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US Transitional Events

We do live in interesting times right now, which portends global changes just ahead.  The upcoming events in Washington DC currently appearing could herald major changes.  It has been reported that even despite whether Biden is sworn in or not is insignificant.  Fact is, ‘foreign’ influences by nations outside of the US will simply make the ‘winner’ of this election null and void, and would confirm Trump. Big and small nations who have a vested interest in changing election results have been found out and will be exposed.  Trump will continue as president despite the final tally with him getting 80% of the actual vote.  In addition to the election scam, 18 months ago Trump signed an executive order dissolved the Corporation of the US and him as the ‘CEO’. This was originally agreed to between the US and UK in London many, many years ago.  This dissolution also apparently makes this election irreverent, since the original corporation charter depends on the election of the CEO/President as head of the corporation. However, in doing an election process over the past year, it provides a great way to expose who are regressive before all. 

Where does all this place us right now?  I propose the following scenario and from which only time will tell the outcome.  First, assume Biden is sworn in. There overwhelming proof that not only Biden but those around him have been in collusion with nations such as China, UK and other nations. These influences have been reported over the past couple of years but generally ignored by the MSM. In addition, Biden did not appear to have any interest in becoming a candidate for president until information came out that he used his influence as vice-president in the Obama administration to conduct influence pedaling in the Ukrainian for his son, also ignored. Following that revolution, Biden immediately reversed his position and became a candidate for this last presidential cycle. Since then, all of his friends in high places have supported him, including influencing election results. Right now, I feel that Biden feels quite content that he has been successful in hiding his past and is looking forward to accept the mantle of president. I expect he is even thinking how he can pardon many others for their unspeakable crimes, and maybe even for himself. As far as he can tell, this wonderful world will continue as always.

Think about the ‘beautiful’ swearing-in ceremony of a new president. Think of Biden there with the chief justice attesting to his new role with the chief justice who also seems to also have a questionable past there on the steps of the Capital Building. Think of the protection provided by an 8 foot fence layered by serpentine razor-wire on top.  It just happened that the wire was installed by the military over the past couple of weeks to protect. Not only does the Capital Building have such a fence, but also the Whitehouse and other surrounding building as well just to keep those inside safe.

Biden apparently will reside at the White House like Trump as ‘president’. Having being sworn in, Biden will be escorted there of enjoy all of its beauty.  Trump will already have left to Florida in order to observe from afar.  Over the next couple of days, Biden will be surprised that those military personnel will not allow him to leave the Whitehouse grounds.  Also, it is becoming increasing worrying that even those senators and congressmen who colluded with Biden can’t seem to leave the capital. Protected by fences and some 25,000 military personnel, Biden and associates become increasing uneasy for some reason.  Eventually, Biden fears seem to come to pass, and he and others are served with papers from other for their past actions. 

Trials start and it will take a couple of months for processing those who were in leadership roles.  These trials will include other collaborators from around the world who will all enjoy their trip to the US. After the high-level processing is completed, on March 20th 2021, the original date for being sworn in as President, Trump takes the reigns for 4 additional years.  He conducts his own reset of the US economy and as a new county independent from debts incurred by the old corporation. The country’s new start will included support from our friends above and will eventually result in a new world based on mutual love and respect for all.  The economy will probably be based on use of the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) proposed in the 1990’s, and which Trump apparently has interest.

Please consider the scenario above is only as my narrative of what could happen.  Whether this will actually happen or not, will depend on many things.  However, with events soon to occur, I hope that at least some of these elements will come to pass.  At least it is interesting speculation that we can all ponder.


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Re: US Transitional Events

Although American history is very distorted, I highly suggest you read the links below: … hilds-usna … a-88784933 … presidents


Status and Place of Birth:

1)    Prior to 1677 the so-called Black, Brown, and Red people were slave masters of the Caucasian Serfs:

2)    "White slaves were actually owned by Negroes and Indians in the south to such an extent that the Virginia Assembly passed the following law in 1670: It is enacted that no Negro or Indian though baptized and enjoy their own freedom, shall be capable of any such purchase of Christians…”.

3)    "While whites languished in chains Blacks were free men in Virginia throughout the 17th Century .., ".

4)    "In 1717, it was proposed that a qualification for election to the South Carolina Assembly was to be the owner of one white man".

5)    "Negroes voted in the Carolina Counties of Berkeley and Craven in 1706 and their votes were taken".

6)    "Blacks were toting guns or other weapons and going about armed in the service of wealthy landowners at the same time that tens of thousands of enslaved White men were forbidden arms, In 1678 one thousand Negroes were armed by the planters and formed into a fighting militia for the protection against the French".

7)    "In Carolina, in 1704, 1707, 1712, 1738, and 1741 a bill was passed authorizing armed Negro militias in the service of the planters. 1742 certificates were presented to Black militiamen for services rendered".

8)    "The colonial powers were not adverse to call on unlikely POLICEMEN to suppress white slave revolts: Blacks. Blacks were permitted to the colonial militia responsible for policing white slaves. The aristocratic planters had felt the necessity to arm part of their black men to assist in suppressing white slave revolts.

9)    Armed Black militias patrolled the Carolinas from the end of the 17th century to at least to 1710 when Thomas Nairne reported that Black's continued to be members of armed colonial militias organized by local governments". 1-9 taken from "They were White and they were slaves" (T.W.S.) by Michael A. Hoffman. … lsieDrager

On that note, today, Washington DC aka Roman American Empire > the Vatican, doesn't have a cotract, with the Autochthonous Preamble Sovereign General Government.

Intelligence rules the world, Ignorance bears the burden!


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