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#1 English Forum » My dream paradox » 2022-04-07 22:17:38

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I have found a very interesting paradox in my lucid dreams that I would like to share with you.

When I became interested in lucid dreaming I started to ask myself during the day the question "Am I dreaming?" as much as possible. Eventually that spilled over to my dreams. The first time that happened I looked up to the sky and thought "No this cannot be a dream because all of this is too real." but then realized that I was indeed dreaming. So then I came to the conclusion that my dreamworld is just as real to me as the "real" world. What I experience in my dreams is definitely "me" - with the same preferences, desires, and insecurities as I have in real life.

In real life I am unable to walk. My lower legs cannot stretch out due to trauma from an accident I had 5 years ago. The maximum angle of my legs is too large to strand on and I have to use a wheelchair to get around. I also have a damaged inter-vertebral disc causing me a lot of pain while sitting. I really do not like the limitation and pain of this broken body.

Sometimes I dream that I am using a wheelchair like in real life. When that happens my body feels like my body does now and I can remember in my dreams what caused me to be in a wheelchair. However in most of my dreams I have a normal body and no memory of ever being in a wheelchair. This is the paradox. It appears to me that whenever I dream, I experience different versions of "me" each with a different history that does not fit any experience I had in my past or ever can have in my future.

I was wondering if those dreams I have are maybe experiences from other timelines where I did not end up in a wheelchair, and so have no memory of ever been in one.

#2 Re: English Forum » Universal Peace Conference » 2022-04-03 22:17:01


I have published my presentation "Mind Warfare of the Cabal". It also mentions the Taygetean Lab Report about nanotechnology in the papaya shots: … -UPC2022:6

<-- Reference documents -->

Associated Masonic Orders:

Knights Templar Priests 2016 Year Book:

La Quinta Columna microscope research:

Dr Frank Zalewski research: … ish-Subs:1

Serum Analyzed by Taygetan Lab:

Full 3 hour Mind Warfare panel session at UPC2022:

#3 Re: English Forum » QFS - Quantum Financial System, Gold backed currency. » 2022-03-31 13:56:40

mnikolas491 wrote:

All aliens on the planet have been scanned and their locations have been determined. All aliens of the negative destructive direction are removed from the planet and the solar system.

Sounds to me like a space-variant of Q fairy tales.

#4 Re: English Forum » QFS - Quantum Financial System, Gold backed currency. » 2022-03-31 12:19:54

I think we have to totally let go of any financial- or credit system on Earth. It is inevitable if humanity is going to evolve past this point. A gold-backed financial system like GESARA is just as negative/service-to-self as a financial system backed by gold.

Gold is in abundance all over the universe. The Cabal's SSP can just import large quantities of extraterrestrial gold to inflate the markets just like they did with printing money out of nothing.

#5 Re: English Forum » Questions to HRH Alenym? » 2022-02-20 22:40:33

I would like to know which alien race is supplying the Cabal with the nanotechnology found in the papaya shots.

#6 Re: English Forum » Universal Peace Conference » 2022-02-18 05:54:47

The live stream will also be available on this YouTube channel:

#7 English Forum » Universal Peace Conference » 2022-02-15 20:28:41

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This saturday, during the Universal Peace Conference, I will be a guest speaker on the Mind Warfare session. I am going to explain the Cabal and the hidden alien interference in current world events.

You are all welcome to join.

Mind Warfare session at UPC2022

At the Universal Peace Conference 2022 (18-20 February) at the Mind Warfare session we will host 3 speakers:

■ Judyth Vary Baker

■ Crystal C.C. Goh

■ Kian369

The Mind Warfare session is planned on Saturday (19th February) at:
* 11:50-14:30 UTC (UK)
* 12:50-15:30 UTC+1 (Central Europe)
* 17:20-20:00 UTC+5:30 (India)

■ Register for the conference and find the full schedule:

■ Event is open and free of charge.

■ Everyone is welcome to speak freely straight from the heart!

■ Online event on Zoom – LINK:

■ Join also Sunyoga Telegram for updates:

#MindWarfare  #UPC2022 #UniversalPeaceConference2022 #UniversalPeaceConference #UniversalPeace #Peace

#8 Re: English Forum » New movie: Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe » 2022-01-11 07:14:06

DarkOwl wrote:

That was a very instructive video Kian369. I loved your explanation of gravity which was new to me.
I might sit down to watch your FESIG chat on anti-gravity later. You teach well smile … avity-of:b

Thank you :-)

#9 Re: English Forum » New movie: Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe » 2022-01-10 18:32:26

gobuta wrote:

Good video, thank you. The following video (I assume you have already posted it elsewhere on this forum) is very well done as well

Thank you :-)

#10 English Forum » New movie: Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe » 2022-01-10 15:32:53

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Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe

Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe

A mind-blowing movie about the source, cause and function of the universe and the resulting effect of gravity.

