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#1 English Forum » BRILLIANT Presentation concerning the info “blocks” within our minds » 2022-08-07 20:43:01

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This is one of the most brilliant presentations I've seen showing how the layers of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds as humans are blocked but more importantly, how to unblock these layers in order to reach our “higher selves” and so much more. Beautiful explanation for the existence of “Zetas” (grays) as well which certainly gave me an entire new perspective when considering that whole situation. It's a 1990s video footage of a lady named Lissa Royal channeling the Pleiadian E.T named “Sasha” and her information falls inline perfectly with that of the Taygetans/Swaruunians, so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if “Sasha” was one of the same crew ~ possibly a member from when they did attempt channeling to pass along info back during those days.
Regardless, it's amazing stuff so I wanted to pass along the link to all of you because I think you'll appreciate the info as much as I have. Enjoy!

#2 Re: English Forum » Interviews with Gosia and team » 2022-08-07 19:25:03

I recently ran across this video on the YouTube channel “UAMN TV” showing Gosia and Dale's presentation from the 2020 UFO Mega Conference. The video is titled “E.Ts from Planet Erra - They're Currently Orbiting Earth…Contact Has Been Made!” Unfortunately, the video only provides half of the entire presentation, cutting off Dale's portion of the talk but maybe that's in a separate video I just hadn't yet seen. Of course, some of the information presented has since been updated, changed as “time” has gone by but I still figured I'd share the link since I don't see it within your collection listed above. Have a Great Day ~ding!~

#3 Re: English Forum » INSERTS INTO THE MATRIX ~ “BEINGS” PROJECTED INTO MY BACKYARD » 2022-06-30 00:07:37

Bigfeet_E wrote:

Sorry, not seeing anything out of the ordinairy. I mean, beautifull nature shots of these birds but all very normal explicable.

The first 2 are of the heron kind. A mature heron can have spanwidths up to 2.3 meters (7.5 foot). No third leg, lol, just a branch wich happen to be in the shot in front of the bird. They're looking for something to eat (fish or rats). The lighting of the sun (reflection) makes it seem bright in the footage. The ripples are clearly the reflection of the water projected on the heron. The stance with the quarter open wings is most likely to cool off a bit. and their necks are very bendable, hence the S-shape or long stretched out.

The flying bird's shifting color, as you mention, is just shadow versus normal color in the sunlight.

The diving bird is a cormorant, many have a curled beak for fishing purposes. That is their way of hunting. Yes they swim underwater and search/chase the fish. Natural born fishers.

The shoreline capture doesn't look like anything out of the ordinairy either to me. Just an interplay of light and shadow.
Trees, fallen tree and shrubs along the shoreline, looks pretty normal to me. No skull or triangular houses or anything like you mention. Tree bark showing some markings ... seeing faces in it is merely your 'creative imagination' if you'd ask me.

In retrospec i honestly can not see any "other dimensional projections" as you call it. Just some nature footage of your backyard pond ... wich changes all the time. Perhaps you could have added a footage/shot of what you deem to think is more 'normal', or as you remember it, for comparison. As you seem to think it is so different. Other than that nothing seems odd to me. Cool footage tho cool

Thank you for your response. It has helped me recognize the need to do a better job pointing out the specifics, the details when sharing any of these type of videos. I did throw this one together fast and not necessarily for public recognition of what was displayed. More like communication to those who are behind the various situations I continue to experience. Communication of "Yes, I do see what you are doing" ~hee hee~ I should do a better job with each of the scenarios I share though since it's definitely the very fine details that one must "see" to comprehend what I might assume to be obvious when it's only obvious to me since I realize what I'm looking at while others may not. Plus, there's the feelings involved as these various scenarios occur, feelings which just can't be expressed since it involves intuition and how does one ever get that part across. ~hee hee~

Regarding the woods, I really should point that part out better because yes, woods do change, but there are wooded things and scenery like the appearance of the white , what I call "skull on a stick" that are not in my woods and never has been. Then there's the duck appearing which is in my pond however, it's always been stuck in an area where it stays and the direction it is facing is opposite that which appears in the video. I am surprised you weren't able to see the little bluish looking "being" though since I thought it was very obvious. That and the appearance of a sorta "tin man with child looking face" right next to the bluish being. Actually there are quite a lot of "beings" shown when you zoom in and really investigate but perhaps it's not for everyone to "see" and might be one of those things which is "personal".  Either way, I thank you for your comments and will do a much better job pointing out the details of what I'm attempting to share in the future. 

Have a Great Day!


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microvirus6 wrote:

I find the bird starting at 11:00 the most "odd" out of those.. in other words, the most convincing that something outside the bounds of ordinary reality is happening.

Question for you: what was the emotional tone of this experience like for you? Like, at the moment of the highest throes of "holy shit something very strange is happening here"?

I ask because I had something similar happen to me--in the ballpark at least--and knowing how it felt for you may give me a hint whether you're experiencing the same type of event. When my thing happened, the experience was one of total awe. I literally, for the only time in my life, thought "Am I dreaming? This must be a dream." Yet there wasn't any one part of the experience I could point to and say "Look! See!? Something supernatural really did happen!" Everything in the experience could theoretically have been a series of coincidences or tricks of the eye/ tricks of the mind.

