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#1 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen speaks about the Taygetans » 2022-04-13 22:39:55

The fact that implants - both physical and etheric - are used on humans over a flat shoe makes it an open question if they're not used in manipulating humans like in this case as well. The non-terrestrial "black goo" and it's effects give rise to some relevant questions... How conscious are humans of any malevolent use of implants, when we're not really conscious of them at all? The answer presents itself...

#2 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-04-13 19:21:48

I'm sorry to say I've been busy the past 48 hours, and have only sporadically managed to log in and keep updated. I've given priority to viewing the mentioned update from Goguen several times, however. It can be described in many ways, depending on view-point, but it's definitely a massive uptick in the information war we've all seen the past two years.

But I struggle to call it un-necessary, as there are so many elements in her "presentation." I suspect we're witnessing a so-called "wind-fall", where there's no way Goguen can keep her stature intact after this. Robert369 manage to present a very consistent back-drop in this. And it is most likely engineered by her own controllers. Miss Goguen has obviously been convinced she's done a good thing all along in this, and the sad thing is that many will perceive her presentation as credible, falling for the deep stigmatization she has perpetrated here.

I'm actually reeling in my head from what has come to pass in this. Being so oriented towards abstractions, concepts, and trying to find an explanation (being of a scientific mindset), I feel that volumes could be written from an analysis of it. I even sense the genesis of concepts any holistic society cannot be without. We have all a huge amount to learn in this, as DarkOwl touches upon.

#3 Re: English Forum » The Federation Perspective » 2022-04-12 07:01:40

mitkobs wrote:

Are you caring about them?

The warning I gave above is valid for you too, mitkobs.

I consider to close this thread temporarily to make you guys sit back and let some skills in dabating mature.

#4 Re: English Forum » The Federation Perspective » 2022-04-11 17:36:52

I'll soon start intervening if the personal focus don't stop here.

#6 Re: English Forum » Athena´s Flight Report and more - Ukraine » 2022-04-09 20:39:54

On Odysee only:

What I See at This Point - Athena Swaruu´s Thoughts and Conclusions

From the blurb:

"In this video Athena Swaruu shares with us her recent conclusions about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine."


#7 Re: English Forum » Putin and Karistus » 2022-04-09 14:40:11

Greta, your stance, views, and questions lately are perceived consistently polarized.

We are encouraged to gather as much information as possible about the situation in the world, but the views you reflect are utterly biased towards official channels, which we have been warned about several times with good reason.

As it seems you have neither balanced your sources, nor adapted well to the overall focus of this forum, I'll give you another two week's pause.

#8 Re: English Forum » Questions to HRH Alenym? » 2022-04-09 13:59:36

Please note that all posts concerning Putin and Karistus in this thread will be moved to the thread dedicated to that topic specifically.

#9 Re: English Forum » Electricity - where does it Come From? » 2022-04-09 10:42:32

Jeff wrote:

Your world is obviously different then mine. I do not fancy new age definitions. I stick to real science.

Jeff, for 3-4 years now we've been explained very carefully by our friends in orbit, that what we have understood as "reality" is far from what is the case. And we've come to understand that "science" is just another control of the public. It even employs the same mechanisms of authority as religions - meaning a "middleman" is put in to "explain" how the world is working, disregarding how it is perceived by the individual. As you have given extremely few references to the Cosmic Agency's material since your registration, it is obvious that you have some catching up to do. So I interpret your own quote above as a request, and will grant it. Please find yourself a forum where opinions are more resonant with your world-view.

#10 English Forum » Electricity - where does it Come From? » 2022-04-08 18:40:22

Replies: 13

On YouTube:

Electricity - if not from Nuclear Power Plants, then Where does it Come From?

From the blurb:

"I have seen that, after the last video, many people have asked where the electricity comes from if not from nuclear power plants. Here Athena Swaruu gives a little more clarification."

#11 Re: English Forum » other words; What the Fuck?... are we doing here? Psycho time » 2022-04-08 16:41:57

SiO2 wrote:

[...] your trailing signature line, "Discuss the message, not the messenger" is a shallow attempt at a pre-emptive strike of censorship.

