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#1 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-02-13 20:35:09

Canadian Doctor (medical specialist in pathology which includes virology) Calls Corona Pandemic Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetuated

Video: … hoax-ever/
Alternative: … id-19.html
Transcript: … over-covid

#2 Re: English Forum » How can you trust it all? » 2021-02-13 09:39:26

So, you distinguish between emotional and non-emotional trust. Or...

Contracts appear in many forms in human societies. We have what I called "conventions" above (- like when you get your changes back when you pay too much in the shop). And then we have those of the legal type (like a contract for renting a house). Both of these types require trust to be entered. 

And to trust the validity of a document... I think I would say I trust "it."

And I think we agree that natural personal authority comes from the inside. - as it is stems from your recognition of what you are, an incarnated soul with Source-connection? So when you say authority, you mean imposing/imposed authority, I gather...? smile

#3 Re: English Forum » How can you trust it all? » 2021-02-13 08:21:10

I think it is a mistake to dismiss trust as a major feature between people. And "proof" is an important part of mutual agreements of "reality."

Positive interactions is very much based on trust in respect of convensions, which are important to make our societies functional. And to trust one's own senses is very important, when it comes to relating to authorities.

And even before we learn language, trust is all that matters to find an harmonious approach while discovering the world. To know love is also to know trust.

#4 Re: English Forum » How can you trust it all? » 2021-02-13 07:25:55

Those are words to a soul before incarnating, Mitkobs. To make sense of a this world, we need to recognize that this is where we find ourselves. And to discover it all becomes a process of life. To navigate truths, falsehoods, illusions or not becomes an inner process. But if we consider ourselves mere illusions, we take away our own responsibilities and ultimately, our sense of self. But we are more than illusions. So much more than that. But thank you for your comment.

#5 English Forum » How can you trust it all? » 2021-02-13 07:00:29

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How can you trust it all?

Questions like that come up from time to time, and then usually with a derogatory or demanding tone. Such a tone doesn't exactly inspire for sharing deep truths, however. So when it is presented, the reply often becomes the standardized "take-it-or-leave-it.” It is a very big question, though - affecting many, so when it is presented... ...genuinely... ...I think it deserves an honest answer.

I don't find that the important part of the question is about the proving of data, however. Rather, it is why others trust the data. There's a big difference in this. And the reason why it is important, is because when we share a common understanding of reality, it is by agreement or consent. It's not mandatory to have such common understanding to live one's life, but we need to trust that we relate to the same world when we interact with each other, irrespective of how the world is actually described. If we don't, we may risk that our differences affect our internal relationships negatively. We all basically wish to live good lives, and strife or hostility doesn't really fit well into that wish.

So, how is knowledge transferred? How about understanding? Reason? Belief? Thinking? World-view? Or perhaps most central in this: Trust? What is quite obvious in this, is that it is personal. Or individual. Basic and factual statements are easy: As we come to age, we know how to distinguish between mundane factual statements and fabulations, so the challenge isn't there. Rather, it is when we find that our usual "brick-upon-brick" approach for building the "house" (knowledge/world-view) fails; when accepting new information as facts feels like building the 2nd floor before the 1st floor. Then something is clearly missing.

The question of trusting data is a fundamental one in science. In matters of extraterrestrial contact, several researchers have emphasized the importance of verification and corroborating information up through the years. A good example of this is one of the most respected civilian researchers in the field of secret space programs, Dr. Michael E. Salla. I have read his blog for many years, and recognize a good scientist in him (- being conditioned in science myself). I don't think he could have kept his integrity intact over the years, if he couldn't sit back after all the data has been gathered and treated, and then end with the question: "Does it feel well?" To be able to distinguish the sense of it all at that point, and be honest about it, is one of the most crucial skills for a scientist, in my view. At that point, he must reach for depths within himself. In short: The data aren't that important - it's how you resonate with it all that matters, and after you've worked it out. That's how the data "proves" right. And that's when they become the next brick in your "house". Not before. No scientist can tell you how your world is assembled. Only you can do that.

I've seen many questions about Gosia's contact with the "Pleiadians.” Gosia, Robert and Dale have contact with the Taygetans. Taygeta is a star-system within the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation, which contain many stars. The brightest one we see from Earth is Alcyone. We are told by the Taygetans and Yazhi/Swaruu that a full spectrum of species/races are found in that region, both humanoid/non-humanoid, and interstellar/non-interstellar. The Taygetans are a "primary" humanoid/Lyrian type, which means not tampered with DNA-wise. In contrast, humans on Earth are tampered with. This is important only if it concerns a standard of behaviour (moral & ethics) while ranking the races/species, or if one relates to Source (where "primary" DNA is manifested from). Since we are connected to Source, no human on Earth can be considered the "property" of anyone else. Slavery is common in space, too, but it really is both a moral and an ethical anomaly.

