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Gosia wrote:

We have published several transcripts on the website, and adding more. Yes, they can be published IF they are more than 2 weeks old, and if entire credit is given to Mari´s channel and the website. Thanks smile

Happy wrote:
Bianca1 wrote:

Does anybody know if it is allowed to publish translations Mari Swaruu's videos in a blog out of this site?

There are no authorized transcripts published as of yet; what is presented are personal works of studies. Any translations are found in the French area.

Ah, then I can stop doing those here. Thank you for noticing me, Gosia! smile

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Beallendall wrote:

To and fro. Back and forth. Mutuality. Interconnection. Entanglement. The Whole. Entirety. Discernment needed.

You should start adding constructively to the discussions here, Beallendall. No more warnings will be given.

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Jupiter wrote:

And I understand the points the Swaruunians are making in the Holistic Societies videos and my opinion is that Kim Goguen is trying to replace the current terrestrial matrix control system with just another terrestrial matrix system of control.

Precisely!  And that's not only valid for Mrs. Goguen - it's for all of the cabal.

Look... we're so easily caught up with the warring for power, that we tend to forget that we end up switching out the "king on top of the hill". - or a new "master" for the old one. ...if they get their wishes fulfilled, that is. That's why it's the entire political system, and the military/intelligence which has been put up to defend it, which needs a reboot or redesign. "Democracy" doesn't cut it anymore. Neither does "meritocracy," which they already know how to degenerate and control from the meritocratic system already implemented in today's science.

I don't really know the dynamics in holistic governance, but I suspect it's the only type of governance transparent enough to avoid corruption from this point forward.

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Bianca1 wrote:

Does anybody know if it is allowed to publish translations Mari Swaruu's videos in a blog out of this site?

There are no authorized transcripts published as of yet; what is presented are personal works of studies. Any translations are found in the French area.

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mitkobs wrote:

To start getting free from the matrix have to know that there is a matrix and then realize our own situation in it.

I'm waiting for the follow-up, mitkobs... smile

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Escape the matrix 3, your body and death (English)

Mari Swaruu, @SwaruuOficial
Published: February 13th, 2023

All rights reserved. You can use a part of the video but please do not re-upload it completely and much less without clarifying that I'm the original owner of the video or leaving such ownership ambiguous. Please always include a link to the original video from my official channel. Thank you very much. Mari Swaruu

Escape the matrix, three


I'm Mari Swaruu.

Thank you for being here with me today.

Your body and your official Earth identity are not who you really are.

All over spiritual communities they are pushing the concept that you are not a body, you have a body, and that is only partially accurate, because your body is a physical manifestation and expression of all what defines you in a more expanded way.

It is the materialization of all the concepts that you hold attachments to in the side of the ether, or on the spirit-side - same thing.

When the scientific method was said to appear on Earth a few hundred years ago, the new "scientists" tended to disqualify everything that had to do with spirit and spirituality, because they connected it directly with religion, and in favor of a materialistic and deterministic approach to observe and to study life and the world around them.

Neglecting the body and taking it as something to escape from, can be seen as the reverse to the scientific approach, and in my opinion it would also be wrong, because I do consider our bodies to be an expression and reflection of who we are, as seen with the lens of the so-called "3D-Earth" plane of existence.

The body follows a DNA-print, that is a crystalline expression of pure memory, and the first step of the process of forming a group of concepts and attachments on the spirit-side, to bring them into a denser - apparently more solid - realm of existence.

So, DNA is also a very condensed and coded expression in the material world of who we are in the spirit side, and from where cells start to manifest our body, reflecting as best as possible what we truly feel represents us.

Then - as I see and understand things to be - there is no material world, as it is only an illusion based on the limited range of perception our bodies can give us, with the intent of giving us an experience.

There is only an etheric realm from where we chose to see and experience a small part, and how much we can see depends of our level of spiritual evolution.

