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#1 Re: English Forum » Pleiades was taken over by AI? » 2022-01-15 01:32:47

daniel... you have some videos to watch...

Edit: ...we need you to ask the right questions... smile

#2 Re: English Forum » Pleiades was taken over by AI? » 2022-01-14 23:52:05

Please explain what the heck which race "the Pleiadian" is pointed to in this...

#3 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-14 13:10:36

It's difficult to evaluate Goguen's and Life Force's work without being an insider there. Much of their work isn't seen by the general population. And the skepticism to embrace Goguen's work is probably due to one predominant psychological trait within humans: We tend to believe it when we see it. This is not a flaw, but it doesn't exactly encourage trust either.

Take the transformation of the United Nations as an example. This should've had some very visible effects within the many governments in the world. And then we have all the cabal-instruments for control (NATO, EU, etc.). - not to forget all the for-profit international corporations with only rudimentary adherence to regulations, justice, or even ethics (- seemingly... at times...). And the media, once they become accustomed telling the truth, should play a key role in this. Media - the mainstream one - will hopefully soon either become obsolete and dismantled, or transformed, as well.

Things take time here in this world of ours. If only a fraction of Goguen's and Life Force's efforts were the case, it would have strong reverberations across the world. The degree of transformation we are facing will effectively turn it all upside-down. - or inside-out. And the reason why this hasn't been recognized yet, may - may - be because "the avalanche" hasn't started yet. Sometimes, patience is actually a virtue. Let's hope this is one of those situations.

#4 Re: English Forum » Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown » 2022-01-11 20:08:29

Robert369 wrote:

As for myself, I decided that the regressive "civilized" word equals "toxified and radiated" and thus for the most part left the "civilized world" with tremendous results.

Concepts are similar to geometric structures in some respects. The defining aspects are what limit them to their surrounding concepts. And the aspects can be considered like dimensions or coordinate systems - the 'space' or 'room' - where the concept resides. However, these are seldom orthogonal, cartesian, coordinate systems, where any triangle inequality criterion applies; each aspect is usually a concept in itself, which makes the landscape of concepts a very diverse and exciting terrain.


Very informative, siriancheetah. Thank you! smile

- found another powerful statement on the same channel from two days ago: "CONvid is a CON"

#6 Re: English Forum » LUCIFER » 2022-01-08 19:44:19

My pleasure. You have some interesting perspectives on the matters, and your comments are good, too. Thank you.

Trinity wrote:

[...]the reason can also be in the huge possibilities of misunderstanding[...]

This is where the discernment of one's own intent becomes important. And it doesn't become so without integrating contradicting/polarized perspectives. To see contradiction and yet be able to see the reason for the choice, becomes the path forward. To the one with heart connection, this reason is resonant with Source impetus.

Trinity wrote:

So it seems natural for me.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

Trinity wrote:

[...]knowledge IS light[...]

At some point in our development, this may be so. But soon it may become clear that knowledge is history. - a reference; our inference from perceived experience in time. Love is the "light" you point at here - life. This is the real property of the heart. At some threshold, we may choose to rise up and persevere. But if we don't, where will that choice take us? This points to the definition of regression.

Trinity wrote:

[...]separateness isn`t just an issue of low vibrational matrces but obviously spread through the Galaxy or even Universe.

We tend to think that our turf is local, and that it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. That's the illusion of deception taking its toll on us there. And this is why our presence - our awakening and engagement - is important to what happens next. If we don't become vigilant to the undermining we've seen been happening for millennia, the outcome is certain. Hmm... Well, the outcome is not decided yet. Because we now see something not anticipated is moving across the world.

Humanity will touch base and become a civilization.

#7 Re: English Forum » LUCIFER » 2022-01-08 14:11:34

Thank you, Trinity. Yes, your question was directed to CA and the Taygetans, you made that clear. Hence my avoidance. Sorry, if you took my reply as an imposition there. If they choose to divulge further into the topic, I'm sure we all appreciate clarity in the matters. But there's reason to ponder on why they haven't already. My own understanding is that much of history as it unfolded was a derailment of humanity. The recent videos, particularly by Yazhi, seem to have the focus on getting us "back on track" - to see how things are, not how they were. As such, your question about "next time" becomes an open question; it depends on us grasping the gravity of the situation.

#8 Re: English Forum » LUCIFER » 2022-01-07 23:20:21

Trinity wrote:

I think Swaruu was mentionening that the Teygetans were synbolozied as snake in the picture of Adam and Eve, bringing knowledge and liberation.

The story in the Bible is not written by the Taygetans. History is written by... you know.

