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Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-18 Asia rejects Khazarian trillions

October 18, 2021
Asian elders reject Khazarian mafia $150 trillion survival boondoggle
By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 

Part 1

The owners of the US Corporation and stage managers of the fake Biden presidency appear doomed after their $150 trillion plan to stave off bankruptcy was rejected by Asian secret societies. The West now faces a period of extreme turbulence as the Khazarian mafia fights to survive before their bankruptcy becomes official in early December, MI6 and Asian secret society sources say.

What happened was, when the KM met with Chinese government representatives at a Zurich Airport hotel on October 7th,(see last week’s report for details), the KM used a combination of threats and promises to be “good from now on” to buy a few weeks more time. The Chinese side then took back to their bosses a $5 trillion per year, 30-year, $150 trillion proposal “to fight global warming.” … ate-change

The Asians were warned by MI6 that “Climate change is a money-laundering operation, it is the collapse of the US sovereign debt…it is yet another guise to hide the fact the Federal Reserve Board families are bankrupt.” Of course, the Asians already knew that and the proposal has been rejected.

This can be seen in multiple news reports such as the following from the South China Morning Post:

Leaders of the world’s most powerful nations will meet in Rome for the Group of 20 Summit, then head to Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to cement climate commitments with other countries.

But with reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping will not travel to Europe for either event, Western observers are downgrading their expectations… … nping-room

The Asians are interested in preserving nature but are also aware there is no scientific proof that Carbon causes global warming, an Asian secret society source says. “We will not base global environmental protection policy on lies,” the source explained.

“We need to solve the problems brought by industrial civilization, keep human activities within the limits of the ecology and environment, and carry out holistic conservation and systematic governance of mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts,” Chinese President Xi Jinping explains.

Without Asian financing for the COP26 boondoggle, there is expected to be a serious crisis in the West -especially the US- over the coming months. However, MI6 and P3 freemason sources agree that -according to their motto of Ordo Ab Chao- (translation “order from chaos “) the West must decline further into chaos and mayhem before it will be possible to finally remove the last vestiges of Satanic Khazarian mafia rule.

Already, close to 40% of US households have faced serious financial hardship and have been unable to afford food and healthcare, according to a recent survey. … -care-food

These comments posted on Zero Hedge show this is just a foretaste:

I distribute very basic apparel, ie tees, socks, underwear, etc. Every manufacturer from Hanes to Gildan are out of goods and won’t manufacture anything until at least next year because all their supplies are sitting somewhere out on the ocean…I own Electronic stores in Portland Oregon…Every company I deal with is doing some type of rapid price increase. … d-services

Despite stories about a lack of truck drivers etc, the real reason Westerners, especially Americans, are running out of stuff is because their KM slave drivers are bankrupt.

However, Asian and Western secret societies have already agreed in principle to a plan for what happens after the KM is removed. The plan presented to the Pentagon, the British Commonwealth, the Asian Elders and the Russians is as follows:

Plan for USA version 2.0

The United States Corporation is bankrupt. The Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis and others say it has over $200 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. The debt has risen exponentially over the past several years. Attempts to kick the can down the road are mathematically doomed. The only choice is a formal declaration of bankruptcy. When a corporation goes bankrupt, even a big corporation, new management is brought in to take over the still viable parts of the bankrupt entity.

However, in this case, we are dealing not only with the bankruptcy of the USA. We are dealing with the bankruptcy of mostly European aristocratic families who own the UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank etc. This means

Part 2

a viable alternative needs to be put in place to take over the top management of all of these entities.

Let us consider the UN. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council are the USA, Russia, The UK, France and China. Only one of these nations is not Western. Therefore, we propose creating a new security council comprised of representatives from each of the following seven regions: Africa, the Americas (North and South), Asia and Australasia excluding China, China, Europe including Russia, India and the Islamic world.

Decisions would be made by majority vote and vetoes would only apply to the regions vetoing. A special veto-holding role for first nations and elders is also envisaged.

This body would only take on issues affecting the planet as a whole. Existing nation-states would continue more or less as at present.

The seven-member world council would also preside over a world future planning organization (with seven regional offices) that would take on world-improving projects too large for individual nation-states to carry out. These would include such things as ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, replenishing the oceans, increasing total world biomass and colonizing the universe.

The functioning and viable parts of existing global and regional organizations would be incorporated into this new structure.

