain please? smile

[Edit:] I ask because I don't think it's wise to break local laws to promote the Cosmic Agency "brand"...


Welcome back. smile Sorry to hear about your previous experiences with the forum. What can I say... we all learn in so many ways. But it's good to see that you haven't given up on us. Let's hope the experience turns out better with your new resolve. smile

#13 English Forum » "You deserve it NOW" - A Gem From Gosia » 2022-12-03 16:10:44

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Gosia wrote:

From: "Short Message from Gosia to all the Starseeds" - (Blogpost: "You all need credit. Now!")

"Something that ocurred to me to say while I was looking at the recent video-tribute I made for Aneeka. Something I felt looking at the audios and videos of those who expressed their gratitude at the end.

I want you all to know that, immense as Aneeka was and forever will be, what she needed you to know is that all of you, starseeds, out there, are that as well. Always have been! "Special elite forces", as she once called starseeds on Earth, who "know what they are doing" (even when you think you don´t).

None of us ever need to die to realize how incredibly vast we all are! How talented, determined, creative, and passionate we have been during our time on Earth. Please be aware of that, and how serious I am when I say these words: you are heroes, and every single one of you deserves a tribute, just as Aneeka does. And you deserve it NOW.

As I watch your messages for her, it touches me how formidable all of you are, and what a great and brave cosmic army we form part of. Your character, awareness, emotions, individual talents and is what makes you all unique and you need no special reminder of that. Or, rather, I think you do! Not many souls dare to venture into the Earth experience. And you are one of those who did! What an achievement, what an adventure, what a task! Give yourself credit, give yourself love, give yourself and others like yourself praise. You all deserve it. NOW!"

Every choice we made in the "now" in our lives brought us to the point we find ourselves here today. Some of those choices were small and perhaps considered insignificant, while others had huge impacts, even if we didn't see it back then. But they were all a part of the total picture, which brought us to this space and time - this "now". If we in our human capacities could realize the immensity of the potential this very moment has, I'm sure we all would be mindblown.

But there are no coincidences. We understand that now. And that thought takes me back: Sometimes I wonder if Gosia knew it back then, when she sat on those rocks on Lanzarote Island - with the wind pounding at the microphone - philosophizing on the contact and the incredible amazement she felt and conveyed to us - that it would lead to where we all find ourselves today? ... ... What a journey you have given us, Gosia! And it's still ongoing!


Thank you!

P.S.: The video (linked above) contains added words of inspiration. Please watch. smile

#14 Re: English Forum » Anti-gravity and Zero Point Energy - The CARET Q4-86 device - live » 2022-12-02 20:05:33

Kian369 wrote:
Happy wrote:

Do you think it's ok with Dale that we put this in the list of interviews, Kian? smile

It was a public and recorded presentation, so I guess it is ok.

Done. smile

#15 Re: English Forum » Anti-gravity and Zero Point Energy - The CARET Q4-86 device - live » 2022-12-02 19:52:20

Do you think it's ok with Dale that we put this in the list of interviews, Kian? smile

#16 Re: English Forum » Insulin resistance? Asking for help. » 2022-12-02 10:23:40

What you describe is obviously the effects of a successful sugar-restriction. There's a ton of good sites on the internet describing this. I just searched it with the key-words "sugar cravings" and "sugar abstinence." Symptoms, challenges and different programs came up - really good stuff. My advise: Be kind to yourself in a wise way. smile

#17 English Forum » Aneeka of Temmer - Her Work and Our Gratitude » 2022-12-01 15:42:01

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Aneeka of Temmer - Why did she Arrive to Earth? Her Work and Our Gratitude (transcript)

Published Friday, December 2nd, 2022


From the blurb:
"This video is dedicated to Aneeka, where she herself (with the voice of Claudia) tells us, in a great summary, a bit of her story. At the end I included some of your audios as a token of our appreciation. Our friend deserves it!"

#18 Re: English Forum » Exposition of narcissism » 2022-12-01 14:33:48


Welcome back!

Yes, I actually did miss you. smile  Your perspectives are always (usually) well thought of, and your views normally add very good value to the topics you comment upon. Hence, in all fairness, this was not the best week for the forum. And given that you are (for the time being) the most prolific poster in the forum, you may appreciate the following:

Some breaches of conduct in this forum may lead to suspension (temporary) and banning (permanent). In particular, this concerns outright polarization and attacks on fellow forum members. Such polarization may be initiated by others, but the moment it happens, we often see defensive wording phrased offensively, with potential for further escalation on the conversation. It is considered unwanted negativity displayed, and is evaluated as such also when presented in subtle wording. It goes without saying that this is deteriorating for the social climate in the forum.

Cosmic Agency represents something unique in this world. Never before have we seen direct communication with other-worldly beings (people) over such long period, and available for review in the open society. We are even encouraged to view this site as their 'home'. So when we - as members of this 'home' - communicate here, our words can be reached by everybody with an internet-connection.

We have therefore adopted the policy of zero-tolerance for outright negative conduct, which is clearly stated in the forum rules.

#19 Re: English Forum » Gosia on AJ Roberts Show » 2022-12-01 05:14:40

Gomba wrote:

Why I cant see the video on his channel? :l

It's there, Gomba, in the "Live Streams" section. smile

#20 Re: English Forum » Am "I" actually "Real" ? » 2022-11-29 02:05:18

Hi TiminFDL,

Welcome to the forum (- again... smile ). You phrase big questions with few words there.

