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Ymarsakar wrote:

For regions like florida georgia or sweden, there is no hell matrix anchoring here.

I've just spent 3 months in Sweden. My wife is Swedish. While the government was only advising to follow rules and at the beginning of this month gotten rid of their restriction advice, the vast majority of Swedes trust their government and not many question anything because they haven't had to suffer much the last few years. The vast majority of people my wife knows over there and her family members know have been vaccinated. I find Swedes generally follow the rules no matter how stupid they seem. Like not crossing the road when there is a red man, when there are literally no cars to be seen!

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Glad to be of help.

From my perspective as a healer, it does not matter what model I use. It's the intention and the belief, no matter what the method or format is, that makes the healing work. The receiver of the healing has to choose consciously or unconsciously to be receptive to the healing but that's another story.

I have used the typical 7 chakra system in its various guises, both the more complicated ones like Barbara Brennan's model or simpler versions of it. I have used versions that include or don't include a rear vortex in addition to a front vortex of the chakras. I've used versions where those 7 chakras are in slightly different positions. I've used 3-chakra models, 9 chakra models, 12 chakra models and even 0 chakra models of the human energy system. Some models have multiple levels relatedto the different densities of consciousness, and those that are more continous without so much separation. Some models had flows of energy in straight lines between the chakras whilst others had wave-like flows, like in the kundalini related understandings.

I even played around with the idea and offered sessions on "removing chakras" in the past. Most people were hung on the idea of chakras though, and I found that it caused more conflict between those who weren't willing to be open-minded and ultimately it didn't matter anyway.

I found over time that it doesn't really matter what the view of the human energetic system is in terms of helping another change their vibration. It's just like choosing a language with which we can choose to understand each other

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I work full-time as a healer and for me, the chakra system is just a model. I only really use it so that people who believe in the chakra system looking a certain way can have a common ground to communicate from. I communicate with in a more dynamic way with more open-minded people.

I find it hard to know for sure what is true in history because so much has been altered, deleted etc but I get the feeling that chakras were thought of very differently in the past and continued to change as different cultures' beliefs had their influence.

I have come across a lot of different chakra system models from various sources and cultures, so even in modern times there is not one model. Most people in the West look at chakras based on Barbara Brennan's perception of the 2nd level of a multilayered model. The chakras on that level are the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white that most people think of. But with that model, the colours are different depending on what level you look at. It is a model that developed from the more logic/scientific mind I feel which suits Westerners' minds more. Barbara Brennan wasn't the originator of this model but it is a popular one that developed in the West from older views/interpretations of chakra system models from the East.

There are many disagreements even between people taught at the Barbara Brennan school, even if they were orignally taught the same system.

Here is an interesting article I found that relates to some of my thoughts on the history of how we view the energetic system/aura: … he-chakras

But like I said earlier, I find it hard to trust what has been written in the past and ultimately it doesn't matter to me for the purposes of healing work, only to have a common framework to communicate with people

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Yes I noticed there's a lot of censorship of her. Even on the de-googled search engines I use.

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Looks like she too is working via trusts. Will have to read about her more but my group is all in on the ULCT route. Thanks for info though.

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Will have to look at Kim Goguen. Not heard of that name before.

I was under the impression that universal law was above natural law, as universal law is all about the laws of god/creator/source. As shown is this diagram? … 760502.png

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Hi all,

Myself and quite a lot of people in my local community have been looking into this recently as a way of getting out of the government system and to start being able to build a community that is dictated by the people not any one person or organisation. Something that came up after many discussions with many groups I have been meeting up with every week throughout the last 1 1/2 years... despite the lockdown "rules"

Basically it is all about using Universal Law rather than any of the laws of the sea. The ULCT or Universal Law Community Trust, is a trust that has been set up to help people become their own trust. So instead of being an organisation that dictates things, it is simply there to help if any individual has issues that come up while becoming independant of the current system whilst also helping people connect and trade etc with each other.

The ULCT has had a lot of success, especially in Greece where there are supposedly over 1.3 million people who have at least started the process of reclaiming their rights and becoming what the ULCT calls Em Ovens (derived from energy in movement). They have been able to cancel their loans, mortgages etc whilst also ceasing paying taxes and bills, because under universal law, you have a right to an equal share of the planets resources, including electricity, water, gas, land etc etc.

They have even thrown out the Major and reclaimed a police station to run a coffee shop despite lockdown rules and the police know there that they cannot do anything about it.

Here in the UK there are over 10,000 people doing it I am told. I'm one of them starting the process. Some of my group have already done what's necessary to stop paying council tax, electricity bills, water rates and will be cancelling their mortgage too. We are also in the process of reclaiming government buildings and assets, as through the ULCT the people actually now lawfully own them. There have already been other groups reclaiming castles, homes and other buildings in the UK.

To give you some idea of how much power universal law has over all the other laws, even common law (which is the main one most people talk about these days), the ULCT managed to become secured party creditors to the UK government corporation, and stopped them from dissolving last february. It might sound good that a government dissolves itself, but actually it means that the government's assets, which includes the citizens and all their belongings, then become owned by the vatican once again. The ULCT stopped this from happening by pointing out that you cannot dissolve a business whilst still having assets.

Also the "kindness credit" system of trade, which aims to help people exchange goods outside of the tax systems of the world and is a big part of the ULCT movement, VISA tried to buy it a few years back, highlighting how worried the system is of untaxable monies.

I haven't explained it very well, but I find it quite exciting, especially now that some of my friends and other group members have started the process and see a way out of the corrupt government system.

I see it as a good way of putting your energies to use right now. Solution focused. By coming out of the system and reclaiming yourself, you are stopping your funding of terrorism.

I am not an expert on this subject, but after exploring common law and other possible solutions for our community, this seems the most capable way of doing things and I thought I'd share that on this forum in case others find it useful too. There are other similar organisations out there doing the same thing but with different names so look around if you wish.

I likely won't have the best answers to any questions people have on this site, so I'm here just to pass the message on.

Main site is

A bit difficult to read but with time it starts to make sense - especially getting to understand the kindness credits!

You can also check out the you tube channel "EM OVEN" - seems strange that the English channel has so few followers but shenanigans often do happen with you tube et. al.

Hope that helps! :-)

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Here's a lawyer who is investigating the covid scam.

He's been involved with big cases before such as with Deutsche Bank etc

He basically needs more money. Crowd fund?

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Hello everyone.

I found Cosmic Agency through a news feed on

Never been big on forums, but I'm curious as to how this interaction helps me connect and grow, as I feel a strong resonance with the material. It has certainly helped me with certain explanations with my healing business customers.

Always nice to find fellow explorers :-)

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The theory of viruses actually being exosomes is already in the scientific community. I would write more about it but Dr Andrew Kaufman explains it better than I can:

Hope that helps :-)

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