It is not meant as a shallow attempt. It is meant as a direct warning. Please, how much clearer can this be said? You intentionally break this rule... you get banned. Is this difficult?

SiO2 wrote:

For aren't the message and the messenger essentially inseparable?

If you are unable to abstract, you are most likely correct. Your words point the reader's attention to something. That "something" is for you to decide. My message is to tell you that this is a limitation for your communication here. If you don't accept that, please find other fora which may suit you better.

SiO2 wrote:

A moderator should only step in when an actual escalation has occurred and free speech should be left alone to follow its own course otherwise.

So you actually moralize me - telling the moderator how the moderator should behave. Well, "free speech" is not free unless your "free" choice is exercised. Only then will it show if your standard is on par with the environment where you are roaming. You may imagine you are running the savannah in Namibia, while in reality you're floating down the Niagara river. You'll soon enough discover the difference.

SiO2 wrote:

My truth is that you take cheap shots as a moderator and you prime this with your feeble tag line.

There's a subtle difference between guidance and dictate....

The temporary ban is made indefinite.

#12 Re: English Forum » other words; What the Fuck?... are we doing here? Psycho time » 2022-04-08 14:23:36

SiO2 wrote:
Happy wrote:

Stick to the topic, SiO2.

Would you please clarify the topic for me?

How about this: Anything that comprises Cosmic Sea's initial post, diversified by the resulting replies, while avoiding derision or erosion of the integrity of your fellow forum members.

#14 Re: English Forum » other words; What the Fuck?... are we doing here? Psycho time » 2022-04-08 04:08:16

Cosmic Sea wrote:

Do you, or are you able to control your heartbeat? (Or ever!)
Are you in control of your fluids flowing through your veins?
Are you able to control your 'brain neuron synapses'?: Serotonin/Gaba/dopamine levels in your brain?
These are our command centers for earth-physical-existence.

Those that pretend to choose and choose and 'do the work' for clearing all this and that and achieve HIGH FREQUENCY levels so as to NOT SUFFER are just prolonging/promoting the spreading of the falseness of of 'fake-control'.

There are several renditions on the internet about individuals who are able to control the para-sympathetic nervous system via advanced meditative states.

This is not falseness or 'fake-control'. And it is supported by the fact that the experience of all physical pain is actually located in the brain. I can personally attest to the possibility of blocking painful physical experiences in the body by sheer will-power. To me, the threshold was achieved by consciously entering and "greet" the pain - to willingly let it infuse my entire experience, after which I had full control of it. It [edit:] instantly made me able to use my foot normally after some deep infestation had taken hold on the nerves there.

Suggested key-words for search on the internet: "self-control stopping heart."

P.S.: I'm soon entering my 60's... smile

#15 Re: English Forum » other words; What the Fuck?... are we doing here? Psycho time » 2022-04-07 15:14:55

Robert369 wrote:

Obviously, most people are not at that consequent levels, but it is important to remind everyone that there is only oneself in our personal universe, and that it is us who made agreements with other people and their universes to play together in a certain way.

The concept of "personal universe" may need a proper description here. Its definition may actually be considered equal to the definition of an individual Soul. The reason why it's important in this context, is that it touches upon the criteria for dismissing one's own negative effects upon others, and why this may not be such a god good idea.

If social agreements are excluded from our self-empowerment, it is still "me" and "me only" in "my universe." This is why I say it doesn’t matter if the agreements are conscious or sub(un)conscious. Also, if we were to walk this journey upon Earth alone, given the level of memory-wipe and present-day push for collective random meandering, our chances for Soul-growth could be considered minimal. But this journey is definitely about integration and inclusion of perspectives beyond the borders we have established in our understanding of Self. - which means effectively the inclusion of others, and to find reason for care. Per definition.

We learn by experience, and it's not difficult to see that a social agreement may actually compromise one's level of consciousness; one's elevated state of being may soon be disrupted by quite mundane chores. Still, it is prioritized, as our physicality set the premises for not only our own functionality, but also for our fellow "path-walkers."

Robert369 wrote:

But being self-empowered independent and simply cooperating individuals is the most powerful status we as a society can have, and that is what the controllers fear the most, because powerful independent individuals cannot be mass-controlled.