After the Tiamat story unfolded, somebody decided to use Earth. That doesn't mean Soul was driven away - just that this somebody found some opportunity in the situation. And the manipulation of human beings - considered ignorant children - presented so much potential. The Earth was a library, you see - it had it all.

And the symbologies are just representations. They can be twisted, if you just know how who's perception you need to divert. Then attention and worship can easily be directed to the preferred entities. The rest is history, as they say.

The moment "service" is transmuted into trade - which is the essence of worship and voluntary slavery, the immense abundance of creation is easily cut off. By choice - or better phrased, by lack of understanding - dependency becomes initiated.

The DNA is not the point. It's the continuity of the species, that's true, but it's the consequence of Source connection. If that connection is lost, humanity is gone. It's that simple.

If humans manage to see through the deception and once again see what the choice actually is, we can restore it all.

#9 Re: English Forum » very delicious » 2022-01-07 19:33:31

Hello akay. Welcome! smile  When you post here, please indicate how your messages relate to Cosmic Agency's videos on YouTube or Odysee, or to the transcripts of the videos.

#10 Re: English Forum » Specifics of ET Communication Method » 2022-01-07 18:44:31

Well, since you have been through it, the only remaining question is: What do you really mean by "EXACTLY"? It's a chat program. Not to be rude, but this sounds like that never ceasing claim for "proof"... If it is, then the correct answer is that you will never read it, see it, or hear it - you will feel it. Like "resonance". And if that's not enough, then the world you already live in is likely enough for you. But to help you some part of the way here; a lot of info like that was given in several of the early interviews Gosia and team gave.

#11 Re: English Forum » The Teal Swan story » 2022-01-06 22:32:35

Thank you, 07wideeyes. smile  Yes I agree. If there is a discipline notorious for a utilitarian view on humanity, it's behavioral psychology. I didn't really think much about it until my working experience in a psychic psychiatric ward during my own university studies. Then somebody attempted to recruit me for it.  Fortunately, I already felt strong dissonance with the philosophy in it.

Both Teal Swan (in the video DarkOwl referred to above) and Swaruu of Erra talk about "Shadow Work." - the concept coined by Karl Gustav Jung according to Swaruu:

From: Shadow Work - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Contact (Taygeta) (transcript)

Swaruu [19:30]: The only thing that defines a shadow as Jung's concept is that you have resistance to that programmed behavior, therefore you have repressed it and then you have forgotten that you have repressed it.

[19:46] Even so, it guides your behavior in conjunction with other shadows as cause and effect.

What results from this is a series of reactions and procedures that a person does in front of this or that situation in life.

This causes the shadows that the person does not want to end up guiding the life of the person.

[20:12] That is why Jung has said that they will manifest themselves later in life as destiny.

I expose his work and use it because it is a source of the information I am giving here and as a reference there, searchable by you on Earth.

Plus my personal interpretation.

From the highest level everything gets more complicated, because a shadow that gives someone problems can be there desired by the higher self of the incarnated person, precisely to provoke a way of life that gives him or her a series of experiences necessary for their spiritual growth. (This is mine, not Jung's).

#12 Re: English Forum » The Teal Swan story » 2022-01-06 01:31:23

DarkOwl wrote:

I hope you get as much out of this as I did smile

I haven't seen that, DarkOwl. Will do. Thank you! smile

By looking at that channel you get about the entire curriculum for a behavioral scientist. know... the profession that probably more than any other is responsible for the view on human beings as "instruments" - where everybody can be "mapped" according to a pre-described "profile," put under a "label," and "diagnosed." Its a discipline that has done more harm to the individual's sense of self and self-regard than any other, and where the tools for manipulation is designed. In addition, as being a "licensed chemical dependency professional," he is most likely prescribing medicine under license, which in all practicality makes him a psychiatrist. Trust becomes very quickly a topic in this.

Edit: The above is foremost a "shot from the hip" towards the discipline described. I only viewed the video you referred to, and it's too little to take a stand on the maker of that video.

#13 Re: English Forum » Full Disclosure: This is my story and my dilemma… » 2022-01-04 21:24:35

My dear Crystal Dragon... smile  You coming forward the way you did took great courage. In this, you managed to engage the entire forum in your support. Many deep thoughts were shared from embracing hearts, and it all came to a point where a resolution had to present itself. It is pointing to the growth-process we all need to pass through in these times. Your own resolve is hence an inspiration to us all in this. I can understand your request and I will pass it on to Admin, but my own advice is to heed the deep wisdom shared here, and let it remain. My heartfelt thoughts and prayer goes to you for a rapid healing in this, so we once again may find the depths within your words in the forum, like we once did. smile

#16 Re: English Forum » Full Disclosure: This is my story and my dilemma… » 2022-01-04 09:32:03

You know better than this, Crystal Dragon. Right here and now: Stop projecting your own perception onto our friends in orbit. You are eroding your own integrity here. Start working on the the negativity you have identified within yourself.