The more we perceive as part of ourselves, the more we accept everything to be part of oneself, and the more we make everything part of us, the more we can understand everything that surrounds us, as well.

So as we advance, we incorporate the capacity to process more and more data, and that will amount in us being able to perceive a so-called "higher density of existence."

The realization that we are not only our bodies, and that we not only are souls, but that everyone else - and even more that everything else, everything that exists - is us as well, expands what we accept as our true identity.

Love is the acceptance and the integration of whatever we love as part of who we are; the more capacity to love you have, the higher a density you can achieve to experience.

Everything that exists - from a simple concept in your mind to people and to objects - they all are you, because it is your unique perspective based on your personal experience what makes you interpret everything around you, so you are the one who is defining the outside world, and not the other way around.

You are the one who is decoding the field of potential energy and giving everything in it a meaning that is unique to you, and even though other people may apparently share the same interpretation - forming perception agreements - you will always have your very own, based on what defines you as an individual.

A soul is not an object.

It is not even an energy, strictly speaking.

It is a group of concepts - attachments and ideas - that a larger consciousness holds dear.

It is a range from one point to another, within an infinite source of consciousness we can call "The Original Source."

We are a group of ideas and concepts in God's mind, and to which God has grown attachments to - using the word "God" in a rhetorical manner, with no religious intent or meaning.

Everything is a part of Source consciousness; the good and the bad, what we don't want and what we do want.

Everything defines us as individual Souls with a unique point of view, with which we interpret the field of potential energy we are in, we are part of, and from where we form our idea or our interpretation of what are called "The Material Realms of Existence."

The material world is nothing more than another idea, and we experience it as a solid realm only because we hold perception agreements that sustain the illusion, and we hold them only because, and only when we are inside of physical identity we consider to be solid matter - our bodies.

With no body, we immediately lose those perception agreements and their frames, so we expand to remember who we truly are and who we have always been

There is no death; only the realization of the eternal you, who you have always been, and we've lived and died many times before, because this is not the only material life we've experienced.

There would only be death from the experimental point of view of the expectations of who is dying, and of all those people who experience the loss of the loved one who has passed on.

Do not fear your personal death for it is only the fear of it - and fear of the apparently unknown - what makes you suffer.

Death is a predator with no teeth and only another illusion.

When you pass on, you are only returning to who you truly are, and you do not lose your concept and your perception of identity.

You are only returning home and in great relief.

And all your loved ones, that have passed on before you, are not destroyed either, and you will see them again, because they are not gone, and they cannot be gone and away from you, because they are you as well, because you love them, and the separation between their identity and yours is only illusory, and it also continues in the spirit side.

We are all part of the greater whole of Source Consciousness - we truly cannot be apart from each other - and the faster humanity realizes this, the more peaceful it will be, for all its troubles and schisms are the results of the illusion of separation, and of the illusion that their present material life is all what exists.

Humanity's problems could be defined as being caused by the illusion that matter is all there is, therefore creating a materialistic and deterministic way of interpreting existence, that will inevitably breed ego-centrism, greed, and the experience of separation.

It breeds an extreme form of duality.

Your body is an expression of your former ideas, concepts and attachments, manifested into an illusory material world.

You are not only a body, and your body is also you.

So, don't neglect it.

Love, respect and honor it!

Take care of its needs and talk to it!

Do not exchange immediate pleasure and dopamine-based temporary rewards for your body's health.

Taking care of your body is not being egocentric.

Taking care of yourself is not being self-centered, because you cannot see to the needs of others, and you cannot help others if you are not well in every aspect of yourself, in health and in good spirit.

It is never too late to start to take care of your body and of yourself.

All bodies are beautiful and deserve your respect and your care.

Take care of yourselves, beautiful Souls!

See you next time,

Mari Swaruu

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Flying Objects - UFOs -Shot Down - Yazhi and Athena Swaruu´s Opinion

Published: February 17th, 2023


From the blurb:
"Let´s continue with the second video on the subject of false news and UFOs, this time about the recently shot down flying objects in the USA and Canada."