You point at valid nuances here. But it is difficult to ignore that the very essence of a social agreement is to make behavior predictable. It confines the repertoire of behavior in such a way that the expectation becomes a determining factor in interactions. Any behavior which breaks such expectation can be viewed both positive (e.g. artistic creativity) and negative (e.g. crime), depending on the context. And that which is predictable can also be manipulated and controlled, which you point at. So you do well in pulling in the premise, that agreements need to be conscious in order to avoid external control.

#16 Re: English Forum » other words; What the Fuck?... are we doing here? Psycho time » 2022-04-07 13:21:22

Robert369 wrote:

[...] it is exactly this what self-empowering is about: Understanding that nobody except your very self is making any and all decisions.

This is true, but it doesn't exclude social agreements, whether they are all conscious or pushed into sub(un)consciousness during conditioning for a function in society. If such agreements are excluded, then each and everyone of us are inevitably considered alone in this world, which is exactly where the controllers want us; separate and un-relating.

"Negativity" may be seen as an absolute, but then I think we are onto Yazhi's concept of "tendency to self-destruct" here. In most connections, however, we take it as a relative concept - meaning something that can only be seen as a negative in relation to something else, which then is seen as a positive within the same relation. This is the basic mechanism of ranking, which is considered a highway into hierarchy and determinism.

When our thinking automatically and uncritically employs ranking, the biggest stumbling-block becomes the ranking of ourselves. It takes on the characteristics of circular reasoning, where the only way to break free is to break one or several premises for the mentality. In this case, the most obvious is to stop subjecting oneself to ranking. But this cannot ensue unless one also stop ranking others, because by ranking others, one also rank oneself. And vice versa.

The solid foundation for rejecting the ranking of oneself, is that we all are unique by experience and maturation - which are characteristics of our common Soul-concept. Now, I agree that our concepts of Soul may differ somewhat, but in this I think we're onto that which is intuitively understood.

#17 Re: English Forum » other words; What the Fuck?... are we doing here? Psycho time » 2022-04-07 12:16:07

Robert... by defining the concept as you do and in 'the same breath' phrase that last question... seems somewhat counter-productive. The reason is that the question strongly suggests that the "path" one chooses for oneself is separate from any effects one may have upon another, while this in reality is a highly interactive process.

#18 English Forum » What Happened in Chernobyl? Nuclear Powerplants. Aneeka/Athena Swaruu » 2022-04-07 08:11:15

Replies: 8

New video:

What Happened in Chernobyl? What Are Nuclear Power Plants? Aneeka and Athena Swaruu


From the blurb:

Aneeka and Athena Swaruu explain the Chernobyl incident and what nuclear plants are really for.

#19 Re: Forum en Español » Que haces TU para ayudar con la situacion actual en la Tierra? » 2022-04-06 23:23:14

IngenieríaEstelar wrote:

Hola Soy Mariano Sanz.
Lo que yo he hecho ha sido crear un canal en YouTube para explicar o interpretar de forma sencilla y con imágenes algunos conceptos técnicos de nuestras amigas taygeteanas y swaruunianas. El canal se llama Ingeniería Estelar. La idea surgió de con aquella frase famosa de Swaruu de "los armónicos de una frecuencia". Y empecé explicando que querían decir exactamente con esta frase a priori con poco sentido.
También escribo artículos en otros entornos menos proclives a esta divulgación como LinkedIn para intentar abrir consciencias y propiciar la espiritualidad y la metafísica. Soy el autor del "Karma devorará a las elites globalistas" que también publiqué en el medio digital El Diestro.
Muchas gracias Gosia y Robert por todo lo que estáis haciendo. Muchas gracias Athena, Yazhi, Anéeka, Minerva y todo el equipo taygeteano.

Hola Mariano. - y bienvenido. smile  Pronto todos tendremos que explicar muchas cosas que muchos desconocen. Es evidente que te has preparado bien y muchos te lo agradecerán. Gracias.