It explains the limits of Human perception and the universe that is beyond perception. Then it explains the fundamental forces of the universe that create atoms, magnetism and the effect of gravity. … Universe:f

#11 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2021-11-25 14:27:06

I'm am not an expert but it appears to me that Kim is in the same category as Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward as a Space-Q variant. That is my gut feeling. I could be wrong. If it helps people to organize locally - great. But I don't see much value in following her for things that may or may not be happening.

#12 Re: English Forum » Black Eyed Babies » 2021-11-24 20:54:59

Genoveva wrote:

@Jim Stav, you are absolutely correct. The greys can only exist as long as the cause of their existence still exists.

The Greys being here to safequard their timeline is something that always has been on my mind. Swaruu said that the small greys are plant like biosuits. Coincidentally researchers find artificially created (carbon-aluminium-barium based) Hydra Vulgaris, which is a plant based life form that cannot die, in the injection fluid.

Here is a Grey that claims to be a genetically altered descendant of Humanity:

I cannot say whether the recording is authentic or not.

#13 Re: English Forum » I know who is part of the Cabal in the Dark » 2021-11-19 12:09:34

This is a wall of text. Can you please reformat it in alineas?

#14 English Forum » Black Eyed Babies » 2021-11-17 18:09:49

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What do you think about the reported births of Black Eyed Babies from parents who (supposedly) both have been vaxxed? … hing..vd:a

To me they seem to be operating on a different frequency then humans. Could they be souls from the ET race that is pushing us these Gen-therapy injections?

#15 English Forum » Presentation: Anti-gravity and the nature of the universe » 2021-10-21 11:17:59

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In response to my earlier article about anti-gravity I was asked to give a presentation for the 93rd FESIG meeting. The presentation is now online:

From the video description:

Kian 369 who is a computer programmer by profession and has spent a lifetime researching the secret of anti-gravity. In July 2021 he recorded a public notice to the extra-terrestrial United Federation of Planets, challenging their secret interference with Earth. When he listed a no. of disclosure demands, one of them being, Item no. 4. Release to Humanity of all knowledge and technology hidden from Humanity by the Cabal, which caught Crystal's attention to get him to speak at FESIG.

Kian did a mind-blowing presentation on 'Anti-Gravity & the Nature of the Universe'. He worked hard on putting together such a well illustrated and animated presentation that Crystal commented it is one of the best she has seen.

Kian369 explained the source, cause and function of the universe and the resulting effect of gravity. The presentation explains the limits of our Human perception and goes on to explain the universe that is beyond our perception. When we come to an understanding of objective reality we look at the fundamental forces of the universe that create atoms, magnetism and the effect of gravity. Once this is understood he brought the audience though exploring and explaining how the different engine designs could cancel this effect of gravity, most notably the Otis T. Carr’s OTC-X1 flying craft design and the CARET Q4-86 Research Report.

Listen in to the rest for lots more details from Kian! Then we had the Q&A session co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle.

#16 Re: English Forum » Warning to the controllers of Earth » 2021-10-20 15:48:25

Kosminen Seikkailija wrote:

You sound like this 777Alaje from Youtube. So...are you him?

No I am not smile

#17 Re: English Forum » Warning to the controllers of Earth » 2021-10-20 15:45:35

mitkobs wrote:

Great video! There is an explicit footage with many opened dead bodies in a clinic for organ harvesting. You have to put some warning in the beggining of the video for this.

There is a warning at the beginning of the video. It says:


This video contains proof of crimes against Humanity.

I do not look away from Evil.

Once seen, they cannot be unseen.

Watch at your own risk.

#18 English Forum » Warning to the controllers of Earth » 2021-10-20 00:00:02

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Hello everyone,

This warning video needs to be sent to the Taygetean team and the Federation with the greatest urgency: … of-Earth:5

This video cannot be posted on YouTube.

#19 Re: English Forum » The secret of antigravity explained » 2021-09-10 06:38:34

Robert369 wrote:

Sorry, but this is neither a technical forum nor a suitable place for such information. Just so you know: Every single post in this forum is google'able by content and author.

