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#1 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2021-05-25 16:02:18

I cannot recall really HOW I found Gosia, Swaruu and the Taygetan Team; I can only recall when and why.  I had been asking my team in the unseen and researching for some time the nature of my origins before this life because I've always had a definite sense of not belonging here, tho I had a distinct affinity for the Earth - I could 'hear' her, tho I don't quite know how to explain this; but as much as I could hear her, I could also feel the pull of 'somewhere out there' and spent a lot of time out under the stars with my trusty ol' telescope feeling torn between somewhere underground or inside the earth and somewhere out among the stars.  And since childhood, I've been aware of the 'me' that observes my life vs my human 'me' that lives it and I've also always felt this bone aching weariness and wanting to go home, so very tired; even as a little one, I'd cry to my parents that I want to go home and they thought I was confused because I was literally tired and they'd tell me "but, honey, you ARE home, we're at home in our house right now, you just need to sleep". When the 'plandemic' began in 2020, I had lots of time to get serious about my questions, the Pleiades began to pop up in everything around me, so my inner sceptic got interested and then Taygeta figured greatly in my dreams and seemingly everywhere I went on the internet.  I also around this time began to see 11:11, 22:22 and 00:00 a lot; I knew by this stage that coincidence is a myth and these numbers were being shown to me for a reason and that it had to do with my fragmented memories of other lives, times and places and who I am, beginning to return more fully as these sequences showed up just when I'd been connecting the dots in some memory or other or when I 'heard' an answer to a question I had, etc.  One day I had a meditation session where I 'met' some of my guides on a ship in orbit which was different for me as usually the memories were earth based - I identified the ship crew as Pleiadian, tho I don't recall if they actually said that name.  I said to my guides that I required clearer direction regarding this Pleiadian connection and I heard Taygeta again. I carried on with my day and I then sat down to watch a lecture on something unrelated and dozed off - as all serious researchers do LOL!  I awoke suddenly to YouTube playing (I always have 'autoplay' off) by itself.  It was a video by Cosmic Agency that has since been removed, I think - I don't recall the title.  I happened to glance at the time and it was 22:22.  I saw the note to watch videos from the first one, followed that and even tho it seemed to be more than a few minutes while I was deciding whether or not this was good information, when I started the beginning video it was still 22:22.  And I could hear my team cheering.  So naturally I followed the recommendation from the voices in my head, accepted that I was probably nuts and binge watched over the course of several months (I have children and a life - sort of lol!) until I was all caught up.  There were many times I had to step away, process, feel my gut, look to resonance and intuition, but I always came back to it because my guides wouldn't leave it be.  Swaruu's story is especially important to me tho I can't quite see why.  I don't completely understand my connection to this information, to your people, Gosia, but there is one and I hope to know more fully soon what it all means.  Thank you so much for all you do, for this information and for being you, here, at this time with those of us who are 'boots on the ground', Gosia.  And many thanks also to the Team in orbit.

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