As far as the United States is concerned, a new entity, based outside of Washington DC (perhaps Idaho, the geographic center of North America) would take on a caretaker role to keep the vital parts of the current US regime (police, air traffic control, the military. hospitals etc.) running.

In this scenario, the US and Canadian militaries would use the emergency broadcasting system and existing media networks to inform the population about the bankruptcy of the USA corporation. They would explain that both the bankruptcy and the fact civilian governments in Canada and the USA had been taken over by gangsters were the reasons for the emergency declaration. An interim regime would be run by the military and selected personnel from existing government and corporate entities to preside over the re-establishment of viable democracy, free press and meritocracy. Everything would be done in a completely transparent manner with constant feedback from the people.

The interim regime would not be liable for the debts of the bankrupt corporation.

At a later date, a union with Latin America would also be negotiated.

As for Europe, the 47 nation Council of Europe would be used as the basis for a new sort of regional union to be negotiated by the nations involved. Russia and NATO would provide military guarantees.

The other regions mentioned above would make their own decisions about how to proceed.

This proposal has been accepted as a basis for detailed negotiations to be worked out by world leaders over the coming months according to MI6, P3 Freemason and Asian secret society sources.

During that time, the world faces extreme danger and chaos as the KM fights tooth and nail for survival. The signs of chaos, of course, are multiplying exponentially in most Western countries as the KM tries to stay in power by imposing their beyond totalitarian mark of the beast Certificate Of Vaccination IDs (COVID).

Needless to say leaks by KM whistleblowers, worker strikes, mass arrests etc. make it certain this plan to impose perpetual, universal slavery on humanity is doomed.

The news report linked below is an example:

Boxes of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca show a Manufacture Date of July 15, 2018 . . . But “COVID-19” wasn’t discovered until 2019 and wasn’t NAMED until February 11, 2020. … d-or-named

The following images show some more of the information that is coming out.

All this means there has been a “sea change within the military-industrial complex,” MI6 sources say. “All of the worlds’ police and all of the worlds’ intelligence agencies are fed up with this, we have had enough. We are getting to the point where we are saying ‘blow the whole lot of them up.’ The vast majority of the celebrity world are rapists. We have proof on all of them and they know that. Most of them are dead, what we are seeing are body doubles. When we release our information they will all be gone. We will continue to fight very hard.”

<embedded video omitted>

This fight is also once again getting personal for your correspondent. Munakata Hisao a 73-year-old medical doctor who makes speeches for the same people who arrange events for me died in mysterious circumstances. In his lectures, he explained in detail why the vaccines were dangerous and the pandemic suspicious. In late August he fell sick after a public engagement. He was told to get a PCR test but he refused. Later he was found unconscious in his home and taken to a hospital. There he still refused to take a PCR test and used a Chinese herb called Ara. Then he got better. Just as he was about to leave the hospital his condition suddenly got worse and he died on September 29th. Also, six people who attended his August lecture also got sick and died. Even though the doctor refused to take a PCR test, his death was listed as due to COVID 19.

Another colleague of mine who lectured with Dr. Munakata says he came down with severe diarrhea at the same time. He claims he cured himself by fasting. This is exactly what I did when I came down with diarrhea after eating an omelet on my Air Canada flight when I returned from Canada in late August. Someone later rang my doorbell claiming to be checking for COVID symptoms and seemed surprised to find me alive.

On October 14th, I was warned that gangsters in a Rolls Royce with the Shinagawa license plate 311x Tsu 11 (品川311xつ11) were waiting in ambush for me outside a public speaking event I held.

On March 10th, 2011 the daughter of Masaru Takumi

the financial overseer of Japan’s largest gang, the Yamaguchi Gumi (who was killed in 1997) insisted with great urgency that I see her. When I met her she told me she had been instructed to set the alarm on my phone so that it would ring at 11 am on March 11, the day of the tsunami. I was also wrapped with a cloth around my waist “containing herbal medicine” and told to keep it on for 24 hours. I was pretty sure it contained poison and took it off as soon as I got home. So what do you think, is it a coincidence that a car with the number 311x tsu 11 was waiting for me?

When I ran this incident by various gangsters and right-wingers close to the Emperor they said these people were sub-contracting for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. “They are angry because [former Finance Minister Heizo] Takenaka has lost the ability to loot the Japanese pension fund for them,” one right-winger explained. A counter-attack is now underway. Most of the Japanese underworld is not on the KM payroll and are fighting the gangsters that still sub-contract for them.