Ultimately, I interpret my event as a display put on for me by... my higher self? the universe? something like that? The point of the display being an inner confirmation, an exuberant dramatic culmination of a long process of discovery and spiritual seeking. Like the whole web of reality coming together to say-- "Yes! You're on the right track! It's all real! We're all ONE!" An outer display of an INNER knowingness. And also, a challenge to trust my inner knowing even more, because there was room left for me to rationally doubt the legitimacy of what I experienced, and no possible way for me to firmly convince someone else that it was capital-R REAL and therefore allow me to offload the responsibility onto them... So it was like a celebration thrown for me saying "You've graduated!" but also a test of sorts because it posed the problem of "But can you really integrate this? Can you really trust yourself enough? Can you accept the responsibility of being truly self-directed?"

Hope that makes sense!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences as well as responding. Most certainly the "intuition" part as well as feelings behind the experience as it occurred that can not be shared in a comment or even a video etc which makes the entire ordeal more personal and without the ability to express just how unique this truly was. For about a week prior to this particular incident, I witnessed and filmed something in my woods, in a part of the woods I can't really reach. It was always during the night when I'd see a light along with a bird that continually chirped ~ Continually. I'd shine my flashlight in the direction and the light would go off. It was extremely odd to say the least but honestly, I have been filming the skies for YEARS now and have captured "projections" of birds where they have obvious holes with in the projection such as holes where you could see through the wings and much more. Why I haven't shared these is even unknown to me. HA. But regarding this particular time, it was odd since my parents (I live with) out of the blue just happened to decide to go out of town for a week ~ that particular week.  I definitely felt it was a "setup" in order to present these projections as they were shown. I suppose it's one of those things where you have a personal experience that just can't be explained to someone else where they understand completely.

The feeling I had as this occurred was strange because it was like the atmosphere changed and my eyes felt weird. I was also with the feeling of others being there and the camera literally did take shots in ways I wouldn't have normally done. We have a huge pond in the back and do have all sorts of birds that come and go but these particular birds were just not normal. They've never appeared before and I've never seen them since. Only for that one week (maybe a week and a half) Plus there were VERY strange turtles that suddenly appeared in the pond who were doing some pretty odd things as well. I can say that I know in my heart this was a "show" given and I find the episodes on Cosmic Disclosure to be interesting since I literally felt like I was being led through this situation by unseen forces. I didn't have a feeling of fear, but the feeling like I was being led to film these birds and a feeling as if making sure I captured them. I have had MANY situations happening like this and know it is some form of interaction, I'm just not sure who is behind the scenes. Of course, I have too much of a sense of humor probably because I find everything funny in one way or another but don't want to learn down the road that I was interacting with beings who aren't necessarily on the same side as me when it comes to the spiritual battle.

I do trust my instincts and this experience for sure as one considered way out of the norm for most to comprehend but I really don't seek others opinions as to the validity since I know on a personal level just how "real" all of the experiences I continue to have with various "beings" are. And self directed ~ self leading myself is all I know, is my life as "me" right now. ~hee hee~

I really do thank you for sharing the experience you also had of a "display put on for me by... my higher self? the universe? something like that?" because it helps to know that someone else comprehends what I mean when stating such a thing. I suppose some things truly are "personal" ~hee hee~

Have a Great Day!


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Back in March of this year (although its been happening longer) I was presented with a “bird show”  (if you want to call it that) however, ALL of the “birds” were not only being “projected” somehow, but they were also “posing” as I took video.  I “felt” other “beings” around even though I couldn't see them and the “birds” were ALL different kinds I'd never seen before nor have I seen them since. If not for my intuition, I could have believed these “birds” to have been “real” (which in a way, they were ~ after all, I experienced them). 

The thing is, I was also given a “show” which displayed “beings” along with other very creative scenery that appeared as if it were my back yard yet, my eye for detail quickly recognized the scenery filmed was NOT my actual back yard, even though my back yard is what was filmed!  It sounds crazy, I know, and may not be something for everyone to comprehend right now but I assure you, this was 100% some form of interaction which I believe was “created” for me to not only experience but to catch on film as well because the distortions were too obvious.

Some of the “birds” appeared as if they were just  light while others appeared totally “real” looking in form but it's the “beings” along with the distortions in my own back yard which really blew me away.  I've done intensive investigation on these I've shared and promise, they are most certainly being projected or inserted somehow so I wanted to share and also ask, the question: Any ideas as to WHO might be creating these unique shows? I mean, one of the birds even changes in type of bird along with colors while I filmed it! 

Of course, right around the same time this occurred, there “just so happened to be” an episode on Gaia TVs Cosmic Disclosure where “Tim” describes these holographic type of realities being created by other beings which basically describes exactly what I had just filmed. I put a clip of the show in the video as well for things to make more sense. 

I realize it might be more difficult for you to truly grasp the enormity of what I'm attempting to share because it's WAY out of our normal “3D” type of perception but I've had some pretty interesting experiences with various “beings” and various “projections” in my back yard which has been quite entertaining and with Gosia's video today on “inserts” etc, I felt led to share this with all of you. Of course, the type of “inserts” that she is referring to are different, more physical in nature, but the insertions into my own back yard certainly had the appearance of something “physical” leading me to recognize how even our own eyes can be deceived!