#17 Re: English Forum » Full Disclosure: This is my story and my dilemma… » 2022-01-03 20:30:15

Love has many connotations here on Earth.

It can admittedly be difficult to realize that love on a soul-level is unconditional and basically all-inclusive. Yazhi told us that every concept is defined by what it's not. Our maturation as a race will eventually fathom such insights on love, too. Our ability to wield love may define us, but that depends on us not limiting love into just a fragment of what it is.

You are more than what you think you are, Crystal Dragon.

#18 Re: English Forum » Full Disclosure: This is my story and my dilemma… » 2022-01-03 12:23:12

The following are a lot of speculations on my part, but they could perhaps add some nuance into the perspectives presented in this thread.

Some years back, the Taygetans were engaged in a massive project called "First Contact" as described several times in Gosia's videos. One of the goals in this was to promote disclosure directly to the general population, and in that - bypassing any cabal influence in it. A lot of contacts were initiated, but most of the people down here rejected it, or remained anonymous or even unknowing - so the project was terminated. Of all those contacted, it is likely that we find a significant proportion among the members in this forum among them.

Now - consider all the known methods for contact down here on the surface:

  • We have all the variations of channeling;

  • we have telepathy;

  • we have both benevolent and malevolent physical presence in 'visitations' and 'abductions';

  • we have all sorts of displays of light-ships and entities;

  • we have the many methods of 'divination';

  • we have the internet;

  • there is contact in vivid dreams;

  • astral travels;

  • remote viewing;

  • ...and a lot more, I'm sure...

I bet that one of the major objectives in "First Contact" was to find some way or another that could trigger a self-propagating movement of disclosure - the key-word being "self-propagating" - and that no methods of contact described above were dismissed at the onset in this. So then, how to get the attention of humans on Earth? well, how do we like to describe ourselves in this context? Get this: Most of us here resonate with being deeply emotional in nature. - which is a Lyrian characteristic, and perhaps the major argument for open contact with our Taygetan relatives. - which is denied us by the GFOP regulations, with a near criminal intent according to our natural and organic sense of justice. And this nature of ours is very available in all sorts of communications here.

[Edit: In addition to this - the Taygetans are heavily scrutinized and even sabotaged by the GFOP-grip upon our planet. We have no means to assess to which degree any Taygetan contact is limited for those reasons, and I suspect this may also be a valid aspect in Crystal Dragon's experiences.]

The Taygetan civilization has been without a royal head for many years, we've been told, but recently HRH Alenym was instated as this. Now, royalty in Taygeta is not what we understand as royalty here on Earth. In Taygeta, royalties are exactly that because they are the optimal representation of everything Taygetan, which is a 'frequency characteristic'; a Taygetan royal embraces the entirety of the Taygetan Soul. And we're talking about a deep holographic understanding here: "I see you in me - and all of us". Crystal Dragon... I choose to put your story and encounters in this perspective. I am sure that the love you have experienced in this, is found in the depths of the Taygetan heart. By being embraced by HRH Alenym, you have been touched by the entirety of Taygetan civilization. ...because this is who HRH Alenym is.

You incarnated here because you were compatible with this experience - because your presence here makes a difference. And we are so grateful to have you among us. smile

#19 Re: English Forum » Full Disclosure: This is my story and my dilemma… » 2022-01-02 09:43:57

Crystal Dragon smile

So you chose to come forward. Good for you! And thank you!

You have described some experiences over the years, which are truly wonderful when you think of it. But what I see from what you have shared, is that your challenge is of a different kind than what you convey - and probably even grasp. This is also the reason why I previously gave you the response I did.

Please notice that there is no reason for anyone to question the genuinity of your experiences. No one but yourself are in a position to evaluate it, which is important in itself. Love - which this is all about - is one of the strongest forces of the universe, and your heart is the conduit. Creation is made possible with it. And we all need to learn how to work with it, without forcing it.

The odd thing is that you have some very negative associations around your situation today, and that you so strongly connect it with your story. You even manage to half-way put forward a suggestion of betrayal. Hey... you really need to find a way out of those vibes, Crystal Dragon. Because those thoughts so obviously act like a massive block against any progression towards what you'd like to see. And by this I don't mean ending your life-experience or anything like it.