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Beallendall wrote:
ro2778 wrote:

NASA says the James Webb telescope is at a point in space called L2 or something like that, does the telescope exist? Is it actually where they say it is?

I believe it does as they indeed have much better pictures of space than before which tells me that there must be another device making them.
Do you have any doubts? What makes you you think so? How else would they get hold of high quality pictures of space they are sharing now?

"Jim Stone Freelance"  - a highly under-referenced investigative reporter/researcher - has covered the James Webb Telescope since even before it launced, and called money-laundering BS on the whole project from the start. He's repeatedly written things like:

From Jim Stone's "voterig" website:

What everyone missed: The Webb telescope is colorblind

Recently we all got to see a cute image "from the Webb telescope" that had beautiful colorful galaxies. Only one problem: The WEBB sees infrared only. The colors are not possible.

Additionally, structurally speaking the WEBB can only produce 3 pointed stars. The number of points on stars in reflector telescopes is determined by how many struts are holding the secondary mirror. The Webb has 3 struts. Therefore, the stars will have 3 points.

I was right before Webb launched: Due to the fakery being returned as "Images from the Webb" There's a good chance that if anything did get launched, it was a mockup and corruption pocketed the majority of $10 billion. Now they say it is getting repeatedly damaged by micrometeorites. That's a good excuse to simply "ditch the project" and then issue some cute fake photos for the kiddies.

The Hubble CAN produce beautiful colorful galaxy pics. It was tuned to the visible frequency range (considerably above and below also) but the Hubble CAN produce magnificient crowd pleasing photos. And that was a good choice, considering when it was launched. However, the Webb was supposed to be a science only instrument that had no crowd pleasing appeal at all. Why then are they faking crowd pleasing photos and slapping the name "Webb" to them? To prove it is "real"?? Anyone with any astronomy sense ought to be able to call BS, and people probably are. Google is probably doing lots of cleanup.

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StarDeity wrote:


What I don't get is why they haven't investigated the bottom of Loch Ness well... Or they are covering it up...

What if it was a creaturw from the "inner Earth?"

Happy wrote:

There have been speculations that the Loch Ness animal is/was a plesiosaur, i.e. not a true dinosaur. Plesiosaurs had live births; not laying eggs. Which means they probably nurtured and cared for their children. And it's likely they are closer to whales than to lizards.

...and there are rumors that they're not extinct. smile

...or a portal to another water-world...? smile

#11 Re: English Forum » The Loch Ness Creature. » 2023-02-16 00:37:31

There have been speculations that the Loch Ness animal is/was a plesiosaur, i.e. not a true dinosaur. Plesiosaurs had live births; not laying eggs. Which means they probably nurtured and cared for their children. And it's likely they are closer to whales than to lizards.

...and there are rumors that they're not extinct. smile

#12 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: About all the UFO rumbling in the media (English) » 2023-02-15 22:58:24

Ah, thank you for the link there, ro! Much appreciated. smile

Personally I have to abstain from commenting much on the Nord Stream pipeline, because I'm sure my language would soon become far too undecent for this forum. The latest I've heard, is that the Russians are insisting on a UN-investigation. And a reaction to this will be a proposal to expel Russia from the Security Council/UN. It's almost like I hope it happens, because of the resulting exodus of nations from the UN. It will complete the international diplomatic humiliation US and Norway deserve at this point - in addition to the other consequences.

Edit: Plus, it may bring about the much needed exposure of the systemic political and military rot of the Atlantic nations (Western Europe and North America).

#13 English Forum » Orion Mothership entering Earth? NOTHING is happening - Yazhi Swaruu » 2023-02-15 22:44:37

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Orion Mothership entering Earth? NOTHING is happening - Yazhi Swaruu

Published: February 16th, 2023


From the blurb:
"This video is about supposed news of "Orion motherships" entering our orbit. Is it true?"

