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#1 English Forum » European Court of Human Rights » 2021-02-02 08:35:45

Tommi On The Gig
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European Court of Human Rights has decided next:
Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations

7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves;

7.3.2 ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated;

#4 Re: English Forum » Worldwide 5G map by Ookla » 2020-11-11 07:10:37 … echnology/
Italy over 600 municipalities reject 5G slowing the spread of the harmful technology

Italy: 5G networks projects have been stalled due to concerns over health dangers that the biased media claims are “conspiracy theories”, and Italy’s complex bureaucracy. Rules vary from one region to another, or even from one municipality to another, which has blocked 5G companies from obtaining permits. Protests have been held against the new technology in Italian cities. Roll out of 5G is dependent on if the government maintains tax incentives for companies investing in digitization and automation. Telecom Italia is offering 5G in nine cities including Rome, Turin, Naples and Florence.

#5 Re: English Forum » Dr.Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell » 2020-11-10 14:23:52 … 17468.html

A recount of voting ballots nationwide was being done by elite units of the National Guard by early Sun. morning 8 Nov. To prevent fraud official ballots had been printed with an invisible, unbreakable code watermark and registered on a Quantum Blockchain System.

As of this writing, in five states 14 million ballots had been put through a laser scanner – 78% of which failed because there was no watermark to verify the ballot. Of those that failed 100% had checked for Biden.

An initial test showed that according to water marks on validated ballots fed into the Quantum Computer, Trump won re-election by over 80% of the legal ballot cast. The final validated vote tallied in that test: Trump 73.5 million votes to Biden’s 25.9 million – and that didn’t even account for Trump votes that people observed being tossed and never accounted for.

Interesting enough, those figures corresponded with the two men’s Twitter accounts: Trump had 88.8 million followers to Biden’s 16.6 million.

#7 Re: English Forum » Worldwide 5G map by Ookla » 2020-11-07 09:40:29

There is products to cover home for radiation. This site is in Finnish language.

#8 Re: English Forum » Dr.Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell » 2020-11-06 20:36:10


#9 Re: English Forum » Dr.Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell » 2020-11-06 14:32:38

Biden and Kamala Harris. A Finnish word kamala translate in english = horrible.

#11 English Forum » Dr.Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell » 2020-11-06 09:15:12

Tommi On The Gig
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Dr. Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell exclusively on The War Room. Dr. Pieczenick claims that election ballots across America have been watermarked and the Democrats will be exposed when they attempt to cheat!

#12 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2020-11-02 11:55:01

magicalex wrote:
Robert369 wrote:

There's nothing magic about this virus, especially since it can be fought using all the simple standard household means that work against regular flu, e.g. Sleep/Warmth, Vitamin C, H2O2, CDS/MMS, etc.. This was only different at the very beginning when it was new to China, because it contained a DNA portion against Asian races - but the peoples' bodies quickly adapted and by that made the virus useless.

the majority of people  died are old but some ppl die at 30', 40' too, I'm not into medical field, from what i've heard the chinese lab created this lethal virus to reduce world population, 5G doesn't transmit from body to body but the virus does.

I understood what Robert said was that 5G radiation drop the immune system down so it was also possible for young people to have this C-19 what they would not have received under other circumstances.

#13 Re: English Forum » Troubleshooting » 2020-11-01 07:53:19

How long can i be logged in to the forum, the system has thrown out a few times already when there has been a little more to write.

#14 Re: English Forum » is Samjase connected to Swaruu ? » 2020-11-01 07:05:06

magicalex wrote:


I did a lot of research regarding Billy Meier encounter with the Pleyades in the 80".
one of them was the frequent visit of Samjase who is from Erra/ Targeta.

-how much she is connected to Swaruu ?
-do they come from the same planet? the same timeline ?
-why Samjase doesn't visit or contact anymore Billy ?

in one the meetings, Billy met Pataah, father of Samjase, Billy was shown the destruction of San Francisco after the Big One.
can Swaruu confirm if this event will occur in our lifetime the next 20 years?

what's Swaruu mission on EArth?

Also, can she confirm if the Reptilians and or Dracos still control our planet?



I think their names were Ptaah and Semjase?

#15 Re: English Forum » Five Questions For The Galactic Federation of Planets » 2020-10-31 06:35:26

magicalex wrote:
Rauthschild wrote:

  the "original" Rothchilds were Black and came out of the ghettos of France.

The word or name Rothschild's Mayor comes from the term Rauthschild's, however, the Old Moorish Emporos- Merchants of Bretane/British Empire were designated Rahsheed/Rashid, an epithet of the Leading Commercial Giants of W. Europe.