We can only surmise that other races/species from the Pleiades region also communicates with humans on Earth. But as far as we know, no race is communicating with earthlings in the same way as the Taygetans do with Gosia and team, i.e. via a "chat-room" on the internet. (And there is reason to suspect that the local Federation and their highest ranked contactees/minions on Earth communicate in this manner, too. Why shouldn't they?). The contact between the Andromedans and Alex Collier is widely known, and they have also been in contact with a chap in Brazil for many years. And the Arcturian channelings have become very popular.

With the censorship being so rampant these days, its almost with nostalgia the thoughts go back to the times, when the most obvious censoring were the elimination of traces of the giants. Such traces have been effectively destroyed by the Smithsonian Institution, robbing the world of historical understanding. The rationale behind it, is probably to withhold genetic mapping. And a lot of manipulation in opinion is seen in public relations and journalism, by presenting only partially truthful data, or with the intentional omitting of data. But that is the arena of propaganda, where conclusions differ when partial truths and weaponized lies are presented, in contrast to whole/all truths. As things have come to a head with the plandemic/genocide, there's no question that the propaganda-machine has been working very effectively - all the time - since WW2. Almost everything we've learned needs revision. So many people have based their entire lives on illusions: In education, careers, status, self-esteem, role-plays... You name it. Re-thinking identity will cause a lot of head-ache in the years ahead.

This becomes important when we are given information which is new to us, or is contradicting other information we have embedded in our world-view. Not everybody understands that before true/false is decided, it is important to find if true/true can be the case. That is a good scientific approach - never dismiss a possibility before fact is established. "Facts" are surprisingly often more dependent on what we don't know, rather than on what we know. If the statement "one party lies with intention" is true, then one's choices tend to be clear. But lies may not always be told with intention. If knowledge is limited, they may be considered truths by the one stating them. That's why perspective and perception is paramount when deciding the validity of facts. But since deciding this is an individual process, the ultimate judge of true and false is no one but yourself. No one can decide it for you - least of all "scientists," who may be more concerned with what data should be withheld from you, rather than given to you.

But we tend to draw conclusions from inferences, or presumptions. An example: Ten years ago, if anyone mentioned the "Galactic Federation" to me, I would automatically have presumed it was the "Galactic Federation of Light (GFL)," which was presented almost as a unified body of angelic stature. Today, from the details given via Gosia and others, I dismiss the GFL as a concept. There are so many indication that this concept was made for public manipulation - just like the CIA's "conspiracy-theory" after JFK's assassination, that we need to explain exactly what we mean when talking about it. And I think this is a world-wide understanding now, too, as the concept of "Galactic Federation of Worlds" has been brought forward as a replacement lately. We are left to figure out how that one fits into the picture.

To end these ramblings on a positive note, there's a reason why we're hooked on Gosia's endeavors these days. Her astonishment was very visible in the beginning. - like she almost couldn't believe the situation she found herself in. Her human nature shone through it all, and if you've worked with people and communications, you know it when you relate to genuinity on a human level. She is also very perceptive. Her many questions related via the videos sometimes reveal an astonishing intuitive insight in the human condition. What she focuses on - when there are alternative routes to follow - reveals it. And there has never been a flinch of doubt relayed, when she was asked about it; just watch any of interviews she's made. In short, the information is baffling, but good. And I personally find very good reasons to trust Gosia.

But how you can trust it all...? You decide that.

#6 Re: English Forum » Urgent report - Kim Goguen, Ground Command, declared war on the Cabal! » 2021-02-12 13:22:22

Mr. Williams had a period where he worked with Kim and Tank, too. He's actually quite interesting when you get used to his style. He's put down a lot of work in his "From Russia With Love"-series, and there's some fascinating emphasis on Hyperborea and early Indian culture there. Not every detail matches with the Taygetan/Yazhi's presentation, but a lot is corroborating.

#8 Re: English Forum » Today is the first day of the lunar new year on February 12, 2021! » 2021-02-12 03:02:12

And a happy new year to you, too, From China! May it bring many blessings! smile

#9 Re: English Forum » On Dangers of tests - Aneeka and Yazhi - Feb 12th 2021 » 2021-02-12 02:41:17

Two versions are uploaded to The first one big-size, the last one small-size. smile

[Edit: The big one is out, and an even smaller one is up. Gosia is impressively effective now! ...and I bet Mattias is, too... big_smile)

#10 English Forum » On Dangers of tests - Aneeka and Yazhi - Feb 12th 2021 » 2021-02-12 01:55:22

Replies: 4

This is getting more and more serious:


PCR Tests, Nanotechnology and Q Anon - Dangers of PCR Tests - Warning to Humanity - Aneeka and Yazhi

In this video Aneeka and Yazhi share what they know about the dangers of PCR[-tests] and issue a severe warning to all humans NOT TO TAKE THEM.