"The dark night of the Soul" is an internal process. The world don't change while we are blinded; we change. The lessons from this are so deep, that it can be described as the very pivotal point in our awakening-processes. Take heart. And take the time needed in this. As I told you before, you have not lost anything in this. Remember, your connection is at a soul level.

Do you really think all is lost because you in some whimsical moment shut off the connection? There are likely many reasons why the contact is cut off for the time being. And the Taygetan focus, processes, and tasks in orbit are probably quite complicated. I think you see the importance of that.

Initially, I'll suggest you keep using your preferred meditation-techniques. You may not feel it is of any use, but this is no doubt more important than you see at the moment.

Take heart, Crystal Dragon! The future is actually a good one. smile

#20 Re: English Forum » How to free oneself and manifest one's ideal reality here and now. » 2021-12-31 17:09:04

So... forgiveness...  That's one huge topic there.

I considered to make a new thread on it, but I see it basically as a method for detachment at considerable depths. So I also see it could be embedded into the steps Spirit is describing in the original post here. And I suspect Genoveva recognized this as early as in post #4. Thank you, Genoveva. smile 

I find that the religious notion of it seems to complicate it - as 07wideeyes points out, and in that context it is rendered like some sort of programming. It's likely that others know more about those aspects than myself, so I'll leave that out for now.

I could possibly write a book and a half about it, though. But most of us have our opinions on it, and I don't think it's considered very interesting to expound my isolated views on it.

Swaruu of Erra (9) considered it a very enabling feature of human psyche, so a search in the search-engine could be useful for everybody on this.

My own short version goes along these lines:

To forgive is to leave something behind that may otherwise continue to have negative effects. It is strongly related to the release of karma, which Yazhi usually mentions together with "cause-and-effect" within the same breath.

If negativity is caused by evil, as mitkobs touches upon - i.e. by somebody with a tendency to self-destruct - then forgiveness may enable detachment from that entity.

And within our justice-systems, it is formalized in finite sentencing, where one is "forgiven" when the sentence is fulfilled. Further consequences are then considered double punishment for a single crime, and hence as 'miscarriage of justice'. But this almost never touches upon the learning-aspects of it, which makes our justice-systems over-ripe for modification.

To reduce the frequency or the quality of life in another can be understood as regressive behavior. But I don't know anybody who see themselves as regressive. To realize that one has done something wrong upon another is therefore often connected with a sense of guilt, with the condition that any wrongdoing was not consciously intended. [Edit: Guilt is actually a concept of trade; "You took something away from me. Now, equalize the energies and either give something back, or I'll remove something from you!" The latter is the core element in 'revenge', which is such a 'cherished' concept in our world.] The exception is called 'criminal intent', and to ask for forgiveness effectively is a declaration of a lack of such intent.

From Gosia's videos, I've come to see that there's a trap of sorts embedded in it. If you did something wrong upon another, while having your attention on it - being consciously aware of it, but also careless about it - then your 'karmic load'' is obviously increased.

For instance: If you have the attention on the ant upon your path in the forest, and still you choose to crush it with your foot, guess what... you took a life there. But the situation could be different if you was unaware of it. And I suspect the difference is your awareness, attention, and focus - because this is a form of gravity and it activates the law of mirrors.

But I don't think we can pretend anything in this (- it's too late to ask the ant for forgiveness, anyway). This is where the condition for releasing karma activates. To realize that an error was made has no meaning, if we don't learn from it. And this means an active intent to raise the frequency within the forgiving part, which may also be the result within the one asking forgiveness.

We all make errors all our lives, big or small. To mean something well when an error was made implies willingness to learn. And the moment we ask somebody for forgiveness, we signal that we wish them well, too. This is not ranking of others or self per se, but a ranking of choice of behavior, which is an ethical topic. We learn. But perfection is an infinite dimension, and I guess we're all found somewhere on that scale.

A lot more can be said, but I think I leave it at that. smile

#21 Re: English Forum » Happy New Year Starseeds <3 » 2021-12-31 11:47:54

Yess! smile Happy new year, DarkOwl! To Gosia and team; to all Taygetans and crew, to Athena, Minerva and Yazhi; and to each and everyone here in the forum: Let's make it a good one! smile

#22 Re: English Forum » List of all the Swarruus » 2021-12-31 08:07:23

PinkChopper wrote:

I sure don't wanna cause confusion but Isn't Minerva (Hopefully spelled correctly) a "Swaruuian" or is She who your referring to as 11 ("the portal") above?  Perhaps that's an entirely different Swaruuian altogether, or maybe I'm just completely wrong ~hee hee~

Yes and yes. She's a Swaruunian and her name is Minerva. Thank you, PinkChopper. smile  Gosia hasn't mentioned her much and the name evaded me when I wrote that post.