(Traducido con DeepL)

#20 Re: Forum en Español » Que haces TU para ayudar con la situacion actual en la Tierra? » 2022-04-06 23:20:35

Leonel wrote:

Saludos Gosia y Robert...apenas estoy con ustedes, he investigado mucho, y algunas experiencias astrales.
Hay mucho por delante...mi interés, el despertar total de la conciencia...Desde muy pequeño he tenido afinidades por todo esto...sin embargo la vida cotidiana planta muchos distractores.
Saludos nuevamente...

Saludos Leonel. Bienvenido. smile  Para empezar somos seres humanos completos, y la vida diaria es abundante en oportunidades de expansión de la conciencia. Esta expansión nunca se detiene. Se llama "despertar" pero realmente es crecimiento y maduración. Todos somos hijos del universo.

(Traducido con DeepL)

#21 Re: French Forum » Un point sur les Traductions » 2022-04-06 15:11:20

Ranxi wrote:
Happy wrote:

La liste actualisée des traductions dans les différentes langues se trouve ici.

la liste date du 2020-09-15

Une mise à jour est manifestement nécessaire. Je vais envoyer un avis à Matias. smile

#22 Re: English Forum » Quotes from Yazhi Swaruu and Taygetans that we like » 2022-04-06 15:04:40

From: Starseeds - What should we DO and how should we BE now? Conversation with Yazhi Swaruu

Yazhi Swaruu:

Yeah yeah [...]


Yeah yeah [...]


[...] hog wash... yet it's the damn hard truth.


#23 Re: English Forum » Messages From The Council Of Nine And The 11-Dimensional Beings » 2022-04-06 11:58:20

siriancheetah wrote:

i am only sharing it with people of the like minded community [...]

You misunderstood me, siriancheetah. I didn't say Jacobi's material is useless. There are a lot of approaches of immense help for individuals in their awakening processes found on the internet. Some of us need personal counseling, some need divination, some need alternative political news - among several things, and I think it is essential that they can be pointed to the direction where to find it.

But there are so many sources of information out there, that if everything relevant on human development should be mentioned here, we simply wouldn't have the resources to follow up on it all. Fulford has been referenced by several of our members, and have been discussed rigorously. But now that this source has strayed off in directions not quite relevant to Cosmic Agency anymore, we don't see it so often here.

This forum is dedicated to discuss the Cosmic Agency material. And if you find highly relevant points for discussion in Jacobi's material, please bring them forward. But then, please also do us the service to extract what is of interest in the Cosmic Agency's material. For instance, if you see Jacobi mention something that is mentioned in Gosia's videos, I'm sure we all would be very interested to know this.

#24 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2022-04-06 11:01:47

Jeff wrote:
07wideeyes wrote:

What I am saying, Jeff, is that what you say about the Ukraine situation bears no relation to anything that comes out of Taygetan or Swaruunian info. None whatsoever. It comes out of the television that I asked the waiter in the cafe yesterday to move me away from, so I could eat my spot of lunch in peace. Edith asked that you provide some credible info for your claims, which you have not done, unsurprisingly. If you log onto the BBC fakebook page you will find an audience that resonates better with what you write, I suspect....

Which part from what I said do not you agree about?

Jeff, in short - it's about time you start actively referring to the Cosmic Agency material.

#25 Re: English Forum » Messages From The Council Of Nine And The 11-Dimensional Beings » 2022-04-06 10:55:57

siriancheetah wrote:
microvirus6 wrote:

Hmm, I want to believe and all but damn....

Beings this advanced who can speak English, but only at the grammatical level of a 7 year old?

"Put emotions of excitement and you will see how a
new pure true love and friendships will come"

It reminds me of the Nigerian email scammers who intentionally make the grammar horrible so they don't waste resources on anyone but the most oblivious and gullible

council of 9 and other beings channeled by marina speak in codes and sequences , all the words when you read them together they make a geometry in your mind and that activates you in a certain way , they type this way for a reason because the whole thing is in a specific code ! marina was not allowed to change 1 word in her books and i like it this way because when i read it its more potent in vibration and i feel it

you can look into her other books and they are the same

siriancheetah, you have sort of made a track-record here - of using Cosmic Agency's forum for promoting Marina Jacobi's material, while rarely commenting on it, or connecting it to the Cosmic Agency material at all. From now on, please extract what you find relevant to the Cosmic Agency material in a specific manner. Thank you.

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