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1. The first symptom when Realization to the Unconditioned Absolute occurs is that an Ineffable Understanding appears absent from all cognition, that is, from any discursive narrative or intellectual process that can establish an appropriation of said Understanding. It is the silent Eloquence of NOT-Knowing.

2. Another symptom is that this Comprehension occurs suddenly, instantaneously in "a change" from horizontal to vertical perception. This verticality is connected in the form of an absolute coherence where all the perceptual cognitive dissonances between opposites are diluted in an oceanity that extends into a pure abstraction of Unity without limits.

3. Once this fusion with the Unconditioned Absolute takes place, this Comprehension is absent from all knowledge (as we understand the knowledge of things, information, knowledge, culture, etc.) is final. This means that there is no going back and it is irrevocable.

4. The Understanding of the Unconditioned Absolute is NOT "lived as an experience, but is the" expression "of a NON-EXPERIENCE. Since all experience is a state (that is born and dies) that is the product of an identity" I " and therefore subject to its disappearance.The reason that this is a non-experience is because the subject or the "I" has been diluted as a psychological entity to witness it as an experience of appropriation.

5. Verticality as the aspect of that superior or spirituality and horizontality as the mundane or inconsequential aspect that appear in appearance as opposite and irreconcilable are now seen as aspects of the same "Will" both in the immanent of the mundane as in the transcendent of the spiritual. This entails the understanding that the ordinary, the vulgar, the most mundane is seen at the same time as transcendent; the unconditioned Absolute becomes ONE and INDIVISIBLE both in form and void.

6. It is understood that the Unconditioned Absolute cannot be altered or touched by the conditioned relative. What does this mean? That the ultimate Reality only IS, and nothing else is; Reality ignores the "world" and the "world" ignores Reality. That is, everything that is seen as "the world" cannot alter the Reality itself, since in its manifestation it is illusory and therefore non-existent. Non-dual Realization is not a category after dual experience, which is why no dual experience can lead to the Unconditioned Absolute. Therefore duality and non-duality coexist, but they do not intersect in any form of cognition.
As an example, we can make the analogy of the dream or dream world (world) that happened during the night, with all its contents they cannot alter or touch the vigil (Reality) That is, nothing of the dreamed can be brought back to life. wakefulness just as the continuity of wakefulness cannot be brought to the dreamlike, neither of the two intercepts to alter each other.

7. When the Unconditioned Absolute is Realized this does not consist of "being aware of things, such as the knowledge of the" universe "and the unknown laws that govern it, or some information that reveals multiple incarnations, your cosmic name, the knowledge of all the existent angelic virtues etc, etc ... The knowledge of things is perishable by definition. On the contrary, the Unconditioned Absolute, is the simple Understanding of a NOT-KNOWING that expresses itself omniscient of Itself in an Empty Fullness of TO BE.

8. Another aspect of the Realization of the Unconditioned Absolute is that one knows oneself not by the presence of what is perceived as "world" but by its absence of all that remains when the "I-world-universe" does not it is. That is to say, the usual thing is that when someone is asked to see himself in the absolute absence "I-world / universe" (this is the aspect of the unconditioned Absolute) one interprets it that his absence is his death and death it is nothing. This is the way the "ego" interprets what it calls life, that is, through death. However, the Reality is very different since the Unconditioned Absolute what is naming is not that you are not, but everything that was / is not with you when death is not.

9. One "returned home" is understood. It is known that he has never entered and left the Self. That the journey has never occurred, and that as one believed that one was advancing, one was only going back over the same zero distance from Himself. This bliss is expressed in the indescribable integration of the silent "mystical cry" that announces the Absolute PEACE.

10. This point implies that the previous nine points have to be fulfilled, each one includes all since each one is total in Himself and from Himself, therefore, if only one is fulfilled in its Understanding, it extends in all in your understanding.



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