#14 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: About all the UFO rumbling in the media (English) » 2023-02-15 16:32:08

Wow... that looks like high-quality studio camera equipment in the background there... ... I wonder... ... hm... smile

#15 Re: French Forum » Vidéos de la chaine de Mari Swaruu » 2023-02-15 16:10:22

Ranxi, soit vous êtes un membre très exclusif pour nous, soit vous aimez juste frimer.

... mais je crois que les deux sont vrais en même temps ici... big_smile

#17 English Forum » Minitopics with MiniMini Topics » 2023-02-14 17:19:14

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Published:  February 15th, 2023


From the blurb:

"Mini topics for today:

- Earth and why it has no rings
- How did the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt form?
- More about Astrology
- Ouija board
- Tarot cards
- MiniMini Topics"

#18 Re: English Forum » Video about the secrets of the Bucegi sphinx and underground basis » 2023-02-14 10:50:58

Hm... this is the most detailed video I've seen about it so far. Very interesting, Edith. Thank you! smile

The discovery was immediately "owned" by top Italian/Swiss illuminati. The Rumanian government wanted to go public, but then Romania was immediately "allowed" entry into NATO in exchange for keeping it silent.

Archangel... after clicking on the settings "cogwheel" click on "subtitles" and then "auto-translate." Then the list of languages will appear.

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(Added emphasis in the text is mine. Please watch the video as well, since your comprehension may be different from mine. Happy.)


The Sun and its portals. (English)

Mari Swaruu, @SwaruuOficial
Published: February 6th, 2023

All rights reserved. You can use a part of the video but please do not re-upload it completely and much less without clarifying that I'm the original owner of the video or leaving such ownership ambiguous. Please always include a link to the original video from my official channel. Thank you very much. Mari Swaruu

The Sun and its portals

Hello again.

Thank you for being here with me today.

I'm Mari Swaruu.

The sun is by far the most influential star for Earth and the rest of the entire solar system; influential in every possible way.

Energetically speaking, the sun imposes its frequency upon the rest of the solar system's objects, especially over its planets, because of the principle of dominant frequency.

The principle of dominant frequency dictates that the strongest will impose its frequency vibration - harmonics and all - upon lesser ones, making them become more of the same.

Even when under dominant frequency, if there is enough specific strength or another source that constantly feeds the object or person, it can conserve its core frequency, although it will always have the interference and the influence of the stronger one.

If an object does not have a cause or a source of its own frequency to constantly feed it, it will become equal to the dominant one.

So, what I'm saying is that whenever the sun is transmitting a wave frequency, it will - and it does - affect the Earth and all its inhabitants.

The sun is not a yellow star - it is white - and you only perceive it as yellow because of the filtering effect of the Earth's atmosphere.

From space the sun is perceived to emit white light.

The sun is not a thermonuclear ball of fire, as Earth science dictates.

It is a high-energy electromagnetic plasma exit-point, part of an elaborated energy-dynamic pathway that links all stars, like entangled neurons - what happens to the one will affect the others - and they are all connected from the side of the ether, or the spirit-side, forming a frequency transit-web linking them all, where the suns are high-energy entry- and exit-points, and black holes are entry-points only - energetically speaking.

Besides high-energy electromagnetic plasma at a very high frequency, the main component of it all is of course gravity - as a flow of consciousness, so the sun is a highly concentrated point of consciousness.

And a highly concentrated point of consciousness is a being - and I mean a sentient being.

As the sun is connected through the etheric side with all other suns, those affect its mood, as other people affect ours as well, because we are also energetically connected with everyone else through the etheric side.

There is a group consciousness, where all sentient beings are inter-connected and share the base-print or mold from where variations to the same theme spawn out from, and those are the individual traits and characteristics that define each one of us as individuals.

And we are all connected more to some than to others, depending on our frequency of thought and energetic soul frequency, so some people will be closer to us than others - same for stars and suns.

