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Some musings on the journey

Societies on Earth have always been in transition, just like the ecology in a forest. Change is always the rule in nature. The causes are plural, as can be the direction of change.

The last few years in particular have been challenging to many of us. Most of us have seen major changes in our everyday lives. Many have lost dear ones, and many lost their much needed income. And we are still not out of the thicket yet, though it feels like we are fast approaching. smile

We all have Soul-experiences from other realms. Swaruu told us that Souls are not created; on those levels we all have existed since time began. What drives us forward is determined by how we grow from our experiences. Yes, our struggles were sometimes considered good. Other times bad. But those are just evaluations from some point of view. We are all somewhere on the path. Always.

Our history shaped us, and our best entry-point into the future is what we came to be from that shaping. That doesn't mean we carry all the stuff in our backpack, being weighted down. If we go around constantly re-activating history with the storyline we have here on Earth, we are surely bound to go nowhere from here. From history we need to take the lessons learned, and leave the rest behind. This is an important part of what Swaruu called "shadow-work." But it requires that we are open to learn from our lessons, and is a task each of us must face. 

Our personal experiences through lifetimes are undoubtedly so diverse, that none of us can claim to be innocent in every way or fashion. We have all been there! We wouldn't know good from bad if not. What is important to know is, that this knowledge cannot be ranked. Nobody else have been where you were, at the same time you were there. This makes you unique. Without it, we all will lack something important. Without you, we may find ourselves straying away from our paths.

In the times ahead, we will find that whole branches in our societies will shift focus. This applies particularly to the disciplines of health and agriculture, in politics and religion, and in the military and intelligence. These branches of human activity are found in every corner of the globe. And we are not talking about just a few ones in this; we will all be affected by it. Some of us need to attend deep wounds, and many may need our friendship. Please be gentle... smile

Swaruu told us that soul-growth is essentially integration. On one side to take hold of the totality of your knowledge, and accept that this is what made you. But it is also to see how your fellow human being is a part of you. You see the good and the bad for what it is - enabled by your own shadow-work, and then you make a choice; a choice about your journey from here.

Discuss the message, not the messenger.


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Re: Some musings on the journey


"A frequency is a situation. If you generate it with your mind and consciousness, then you live the experience. The intention gives way to generate the frequency.

The intention is the plan. The frequency is the plan executing itself."


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Re: Some musings on the journey

1.4.10   This (self) was indeed Brahman in the beginning. It knew only Itself as, 'I am Brahman'. Therefore It became all. And whoever among the gods knew It became That; and the same with sages and men. The sage Vamadeva, while realising this (self) as That, knew, 'I was Manu, and the sun' And to this day whoever in like manner knows It as, 'I am Brahman 'becomes all this (universe). Even the gods cannot prevail against him, for he becomes their self. While he who worships another god thinking, 'He is one, and I am another' does not know. He is like an animal to the god. As as many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish, what should one say of many animals? Therefore it is not liked by them that men should know this. … r_One.html

Well, poor gods. big_smile

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Infinite consciousness bliss.


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