Here is the video:  but I highly recommend watching on a larger sized screen because the cellphones make it more difficult to really see what I'm describing. Like I said above, I've investigated the “birds” in this footage thoroughly and although they appear as just that, “birds” I assure you, they were NOT “birds” as we know them and were in fact “projections” of some form. Of course the Cosmic Disclosure clip provided me with more validation regarding what I was thinking I was seeing, especially when it comes to the “beings” with other scenery in my own woods (woods that WERE appearing as seen in the video but have since returned to the “normal” woods) ~hee hee~ (Jump straight to that part if you want which is around the 17:33 minute mark).

Anyways, I could go on forever with details but was hoping to keep my words short, so for those interested in “projections” or “insertions” ~ there you go. Video for your enjoyment. ~hee hee~

Have a Great Day!


#6 English Forum » It's About Time I Break Out Of My Shell ~ Here's A Fun Song For You! » 2022-05-05 23:24:15

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Y'all wanna know something really weird?  So, I'm an entertainer, a singer to be exact but the strangest thing is that I'm super shy or probably more so ~ an extremely hard critic on myself. I'm trying to break free of these type of characteristics because the truth is, singing is one of the “talents” I've been blessed with and I even have a band I sing with. It's a family band and we've always played together since as long as I can remember. We used to play only Motown or Soul music but the more recent band covers top songs from each generation so all ages are entertained when we play.  I sing anything from songs by Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner as well Reba McEntire, Janis Joplin and much much more.  Anyways, although I have written songs of my own, I've been far too shy to pursue them or even share anything I may have already created but I'm feeling a bit frisky I suppose ~hee hee~ so forgive me if this is inappropriate to even share but I figured we all need more fun, positive and uplifting interactions in order to assist with the “raising of our vibration” so I have one song I'd like to share with all of you. It's a song that all ages can enjoy but I will say, the lyrics were crafted to have different meanings depending on your mentality. ~hee hee~ Nothing harmful, just simply fun. So, while I have the courage, I'd like to share with you (only if you want to listen) one of my songs created back in 2016 which is called “My Kitty”~hee hee~  Enjoy.

#7 Re: English Forum » Pleadian Knowledge new video w/claims of fraud? » 2022-04-20 19:31:51

mitkobs wrote:

The message, the information is all about. The prove is in the information. Same with people who want to have prove for God or Source. Look around, look nature, look your body, realize the insane complexity of it. There you go.
Cabal can manifacture souless clones that look like other real people and ET's. They can make them participate in degrading activities like porn. If there are such clones that look similar that do not prove anything.

I was looking for the exact comment made by Swaruu which basically states what you mention above. Taken from the transcript Extraterrestrial Races: Introduction (Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication) she responds to Gosia's question:

Gosia: Are there Nordics like you all, but negative?
Swaruu: Yes of course there are, but there are also many artificial clones made to appear like us and they are not us, for negative agendas.

#8 Re: English Forum » The Cosmic Agency Reunion Party June 21st 2022! » 2022-03-24 05:50:02

Marc wrote:

As time doesn't exist, I'm already there and I'm having so much fun :-)
Thanks for the organization
So much fun and so much love !

By the way, Dhor Khalel is driving us around the block to have a better look at the Moon and the Earth. Just came back from it, that was awesome.
Also, the Swaruus are on fire on the dance floor, with their new move: "the Multidimensional Shuffle". This is crazy, Yahzy makes a move, disappears and reappears on the side of the floor. She's having a good time making people jump when she's reappearing.
Who's gonna be the Queen and the King of the party... not decided yet. Still voting.
Anéeka is making an impression dancing with her Light Up Flashing LED Sneakers.
Sooner, Suriko and Yahzy were doing a demonstration of their samuraï skills with their beloved kanata. Impressive !
boom booM boOM BoOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, the volume has just been cranked up... Alenyn allowed it :-)
"Pump up the jam, Pump it up, While your feet are stomping.... "
Maaannn, I need a beer... It's a good thing Rachel thought of bringing some non alcoholic IPA, ice cold... now I'm happy! :-)
I'm watching the stars by the hanger's translucid door and I'm thinking "Isn't it the best party ever!  I don't think I'm gonna go back to Earth, but having lived there for a while, makes me appreciate life so much more."

Oh, hey, Anéeka !  Please show me the Star Seeds room. She said: "Later tonight, we organized a visit for you all." I'm so looking forward to seeing Gosia and Mathias, looking at themselves in the pods. Priceless... hummmm... but there is no money over here, so everything is priceless, that's how valuable everything is, here. ;-)

I'm in front of the Suzy ship. "Hi Suzy, could you let me in for a little visit? I'm friend with the Swaruus  ;-)."  The door is opening. I think she likes me. While I'm sitting on the driver's seat, I see Roberto untie his hair, grap his guitar, and begin to sing "Living La Vida Loca". Maannn, the party is on! We have so much fun, I wish you were here.