But since you also are on my private server, feel free to discuss this there. smile

I think this information should be publicly available to everybody and not be confined to a private server :-)

#20 Re: English Forum » The secret of antigravity explained » 2021-09-09 13:41:59

Robert369 wrote:

But there's way more to this than just anti-gravity, because if one not only applies the magnetic field but also the electric field, the effects of such construction can do way more.

Interesting, can you explain further?

#21 Re: English Forum » The secret of antigravity explained » 2021-09-09 13:01:50

In the latest video by Pleiadian Knowledge, Yazhi confirms my theory that the effect of anti-gravity is caused by counter-rotating a magnetic field:

#23 Re: English Forum » Galactic Federation - CIA Control & Fake Alien Invasion » 2021-07-10 00:11:34

Greer is advocating that all ET's are friendly and no regressive ET's exist. He is clearly working on the fake alien salvation thing the Swarunians are warning against.

#24 Re: English Forum » Important legal questions for Gosia and the Taygetean team » 2021-06-25 15:14:29

CHARCOtranquilo wrote:

If you really want to appeal to a GF court with the legal standards of any nation on earth or international law on earth, you are wasting your time.

I don't think so. In one of Gosia's last videos it was revealed that the Federation follows Space Law, which is similar to Maritime Law on earth. I happen to know Maritime Law and think that may be the best path to follow in order to remove the Cabal as an intermediary between Humanity and the Federation. See the Public notice to the United Federation of Planets that I published yesterday.

CHARCOtranquilo wrote:

In order to be able to make a solidly grounded legal appeal to any GF court, you will need metaphysical advice from the perspective of not only 5D, but 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, etc.  And this requires an understanding of the non-dual aspects upon which Consciousness rests.

I incarnated here from 9D for a purpose, to do what I do. I am guided by my own understanding of consciousness and the Universe. That understanding may currently be limited by the 3D matrix, but my core values come from 9D.

CHARCOtranquilo wrote:

In other words, the GF is also limited in its "free will" since we assume that the more expanded 5D consciousness is just another partial and biased perspective since it lacks the expanded consciousness of the rest of the higher densities. It is precisely this fact that disempowers them to establish a framework of decisions about what is happening on planet earth.

The Federation has established a framework of descisions about what is happening on Earth a long time ago, and I do not agree to it. The Federation saying that they are disempowered to do anything is a phallacy because when dealing with the Cabal they suddenly are not disempowered.

CHARCOtranquilo wrote:

I assure you that your metaphysical arguments can be dismantled as their basis is biased and fallacious from the dimensional framework from which the Galactic Federation is operating.

Eleven years after incarnation I got into a hefty discussion with my dad. He wanted me to agree to something because according to him I was just a child. He was very angry that I questioned his authority to decide for me. For the first time in this life I stood my ground against him. After half an hour of defending myself he ran out of arguments and he had to agree to my right to sovereignty.

I see the current situation similarly, just on a different scale.

#25 English Forum » Public notice to the United Federation of Planets » 2021-06-24 10:06:38

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Video link

Alternate video link … uncement:a

PDF Text … tion-PDF:8

This is a public notice to:
the United Federation of Planets,
the United Federation of Planets Headquarters,
the High Council of Saturn,
the Urmah Council,
the Alcyone Council,
the Arcturian Council,

and everybody else involved with planet Earth,

by Kian369 in service of the One Infinite Creator,
in behalf of Humanity.

Notice to agent is notice to principal.
Notice to principal is notice to agent.

Definitions in this notice:

Earth’s leadership of religious institutions, unelected royal families, secret societies, the military-industrial complex, the Secret Space Program, national governments, and the United Nations, acting secretly or openly together as the planetary government of Earth.

A general reference to outside of planet Earth, a life form outside of planet Earth, a life form more technologically developed than Humanity, or an inter-density life form more spiritually developed than Humanity.

All living beings of the Human race.

In behalf of:
Acting as an agent, friend, or benefactor for the benefit, advantage, or interest of (…).

The Federation:
The United Federation of Planets, the extraterrestrial Federation in control of the solar system of planet Earth and its surrounding galaxy.

Planet Earth, June 24 2021.

Dear Federation members,

Humanity on planet Earth is unaware of the fact that they are being manipulated into the acceptation of a totalitarian planetary government secretly under the guidance and control of the Federation. This places Humanity unknowingly and unlawfully under the agreements, treaties, jurisdiction, and directives of the Federation.

The Cabal is a criminal organization and does not represent the free will of Humanity. Everyone in position of Cabal ruling power gained and maintains their position by means of deceit, bribery, fraud, violence, and often (mass) murder. None of this is consented to from Humanity’s free will but is traditionalized through brainwashing from birth and imposed under the threat or appliance of oppression, imprisonment, or execution.