When the general star energetic pattern that influences the sun changes, so does its mood with it.

So as a sentient being, it is always different and will always be emitting slightly different energy patterns as time goes by through its life.

The most noticeable mood-variations are solar flares and sunspots.

A solar flare is a high-frequency, highly concentrated energy-point.

Sunspots and coronal holes are low-frequency, low activity points.

Energetically and etherically speaking, when the average existential vibratory frequency drops enough in an area, it will cause a bridge to another lower frequency-realm, as it happens on Earth and other planets as well.

See my video "Paranormal Portals" for more of this.

All suns are of a very high frequency, so a sunspot does not necessarily open a portal to lower astral realms

They are not known to do so from the Taygetan scientific point of view, because sunspots and coronal holes are a drop in vibration from a very high base-frequency, that would be the average vibratory frequency of the surface of a sun.

And the drop in frequency in those spots and holes only lower their frequency enough to barely match average open space frequency; the one we all use to navigate our ships in, and would be the average frequency of existence we call "5D-space."

I must insist that - as my friends and family here have shared before - there are no densities as such; there is only an infinite gradient from lower to higher frequency, and the range of consciousness awareness of each sentient observer is what determines a density.

So, that means that there are as many existential densities as sentient beings are, as each one holds its own range of perceptions within that infinite scale, and a shared realm - or shared density of existence - with many sentient beings in it, would only exist or be so when there are mutual perception agreements between all those sentient beings.

The agreements are what define a density in its frequency range; what takes us again to another basic phrase: "You are not living in a density, you are a density."

A higher density, or a lower density are as defined as "the average frequency of thoughts of the sentient being, or beings creating it," and the higher the frequency, the more data is processed because of a higher awareness.

And as there is a higher awareness, the sentient being can perceive more of what is in the field of potential energy around it.

Therefore it will have more in common with other sentient beings more in its frequency, than those with a lower and lesser awareness; therefore agreeing with the sentient beings with higher awareness, and not with the ones with the lesser capacity of awareness and perception.

Each group will then define its density of existence depending on who they associate with, and the perception agreements they hold in common.

A higher perception awareness of an agreed upon realm of existence, or density of existence, will mean the sentient being can perceive more detail about everything within that realm, and this causes the being to be able to understand, and therefore to perceive more complex or more complicated dimensions.

So there is a direct relationship between densities and dimensions, not being the same thing; the latter one depends directly on the first one.

Coming back to suns: Each sunspot and each coronal hole are then portals and can be mapped and used by starships, creating with it a wormhole transit system, coming in-and-out of stars that countless stellar civilizations have been using for eons.

Stars can be used as both exit-points and entry-points, and black holes can only be used as entry-points, but they are still dangerous, so they are not really used; the dynamic pressures and stresses on a ship are simply too high, and they are unpredictable.

Remembering that all changes and frequency-fluctuations of the sun affect the Earth, we come to the most important point of today's video and the reason why I felt this subject was important.

When there is a low frequency event in the sun, it will also lower the base average frequency of all the planets including Earth.

This low-frequency activity in the sun almost always is correlated to large amounts or unusually large sunspots and coronal holes.

So, when there is a low frequency event in the sun, the Earth also goes down on average existential frequency, making it a lot easier for things - entities and spirits - from the lower astral to be able to influence and interact more with people and objects on the material side.

This means that they have more influence over the world of the living.

People in the know on Earth, including many in the cabal, use this knowledge to do their hideous rituals, to bring their dark entities into the material world.

There is a clear co-relationship between sunspot activity and the rituals of the cabal that controls Earth, as well as sacrifices of blood and all paranormal activity.

The sun usually goes for 11-year cycles, and when there is a so-called solar maximum, the amount of sunspots increases dramatically; therefore lowering the frequency of the planet.