Today's Rothschild is the CIA [> Anglo-Saxon Nazi-Zionist Jews], which has hijacked Black people's wealth, companies, and Identity all over the world. 

Rauthschild = Royal Children's assets!

Rothschilds are black and from France, are you kidding me ?

the origin of the Rothschild is from black sea, black mobility.Khazar … ian-mafia/

please do some research



Very comprehensive link. I too have read that this genus is native to the black sea area so they can not be black people.

#16 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2020-10-30 08:25:21 … aningless/
Bulgarian Pathology Association Says COVID-19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless
Why is the Covid-19 Death Rate So Low?

#18 Re: English Forum » Is the 5G radiation getting stronger? » 2020-10-27 13:43:52

When 3G arrives in Finland  Jorma Ollilas (Nokia) wife were the authoritative who decided on fields strenghts then. So we have have a long tradition of such thing. thus, field strengths were at least ten times higher than elsewhere in Europe.
About 20 years ago I worked with three different operators here in Finland.  So I can say I know something about cell phone issues.
Luckily those 5G is quite weak here where I live. House is located the edge of the 4G network.

#19 Re: English Forum » Is the 5G radiation getting stronger? » 2020-10-27 07:21:33

Yashar wrote:

Hello Gosia and everyone else!

There is an important question I would like to ask. I live in Germany and many people I know have been feeling VERY different in the past few days, myself included. We suddenly got strong headaches, are feeling nauseous, dizzy and very weak. It can't be a coincidence. Even people who live far away from me are experiencing the exact same thing. My guess is that they are starting to make 5G stronger; maybe because there are many people allegedly getting sick from coronavirus to make it look like the second wave is actually coming. Or to just lower our frequency a lot. Do the Taygeteans maybe know what this could be about and if my guess is true? Or if there is another reason behind it? And does anyone from different countries experience the same Symptoms? Thank you!

~ Yashar

Hello Yashar
My friend said he had received several messages from people who believed they had been subjected to an electromagnetic shock here in Finland. This is just over a month away. 5G is very fast here in Finland but only in small areas. Another friend tested 5G in the center of a city and download speed what he got was 920 Mbps and upload speed 70 Mbps. … an-health/

A recent European Parliament report (PE 646.172 March 2020) states: "Several studies suggest that 5G appears to be harmful to humans, plants, animals, insects and microbes, and as 5G technology has not been tested in practice, it would be wise to proceed cautiously."

According to OECD STATISTICS, Finland uses the most wireless networks in the world. Finland's official RF (microwave) limit values are remarkably high compared to many other countries. The lowest limit value is 1 mW / m2 in Liechtenstein, 24 mW / m2 in Luxembourg and Ukraine, 100 mW / m2 in Toronto, China, Italy, Poland and Russia, 42.5-95 mW / m2 in Switzerland and 10,000 mW / m2 in Finland.

So you can see that in Finland we have at least 100 times powerful wireless network here. a hundred times more electromagnetic microwave radiation than anywhere else.

#20 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-10-26 18:54:21

Robert369 wrote:
Tommi On The Gig wrote:

So it is not possible to transfer the link?

You assume links, but it is about files which are on my private server and hence cannot be linked.

Tommi On The Gig wrote:

Why they removed those 14 books from the bible?

You either have to ask the Vatican to get an answer because only they can know for sure, or you understand what the Vatican is about and how they work, then knowing that they remove anything that could "accidentally" empower people.

It was a rhetorical question ?

#21 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-10-26 09:47:47

Robert369 wrote:
Tommi On The Gig wrote:

Glad to read that link if you put one in this thread.

I just looked those transcripts up, and they are not on but instead are English translated versions of some Spanish videos. I put them up on my private server, to which links do not work. If you want to have a look at them, you best sign up on my server where I provide them. See my signature for details on that.

So it is not possible to transfer the link? … ation.html
The Vatican removed 14 books from the bible in 1684 with no real explanation

Why they removed those 14 books from the bible?

#22 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-10-26 07:01:02

For example, in the US alone, there are 300 different Christian groups, each of which says they are right about who Jesus was. So there are 300 different versions of the life of Jesus. 300 different truths about his life on Earth.

Religions are based on dogmas.
Glad to read that link if you put one in this thread.

#24 Re: English Forum » JESUS - DID OR NOT HE EXIST? WHO WAS BEHIND HIM? » 2020-10-25 20:02:26

Jesus was consecrated to a high degree. He did not die on the cross. The disciples bribed the guards so I've heard from a reliable source.

#25 Re: English Forum » Are the Biblical Books True? » 2020-10-23 16:19:53

That's right. All writings are man-made. Meny of these writings years or decades after happenings. Some writings are taken away and replaced other.

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