On a final note this week, we are getting lots of reports about the secret space force destroying underground bases around the planet in preparation for “planetary liberation.” As a matter of principle, I stick to the here/now visible world. On that level, we can certainly see that there have been lots of earthquakes around the world taking place at the same 10 kilometers below ground level epicenter and that they run in straight lines.

Perhaps it really is true that underground tunnel networks are being destroyed. We shall see. In the meantime, the battle for the planet earth will continue until humanity is finally freed from millennia of slavery.

Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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Re: Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-18 Asia rejects Khazarian trillions

Thanks for posting, greatly appreciated.

In this report, you can easily tell who his controller is.  The fact that he avoids explaining (at all costs) how the Asian Dragon Family is flat broke too is very telling.   Then he goes in detail how the new plan for controlling the slaves, but still convince us that we will be free, will work and that it will be done right this time.   Yes, of course...P3 will do it right this time round...   Hopefully the people won't buy into the story.


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Re: Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-18 Asia rejects Khazarian trillions

Yeah heres hoping, but considering how fast the masses around the world bought into the whole covid hoax I wouldn't hold my breath. Sometimes even when the truth is staring people in the face they will outright refuse to accept it and push harder for some higher authority to "save them".

If the people jump from one slave master to the other then, I dunno... what the hell. Getting sick and tired of getting dragged around by the blind slumbering majority who I know will more then likely push for the same repetitive "normality" for the next 1000 years that got us here in the first place.


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Re: Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-18 Asia rejects Khazarian trillions

I agree with the above assessments that his report is very revealing; not that previous one's weren't already either, but this one is outright blunt.

His faction offers a "controlled peace and happiness system" (which sounds right directly from the GF) over the regressive satanic and full enslavement system via nanotechnology.

I suggest that we consider that at all levels the Cabals always play both sides, including "the bad guy" which is needed to make their "gray guy" look more white than he isn't, and by that deceiving people into thinking that their offer would be beneficial.

The more awakened ones will easily see through this deception and see black, gray and white for what they are, meaning that all Cabal structures are pyramidal and oftentimes have unknown background leaders (see BF's favorite word of "secret societies" which means GF servants), while only self-governed and self-responsible people who from bottom-up and via free who will then form self-governed communities can lead to an actual liberation of our planet.

BF and his group surely are not going into that direction, but at least they fight the Satanists in a way (even if they oftentimes glorify themselves with actions of other people). Yet, once those Black Hats are down, we need to make sure that the White Hats follow suit, because they are a hindrance for a true planetary liberation as well, simply seeking a "careful enslavement" within the rules of their 3D Matrix.

All this being said: I see the key information in this week's BF report to be that the White Hats refused to prolong the debt payback, which then will directly lead to an end of the Black Hats.

I guess they are not aware that both sides could only exist in the past because of the other one's existence due to their old masters playing both sides...

Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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Re: Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-18 Asia rejects Khazarian trillions

Thanks for posting.

This sentence….”The seven-member world council would also preside over a world future planning organization (with seven regional offices) that would take on…..and colonizing the universe.”

“Colonizing the universe!” Where did that come from? That is an extremely ambitious leap when all the masses really want is to be healthy, and free to move around the earth and fly in an airplane, to then take on the universe. I would think taking on our galaxy, or just going to Mars, would be more than enough for a long term plan. But, no, they want the whole shebang smile

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Re: Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-18 Asia rejects Khazarian trillions

“Colonizing the universe!” clearly is a phrase from certain Earth+Space Cabals that want to make us believe that NASA, etc. were actually doing anything useful in the past beyond Hollywood movies which at times got presented as facts in the "news".

But it is especially the secret services that are aware of the 3D Matrix and the GF not allowing anyone from Earth to enter actual space beyond our orbit, insofar this is clearly intentionally misleading. Nothing new here though, because it "sounds sexy to the masses", I guess, and is likely added in the hope of making them agree to their "White Hat" enslavement plan.

Too bad for them that Humanity is destined to live without any "Hat" in the future but instead will handle their affairs on their own - self-governing at all levels. Of course, the path there will take a while.

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Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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Re: Benjamin Fulford report - 2021-10-18 Asia rejects Khazarian trillions

Robert369 wrote:

“Colonizing the universe!” clearly is a phrase from certain Earth+Space Cabals that want to make us believe that NASA, etc. were actually doing anything useful in the past beyond Hollywood movies.

James Bond 1999 movie - “The World is Not Enough”!!!

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“Truth never fears scrutiny” - Albert J Valentino


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