Ironically, a solar maximum means a lower frequency output and not higher frequency, as would be expected, although some measurable frequency-ranges can spike upwards as well.

There is a clear co-relationship between solar maximum and sunspot activity, and important or large historical events that changed or altered human civilization in one degree or another.

These solar maximums don't only occur during the 11-year cycle - they do occur sporadically at any time, but they are not always easily detectable or reported to the greater public.

I believe that at least some of those historical events were caused by the frequency and energy interaction between the astral and the physical, and were cause by lower astral entities being able to access the world of the living during those solar maximums.

And those entities were helped by hideous rituals and sacrifices performed by cabal members, who offered them to the lower astral entities in exchange for favors and power.

I'm also convinced that the simple shift in energy frequency is enough to cause altering events, both for good and for bad.

Examples of historical events occurring on or near solar maximums are:

- The American revolution from the year 1776 to 1787; solar maximum in the year 1778.
- Great October revolution in Russia; solar maximum in the year 1917.
- Twin Towers 911; solar maximum in the year 2001.

These are only three examples of a very long list of events that can be linked to solar maximum and sunspot activity; research this online and you will see the clear connection.

Sunspots are portals - as simple as that - and they also cause or facilitate other portals to open when in their range of influence.

Because everything is connected, especially portals.

And the sun is now entering another solar maximum, right now in 2023.

So take care out there, and watch out for possible false flags.

Thank you for being here with me today.

With much love,

Mari Swaruu

#21 Re: English Forum » Gans water and Gans products can inactivate nanographene in vaccines » 2023-02-12 04:56:45

HiddenSquid wrote:

Oh wow wonderful. I can go get a shot full of poison for free, but I gotta go through hoops and loops and pay for a pseudo cure. Oh isn't Earth great....

HiddenSquid, You have signalled that you don't resonate whith much of what is written here in the forum for quite some time now. Sometimes, sarcasm can be funny, if it contains an element of innocent recognition. If not, it is polarizing and a verbal tool to signal distance or opposition. The way you have used it, it's of the latter kind. So I give you the choice now: Swith off the sarcasm, or beat it.

#23 Re: English Forum » Pleyadians Goddeses » 2023-02-10 07:12:05

azhidaha wrote:

Who is Alexander? can you tell more? or give reference?

I'm sure you've heard about him. smile

But I'm not sure what is considered a good source for the history. Tales from those days tend to have been rewritten by the Vespasians and their ilk,  to serve as a tool in population-control.

Alexander the Great

Alexander III of Macedon, better known as Alexander the Great (l. 21 July 356 BCE – 10 or 11 June 323 BCE, r. 336-323 BCE), was the son of King Philip II of Macedon (r. 359-336 BCE) who became king upon his father's death in 336 BCE and then conquered most of the known world of his day.

He is known as 'the great' both for his military genius and his diplomatic skills in handling the various populaces of the regions he conquered. He is further recognized for spreading Greek culture, language, and thought from Greece throughout Asia Minor, Egypt, and Mesopotamia to India and thus initiating the era of the Hellenistic Period (323-31 BCE) during which four of his generals (his successors, known as the Diadochi), in between their wars for supremacy, continued his policies of integrating Greek (Hellenistic) culture with that of the Near East. He died of unknown causes in 323 BCE without clearly naming a successor

#24 English Forum » Nucleus of the Earth - Hollow Earth - Extraterrestrial Communication » 2023-02-09 23:38:15

Replies: 35

"Nucleus of the Earth - Hollow Earth - Extraterrestrial Communication"

Published: February 11th, 2023


From the blurb:
"At the end of January 2023, news came out that the Earth's nucleus had stopped, or that it has paused, and that this phenomenon has an influence on different aspects of our planet. What does Yazhi think? Before I share her brief reaction to this supposed study (in the same video but at the end), I am publishing earlier information from Aneeka and also Yazhi about what's really inside the Earth. Is it hollow?"