HAAA!!! That's so awesome! Bravo! Well done! ~hee hee~

#9 English Forum » THIS IS FREAKY! ~ Technological Deceit Being Used! » 2022-03-17 18:46:45

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I've gone over this video extensively before choosing to share because it is so far fetched that our “human minds” are not really prepared for taking this type of thing in as something “Real” yet I assure you, the footage is as “Real” as it gets!  Rather or not the “Beings” I'm sharing in this video are “Real” is another question but I wanted to share with you guys because it's another angle of deception for your learning pleasure. ~hee hee~ 

Also, although I mention Quetzalcoatl as a suggestion in the video, I'm totally aware of what that term actually means or the “what” behind it.  The reason I state the topic is due to the TECHNOLOGICAL DECEIT (or surveillance) which maybe in attempt at my expense, hoping I'd run with it out of FEAR, which I'm of course presenting in the video as quite the opposite ~ “Oh How cute ~ A shape shifting serpent headed bird” ~hee hee~

Yep, you read that correctly!  It's exactly what appears on this video and I find it quite interesting how right at the same time I was considering uploading this footage, I 'just so happened to run across' someone on “GAIA TV's Cosmic Disclosure” describing the technologies used by some of the beings which cameras can pick up on although our “human minds” see something different. (Can you say: Matrix Anyone? ~hee hee~)  I pieced a portion of that interview on the end of the video which you can see here:

#10 Re: English Forum » The Cosmic Agency Reunion Party June 21st 2022! » 2022-03-03 21:17:32

I LOVE IT!  Especially the whole retro, Earth 80ies/90ies theme. Perfect from this personal perspective! Count me IN!

#11 English Forum » Are we living IN the planet or ON the planet? » 2022-03-02 16:38:47

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Now I realize that the most “technical” answer to this question is that it's ALL just “Energy” but from OUR perspective, living as “3D Humans” “in” a world we call “Earth” ~ I'm searching for the most clear and direct answer for something I can visualize both ways. That being, are we living IN the planet or ON the planet?  Is the “Sun” in reality in the “center” along with all of us who have been sorta “shrunk” down to co-exist INSIDE where the rest of everything is actually just “projections” ~ including the stars and planets and the opposite side of the “Sun” leads to the so called “real world” or are we ON the planet, and there actually are “beings” as well as another “Sun” on the inside? Of course it doesn't have to be one way or the other as I'm sure the answer is “Yes” to both scenarios so perhaps I should leave my question just as clear and direct as the answer I'm seeking, therefore:  Are we living IN the planet or ON the planet? ~hee hee~  Thank you.

#12 Re: English Forum » DESIRE OF EXTRACTION » 2022-02-17 20:22:14

I absolutely LOVE each and every one of you so much and I am so very grateful to have this forum for communicating with others who may actually understand where I'm coming from at various times within our experience.  What I've noticed, at least for me personally, is I have a tendency to be going along about my way (la la la la la) but experience EXTREME ups and downs in my mentality, perhaps it's patience ~ whatever. Moral of the story is I find when things are all Happy Sunshine and Rainbows within my spirit, I'm not as vocal, on the forum for example but as soon as I find myself on the opposite end (seemingly associated with beautiful “womanly” process we're so lucky to experience each month ~hee hee~) That's when I'm like “Oh my Gosh, This is so awful, Get me out!” yada yada bla bla bla. 

So having not yet found another person (here in the physical) that is with the same level of comprehension as me that I can at least talk to, I find through venting on the forum, it somehow releases the nonsense I may feel at that moment, although that nonsense doesn't necessarily represent the real me, the true spirit, the core of my essence properly. 

This has me thinking about the entire world in general, especially Social Media sites etc.and how “AI” could become programmed or learn from us yet be learning the complete opposite of what we as a collective may REALLY represent. Sorta like this; If I'm someone who doesn't really speak up that often yet when I do, the messages are always creating my appearance of someone who is complaining or “done with this nightmare” etc, then the only conclusion others will draw about me is “Wow, all she does is complain” or whatever.  Yet, the REAL me, the TRUE person or consciousness I am is absolutely opposite of anything negative and believe it or not, I've even been accused of being too positive about things on various occasions.  (How can someone be too positive ~ HA~)  Too positive because I just don't see “life” the same way others are programmed to see it so, by me NOT participating in situations I feel only promote agendas or stir up negative feelings, I somehow become “not normal” because I won't fall into depressive “what if” thought patterns and instead am considered unrealistic or “too positive” ~hee hee~

It's not that I avoid negative situations, I'm just aware of how THOUGHT CREATES and I choose to not provide more negative input into an already heightened negative situation.

Anyways, I just thought I would come on here to tell you all how much I really do appreciate each and every single one of you and yes, love you all so very much!  We are all at different levels of our awakening process and will all have ups and downs but it really is the balance, acceptance of all the sides of us, negative and positive where the real magic resides or how we do get to truly “know thyself” fully, completely, even recognize our self as “Whole” as opposed to with “Holes” like some of the “Holy” books teach. ~hee hee~

That's it for now.  Thank you so very much for allowing this place to express and Hey, go out and Have yourself a Great Day! ~ding!~

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Done for aka simply pi$$ed off by the situation and wanting to get out ? Or done with what you came for, so you can leave in good terms with the situation ?