Looks like YouTube is blocking it so far...

#11 Re: English Forum » The methods of control, how we are being manipulated. » 2021-02-11 15:53:45

Lauri, you leave me no alternatives. Nowhere in this thread have you related to what the Taygetans or Swauu/Yazhi have actually said about your topic. This makes it irrelevant to this forum. And the attitude you display toward anyone, who may find it within themselves to respond, is not adapted to the social climate reached for here. I give you one month to find the willingness and ability for such adaptation within yourself. You are hereby banned from this forum for a month.

#12 Re: English Forum » Urgent report - Kim Goguen, Ground Command, declared war on the Cabal! » 2021-02-11 14:29:38

Meridianwoman wrote:

Here is a better explanation of who is Kim Goguen:  "Global Marshall Law - How Earth came under control of the Draco 16,500 years ago. [...]"

Ah - you pointed me to Thomas Williams' channel. I didn't know he's still online. Thank you! Much appreciated! smile

[Edit: ...nah... that was a fan-channel. His channel is here. But thanks, anyway... smile ]

#13 Re: English Forum » Videos recommended by Anéeka today (February 9th, 2021) » 2021-02-10 21:44:49

Wow... that was a good one. Thank you, Kaalel! And Gosia! smile Somehow, those good old doctors who took the Hippocratic oath seriously ("First: Do no harm!") are having a revival these days.

#14 Re: English Forum » The methods of control, how we are being manipulated. » 2021-02-10 20:16:31

LauriLavi wrote:

If any criticism is taken as insult then the social media programming has gotten into you, which is that social media infantalizes people, reduces them psychodynamically to child's level [...]

Last warning. Let's dissect your latest insult then. Since I regard your previous reply to the moderator as an insult, you consider me an infant from programming by social media. And we moderators are not aware of the social programming that you see.

So far, your frequency hasn't been "matching." At all. Do something about that.

#15 Re: English Forum » The methods of control, how we are being manipulated. » 2021-02-10 19:01:38

LauriLavi wrote:

[...] nothing I can take and use to help myself.

I will give you a gentle warning, Lauri. If help was what you wanted, you'd be open to any knowledgeable response given to you. And you would not need a 'disclaimer for your nature' to shield your opinion, when your words display your very nature so blatantly.

You yourself put forward the aspects of 'narrow mindedness' and intelligence in your post #11. And if you were open for any sharing on this topic, you would notice the emphasis on mind in the moderator's response to you. Still you manage to claim "nothing tangible" in what is a very relevant and resolute response.

I keep asking myself why you are here, because there are some prerequisites which need to be in place in order to be constructive in these forums. Accepting valid viewpoints different from one's own is one of them, without displaying any urge to insult moderators.

#16 English Forum » Videos recommended by Anéeka today (February 9th, 2021) » 2021-02-09 20:12:39

Replies: 5

Videos recommended by Anéeka today (February 9th, 2021):

There Is No F**cking Virus, Here's Proof It's All Fake (15:01) … 42181988ab

Are PCR Tests Secret Drug Delivery Systems? (19:13) … aba72d8093

PCR COVID "TEST' Depositing Nano Particles Into Your Brain! (14:16) … b52f04f93d

FEDS CONFIRM: CDC's Coronavirus Tests Contaminated With Coronavirus! (06:16) … b518acab81

PCR tests are vaccines- Dr Lorraine Day. (03:54) … f9765687c2

PCR Tests with a 93% false positive rate? (01:08) … 0d53db69a9

#17 Re: English Forum » Any Alcyone Council Updates? » 2021-02-09 14:23:08

Both in the last interview with Jean-Claude, and in the comment-section on YouTube, Gosia have said this is very sensitive information these days. The Taygetans are quiet on the matter, and we have reason to think the situation in the U.S. needs to clear up until further notice. Give it a month or two. smile

#18 Re: English Forum » Urgent report - Kim Goguen, Ground Command, declared war on the Cabal! » 2021-02-08 00:27:13

I see a stunning similarity in the design of the logo's of United Networks ("" = Kim Goguen & Steffen Rowe a.k.a. 'Tank' ) and Farsight ("" = Courtney Brown). They both have an eye on extraterrestrial happenings and they are pushing for increased public exposure for their organizations. And they are increasingly accessible only via subscriptions (i.e. 'tightening'). I don't see why they should be connected in earthly affairs, but the similarities in logo design tell me with no doubt that they are. Maybe we see the same phenomenon as the logos of the various national space-agencies around the world. Or... ...maybe it's not in the earthly realms they are connected...?

#19 Re: English Forum » Gosia and Dale Livestream with Jean-Claude, 4th Feb 2021, 2 pm UTC » 2021-02-07 14:41:33

I think you know more than you think, wideeyes. smile A timestamp is what makes the video start playing at the point you want it to. Then, if you have a particular quote you wish to show in a video, you can write the link with a timestamp, so it starts playing at exactly that point. And the curious reader/viewer may also see the wider connection in which the quote was given.