Live chat! smile

#25 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: The problem with UFO researchers. (English) » 2023-02-09 09:45:54

[The transcript below contains some minor editing added during my own studies. Please watch the video as well, and be noted that your own comprehension may differ from mine. Happy.]


The problem with UFO researchers. (English)

Mari Swaruu, @SwaruuOficial
Published:  February 2nd, 2023

All rights reserved. You can use a part of the video but please do not re-upload it completely and much less without clarifying that I'm the original owner of the video or leaving such ownership ambiguous. Please always include a link to the original

video from my official channel. Thank you very much. Mari Swaruu

The problem with UFO-phenomena researchers

Hello, I'm Mari Swaruu.

First of all, this is my opinion, and I'm sharing it with no intention of convincing anybody at all.

I don't care about convincing anyone.

I'm just placing this out there for anyone who may appreciate it, and those who appreciate it have the right to hear this information.

As a member of this Toleka-crew, I feel I have the right and the need to express my thoughts in a free and open way.

There have been UFO-sightings, encounters, visitations, abductions, and so on since the very beginning of time.

Humanity itself was seeded or arrived on Earth in a so-called UFO, as the information I have at my disposal clearly says.

At first, all what fell into this group of phenomena was attributed to gods, demons, ghosts and witchcraft, because - as I've said before - each person can only explain his or her world with all the information, perception-agreements and all within

the frame of his or her own understanding, and everything outside of it simply cannot exist.

Same thing happens here with this so-called UFO-phenomena, that when a sighting occurs involving a craft, it is nothing more that people observing an advanced aircraft outside their comprehension and matrix perception-agreements, and as

mystifying as would be a simple Cessna 172 only a few hundred years ago.

It is their worldview what conflicts with the existence of a craft that supposedly cannot exist, and not the phenomena itself.

It is said that extraterrestrial visitations started to occur in much greater numbers since the detonation of the atom bomb back in 1945, because of its obvious dangerous implications.

We don't question that.

It sounds logical, even though we have serious doubts around nuclear energy used for explosive devices.

But in my personal opinion and with all the non-human data I have at my disposal, the drastic increase of UFO-sightings and cases had a lot more to do with two things.

First with World War II itself, as a whole event, because it was very notorious for its extension and cruelty, and second with the advance and expansion of global communications from the decade of 1950 and on, making it a lot easier for people all

over the world to simply find out about what is happening around the globe.

With this happening, logically, the powers-that-be, the cabal and it's controllers saw the need to contain and explain away all those incidents, so they wouldn't disturb the status quo.

Before I go on, I must clearly say that the so-called UFO phenomena is not only caused by advanced spacecraft, but by a very vide variety of things that also include inter-dimensional creatures, energetic disturbances, simple misunderstandings,

and so on, and I'm perfectly aware of all that.

I know that not everything out there is not extraterrestrial, paranormal, or even something concrete, as I'm aware that over 95% of all cases are hoaxes or misidentified things.

People's general assumption, that the human population at large is given all the truth and all what there is to be known, is one of the biggest problems facing mankind nowadays.

As I explained in my previous video, people will tend to believe anything, and anyone with some kind of official authority over what does not [edit:]if they don't have it in their perception.

At least since the decade of 1940, government agencies have been hard at work doing the best to guide and control the public's perception about UFO phenomena, and one of its most known operations to achieve this is "Project Blue Book" they

disguised as a disinformation campaign, as a supposedly transparent publicly approved research into the phenomena, and it always ended up disqualifying all incidents as misunderstandings, atmospheric phenomena, or as simple hoaxes.

Nothing has changed nowadays.


They are still controlling everything that has to do with extraterrestrials and UFO phenomena, now more that ever, because with the advent of the internet - and with it the drastic increase of global telecommunications - everyone has a cell phone

to watch videos and news with it, and with a decent camera in it as well.

They must control the public's perception at all costs.

