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Re: Anti-Derailment thread

Based on some of your posts about the GF, I can already imagine the Grivehn posts in some SW forums, about this trilogy. smile

I loved the force awakens when I saw it at the cinema, but then wasn't that excited when I rewatched it on the small screen. The story was a bit meh, and didn't move me. So I guess it was the epic scenes on a cinema screen, and not knowing the story the first time that did it for me and I came out of the cinema very satisfied and feeling great about it.

Like I said I am not a hardcore fan, and I wasn't mad I was just disappointed... smile  at The Last Jedi and it didn't feel like an epic galactic scale SW movie with a menacing villain when I got out of the cinema. It it was not called Star wars and didn't have an expectation to see a SW movie I may have liked it more, but anyway.

What I did love and was moved by about all three of them was... the trailers. When Rey did that flip it was supercool and gave me goosebumps and I thought that ok maybe they can save this, but then I saw the mess that was The Rise of Skywalker and let's not talk about that... cause we run the risk of getting banned... lol

Anyway this is off topic to the forum, but at least I am not derailing a thread. smile

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