#20 English Forum » Interviews with Gosia and team » 2021-02-07 03:21:02

Replies: 6

Below are some links to interviews with Gosia and team published on YouTube. Sorted by date. Channel is indicated first in the title.

2017, November 17th:
Spaced Out Radio - UFOs & Aliens with Dale Harder

2019, January 9th:
Unbiased & On the Fence - Gosia - Cosmic Agency - ET Contact

2019,  March 19th:
Cosmic Agency - Swaruu and Ex NASA Engineer: I love Swaruu´s Information

2019, August 8th:
Cosmic Agency - I met Swaruu and Taygetean Pleiadian Team: Dale Harder and his Extraterrestrial Contact

2019, August 31st:
The Kevin Moore Show - Gosia & Dale - Communicating With Aliens (Pleiadians) Over The Internet

2019, September 12th:
Cosmic Agency - Ufology World Congress, Dale Harder, Taygetean Pleiadian Contact

2019, September 19th:
Jeffrey Daugherty - ET Craft in Earth Orbit NOW:Cosmic Agency & Jeffrey Daugherty

2019, November 2nd:
Jeffrey Daugherty - Cosmic Agency: Benevolent ET's are Here NOW! Jeffrey Daugherty

2020, February 13th:
Free Energy Special Interest Group - FESIG 73rd Meeting Gosia and Dale on Taygetean Pleiadians' Extraterrestrial Stellar Navigation

2020, February 20th:
Forbidden Knowledge News - UFO Megacon/Gosia Duszak and Dale Harder, Taygetean Palaedian Contact

2020, July 11th:
COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL - Pleiadian Contactees: We've Got To Do It Ourselves, the Aliens aren't Our Saviors

2020, July 13th:

2020, December 24th:
Forbidden Knowledge News - Taygetean Pleiadians and Messages to Humanity with Gosia Duszak and Dale Harder

2020, December 28th:
JeanClaude BeyondMystic2 - LIVESTREAM: COSMIC AGENCY WITH GOSIA & Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic

2021, January 3rd:
JeanClaude BeyondMystic2 - LIVESTREAM: COSMIC AGENCY WITH GOSIA & Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic

2021, February 4th:

#21 Re: English Forum » Urgent report - Kim Goguen, Ground Command, declared war on the Cabal! » 2021-02-06 20:38:15

smile I don't think we have seen the effect of the hundredth monkey on a global scale yet...

[Edit: Pandemic Song - It's All About the Cases]

#22 Re: English Forum » Urgent report - Kim Goguen, Ground Command, declared war on the Cabal! » 2021-02-06 20:07:50

You're making a good point, Robert.

As the population on Earth can be found to be on every stage of 'awakening', it's almost impossible to discuss the intelligence appearing these days. At one level we may find those who believe the Hollywood narrative - which are hopefully few. At another level we find those aware of the millennial manipulation caused by entities out of this world - also few (it seems). And then we have all those in-between. And they all need an individual approach to rise in frequency.

The US military is obviously playing a continuing 'script' with doubles/clones to make the appearance that all is unplanned. The interview of Lt. general Michael Flynn by Doug Billings yesterday gave that impression. They may be 'advised' by entities, who aim for the continuation of the matrix. Or they may aim to dissolve the matrix. It's impossible to know these days, like Yazhi mentioned not long ago, as info is directed to confuse at the 'enemy' - not to enlighten the population.

So you are perfectly right, Robert. If you already know, it looks silly. But for many, it won't. For all we know, Kim may be playing to confuse the enemy, too. Maybe even some of the info from Yazhi has that function, as well. We have reason to think, however, that they are probably involved in the 'game' somehow. And they have sources of info not readily available to us. And I have the impression that the objective of it all is to awaken as many as possible before some event.

It's all about the perspective.

#23 Re: English Forum » Gosia and Dale Livestream with Jean-Claude, 4th Feb 2021, 2 pm UTC » 2021-02-06 18:41:16

07wideeyes wrote:

Yes, the lbry-channel would be great. I think it's good to use it as much as possible, rather than you-know-where.

Mmm... Agreed. smile Do you know how to incorporate a time-stamp in the lbry-links, wideeyes? I haven't figured that out yet.

#24 Re: English Forum » Gosia and Dale Livestream with Jean-Claude, 4th Feb 2021, 2 pm UTC » 2021-02-06 18:22:02

You're welcome, Gosia. smile Good idea. Btw, is it possible to get a copy of them to the lbry-channel?

#25 Re: Forum en Español » otra opinión mas » 2021-02-06 15:13:02

These are good observations, Pedro. Thank you! smile

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