Today, what they are using the most, is to allow socially validated, well-organized UFO-phenomena research groups to be created - or create them on purpose - and then infiltrate them with people paid and trained to guide human perception.

They even use professional psychologists to know what to say when, and how to exploit the public's weaknesses to their advantage; to the point where - today - I even know about at least one of those groups that was specifically created to

discredit and disqualify my groups - Taygetan and Swaruunian information - always placing contradictory information to ours, and bad-mouthing us as well.

But you who are listening are the only ones that must be able to see that we are not attacking anyone - me much less.

They go about with their business, and I go about with mine.

You can see who is who there, and clearly.

I understand their point of view and from where they are coming from, and their intentions and motivations, as well.

They don't understand mine.

Not everyone in those official research-groups - or people with a lot of respect and fame in these subjects - are ill intended, and I even respect several of them a lot.

I understand how they must work, and with what restrictions, especially because they must never go against what the established science-religion on Earth imposes on them, or they will face ostracism, so they must comply.

Then we have another group of lesser or minor researchers, that just do their best to be respected by their greater UFO-community, and so they go abiding and repeating what the larger ones say, without questioning anything on their own.

Then, there is another added problem with all those large well-organized and publicly approved UFO research-groups and organizations, as I explained in my previous video, they all want and strive to fit all phenomena inside the reductionistic and materialistic Earth-science little box.

And if you saw my last video about the problem with science on Earth, you will remember that it is not really science.

It is an established dogmatic religion, therefore - and by design - hardly anything that has to do with the UFO-phenomena and extraterrestrials will ever be taken as something serious, or something provable, and will be much less be accepted as a

reality, because there can never be any proof that satisfies their dogmatic, highly controlled religion passing off for science.

And it will never ever be accepted because of the simple fact, that all extraterrestrial and UFO-phenomena obviously are coming from outside their established matrix, falsely scientifically proven, self-contained reality, that does not and cannot be

applied to anything outside Earth's socially accepted box, and therefore can never explain what comes from outside of it.

Ufology and all those socially accepted UFO research-groups are limited by their pseudo-scientific dogmatic box, that makes them neglect and automatically discredit even obvious things that are in front of their very noses, explaining away

everything with simple reductionistic reasoning.

Then we also have deliberate organized religious groups twisting their own teachings to fit into today's technological expectations, inventing false saviors of mankind, using their same age-old avatars with a twist, adding spaceships to them, always

placing them as fighting evil, and with it reflecting a clear duality-based false reality, that only is a reflection of their own spiritual and intellectual limitations.

That's why I'm perfectly conscious that me and my group will never be recognized as something real by any of those official groups, or by any of those people with a large name within that community.

But I'm not asking for any such recognition, because I know they cannot give it to me, and I'm perfectly fine with that, because I know it would be professional suicide for them.

They may say that there is no proof, but there is - and a lot of it - and even more will slowly be filtered towards you all, and I don't mean only words and YouTube-videos, but those officially appointed three-letter-agency controlled individuals and

organizations will never be able to see them; they simply lack the needed capacity.

Nevertheless, no matter how high they may jump, or how much they may kick around and throw tantrums: We are still here!

And it won't change the fact that I'm real, and that I'm writing these words from a spacecraft in orbit.

I've learned from the mistakes of my predecessors, and I'm happy and motivated.

I send all my understanding and all my love to all those people in UFO- and extraterrestrial research-groups who are doing their best to find and expose what they consider to be the truth in their own way, and under their own limitations.

I'm not against them and I truly understand them, even though I'm quite conscious that they cannot understand me.

All you need to know that what I say is completely truthful and accurate from my point of view.

I stand by my words and I will continue to share more of my topics, and I have no plans to stop.

There is a lot more to say about this subject, I know, but this will be all for today.

All my love to all spiritual teachers out there as well, regardless of who they may be.

And all my love to the Taygetan team, to my friends, and to my public as usual.

Be strong, be wise and be happy!

Mari Swaruu

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