Done in ways that may not be understood by most, especially since (for me) re-living the exact same nightmare ~ AGAIN!  So that's at least a double whopping of this nightmare which I remember coming back for, even knew I'd experience this torment, however ~ the amount of misery I'm experiencing this round is FAR BEYOND what most would ever comprehend and there's no way to begin a conversation in hopes to explain. I do appreciate being able to come on and vent to at least you guys.  You're ALL I have. Yet I don't like expressing myself in such a negative light because it's simply not who I am, then again ~ nothing of this experience is who I am, except the role of Beacon of Light ~ which just may be the reason I've experienced so much attention personally. Not like I'm special type of attention, just a great deal of "air traffic" ~ we'll just call it that.  Still, even that doesn't matter or bother me.  It's some form of a darkness causing EXTREMELY low frequencies or something, I can't really be sure but it's not natural and certainly not helping things.

#14 English Forum » DESIRE OF EXTRACTION » 2022-02-14 20:40:40

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I'm not asking out of the mindset of “poor me” but the knowing that I'm just done. I'm done with the whole “3D physical” world ~ Done!  I find no benefit or desire for continuing on. And while each day goes by, I'm finding it harder and harder to exist which of course doesn't help as the law of attraction brings more of the same. Then again, I'm not really believing that because I focus, and focus, and focus daily on connecting to my higher self (not really "higher self" because I AM my higher self but to galactic family) with the aim of making this DESIRE OF EXTRACTION known but of course ~ Nothing! So my question is, if we are merely waiting ~ “doing time” ~ Literally! ~ Then what is the benefit of being forced to remain here (against my will which is exactly the way I feel) and if we die only to wake up in the pod, then what's the difference in just suicide where we, once again, wake up in the pod? Is there something I'm misunderstanding? A reason why we increasingly must experience more and more and more misery? I'm not one to be so negative so I'm very confused as to what's happened? Are some of us literally in every sense of the word "targeted" in hopes to have us in this miserable state? How do we make it stop because you guys, this has gone on WAY TOO LONG! Thank you.

#15 Re: English Forum » star seeds, how we know we are so??? » 2022-02-01 01:00:57

Hello, I don't get on here much but am led to for this moment. I'm led just to say, for what it's worth, I've personally LIVED this EXACT life, this same situation at least once before. I'm coming to grips with the enormity of everything now but think it's of  great importance that people understand what it means to have “Power” ~ I do not say that lightly.  I'm talking “Super-Hero” powers right here, right now, in this moment. 

Although I totally understand that need to be “verified”since I've gone through it and Still go through it myself, I'd really suggest taking only yourself as the “authority” regarding “where you come from” since it's the learning HOW to become something NEW that's of Great Importance. New, Well,  Make it up what that means to you ~ As "they" say ~ The sky's the limit! ~hee hee~

Another consideration to help bridge a gap between yourself and your "other selves" or the "family" your searching for is: Where is your personal ~ “Source Energy” coming from?  Meaning Light!  Which “Light Source” Do you choose to spend Your “time” with?  THE Source, as in “nature”......not just “being in nature” but realizing We ARE nature! ~  That Organic Source?  Or the one you're starring into right now? Of course this is just my comments based on my personal experience which may or may not help but at least I'm able to get on here and comment once again. Thank you. (but for the LAST “time!”) ~hee hee~

#16 Re: English Forum » List of all the Swarruus » 2021-12-31 04:42:23

Happy wrote:

You certainly know about Swaruu Ananda (Swaruu 1) and Swaruupapriananda (Swaruu 2) up to Swaruu of Erra (Swaruu 9), then. And then you know about X (Athena), 11 ("the portal") and 12 (Yazhi Sophia).

Source: Swaruu and Yazhi - Who Are They? (transcript)

I sure don't wanna cause confusion but Isn't Minerva (Hopefully spelled correctly) a "Swaruuian" or is She who your referring to as 11 ("the portal") above?  Perhaps that's an entirely different Swaruuian altogether, or maybe I'm just completely wrong ~hee hee~

#17 English Forum » Question related to time-travel, quantum mechanics and predictions » 2021-12-30 20:36:52

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Hi ~ I have a question related to time-travel, quantum mechanics and predictions and although the topic has been discussed on more than one occasion, I decided to pick one transcript to quote from which is an English translated transcript of a YouTube video posted by Conocimiento Pleyadiano YouTube Channel  titled FROM PLEIADES TO EARTH - UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS - EXPERIENCE OF AN E.T. In which Aneeka comments:

So, although there is time travel as something routine, here, even so, it does not modify what was said before that things only happen once. Because if you go back to live them again, which you can, only as you saw it and you wait for what happens, what happens again, you change it and it turns out different each time.

With that in mind, My question is: IF someone, say for example me b/c I fit this category, say I think I remember living this life before. Am I to sorta conclude based on the above statement that whatever way it is I THINK I REMEMBER having had occurred before ~ CAN NOT happen now or rather, I won't “experience” the same, because you can't "predict" the future ~ it will always be something different? And if that's the case ~ could you say then by "predicting" every single Negative outcome for something would cause those outcomes to NOT happen due to the same principle or does a consciousness have to actually remember having lived through the so called Negative outcome in order for it to have no chance of turning out the same? That's a question. Ha. Does that make sense? Although I realize they ALL occur regardless ~ I'm just speaking on behalf of being the observer and which one we might "physically experience" or not.

