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#1 2021-01-11 08:42:03


Conflicts at all Levels

It seems to me that all the turmoil we are experiencing in everything right now is seen in all densities, and all at once. Groups are aligning and polarizations are increasing and are not restricted to earth but are seen across this sector and probably the whole universe.  What does this mean? I don't fully know but it appears that there are significant changes are afoot which will probably affect all of us to one degree or another. Look at the difference of opinions expressed by the 'Federation of Planets'. Everybody and everything seems to be affected by something and to one degree or another. What we are seeing today is simply the fundamental desolations of the fabric of this realm and its ideology.

The control of others is the 'nature' of this realm/creation and is based on the forced subjection of others. This is the central problem facing this realm at all levels. I do extend my thanks to the Taygetean team and other supporting groups for taking a strong stand against the extermination of the human population on Earth.  We all know such things are wrong since it does not respect individual rights and freewill, only control foisted on others. A negative attitude is everywhere and across this realm and in all densities, as noted in the Federation and their doings, 'managing' us. I dare say that even in densities above the Federation things are also breaking down. Control and subjugation is how we get energy to live in the form of foods. The 'nature' of control and subjugation to obtain that source includes the use of animals, plants and individuals to be used and consumed physically or extract emotional energy. This is not part of the original creation. Even those at the Fed watch and observe and gorge themselves on lost energy of those going through conflicts or traumas, really sick. Why does everyone have to sacrifice themselves? It seems that everyone wants to maintain their control, whether in election fraud, extermination, or even at a planetary and super-planetary level.

In the original creation and at all levels, energy is created by the positive ethos between beings, not consumed by either. This is definitively different from what see everywhere today. Even those in the 'lower' Federation legislate and express their legal positions much like the breakdown here of earth that we have all observed recently.  Consider me jaded, but I believe that even at the highest level of this realm everyone is becoming more aggressive to each other. I do see continued dissolution and decline. 

It appears whether we express as a simple 3rd density human, animal, plant or even mineral and upwards to the highest densities, we all are now in the process of making a decision as to whether continue to be enslaved in this error of creation or transition back to the true creation. Today we see a breakdown of all traditional structures and for the first time in my memory individuals are now being exposed across the world stage, and beyond. The green-energy that has consciousness and attacks negative was released onto this realm is doing its job quite well, thereby enabling those of a true essence to return home to peace and love, at ALL densities. It is our freewill choice what we want to do.


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