If you wonder if you have a soul, and ask about it - particularly in this forum - there isn't really much doubt about it, I think. The experience of probing and questioning our existence is near the very point of being incarnated to this planet, as I understand it.

Our friends in orbit have mentioned several times that they don't like the term "Soul" much, because it has too many religious connotations (- they prefer the term "Adma" instead). And they definitely don't like religions, as they all present external authorities or 'middlemen' telling you how your world is assembled, while it's your task to figure it out yourself. Those 'middlemen' has a looong history of transgression and to disable our better choices, to preserve their own power and control over us and our communities.

Our friends in orbit have also touched upon the consciousness connected in everything, even rocks; it's just not consciousness as we're used to think of it. This has had a consolatory effect on myself over time, because just like you, I am unable to say if I'm a step-down, a walk-in, a pod-transfer, incarnated directly from Source, or whatever. But I'm darn sure I have what is understood as a Soul, i.e. a consciousness leaving this body when the day comes, when the body is unable to sustain it. I can't say I know much about that part of life, however. But it really doesn't matter, because this present condition is all about learning how to live this life the best way possible, while living it. Some choices are difficult in this, but that's often the best way to learn, I've found. And particularly the mistakes are important - if we're open to the lessons they give us.

For many years I struggled with transforming my understanding of emotions and sense of Self to what is termed "vibrations" and "frequencies" in the more progressed online communities. My detour into it went via establishing my present understanding as a kind of zero-point, or reference. A deviation or development away from it, would tell me of the direction in frequency and vibration. But I have yet to perceive any vibrations or frequencies connected to my own emotions. The abstraction makes it possible to talk about it, however.

It's easy to become depressed in the world today. So many things have been deliberately distorted by those who wanted to rule and control us, and it's pervaded most matters. Depression is really a signal from the deeper parts of ourselves to slow things down. It's not sickness - it's personal.

The true and real transformation it enables becomes evident after a renewed engagement. And the good part is that we had it within us all the time - we just had to figure it out. smile

#21 Re: English Forum » The Moon » 2022-11-28 17:56:29

Scott Summers wrote:


One misconception about habits (including thought habits) is that they are eliminated.

They are not. Habits are REPLACED, not eliminated.


The replacement of habits take conscious effort and persistence.

Be patient with the process of awakening ourselves (and others) and most importantly, PERSIST.

Habits are not a universal force of law. They just appear to be so.

Very good points there, Scott. smile  'Behavioral change' led me to read about B. F. Skinner in my youth (too many) years ago, and how a mechanized and instrumentalized approach towards human nature eventually was used in population control and manipulation. A lot of ugly and immoral research has been done in this. The technocratic vision and agenda rely on the effectiveness of the methods, but they also effectively exclude our connection to our higher selves and source.

#22 English Forum » Nuclear Bombs - Energy Bombs - Part2 - Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia) » 2022-11-28 15:47:13

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Nuclear Bombs - Energy Bombs - Part 2 - Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia)

November 29th, 2022


From the blurb:
"Part 2 of the video on nuclear bombs which grew out of your questions. Some people are asking about Rashell and what she was talking to Eisenhower about if not about nuclear bombs, and what are the ETs supposedly warning about if not the development of nuclear energyy? Enjoy."

#23 English Forum » Gosia on AJ Roberts Show » 2022-11-28 13:42:07

Replies: 9

Gosia appeared on "AJ Roberts Show" on November 28th, 2022.


Link to the show: "We shape our own realities in this matrix - with Gosia Duszak from Cosmic Agency"

From the blurb: "We have a very special guest today on the AJ Roberts Show. Gosia from the Cosmic Agency. An amazing soul of Pleiadian Tygetan descent joins us to share all about this funny matrix we find ourselves in, and what it all means. This episode is somewhat a step-up in knowledge for many of what's truly out there, but also what YOU are truly capable of."

AJ Roberts Show has a YouTube-channel and Rumble-channel, and is regularly on Apple Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts: … 1449377450

From the Apple Podcasts we read: "Welcome to The AJ Roberts Show with British Army veteran, Executive Coach and Speaker, AJ Roberts. A high-performance and personal development podcast where each week AJ brings you fascinating guests from around the world to comment on current affairs and cut through the delusions of modern society and bring you REAL truths."

#24 Re: English Forum » Interviews with Gosia and team » 2022-11-27 12:16:32

Brahman wrote:

It was indeed a historic live online connection with Athena Swaruu. It starts at 42:42 smile

That is a really good one, Brahman. Thank you! smile

Here is the transcript of it:
Ufo Conference Finland - Mini Report - Live Online Connection with Athena Swaruu

#25 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-11-26 11:47:02

I thought of that too, ro2778. smile But don't we have remnants of those abilities ourselves here on Earth? Intuition, empathy, and telepathy are clear indications of it.

Remember that much of the human DNA is just disabled, not destroyed, and that the surrounding dominant frequencies determine the epigenetical (sequential activation and interaction of the genes) development. I seem to remember they said it would take around 7 years for a complete reactivation/adaptation if someone moves out of the frequencies here on Earth (- this could be to stretch my own understanding of it, though). If that happened with a fetus, the whole anatomy of the body would probably be developed to local Taygetan instead of an Earthly anatomy, despite having been conceived here.

Also, I guess being a spiritually advanced race - a prime Lyran - means to be able to identify someone by emotional resonance. But my own understanding of it may be fragmented here.

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