Of course, then there's the whole “thought creates” factor which I THOUGHT was suppose to “work” but this situation appears to be exactly as what was “lived” before, even worse! Yikes! That makes it difficult to see any other outcome since it's as if I'm literally living through the same experience thus far but worse since I remember therefore expect a not so good ending or else I wouldn't be here typing ~ questioning the outcome once more.  Then again, since I am here typing, questioning the outcome because I do have only memories of negative outcomes, would that mean the experience will NOT be of a negative outcome simply because I've not yet experienced a positive one? Hopefully this makes sense and Thank you for any input.

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Hello everyone. I've kept silent ~ not because of my own personal desire, but I digress..... However, tonight, just now, I've finally been hit with the last time I should have to endure the type of attacks I'm experiencing and I mean CHEMICAL!!! This is VERY real and VERY SERIOUSLY HAPPENING! As just now, I was outside doing what I do ….. Alone, everyone is asleep yet once I exercise then begin to meditate, BAM! Not 1, but 2 of those stinking planes come exactly over my head and spray the freaking stuff and ONLY over my head!  What the crud dude!  (I'm sorry, I'm jut a little sick of this, that's all so let me explain)  I already deal with an ENORMOUS amount of attacks daily which are unbelievably impossible to describe and something I would NEVER wish on my worst enemy. Of course, I've never really considered myself to have “enemies” ~ I just don't hold that type of mindset but apparently, I am an “enemy” to others as I've somehow become the recipient of massive negative attention which comes in the form of surveillance planes, birds and chemical weapons from the sprays which are a 100% deliberate attack on me personally. Please understand as I write this, I am in no way wanting to come across as “egotistical” or something as it is NOT in my nature at ALL to hold those type of ideas so when I tell you these things, I'm coming from a place of the reality that I am experiencing and even experiments I've performed to verify these personal attacks.

I do know I am either one of the Taygetans who incarnated here or I'm one of another positive races who came with the training prior to incarnating. I've always known I was like “reporting” to someone or somewhere else through my entire life and question rather or not this existence right now is an actual repeat or if I'm just remembering the “training” to such a degree that I believe it's me repeating the life. Regardless, I don't remember “who” I am but do feel I'm possibly someone of more value than even I could imagine. I tell you this because I believe the ones we call “They” know exactly who I am or maybe where I come from etc and it's somehow related to our frequency which can be seen from above.

I know this will probably become very long if I am to describe the reasons why I'm now in the situation  I find myself to be so please bare with me and understand, this is extremely difficult because negativity isn't my expertise and I don't like to represent myself in such a way however, I've been alone in this for so very long now that I have no choice but to reach out for assistance. Maybe just the action of expressing the various things I'm encountering will help but it's a lot.

Back around the 2015 time frame (give or take) I began to notice NONSTOP planes and other craft that would CONSTANTLY fly over my house and black helicopters, other helicopters or craft that I can't even describe as it's not in my vocabulary to understand the difference in some of these things but I was very naive, still holding the “Jesus” belief system (outwardly although the real, inside me didn't resonate so much) and I even created this huge sign out of Christmas lights aimed up to the sky saying “Jesus Can Save You” (~hee hee~) I didn't know who or what I was talking to ~ I just thought it was in a way, funny because I enjoyed the interaction as I watched these MANY craft come over and I would take pictures of them etc.  I had NO CLUE about the extent of what it is we are dealing with back then so this was all just innocent on my part but I gotta say, the footage of video or pictures etc would produce these huge ~ huge lights from under the craft as they would fly over. Sometimes red, sometimes white and almost like the craft themselves were taking pictures. I can't say for sure but it wasn't like a constant light they would show.  More so a flash of some sort produced once flying over. I became extremely involved in filming using telescopes, various cameras and more and do have a great deal of footage but it was 2018 when something happened.

I lived with my husband and 3 sons in this house I described above but somehow, 2018 came along and I began to feel “not right” is the only way to describe it.  The relationship with my husband was NEVER one of a benefit and although I'd never been really “happy” I could at least perform functions and had some sort of purpose maybe ~ I struggle for the correct descriptions here for explanation but it is of importance so bare with me as I work through this storyline. What I will describe has both positive yet perhaps negative reasons behind what is going on. The positive side is I did something I NEVER would have ever dreamed of doing which was leave my husband and move back in with my parents. I say “never would have done” because I was still “asleep” at that time so the programming of my life being as it was, wife of abusive husband, was still in full effect yet I feel like I was almost “moved” supernaturally. HA!  I don't know what else to call it but that because I felt as if I was in a fog of sorts and just somehow, woke up living back with my parents. I have amazing parents and our whole family are musicians so we've always had a family band in which I am a lead singer. Music is our life but when I say “something happened” I mean something has happened that has stripped me of the joy of expression and music and passion for anything. I would say it's the move but I know it is not. I'm talking something much deeper and seemingly more negative in its way as I do not feel I am “me” anymore.