Humanity is being kept imprisoned by the Federation in an artificially created low state of consciousness and awareness for selfish Federation benefit. Extraterrestrial factions inside (and also outside of) the Federation with an indifferent or regressive attitude towards Humanity are secretly (directly or indirectly) in control of the Cabal. They are conspiring together against the free spiritual, social, and technological development of Humanity.

The conspirators keep Humanity in a corporate financial slavery system and are committing genocide though warfare, slow poisoning of the food supply and environment, lockdowns, terrorism, and a medical mass-depopulation program under the disguise of a non-existent health threat. The knowledge and technology given by Extraterrestrials to the Cabal is not being used for the benefit of humanity but is being used against Humanity for the purpose of population control and destruction of life. If Earth had a functional judicial system then these criminals would be tried by a military tribunal under Earth’s Nuremberg Principles for Crimes Against Humanity. The secret interference of Extraterrestrials with lesser developed Humanity is a violation of the Federation’s Prime Directive and the One Infinite Creator’s Law of Free Will, which surpasses all organizational legislation.

Humanity’s free will to contract with the Federation can only be exercised when all three conditions of the principle of Informed Consent are fulfilled: 

  1. Disclosure of information.

  2. Competency to make a decision.

  3. Voluntary nature of the decision.

Humanity can only make a free willed choice if all the available options are fully known.  The majority of Humanity is (in varying degrees) aware of the existence of Extraterrestrials and has thought about the possibility of making extraterrestrial contact at least once. Humanity is purposely kept ignorant about the existence of the Federation (and Extraterrestrials) through lying by omission by the Cabal and the Federation. Humanity has no choice to voluntary accept, reject, change, or revoke agreements with the Federation, which is a form of slavery.

Therefore I, a Starseed of Arcturian descend in service of the One Infinite Creator, currently known as Kian369 and a member of the Federation, demand by free will and my Human birthright in behalf of Humanity the immediate:

  1. end of the genocide committed on Humanity by the Cabal and factions within the Federation and:

    1. recognition of every Human being’s individual sovereignty that overrules any Cabal or Federation claim on Human life or liberty, and

    2. the release of every physically imprisoned Human on Earth who is convicted for having a different opinion then allowed by the Cabal, and

    3. the abolishment of all censorship on Earth’s internet, and

  2. official disclosure from the Federation to Humanity of the existence of the Federation by means of the transmission of a live recorded audiovisual peaceful welcome-announcement by a Federation member through overtaking all public media broadcast networks on Earth, followed by:

    1. daily live press conferences to Humanity by the Federation, followed after one week by

    2. the announced peaceful presence of 3 large Federation spaceships spread out over different continents of Earth, visible to the Human eye but distant enough to not cause fear, panic, or military conflict, followed by

    3. the opening of Federation embassies to Humanity, and

  3. publication of an official Federation website on Earth’s internet with:

    1. photographic and audiovisual material showing the different Federation races and cultures involved with Earth, and

    2. the complete (uncensored) text of all meeting-records, agreements, and treaties between Humanity or the Cabal and the Federation, and

    3. the complete (uncensored)  history of the Federation’s involvement with Earth, and

    4. all information regarding the Federation’s judicial procedures to legally replace a criminal planetary government with a voluntary Holographic Society as used within the Federation, and

    5. all other information within the Federation relating to Humanity, and

  4. release to Humanity of all knowledge and technology hidden from Humanity by the Cabal, and

  5. acknowledgement from the Federation of my diplomatic status in behalf of Humanity and:

    1. advisory support from the Federation for starting Federation legal procedures, and

    2. direct access to the procedures as mentioned in demand 3 sub d, and

    3. for my own safety and protection from the Cabal, who have made several attempts against my life already, I request temporary political asylum with a Federation faction that is friendly involved with Humanity.

I am aware that I, the rest of Humanity, and the Federation will all face challenges together adjusting to the new reality, but this is no reason to delay the disclosure of the Federation any longer. Humanity is known for its creativity and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

I expect full cooperation by the Federation to handle this situation honorably. If any Federation member challenges these demands, then I will be available to verbally defend these demands before any Federation Council meeting.

I can be reached privately through Earth’s internet, email to

Please share this notice with Humanity, the Federation and its headquarters, the High Council of Saturn, the Urmah Council, the Alcyone Council, the Arcturian Council, and everybody else involved with planet Earth.

End of public notice text, by Kian369 in service of the One Infinite Creator, in behalf of Humanity.

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