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Presentation: Anti-gravity and the nature of the universe

In response to my earlier article about anti-gravity I was asked to give a presentation for the 93rd FESIG meeting. The presentation is now online:

From the video description:

Kian 369 who is a computer programmer by profession and has spent a lifetime researching the secret of anti-gravity. In July 2021 he recorded a public notice to the extra-terrestrial United Federation of Planets, challenging their secret interference with Earth. When he listed a no. of disclosure demands, one of them being, Item no. 4. Release to Humanity of all knowledge and technology hidden from Humanity by the Cabal, which caught Crystal's attention to get him to speak at FESIG.

Kian did a mind-blowing presentation on 'Anti-Gravity & the Nature of the Universe'. He worked hard on putting together such a well illustrated and animated presentation that Crystal commented it is one of the best she has seen.

Kian369 explained the source, cause and function of the universe and the resulting effect of gravity. The presentation explains the limits of our Human perception and goes on to explain the universe that is beyond our perception. When we come to an understanding of objective reality we look at the fundamental forces of the universe that create atoms, magnetism and the effect of gravity. Once this is understood he brought the audience though exploring and explaining how the different engine designs could cancel this effect of gravity, most notably the Otis T. Carr’s OTC-X1 flying craft design and the CARET Q4-86 Research Report.

Listen in to the rest for lots more details from Kian! Then we had the Q&A session co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle.

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