Please don't read into my words as if I'm expressing egotistical ideas because I no longer have time for anything but expression of truth and the truth is ~ I KNOW myself to be here on this planet as some form of energetic positive node. I can feel the joy, the love, the childlike nature as it flows out of me because I've never rid myself of the child like expression or fallen victim to the “3D” caged mind yet am now thinking it is this very trait, this childlike joy of expression that has brought upon a very real darkness which includes the surveillance planes, birds and yes ~ MULTIPLE chem-plane attacks. When I say chem-plane attacks, I do not mean the type of chemtrails or planes we see all of the time now with the lines in the skies etc.  I mean some form of craft that appear out of nowhere and spray intentionally and directly over my head with the intent on their part for whatever they're spraying to land in, on and around me. That's EXACTLY what just happened now!  Sometimes these chemicals are of orange or red looking colors, sometimes white but most certainly being done as a DIRECT personal attack as these planes shouldn't ever be allowed to even be this close to land, much less over a person! I do have LOADS of footage but that would be of multiple “regular” chem-planes which are a constant but the ones I'm referring to are so quick and come from out of nowhere that I don't even have time to grab a camera.

I have not lost my mind, I have done multiple “tests” or experiments using frequencies of both me personally and frequencies through technological devices. I promise you ~ something is wrong! It's as if I want to do all sorts of things but my body, my physical body won't.  I find myself “stuck” as in literally stuck, frozen, off in some form of daze where I have to literally force myself to “snap out of it” then continue walking, for example. Going anywhere, doing anything, ACTING as I would normally want to act seems well, hijacked! I realize we can have “entities”and am sure something is going on there but what I am describing is FAR WORSE than “entities” as it's the physicality being attacked somehow and it is becoming so very difficult for me to even carry on like this.

I am not the type who usually falls into sadness but this is growing worse and worse to the point where it's SO extremely, overwhelmingly torturous that my every day existence is merely survival through the misery, seeking anything that will bring comfort, anything that can restore passion, fighting myself for rights to myself!  This is very VERY sick, wrong, awful and I only wish there was someone who understood the intensity of torment I'm talking about.

I realize how the “law of attraction” works and how our thoughts create etc but I'm also someone coming from a family line whose motto is “Accent the Positive” and known to be uplifting for others. I can't have negative thoughts for long as they just don't stick around here (~hee hee~) which has me even more concerned because there is no reason I should be experiencing such extreme disconnect and I just can't express how sad I am inside where you could even understand the magnitude of what I'm attempting to describe. I go to sleep but wake up and it's like the most awful, awful unload of “NOOOOO” followed by tears and tears and more tears because I woke up and I'm here once more.

I live out in the country on land in Texas with a pond, forest, all of the most amazing animals and critters etc with a perfect view of the Sun and then all planets etc which make their path right out our back door. I'm a born and raised Texan so basically, I'm not in nature ~ I am nature! I work with crystals daily, meditate constantly but find it very hard to even leave my property to do the basics like shopping! It's as if I'm somehow forced to just stay put right here.  This is just so difficult to feel like I'm explaining properly where it's truly understood.  I know there are “cabal” who read this forum because awhile back, I wrote and explained how I remembered living this life before and I explained what happened that time but soon after posting those stories, I was psychically invaded HEAVILY and it was NOT something I appreciated at all. But I also don't appreciate being “targeted” if you want to call it that ~ I just don't know anymore but I can't continue much longer in this manner either. Rather or not it is me being hijacked (against my will ~ not consented!) through use of their graphene technology is certainly on the table for discussion especially since many of my personal experiments would HAVE to have a form of SOMETHING involved in order for some of the results I'm getting to be achieved.  Experiments involving frequencies and exercise! Also intense focus, that brings in many of the birds I've mentioned. Not focus on birds, just focus as if like meditating.

I could go on but have certainly said enough. I'm not even sure if there are answers for me at this point. But I gotta say, I am 49 years old. Although I realize we each make our own decisions ~ “free-will universe” supposedly, for all 49 years … ALL of them.... Not ONCE have I lived making decisions that would be considered “real, authentic Gina” and what I mean is absolutely every single decision, from marriage, to children, to choices for personal desires, you name it ~ EVERY SINGLE THING has been 100% OPPOSITE of what the “Real Gina” would do! Everything! Almost as if every decision was on purpose made to be directly opposite of my true self! Now don't get me wrong with the children stuff, we're all adults here so let's be adult in the discussion. Of course I LOVE my children! But what I mean is in the life itself. I'm 49 years old and only now ~ ONLY NOW am I “awake” only now am I able to understand anything to a degree necessary to make proper decisions and I can tell you that each and every single thing I've gone through has been 100% opposite of any regular decision I would normally make!  That is a very long time to EXIST in a false existence that represents NOTHING of who you really are so to now “wake up” to what's happening only to be paralyzed basically causing me to not even be able to be “real Gina” if I wanted to is not only frustrating, it's down right evil at the core!  This hurts my feelings deeply as I want nothing but to go home yet ~ I am “Home” according to other people's perceptions. For me, this place is NOT Home, regardless of how comfortable the environment ~ Home is where the heart is and my Heart longs for the HOME IT BELONGS TO!