#23 Re: English Forum » How to free oneself and manifest one's ideal reality here and now. » 2021-12-29 17:23:51

Robert369 wrote:

While Swaruu explains how timelines converge into "all is you" correctly, we need to understand that this view point of her only applies at a sufficient consciousness awareness which allows to see those "other selves".

...but Swaruu (9) perceived one's timeline as a very personal thing. This lead her to abandon her project of altering key events or "nexus points" in history, as her interpretation was that it was only her timeline that changed; the original cause for her to travel back in time remained - even after the change, which led her to conclude the change only affected herself. Yazhi puts a very different emphasis on the agreements between the members of the collective, in identifying this as the cabal's insidious method for keeping us in check.

Don't you think it's sufficient that we see - or understand - with our heart, that others are part of us?

Robert369 wrote:

Insofar, there's little practical use for that from a lower density viewpoint, because we will have to go with our current timeline, and can at best make course corrections due to actions or manifestation power.

I agree that it makes more sense for us to talk about different timelines of the past, than of the future, since the future necessarily must be described as a potential - to most of us at least. smile Yazhi makes the analogy with the cells of the body being of "lower density" (I guess you mean "state" or frequency here),  while we as individuals are considered of a higher state. But she goes on to say that we as individuals are of a lower state in relation to the collective state. And that this is the level where we need to find the means to change our collective reality.

And the agreements we have are instrumental in this:

Yazhi [32:25]: [Swaruu9] saw altering collective consciousness as mind control but separated it from time jumping. [Yazhi] see it as one and the same because change the collective perception enough and you also time jump, as time is nothing but perception based on agreements and on information.

This is why I am musing on how our agreements can change. If this is communicated understanding - adopted consciously but integrated subconsciously (or "unconsciously" as she says), then we need to start communicate how we understand our potential future. ...the one we'd like to see - not the one we wish to steer away from.

Robert369 wrote:

Yet, there's more to all this, because ultimately "everything is Source", meaning that from an even higher viewpoint, all timelines of all consciousnesses converge into one.

... in the now, yes - in the ever prevailing moment. Both the individual and the collective timelines converge in my understanding.

Robert369 wrote:

On the other hand, we are Source too: Though our "Higher Self" which is merely an abstract term for the unlimited connection to Source that exists for each of us, and which is reachable as high as our current consciousness and frequency level allows, we can access all our other "selves" - or even more, once we can reach out beyond being an individual.


Robert369 wrote:

Insofar I'd say that Yazhi's words are correct at her respective level, but there's less available to most people on Earth, but also more for those who are "there".

Isn't that one of her main "messages?" - that it's available on our level too? We just need to find it true...?

#24 Re: English Forum » does anyone knows about the origin of "gods" in india ? » 2021-12-29 14:53:20

I am pretty sure Wes Penre was quite thorough in describing that pantheon. - and that he was quite insisting on his recognition of the Anu/Enki/Enlil/Marduk conglomerate being the basic structure there. But it's been many years since I read his material...

Edit: But more recently I've seen descriptions of some massive migration from the north there, possibly in connection with the flood and the submersion of the civilization in the arctic around 12 500 years ago. Some influence of the "deified landscape" was possible in that connection, perhaps the beings with blue skin came from there. It's just speculation on my part, though. And I can't recall exactly where I read that.

#25 Re: English Forum » How to free oneself and manifest one's ideal reality here and now. » 2021-12-29 14:49:33

Spirit wrote:

Life is a mirror of self, so if you don't want the end of the world or some other doom, look within and change.

If you believe/think that someone is controlling you, that you are in some matrix, then that is exactly where you will remain.

While it is true that multiple aspects of self can coexist and have an effect on one another, ultimately no one can truly control that which has always been free, unless one willingly gives up and does not take back that freedom.

Do not worry if you made mistakes, as one can always remember/take back their sovereignty at anytime.

Wow... uhm...the more I read your post, Spirit... the more inspiring it becomes. smile

There are so many aspects that open up in your post; The law or mirrors; controllers and mental resilience; natural law; agreements; learning from error; to keep in touch with one's heart; and even the limiting effects of concepts and beliefs... ... wow... ...

And you have obviously picked up on the Taygetan ability to focus there (#3 in your list), since to "shut out the exterior reality" (#2 in your list) for two months, or even one, can be a challenge to quite a few of us. I wonder, wouldn't this require some form of hermit-condition to be effective?

I'm very tempted to try out the approach you describe, Spirit. Thank you! smile

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