Are we supposed to just continue like this? If our bodies are “infected” with the graphene or we're continually being coated in the stuff from the sprays and more, do we have to kill the bodies or just wait for the product to do it for us?   When people talk of the Sun giving Solar Flares, could that provide a sorta world wide “emp” to knock it out of everyone? Do our “higher self equivalents” KNOW the misery we may feel or experience?  Do they realize the extent to what it is we're experiencing because this is not good.  Don't get me wrong, even living a life 100% opposite of “real Gina” hasn't killed my spirit. Nor do the attacks, nor do the chem-planes, nor do the entities, nor does the tremendous amount of loneliness ~ I STILL express my joy in the air (then get sprayed ~hee hee~) I STILL get the videos of UFOs that I  film daily posted (eventually) I STILL share information (regardless of the intense amount of pressure I feel placed on me to stay silent) and I will continue to cheer on the birds and the planes as they fly over (even though they're up to no good ~hee hee~) But there comes a point when enough is enough, a soul or person, a point of attention ~ call it what you want, can only take so much and for me, that point passed by a long time ago so please, from the bottom of my heart I am seeking, asking, needing real intervention because helping a civilization is one thing, but that's not what's happening at all!  It's more like falling for a trap where they are now taking advantage at our expense and this just isn't right.  Regardless of any person, or being, no one should ever have to endure this ~ ever!   Thank you for allowing me to vent if nothing else. I sorta hope none of you have similar stories because this has been awful and truly, I wouldn't want for others to be experiencing the same. But bringing this full circle I've gotta ask ~ What is up with these chem-planes attacking citizens?  Are any of you experiencing the same?

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Gosia has posted the interview she did with Kerry from back in 2018 (posted Jan 2019) which is of her interviewing Kerry. Fast Forward and it will be Kerry interviewing Gosia. Ha!  Here's the link in case anyone's interested:

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WXMM wrote:

Will even be able to return to the time before being kidnapped.

What about being returned to the time BEFORE being inoculated? Just a thought.

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Hooray Happy Day!  (Best Birthday EVER! ~hee hee~)

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NW Fergie wrote:

Thank you for sharing this.

Sure. But I say Thank you for sharing on the topic as well.  I've considered the same, meaning QHHT but haven't fully acted upon it yet. I did go for a "consultation" but for no real reason at all, Ive found myself not returning even though I'm ready to learn or explore more of who I am etc and trust the lady I spoke with. So I say Thank you for reminding me of how powerful of a tool that can be and I'd enjoy any updates you may learn on your journey as it helps us all learn . ~ding~

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Hello ~ I may not have memories or similar experiences I can share insights from however, I thought I'd point out the video/transcript titled: "Reptilian Cabal Experiments: Swaruu Extraterrestrial Woman from Pleiades Speaks Out (Biology 2)" which does discuss some of what you mention. Here's a portion of the transcript that you may find interesting:

"Most people relate abductions with something negative, but the abductions that I will call "original" for lack of a better name are always positive. One of species that abducts the most are variants of the small Grays. It must be understood that at least 165 different species of Grays have been registered with innumerable sub-species among them. Most have a biology based on botany, that is, from the strictly genetic point of view they are plants. But there are also silicon-based, Carbon-based similar to the human and artificial-robotic and biological-robotic, and these last two are mostly in the service of regressive negatives.

These benevolent little Grays have as their agenda the care of biology on Earth and are commonly known as Gardeners. When someone is abducted by them, they can easily be mistaken for the negative ones by being tactless and very inconsiderate and very abrupt in their procedures. They act very mechanically with the sole intention of ending the procedure quickly because they have many more to do at the same night.

But they should not be confused with robotic grays in the service of negatives. These are specifically designed to try to pass themselves off as benevolent gardeners. The most notorious difference is that the positive Gardeners always work alone while the Robotics will have another race supervising them, usually humanoid-MILAB, mantis or reptile.

What they do, among other things, is to return or repair the genetics of a body in accordance with what the adma inside it needs so that it can continue or end its life plan satisfactorily.

They alter the nuclear DNA of the bone marrow so that they can generate stem cells that are consistent with the basis of the body's normal process of cell duplication and regeneration to be consistent with a specific frequency that the Gardeners already have.

How exactly they do all this is sensitive material because the negative ones could apply it.

They will adapt genetically and in specific frequency, both the nuclear and mitochondriatic DNA in the ovules and in the body of a woman so that she can support the necessary frequency and genetics of her future daughter or son, which they already know who and how it will be, this mostly if the product is of the higher admatic frequency than the mother, as in a case when a human mother will give birth to a starseed, although it is not a fixed rule and depends on each case. This can happen many decades before pregnancy or just before. In the same way, they will also adapt the genetics of the father so that it is in accordance with what has already been planned from the etheric plane, and in this case, it can also happen decades earlier.

They also adapt a body that will no longer use a soul or adma that by its own plans from before birth will leave a healthy body and adapt it so that another adma can use it in a "walk-in" way:"

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I realize this is the Spanish forum so forgive me as I only write in English but I still wanted to say ~ that is the most beautiful and encouraging story I've read in a long time. Thankyou for sharing you're experience and reminding me, if not everyone of the abilities within us all. It's through those individual stories that we each gain pieces to our individual puzzle which leads us closer to understanding the collective puzzle as well. Thanks again and Have a Great Day!

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The information comes out of the "Voyagers ~ The Secrets of Amenti" (Volume 2) book series written by Ashayana Deane. I've got a copy in my lap. ~hee hee~  Interesting material and probably contains some truth or (like everything else) it's more like truth with distortions mixed in.  ~ding!~

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